2006学年度第二学期期末 福建省厦门第一中学 2006-2007 学年度第二学期期末考试
1-5 BACAC 6-10 BACCB 11-15 CCCCA 16-20 ABCCC 21-25 AAACA 26-30 CBBCA 31-35 CBCAA 36-40 DBCBA 41-45 DABDC 46-50 CAACD 51-55 ABCBC 56-60 DACAA 61-65 AAAAB 66-70 creative, photo, camera, birthday, special 71-75 camp, parents, borrow, sell, part-time 76-80 doesn’t, heard , take/have , temperature, whenever
  81.What should I get my mom for her birthday?
  82. Have you ever been to an amusement park?
  83. How long have you been learning/studying English?
  84.It’s a nice day, isn’t it?/ This is great weather, isn’t it?
  85.Thank you for showing me (around) your school last week.
  86. you have ever received ?
  87. When did you get it?
  88. Who gave it to you?
  89. took it away.
  90. What a pity!
  91. friends, with
  92. came, true
  93. looking, through
  94. routes, end
  95. given away
  96.Why don’t you get her a scarf?/Why not get her a scarf?
  97. It will be rainy tomorrow./ It will rain tomorrow./ It is going to rain tomorrow.
  98. I have never been to a water park.
  99. I think parrots are (too) difficult to take care of. 书面表达评分参考中考评分标准。
2006学年度第二学期期末 2006-2007 学年度第二学期期末考试
八年级英语听力材料 八年级英语听力材料 选择符合内容情景的图片,听两遍 Ⅰ. 听音,选择符合内容情景的图片,听两遍。
  1.M:Alice, you were away from school yesterday. What was the matter? W:I was ill in bed. M: Did you go to see a doctor. M: No, I took some medicine. I’m feeling better now. Q: Where did Alice stay yesterday?
  2.M: Hello!83457
  96. W: Hello! Could I speak to Mr Black, please? M: I’m afraid not. He isn’t in at the moment. Q: What’s Mr Black’s telephone number?
  3.M: Oh, how beautiful the pictures are! Let’ take some photos in front of them. W: No, we mustn’t. Look at that sign, please. Q: Which sign is there?
  4.W:What did you have for lunch yesterday, Jim? M: I had rice, beef, eggs, and tomatoes. W: What about supper ? M:I had rice, eggs and vegetables . Q: What did Jim have for supper yesterday?
  5.M: Excuse me, what’s the date today? W: It’s March 3rd. Q: What was the date the day before yesterday? 听简短对话,然后选择答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍 Ⅱ. 听简短对话,然后选择答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍。
  6.W: Excuse me, how can I get to the Bank of China, please? M: Go straight on. It’s about 3 blocks down this street. You’ll find it on your left. It is between the post office and the Chinese Cinema. Q: Where does the woman want to go?
  7.W:Have you been to Canada, Jack ? M: I wish to someday. I’ve been to Japan, Korea and China. Q: How many countries has Jack been to ?
  8.W: Jeff! Do you think you could stop singing? I’m trying to write a paper. M: Oh, I’m sorry I thought you were in the next room. Q: What is the woman doing?
  9.W: Hello, this is Jean Smith. I want to see you at five o’clock, but I’m afraid I’ll have to be fifteen minutes late. M: That’s all right. I’ll wait for you then. Q: When will they meet?
  10.W:Are you happy since the exam is over? M: Happy? You’ve got to see my mark before you say that. Q: How does the man feel about his exam?
一篇较长对话和一篇短文, 对话和一篇短文 小题。 两遍。 Ⅲ. 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文,然后选择正确答案作答 11-20 小题。听两遍。 Text A Helen: John, do you know when Father’s Day is ?I think it’s next week, right? John: Yeah, that right. It’s next Sunday .Do you plan to get dad a present? Helen: Yes, but I’m not sure what to buy for him. Do you have any ideas? John: How about a book? I’m sure he’ll be pleased with it. Helen: I don’t think so. It’s not creative enough. However, he has too many books here and there in his reading room. John: Then what about a camera ?You have told me that he liked taking photos. Helen: Hmm! Good idea .But I also want to get him a Liverpool football T-shirt. He’s a fan of the Liverpool football team. John: Hmm! It’s a special present. Text B Mrs Black lived in a small village. Her husband was dead. Her son, Jack, lived with her. He worked in a shop in the village, but then he found a job in the town named Greensea. He went to live there. Mrs Black was very angry. She got on a train and went to see her son. Then she said to him.“Jack, why do you never telephone me?”Jack laughed, “But, mother, you haven’t got a telephone,” “No.” She answered,“I haven’t, but you have got one.” 听录音填写表格,听三遍 (每空一词) (每空一词 Ⅳ.听录音填写表格,听三遍。 每空一词) Text A W: It’s Harry’s birthday this Sunday. What should we get him? M: What about a ball? W: No.It’s not creative enough. What about a photo album? M: That’s too boring. W: Why don’t we get a camera for him? He likes taking photos very much. M: Sounds good. But it’s too expensive. We have not enough money. W: But what’s the best gift for him? M: Let’s have a birthday party for him. We can ask more friends to come. W: Good idea. I think it’s special for him. Text B Five students need some money for their summer camp. But they don’t have enough money. What should they do ?Maria said she would ask her aunt for help and Sally said she would ask her parents for help .And Ted said he was going to borrow money from his uncle. But Jack is going to sell his football, and Jim decides to get a part-time job in the bookshop.



