湖北省武汉市 中考英语试卷(课改实验区) 湖北省武汉市 2006 中考英语试卷(课改实验区)
( ) 一、选择填空。 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 选择填空。
  1. ─ When do you go shopping ? ─ I usually go shopping Sunday morning. A. on B. in C. at D. for
  2. ─ Is that Mary ? ─ Right. She’s nice and I like very much. A. herself B. her C. hers D. she
  3. ─ There is some soup on the table, isn’t ? ─ No, I think that’s water. A. there B. it C. that D. one
  4. ─ This box is heavy for me to carry. Can you help me ? ─ Certainly. A. so B. much C. very D. too
  5. ─ Is your father a doctor ? ─ Yes, he is . He in Town Hospital. A. has worked B. had worked C. works D. worked
  6. ─ When you the bike ? ─ Last month. A. have / bought B. had / bought C. do / buy D. did / buy
  7. ─ I want to teach in this area. ─ Well, teachers very much here. A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need
  8. ─ Where can I find Jack? ─ He the post office. A. has been to B. had been to C. has gone to D. had gone to
  9. ─ How long will you stay here? ─ I think I will be here for more days. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
  10. ─ How about going out for a walk ? ─ . A. I would be B. I like C. I do D. I’d like to
  11. ─ The window are broken and need to be repaired. ─ I think so. They can hardly the cold now. A. keep out B. give out C. take out D. put out
  12. ─ What happened to you this morning ? ─ The teacher asked me for my When I was late again. A. meaning B. idea C. excuse D. answer
  13. ─ I tried to you at home several times, but no one answered the phone? ─ I was traveling around last month. A. touch B. reach C. receive D. meet
  14. ─ What do you think of his speech ? ─ Oh, wonderful, But his sound really When he first started speaking. A. aloud B. worried C. nervous D. quiet
  15. ─ Here’s coffee and tea. You may have . ─ Thanks. A. either B. each C. one D. it
  16. ─ Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in World Cup 2006 ? ─ Yes. They have better players , so I them to win. A. hope B. prefer B. except D. want
  17. ─ I hear the weather will __ cold for another week. ─ I hope not. I hate cold weather. A. turn B. last C. get D. stay

  18. ─ Will you please stay here for the party ? ─ Sorry, I . I’ll have to go to an important meeting. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. won’t
  19. ─ What does the lady look like ? ─ . A. She’s fine and well. B. She’s really a nice lady C. She’s tall and thin. D. She likes wearing skirts.
  20. ─ Are you going to buy a camera ? ─ Yes. But there’re so many kinds that I can’t decide to buy. A. What B. which C. how D. where. 完形填空。 (阅读下面两篇短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案) 二、完形填空。 A Lucy and I are in the same class. She’s a 1 student and is always the best in the class in her studies. She often goes to school by bike because her home is a little 2 from the school. She 3 beside me in the classroom. Lucy likes 4 very much and often take exercises after school. She often helps me with my studies and I 5 her very much.
  1. A. good B. beautiful C. young D. careless
  2. A. new B. near C. long D. far
  3. A. dances B. stands C. sits D. lives
  4. A. animals B. clothes C. food D. sports
  5. A. like B. help C. know D. learn B One Saturday afternoon, Kate went to buy something for her sister and herself. As Kate was coming out of a 1, a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green a good friend of Kate’s sister. Kate 2 her. Then she called a taxi to send Kate home. She 3 the driver where he should go. Kate was 4 that it was not the in direction of her home. “ 5?” Kate asked. The lady smiled. When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man 6, on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, and threw him out of the
  7. At the same time, Miss Green took out of a knife and 8 it at Kate. She asked Kate to keep
  9. The man then started the taxi. “ Oh, my God! I’m being kidnapped(绑架),” Kate said to herself. She tried to escape, but not
  10. Suddenly an 11 came to her. She took out a lipstick(口 红) from her pocket, wrote ‘SOS’ on the window, and covered the word with her
  12. A few minutes later, a police car 13 and the policemen saw the sign. When the kidnappers saw the policemen they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away. The policemen then 14 Kate up and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. But they were also 15 because their daughter had finally come back safely.
  1. A. school B. taxi C. shop D. friend’s
  2. A. knew B. believed C. thanked D. remembered
  3. A. told B. asked C. wondered D. checked
  4. A. sure B. excited C. surprised D. pleased
  5. A. What B. Where C. When D. Why
  6. A. drove B. climbed C. fell D. appeared

