07 年全国小学生英语能力竞赛辅导题 I. 在下面方格内填上适当的字母,使横、竖行均能构成本期单词 在下面方格内填上适当的字母,使横、竖行均能构成本期单词:(20%)
II. 用数词的正确形式完成句子:(20%) 用数词的正确形式完成句子: 形式完成句子
  5. I have pencils. one is red. (two) There are month in a year. December is month. (twelve) May is month of a year. (five) Sunday is day of a week in America. (one) Today we’ll learn Lesson . (three)
III. 为下列句子重新排序,用适当的词填空,补全句子: (20%) 为下列句子重新排序,用适当的词填空,补全句子: A. I often buy books there. B. I like the fifth floor. C. Because there is a bookstore, and it has lots of books. D. It’s a department store. E. I like reading books. F. Look at the building. It’s a five-storey building. G. I often go to the department store on Sunday.

  1. The bookstore is on the .
  2. I often go to the on Sunday.
  3. There are in the . I. 在右面方格内填上所缺的字 母,使横行、竖行均能构成本期所学单词:(20%)
II. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:(20%)
  1. I(study) English hard this term.
  2. you(visit) your grandparents this week?
  3. we go to the park this Sunday, Mum?
  4. Hego swimming in the river.
  5. We meet at the school gate. III. 根据中文意思完成句子:(20%)
  1. Theyvisit their teacher. 他们将拜访老师。
  2. Ihelp my mother with housework this evening. 今晚我将帮妈妈做家 务。
  3. we go shopping?我们去购物好吗?
  4. Whatto do?你明天打算做什么?
  5. ?you go to Beijing? ?Yes, I. ?你明天去北京吗? ?是的,我去。 I. 选出每个单词的正确的音标:(20%)
II. 按下列各句括号里的中文提示完成句子:(20%)
  1.? Are you going to(看病)?? No, I am not.
  2. My sister(咳嗽得很厉害).She can’t go to school.
  3. He(牙齿痛) and only drinks a little water.
  4. Mr Wang (喉咙痛).He isn’t here.
  5. ? Sorry, I(略感不舒适) and can’t help you. ? That’s all right. III. 选择填空:(20%) ( )
  1.He iskind man. He is going to helpold man. A.an, an B. a, the C.the, the ( )
  2.? Are you going to? ? Yes, we are. A. feel it well B. cough every day C. answer these letters ( )
  3.My parents and Isee my teacher tonight. A.am going to B. is going to C.are going to ( )
  4.? your aunt going to the hospital? ? No, . A.Is, she isn’t B.Is, he isn’t C.Are, she isn’t ( )
  5.your friends going to Beijing summer holiday? A. Is, the B. Are, that C. Are, this I. 填入适当的字母,使之成为你 学过的单词:(20%)
II. 在下面每组 B 句的空格上填入适当的词, A, 两句意思相同或相近: 使 B (20%)
  1. A. He is going to help the boy learn English. B. He’s going to the boy his English.
  2. A. Tom is going to answer a question. B. Tom is going to a .
  3. A. ?Can you give me a hand to carry the box? ?Sure. B.?May you me a to carry the box? ?Sure.
  4. A. Which do you prefer, cabbage or cucumber? B. Which do you ,cabbage or cucumber?
  5. A. What a wonderful scene(景色)! B. the scene is! III. 读句子,编序号,然后按对话内容用适当的词填空:(20%) ( )Good morning, Daming. ( )Come in, please! ( )May I ask you a question? ( )Good morning, Mr Zhang. ( )How can I solve the maths problem? ( )May I come in? ( )Sure. What is it? ( )Let me help you.
  1. Daming is Mr Zhang’s .
  2. Daming Mr Zhang for .
  3. Mr Zhang Daming with maths.
小学生趣味英语题( 小学生趣味英语题(一) [ 2010-3-10 14:00:00 | By: mszxx61 ]
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  1.Why are girls afraid of the letter C ?

  2.Why is the letter E so important?
  3.Why are the letter G and letter S in "gloves" close to each other?
  4.What letter is an animal ?
  5.What letter is a question?
  6.Why is U the jolliest letter?
  7.How do you feel today?
  8.How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or winding it?
  9.Why do people wish for something they haven't got?
  10.What can you tell from Peter's record card with extremely poor grades?
  11.What does everybody do at the same time?
  12.What resembles half a pie?
  13.Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?
  14.When do people have two mouth?
  15.Why do lions eat raw meat?
  16.How many sides does a circle have?
  17.What animal can jump as high as a tree?
  18.How can you be completely sleepless for seven days and still lack no rest?
  19.Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
  20.If you throw a stone into the Red Sea, what will it become?
  21.If two's company and three's crowd, what's four and five?
  22.The farmers in this village used modern methods but harvested no apples this year ,why?
  23.The injured dog had some difficulty going home. Every step he took, he slippe d back two. However, he still managed to get home. How did he do it? If you t hrow a stone into the Red Sea, what will it become?
  24.What falls often but never gets hurt?
  25.How did the pick-pocket spot the plain-clothes cop in his woman's disguise?
  26.Which month has 28 days?
  27.What is it that everyone wants to have and get rid of too?
  28.where did the egg floating down the Mississippi River come from?
  29.With which hand do you write?
  30.Lucky Mouse fell off a 1000-step stair and was not hurt.why?
小学生趣味英语题( 小学生趣味英语题(二) [ 2010-3-10 14:01:00 | By: mszxx61 ]
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  4. It's the
  5. It's the
it makes fat fact! it's the beginning of everything! there is love between them! letter B! letter Y!

  6. Because it's in the midst of fun!
  7. With my hands ,of course!
  8. Take a longer rope and compare with it!
  9. What else is there to wish for? You cease to wish for it once you get it!
  10. He didn't cheat!
  11. Grow old!
  12. The other half!
  13. Santa Claus 圣诞老人
  14. When there's two of them 有两个人时!
  15. They don't know how to cook 他们不知道如何烹饪!
  16. Two. The inside and the outside!
  17. All animals, for trees can't jump!
  18. Sleep at night!
  19. At the bottom!
  20. Wet!
  21. Nine!
  22. They planted peach trees!
  23. He walked in the other direction!
  24. Snowflakes!
  25.He passed by a cosmetics store without looking in the window!
  26. Every month has at least 28 days!
  27. One's appetite!
  28.From a hen!
  29.Neither.I use a pen!
  30.He fell off the last step!


07年高一年级组全国中学生英语能力竞赛智力测试辅导题 全国通用

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