2001 2001 年 4 月全国高等教育自学考试英语语法试题
I.单项选择题(本大题共 20 大题,每题 1 分,共 20 分) 单项选择题( 大题, 单项选择题 Choose the best answer from the choices given:
  1.In the end, he .[ ] a. got invited b. gets invited c. was invited d. was to be invited
  2.He wore dark glasses to avoid .[ ] a. having been spotted b. to be spotted c. spotted d. being spotted
  3.A new theory before it can be into practice.[ ] a. must be tested b. be tested c. can be tested d. to be tested
  4.Sooner thanfor others, she started her own business.[ ] a. working b. worked c. to work d. work
  5.I can't afford as car as this one.[ ] a. expensive a b. an expensive c. a more expensive d. a most expensive
  6.Do what I tell you- ![ ] a. or else b. or so c. and that d. and do
  7.This is the house windows were broken.[ ] a. whose b. which c. its d. of which
  8.A hot shower, a cup of milk, a bag of potato chips, and then a good sleep the luxury that he needed after the examination.[ ] a. are b. was c. were d. is
  9.Every drop of tears, every moan out of pain and every cry for help then like knife cutting deep into his heart.[ ] a. was b. are c. were d. is
  10.I expect all the letters promptly.[ ] a. being typed b. to be typed c. having been typed d. to have been typed
  11.The information was later admitted from unreliable sources.[ ] a. to be obtained b. to have been obtained c. that it has been obtained d. that it was obtained
  12.For a child to give up less mature idea for a more sophisticate one, it requires that the child psychologically ready for the new idea.[ ] a. is b. be c. were d. would be
  13.We still have a lot of problems .[ ] a. unsolved b. unsolving c. unsolve d. to be unsolved
  14.He regretted her the truth. a. having told b. to have told c. had told d. to tell
  15.Domestic-made TV sets are not imported ones at all.[ ] a. more inferior than b. inferior to c. inferior than d. more inferior as
  16. by accident by design, he arrived too late to help us.[ ] a. Not only…but also b. Neither…nor c. Whether…or d. Both…and
  17. ,he managed to remain among the top 5%of his class.[ ] a. To work hard as he did b. Working hard as he did c. Work hard as he did d. Worked hard as he did
  18.They left the door open to hear the baby.[ ] a. so as for me b. so that me c. in order for me d. and for me
  19.New machinery arriving tomorrow.[ ] a. will be b. is c. are d. shall be
  20.The family able to come to a unanimous consent that the child must be operated on as quickly as possible.[ ] a. were b. is c. are d. was
II.多项选择填空题(本大题共 5 大题,每题 2 分,共 10 分) 多项选择填空题( 大题, 多项选择填空题 Fill in the blanks with one of the items given below:
  21.From time we learned to count, of us knew how old we'd be in the Year 20
  00. the, a, every, none, all
  22.The Winter Olympics did not prove especially popular among Americans this year. First, the weather was historical disaster from the beginning of the events. snow began falling the very first day. a, the, any, some, all
  23. of us decides what to take into the future and what to leave behind. That's why arrival of the Year 2000 has become such a personal moment. each, every, all, the, a
  24.I coffee, give me some tea. will go, have gone, go, through, off, on
  25.Put the food where the cat it. Didn't come, has come, can't come, at, around, with III.填空题(本大题共 20 小题,每题 1 分,共 20 分) 填空题( 小题, 填空题 Fill in the blanks with an appropriate unit noun:
  26.a of coughing
  27.a of lightning
  28.a of bees
  29.a of advice Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb or verb phrase given:
  30.Jane appears as though she (know) the secret.
  31.Two players (send)off the field during last Saturday's match.
  32.I've forgotten to return the key of the safe. People (must look) everywhere for it. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate coordinator or subordinator:
  33.It was an island name I have forgotten.
  34.He carried his luggage all the way home, was actually unnecessary.
  35.He soon made it clear he had asked for a meeting.
  36.The police arrived, after the situation became calmer. Fill in the blank with an appropriate conjunct:
  37.We visited Nimes ad Arles, ,two ancient cities.
  38.He has not paid his debts and, ,he has no intention of paying.
  39.They's be back in an hour. ,we could play chess. Fill in the blank with an appropriate pronoun:
  40.The only thing impresses me is her directness.
  41.He is a top student at school, his brother never was. Fill in the blank with an appropriate preposition:
  42.I hid my gun the pillow.
  43.I don't go men of his type. Fill in the blank with an appropriate form of the word given:
  44.Jane is hardly (smart)than Mrs.White.
  45.She is the (tall) of the two. IV.改错题(本大题共 8 小题,每小题 1 分,共 8 分) 改错题( 小题, 改错题 Correct errors in the following sentences:
  46.We must hurry, otherwise the meeting will begin when we get there.
  47.I think the students see to many love stories these days to be realistic.
  48.The company has promised a rise to salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.
  49.He suddenly saw the answer to the problem that has occupied his mind for the last two years.

  50.Please do not smoke until after the plane takes off.
  51.As she is tired of working as a secretary, she thinks of finding another job.
  52.Francis Bacon wrote that reading made a full man.
  53.Go and get some fresh air!You were sitting here all morning. V.改写句子(本大题共 14 小题,每题 2 分,共 28 分) 改写句子( 小题, 改写句子 Rewrite the following sentences as required:
  54.Turning the following imperatives into the tag question form: Don't let the children stay up too late on weekends.
  55.Turning the following imperatives into the tag question form: Let's do it together.
  56.Turning the following statement into a YES-NO question: I have already finished the assignment the teacher gave us last week.
  57.Turning the singular nouns or noun phrases into plural forms wherever possible with other necessary changes: A traffic accident often occurs at a crossroads.