  7. A. road B. sight C. taxi D. home
  8. A. shouted B. played C. hurt D. pointed
  9. A. healthy B. alive C. relaxed D. quiet
  10. A. happened B. failed C. succeeded D. hurried
  11. A. idea B. answer C. interest D. order
  12. A. hands B. back C. dress D. lipstick
  13. A. stopped B. left C. passed D. turned
  14. A. lifted B. held C. put D. picked
  15. A. worried B. happy C. proud D. successful 阅读理解.( 三、阅读理解 阅读下面三篇材料, 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案) A “Well, we’re in our new house. Let’s get a new pet to get along with it,” Mrs. Brown said to her husband. “ That sounds like a pretty good idea,” he answered. “do you want to see the ads in the newspaper?” “Let’s go to the animal shelter. Many pets there need homes. Since tomorrow is Saturday, we can both go,” she said. Next morning the Browns met Mr. Snow at the animal shelter. “we want to be sure that the pets here go to good homes,” Mr. Snow said, “So I need to ask you some questions.” After they talked for a while, the Browns decided to get a small dog. It wouldn’t need a big house or a big yard. A small dog would bark(吠) and warm them if someone tried to break into their house. After Mr. Snow gave the Browns a book on pet care, they chose one and wanted to take her home right away. But the animal doctor hadn’t checked her yet. So Mr. Snow told them to return on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon the Browns went to the animal shelter. The animal doctor said, ”Shadow has had all of her shots(预防针). She will be healthy.” The browns thanked the doctor and took Shadow home.
  1. From the reading we learn that . A) the Browns have never had a pet before. B) the Browns knew about Shadow from the newspaper. C) Shadow is a small and healthy dog. D) Mr. Brown didn’t quite agree with his wife.
  2. The word shelter in the reading means . A) a place to sell small dogs. B) a place to keep homeless animals. C) a place to study animals D) a place to sell books on pet care.
  3. Mr. Snow asked the Browns some questions to . A) see if they had moved to a new house. B) find out how rich the Browns were. C) know where they’d keep their new pet D) make sure they’d take care of pets
  4. The Browns thinks that a small dog . A) doesn’t need any room to keep. B) can help them watch their house. C) eats less food than a bigger one D) usually has a beautiful name
  5. It’s clear that .
A) Shadow will not be easy to get ill B) the Browns were not satisfied with Shadow C) Mr. Snow didn’t check Shadow at all D) Shadow likes barking a lot B Wednesday 15 November
SUN 5 12 19 26
S 1 8 15 22 29 M 2 9 16 23 30
MON 6 13 20 27 OCTOBER
T 3 10 17 24 31 W 4 11 18 25 T 5 12 19 26
TUE 7 14 21 28 2006
F 6 13 20 27 S 7 14 21 28
WED 1 8 15 22 29
S 31 3 10 17 24
THU FRI 2 3 9 10 16 17 23 24 30 DECEMBER
M 4 11 18 25 T 5 12 19 26 W 6 13 20 27 T
SAT 4 11 18 25 2006
F 1 8 15 22 29 S 2 9 16 23 30
7 14 21 28

