天津市 2004~2009 年中考单项选择题汇总
  1. After playing football for more than half an hour, the students took rest. (20
  04) A. a few minute’s B. a few minutes’ C a little minute’s D. a little minutes’
  2. Several are talking under the tree by the lake. (20
  04) A. woman teachers B. woman teacher C. women teachers D. women teacher
  3. Tom regards Tianjin as his second . (20
  05) A. family B. house C. room D. home
  4. At the foot of the hill you could hear nothing but of the running water. (20
  06) A. shout B. voice C. noise D. sound
  5. Please keep quiet. If you make a lot of , you may disturb others. (20
  04) A. voice B. noise C. sound D. singing
  6. Mrs Jenny gave us on how to learn English well. (20
  04) A. some advices B. many advices C. some advice D. an advice
  7. They got much on the Internet . (20
  07) A. photo B. ideas C. message D. information
  8. Hey! If you want to find out about new cartoons, have a look at this A. time
  9. A. film B. website B. singer C. photo C. band D. rock (20
  09) D. concert His favourite is the Beatles and he’s got lots of CDs. . It’s great. (20
  1. Do you know the boy sitting between Peter and ? (20
  04) A. she B. I C. his D. me
  2. --Who taught French? (20
  05) --Nobody. She taught . A. herself, her B. she, herself C. her, herself D. her, she
  3. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy? I want to buy , too. (20
  06) A. it, it B. one, one C. one, it D. it, one
  4. --When shall we meet again? (20
  04) -- Make it day you like. It’s all the same to me. A. one B.any C.Another D.All
  5. ?Who is singing in the classroom ? (20
  07) ? must be Susan . A. She B. It C. This D. He 6? Is here? D.everybody ? No, John and Bob have asked for leave. (20
  08) A.nobody B.anybody C.somebody
  7.?Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? (20
?, thanks. I’d like a glass of water. A. Either B. Neither C. Both 冠词
  1. What fine weather we have these days! (20
  04) A. a B. the C. / D. an
  2. Jack bought useful book. book is also very interesting. (20
  05) A. an, The B, a, The C. an, A D. a, A
  3. --Do you know lady in blue? (20
  06) --Yes, she is a teacher of a university. A. the B. a C. an D. /
  4. ?Will you get there by train ? (20
  07) ?No , I’ll take taxi . A. / ; a B. a ; the C. / ; / D. the ; a A. the
  6. B. / C. a D. an (20
D. None

  5. Jack enjoys watching TV, while Tom is interested in listening to music.(20
  08) My English teacher has 8-year-old girl called Mary.
A. an B. a C. the 数词
  1. In our class of the students are girls. (20
  04) A. three fifths B. three fifth C. third five
  2. Bill said they would have holiday. (20
  05) A. a two-month B. two months C. two-months
D. /
D. third fifths D. two month’s (20

  3. The man also wrote of beautiful pieces of music for the orchestra.
A. hundred B. six hundred C. a hundred D. hundreds 介词
  1. Waste paper bottles are collected recycling. (20
  04) A. by B. as C. for D. from
  2. It’s very nice you to give me the chance. (20
  05) A. of B. to C. for D. as
  3. a player, I’m looking forward the 2008 Olympic Games. (20
  06) A. For, at B. As, to C. With, for D. Of, to cars . (20
  4. I have just heard on the radio that Nanjing Road is jammed A. in B. on C. with D. at
  5. Mr Smith lives that building. His house is the fifth floor. (20
  08) A. in, on A. in B. of, to B. with C. on, in C. of D. to, at D. at
  6. Mr Smith has bought a large house a swimming pool. (20
连词 状语从句
  1. John fell asleep he was listening to the music. (20
A. after B. before C. while D. as soon as
  2. -- do you go to Hong Kong? (20
  04) --Sorry, I’ve never been there. A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soon
  3. Study hard, you are sure to have a good result in the exam. (20
  05) A. or B. and C. for D. but
  4. Don’t be afraid of asking for information it is needed. (20
  06) A. when B. after C. although D. unless
  5. The sports meeting will continue it rains this afternoon. (20
  05) A. if B. since C. as soon as D. unless
  6. Don’t get off the bus it has stopped . (20
  07) A. until B. if C. to D. for he was going over his lessons . (20
  7. He met many problems A. before B. as soon as C. since D. while
  8. they arrived early at the airport, they nearly missed their flight. (20
  08) A. If
  9. A. but B. Because B. as soon as C. As soon as C. so D. Although D. since Little Helen is very young, she knows a lot of things. (20
形容词 副词
  1. This kind of skirt looks and sells . (20
  04) A. nice, well B. nice, good C. well, well D. good, nice
  2.The population of Tianjin is than that of Shanghai. (20
  05) A. larger B. less C. smaller D. fewer
  3. Heilongjiang is in the of China (20
  06) A. northeast northeastern C. northwest D. northwestern
  4. The expert thinks that India’s population may be than China’s 20
  20. (20
  06) A. much, by B. more, in C. larger, by D. larger, on
  5. It’s raining . We have to stay at home instead of going fishing. (20
  05) A. badly B. hardly C. heavily D. strongly
  6. It is nice of you to say so. (20
  06) A. truly B. true C. really D. real . (20
  7.Remember to e-mail me . All of us hope to hear from you A. quickly B. soon C. fast D. quick
  8.The busier he is , the he feels . (20
  07) A. happily B. happy C. happier D. more happy
  9. ? What do you think of the football match? ? Wonderful. They have never played . A. best B. better C. worse D. worst (20
  10. The Changjiang River is about 6,300 kilometres .
A. long A. less, than A. luckily
B. tall B. as less, as B. safely
C. wide
D. high D. as few, as D. clearly