  58.Using subjunctive mood: A neighbour acted quickly and thus stopped the fire from spreading to the other floors.
  59.Using a non-finite verb: I don't think she would admit that she had sold the house.
  60.Combining sentences using comparative degree(more…than…): Susan is intelligent.Mary is not that intelligent.
  61.Combining the sentences into one that contains a relative clause: You sent my son an English-Chinese dictionary.Thank you very much.
  62.Combining the sentences into one that contains a relative clause: Twenty horses were put into the corral.They were to be trained for riding.
  63.Rewrite the following sentence using a disjunct: It is natural that as a beginner he isn't a good driver yet.
  64.Rewrite the following sentence as required:(Using"either you or I"as the subject) We were responsible for the mistake.
  65.Rewrite the following sentence using whatever cohesive device is appropriate: If you travel often,keep a collection of necessities pre-packed.Keeping a collection of necessities pre-packed will give you time to pare the nonessentias.
  66.Rewrite the following sentence using whatever cohesive device is appropriate: My wife and I are going to dine out this evening,In fact,we dine out every weekend.
  67.Rewrite the following sentences beginning each with anticipatory"it": a.This question is very easy to answer. b.You seem to have taken a dislike to him. VI.名词解释(本大题共 2 小题,每小题 2 分,共 4 分) 名词解释( 小题, 名词解释 Define the following terms with examples;
  69.non-finite verbs VII.简答题(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 简答题( 小题, 简答题
  70.How is aspect related to time?
  71.What are inherent adjectives?
  72.What is the difference between reference and substitution?
  73.Identify(a)the subject, and (b) the theme, of each of the sentences below. Say whether the theme occurs as S (subject), Cs (subject complement), Od (direct object), Co (object complement), Cp (prepositional complement), P(predication) or V (verb)
a. My husband will carry your suitcase. b. Not one girl in ten can a young man trust these days.
  74.Answer the question below by using(a)the information given in brackets, and(b)the passive voice as a means of achieving end-focus. Who invented the telephone?(Graham Bell, in 18
  76) 2001 年 4 月全国高等教育自学考试英语语法试题参考答案 2001 月全国高等教育自学考试英语语法试题参考答案 I. 单项选择题(每小题 1 分,共 20 分)
  20、a II. 多项选择填空题(每小题 2 分,共 10 分, )
  21. the , all (共 2 分,一格 1 分)
  22. a, Some (共 2 分,一格 1 分)
  23. Each, the (共 2 分,一格 1 分)
  24. have gone off (共 2 分,一格 1 分)
  25. Can't come at (共 2 分,一格 1 分) III. 填空题(每题 1 分,共 20 分)
  26. fit
  27. flash
  28. swarm
  29. piece
  30. had known
  31. were sent
  32. must have been looking
  33. whose
  34. which
  35. why
  36. which
  37. that is /namely
  38. worse still
  39. Meanwhile
  40. that (用 which 应看作错误)
  41. which (用 who 应看作错误)
  42. under
  43. for
  44. smarter
  45. taller IV. 改错题(每小题 1 分,共 8 分) Correct errors in the following sentences:
  46. We must hurry, otherwise the meeting will have begun when we get there.
  47. I think the students are seeing too many love stories to be realistic these days.
  47. The company has been promising a rise to salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.
  49. He suddenly saw the answer to the problems that had occupied/had been occupying his mind for the last two years.
  50. Please do not smoke until the plane has taken off.
  51. As she is tired of working as a secretary, she is thinking of finding another job.
  52. Francis Bacon wrote that reading makes a full man.
  53. Go and get some fresh air! You have been sitting here all morning.
V. 改写句子(每题 2 分,共 28 分)
  54. Don't let the children stay up too late on weekends, will you?
  55. Let's do it together, shall we?
  56. Have you finished the assignment the teacher gave us last week yet?
  57. Traffic accidents often occur at crossroads.
  58. If it had not been for the quick action of a neighbor, the fire would have spread to the other floors.
  59. I don't think she would admit selling the house .
  60. Susan is more intelligent than Mary.
  61. Thank you very much for the English-Chinese dictionary you sent my son.
  62. Twenty horses that were to be trained for riding were put into the corral.
  63. Naturally, as a beginner, he isn't a good driver yet.
  64. (Either you or I was) responsible for the mistake.
  65. (...That will give you time to pare the nonessentials.)
  66. (... In fact, we do it/so every weekend.)
  67. a. It is very easy to answer... b. It seems that you have taken... VI. 名词解释(每题 2 分,共 4 分)
  68. A WH-question is a question that normally begins with a WH-word, eg. What did you do last night?
  69. The non-finite verbs are verbs that are not marked for tense or for subject-verb concord. VII. 简答题(每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
  70. Aspect reflects the way in which the verb action is regarded or experienced with respect to time.
  71. Generally speaking, adjectives denoting inherent qualities characterize the referent of the noun. e.g. A big house refers to a house whose size is big.
  72. The difference between reference and substitution is that reference is a relation between meanings, whereas substitution is a relation between linguistic items, such as words, phrases or clauses. The reference item and its referent (i.e. what is referred to) are assumed to be semantically equivalent (i.e. of the same thing; e.g. Jack hates himself.) while substitution is a relation in wording rather than in meaning, which constitutes the cohesive relation between a substitute and the item it replaces (e.g. Jack bought a big house but Jane rented a smaller one.).
  73. a. both (a) and (b) are "my husband" which occurs as S. b. (a): a young man; (b): not one girl in ten which occurs as Od.
  74. Telephone was invented by Graham Bell in 18
  76.(此题答对得 2 分) 。



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