   2006学年度第二学期期末 福建省厦门第一中学 2006-2007 学年度第二学期期末考试 八年级英语试卷参考答案 1-5 BACAC 6-10 BACCB 11-15 CCCCA 16-20 ABCCC 21-25 AAACA 26-30 CBBCA 31-35 CBCAA 36-40 DBCBA 41-45 DABDC 46-50 CAACD 51-55 ABCBC 56-60 DACAA 61-65 AAAAB 66-70 creative, photo, camera, birthd ...

2006-2007八年级下英语期末专项复习 作文

   2006学年第二学期厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习五书面表达 厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习 2006-2007 学年第二学期厦门一中英语八年级期末专项复习五书面表达 一、请写一篇短文,词数 60-90 字左右,描述自己最喜欢的一样物品,比如:手表,围巾, 书包,自行车,MP3 等等。内容应包括以下几点: 1. 物品的来历(自己买的,别人送的。。 。) 2. 物品的简单特征。 3. 你喜欢它的原因。 二、 假如你是李新。 根据所给的英文提示词, 给你在美国的笔友 Bob 写一封信, ...


   八年级英语期末考试听力材料 年级英语期末考试听力材料 A.从 A、B、C 三幅图中找出与你所听内容相符的选项。听两遍。 1. M: What do you think of Sandy, Millie? W: She is inactive. She doesn’t like singing but she likes reading. 2. M: Good morning. May I help you? W: I’d like to buy some books on teenage p ...


   2008-2009 学年度第一学期 三年级英语综合练习卷( ) 三年级英语综合练习卷(2) 听力材料及答案 一.听一听,圈一圈。圈出相应图画的字母编号。 1. Close your book. 3. Shake you body. 5. Jump like a squirrel. 答案:BBAAB 2. Touch your head. 4. What colour is it ? Black. 二.听一听,辨一辨。根据你所听到的内容,判断下列图片是否正确,正确的 打“√” ,错误的打“×” ...


   办学理念:把您的孩子当成我们的孩子! 龙文教育-中小学生个性化教育集团 小学六年级第二学期期中测试 小学六年级第二学期期中测试 学生分数 学生分数 分数 (听力部分 听力部分) Listening Part (听力部分) circle.(听录音,圈出正确答案) I. Listen and circle.(听录音,圈出正确答案) choose.(听音,选择) II. Listen and choose.(听音,选择)10% ( )1. A. Mike is taller than Lee. L ...


   分钟) 三年级英语上册期末学业水平测试(60 分钟) 学校____ ____ 班级____ ____ 姓名____ ____ 听力部分 (60 分) 一、听录音,给下列图标上序号。 (10 分) 1、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 2、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 3、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 4、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 5、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、听录音,选出你所听到的单词,将其序号填入括号内。 (10 分) ( ) 1. A. dog B. cake C. sofa ( ) 2. A. a ...