  11. This year the villagers have produced rice they did two years ago. (20
  09) C. fewer, than C. mainly
  12. I don’t know what her interests are, because we talk about work when we meet.(
  1. The temperature was below zero. It was difficult to the car. (20
  04) A. move B. get C. begin D. start
  2. Could I your telephone? I have something important to tell my parents. (20
  04) A. keep B. borrow C. use D. lend
  3. How time flies! Ten years passed. (20
  04) A. have B. has C. is D. are
  4. When I looked into the room, I found Philip himself in bed. (20
  04) A. lies B. lie C. lay D. lying
  5. With the help of the Internet, news can every corner of the world. (20
  06) A. arrive B. reach C. go D. get
  6. Again and again the doctor the crying girl, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong. (20
  05) A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out because of the dangerous disease . (20
  7. A lot of meetings were A. turned off B. set off C. put off D. taken off
  8. Mrs. Liu is kind and always her help to others . (20
  07) A. shares B. receives C. makes D. offers
  9. Before Mozart was six he the violin, the piano and the organ. (20
  08) A. carried (20
  08) A. ask A. score B. made C. played D. created him for his telephone number. D. to ask D. win
  10. Last week I met my old friend Li Ming but I forgot B. asking B. do C. and ask C. succeed

  11. The football team played well, but they didn’t the competition. (20
  12. Diana, together with her friends, Chinese in China. (20
  09) A. study B. have studied C. studies D. are studying 情态动词
  1. --Must I write all the words now? (20
  04) --No, you. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. won’t D. needn’t
  2. The flowers every day, or they will die. (20
  05) A. must water B. can be watered C. should water D. must be watered
  3.Tony go to the opera on Saturday because he’s going to have a meeting. (20
A. can’t
B. might
C. mustn’t
D. should
?Shall I tell Bob the news? (20
  09) ?No, you . I’ve told him already. A. shouldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t
  1. --Do you feel like or shall we go by bus? (20
  04) --I prefer to walk, but we have a taxi, for time is short. A. walking, to take B. to walk, take C. walking, taken D. to walk, took
  2. It’s important the piano well. (20
  06) A. of him to play B. for him to play C. of him playing D. for him playing
  3. We’re often told at people in trouble. (20
  05) A. not to smile B. not smile C. to laugh D. not to laugh
  4. It’s very nice pictures for me . (20
  07) A. of you to draw B. for you to draw C. for you drawing D. of you drawing
  5. Stop a noise in the library. The students are reading books. (20
  09) A. make B. to make C. makes D. making 被动语态
  1. --Did you go to Jack’s birthday party? (20
  04) --No, I . A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invite
  2. This kind of food cool, clean and dry according to the instruction. (20
  06) A. should be carried B. must be put C. must be kept D. should be placed in the school hall next week . (20
  3. A talk on developments in science and technology A. given B. will be given C. has been given D. gives
  4. The telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 18
  76. A. was invented C. is invented A. written B. planned (20
  08) B. has been invented D. will be invented C. writing D. planning

  5. The school dance is by the students. (20
  1. --What are you going to do this weekend? (20
  05) --I yet. A. haven’t decided B. won’t decide C. have decided D. didn’t decide
  2. --Have you mended your shoes, Bob? (20
  06) --Yes, I them twenty minutes ago. A. have mended B. mend C. mended D. had mended
  3. In the past few years there great changes in my hometown . (2007 A. have been B. were C. had been D. are

  4. Help! Wang Qiang an accident. (20
  08) A. was having A. was riding B. had had B. is riding C. has had C. has ridden D. will have D. rides
  5. He his bicycle when it began to rain. (20
  1. You can’t imagine when they received these nice Christmas presents. (20
  04) A. how they were excited B. how excited they were C. how excited were they D. they were how excited
  2. No one can be sure in a million years. (20
  05) A. what man looks like B. what will man look like C. man will look like what D. what man will look like
  3. I want to know do to help my neighbor. (20
  06) A. What I can B. what can I C. how I can D. how can I
  4. ?Can you guess the MP4 player yesterday ? (20
  07) ?Sorry , I’ve no idea about it . A. how much did he pay for B. how can he get C. how much he paid for D. how he has got
  5. ? Can you tell me ? ? Yesterday. A. when did he buy the car B. where did he buy the car C. when he bought the car D. where he bought the car 定语从句
  1.. The young lady we met yesterday is our new math teacher (20
  05) A. what B. whose C. whom D. which
  2. Is the girl is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? (20
  06) A. whom B. which C. who D. whose
  3. This is I wanted . (20
  07) A. the one what B. which C. one which D. the one
  4. The camel I rode had a bad temper, and I got very tired. (20
  08) A. that A. that 情景交际 情景交际
  1. ? A. It’s a pity. B. whose B. whose C. who C. who D. where (20
  09) D. which
  5.That’s the man house was destroyed in the storm. (20
?I’m going to Hainan for my holiday. (20
  09) B. Thanks a lot. C. Not at all. D. Have a nice trip!



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