  1. Mary is allowed to order her lunch from a small restaurant on the third Thursday of every month. During the month of November, she orders it on the . B) 17th C) 21st D)14th A) 16th
  2. January 8, 2007 will fall on . A) Saturday B) Sunday C) Monday D) Tuesday
  3. The dates of the first Sundays of October, November and December are . A) the 5th / the 1st / the 31st B) the 5th / the 30th / the 3rd C) the 1st / the 5th / the 3rd D) the 1st / the 4th / the 2nd
  4. During the month of December, Kate is learning to swim. She needs to attend lessons once a week. The day she can attend the most lessons is . A) Sunday B) Monday C) Tuesday D) Wednesday th
  5) Tom’s birthday is on the 13 of December. The numbers of days from the date( not included) shown on the calendar until his birthday is . A) 3 B) 13 C) 28 D) 30 C It was just three degrees above zero. “That’s cool,” thought Jane as she got ready to deliver(送) her morning papers. Jane had 50 customers, and on cold morning when she couldn’t ride her bicycle, it took her more than an hour to make her rounds. As she collected her papers and put them into a big canvas bag, Jane regretted that she hadn’t finished her math homework the night before. There was still time. She’d hurry with the papers and finish the math before breakfast. Less than an hour later Jane was nearly finished. She had only five customers to go. She could then head for home to complete her math while her mom fixed breakfast. As she rounded the corner, she saw a car in the middle of the street. It was Mr. Zimmerman, the elderly man who walked with a walking stick. His car was out of gas(汽油). “I’d like to help Mr. Zimmerman,” thought Jane, “but if I do, I won’t have time to do my homework.” She hated to think what Mr. Roberts would say if she hadn’t complete her papers. “It’s his own fault for running out of has,” Jane talked to herself. “The station is only a
half mile down the street. Surely Mr. Zimmerman can walk that far, even on a cold morning like this … can’t he?” As she walked down the street , Jane wondered what to do.
  1. Jane delivers her papers . A) before she goes to school B) on cold morning C) with the help of Mr. Zimmerman’s car D) on the way to school
  2. Mr. Zimmerman was old and . A) couldn’t drive well B) would have nobody to help him C) was not rich enough to buy gas D) was not able to walk a long way
  3. The best title for this reading should be . A) Fifty Customers B) There’s No Easy Answer C) No Time to Finish Homework D) A Cold Morning for Jane
  4. We know from the reading that . A) Jane couldn’t find any time to finish her homework B) it took about an hour for Jane to send the papers C) Jane would have her breakfast in the school D) Jane likes to deliver papers on cold morning
  5. The reading doesn’t say but we can infer that . A) Jane bought the gas for Mr. Zimmerman B) usually Jane delivers papers by bike C) Mr. Roberts doesn’t like Jane at school D) Mr. Zimmerman had to leave the car for Jane 阅读理解填词。 (先阅读短文, 然后在短文后 1?10 小题空白处写出各单词的正确形式 ,单词 四、阅读理解填词。
的第一个字母已给出。 )
Catherine and Martin met in England before they came to Australia. At that time, Martin was a minister(牧师) in a church, and it was three v_(
  1)_ away from Catherine’s. One evening, they happened to have dinner t_(
  2)_ in a restaurant. They e_(
  3)_ their talk and laughed a lot. The young man soon won Catherine’s h_(
  4)_, so she asked him whether he would marry her in church. The minister was very surprised and said that her q_(
  5)_ came quite unexpected. Catherine realized that he had not understood her c_(
  6)_. So she laugh and said, ”What I m_(
  7)_ is, when I get married in church, will you be the minister who marries me and my husband?” They both laughed, and they had a nice evening. However, their talk that evening put an idea into Martin’s head. He realized that he had a_(
  8)_ fallen in love with Catherine and he wanted to marry her. So a few days later, he visited her and asked her to marry him. Catherine felt proud and pleased, and a_(
  9)_ it. Soon after they were married, they m_(
  10)_ to Australia.
  1) v
  2) t
  3) e
  4) h
  5) q
  6) c
  7) m
  8) a
  9) a
  10) m 书面表达。 五、书面表达。 请用英语表述下面的内容。要点如下:
  1)明天是星期天,同学们到医院看望 Mr. Smith。
  3)Mr. Smith 是我们的英语老师,他上周生病住院了。

  4)请你建议带一份礼物,并说明理由。 要求:
  2)字数 6080
一、选择填空。1-A 2-B 3-A 4-D 5-C 6-D 7-C 8-C 9-B 10-D 选择填空。 11-A 12-C 13-B 14-C 15-A 16-C 17-D 18-C 19-C 20-B 完形填空。 二、完形填空。A 1-A 2-D 3-C 4-D 5-A B 1-C 2-B 3-A 4-C 5-D 6-D 7-C 8-D 9-D 10-C 11-A 12-B 13-C 14-D 15-B 阅读理解. 三、阅读理解 A 1-C 2-B 3-D 4-B 5-A B 1-A 2-C 3-C 4-A 5-C C 1-A 2-D 3-B 4-B 5-B 阅读理解填词。 四、阅读理解填词。1 villages 2 together 3 enjoyed 4 heart 5 question 6 correctly 7 mean 8 already 9 accepted 10 moved 书面表



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