   [北京卷]2010 年高考英语听力材料 第一节 Text 1 W: Congratulations! I hear you are going to join the army. M: Thanks. But actually, it's my twin brother who's going to join the army. I am going to university. I wish to be a lawyer in the future. Text 2 W: Dad, can ...


   -1- -2- 《新中考重难点精析》英语听力材料及参考答案 Ⅲ,听长对话,回答问题. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 11-12 两小题. 第一部分 听力 W: Hello, Harvard. I'm calling to tell you I can't go to the party tomorrow. M: What's the matter, Lily? 模拟试题听力材料 (一) Ⅰ,听小对话,选择正确的图片. 1. W: I prefer quiet music to loud mu ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来 ...


   2010 年高考英语试题听力材料及答案江苏卷) 年高考英语试题听力材料及答案江苏卷 江苏卷) 教育教学 2010-06-24 15:36:12 阅读 451 评论 0 字号:大中小 订阅 听力录音 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 20 分) 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 听下面 5 段对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,并 标在试卷的相应位置,听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题的阅读下一小题,每段对话 仅读 ...



   教你七招记英语单词快又准 背诵单词是英语学习的重要环节,英语单词作为构建英语知识大厦的基石,很多勤奋的学 生也经常陷入“忘了再背,背了再忘”的恶性循环中。下面是一些巧妙的方法让大家摆脱机械记忆 带来的苦恼。 音标发音记忆法 这是最普通最常用的方法。初中英语单词绝大多数都是符合发音规则的。学生只要读音准 确,并掌握一定的读音规则,背起单词来就会轻松愉快。而且读音准确也是学好英文的关键。因 此建议学生在背单词时一定要听录音磁带。调动多种感觉器官,加深记忆。同时为“听力”打下良 好基础。例如:co ...


   小学三年级上学期英语试题 一、listen and number (听录音,记顺序)12 分 (一)听录音,找图画,记顺序 5、 ( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ( ) 6、 ( ) ( ) (二)听录音,找单词,记顺序 cat ( window ) ( ) nine ( ) seven ( ) six ( bird ) ( ) 7、 ( ) ( ) 8、 ( ) ( ) (二)听录音,选句子,作标记(请在你听到的句子前的括号内打“√” 。 二、listen and tick ...

江苏省镇江市2010届高三第一次调研测试 英语

   taoti.tl100.com 你的首选资源互助社区 镇江市 2010 届高三第一次调研测试 高三英语 注意事项: 1.本试卷分第 I 卷(选择题)和第 II 卷(非选择题)两部分.考试结束后,将答题纸和答题卡一并交回. 满分 120 分,考试时间 120 分钟. 2.考生务必将自己的姓名,考试号用黑色笔和 2B 铅笔填涂在答题卡上. 3.第 I 卷答案必须用 2B 铅笔填涂在答题卡上,在其他位置答题一律无效. 部分, 第 I 卷 (三部分, 共 85 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节, 第一部 ...


   试论英语外来词 试论英语外来词对现代汉语的影响 英语外来 作者:刘爽 (天津财经大学 2006级硕士研究生 英语语言文学专业) 摘要:在中国近三十年的改革开放中,跨语言、跨文化交际的广度和深度达到了前所未 摘要 有的程度,与此同时,大量外来词涌入汉语,其中尤以号称世界语言的英语为最。本文主要 从汉语中英语外来词的应用范围、 借用方法、 产生原因等几方面对现代汉语中英语外来词的 现状进行分析,并从个人的角度出发提出了对于汉语中的英语外来词应采取的正确态度。 关键词:英语外来词、现代汉语 关键词 ...


   小学英语分类词汇表 1 性别及家庭成员 boy 男孩 girl 女孩 mother 母亲 father 父亲 grandpa 爷爷(口语) grandma 奶奶(口语) grandmother 祖母 grandfather 祖父 dad 爸爸(口语) mum 妈妈(口语) uncle 叔叔 aunt 阿姨 sister 姐妹 brother 兄,弟 Ms 女士 Mr 先生 Miss 小姐 2 动物 panda 熊猫 monkey 猴子 dog 狗 cat 猫 bird 鸟 bee 蜜蜂 be ...