1. we need is courage and innovation(创新). A. When B. What C. That D. How
  2. They have got advice on how to manage their business than we should. A. much more B. many more C. much fewer D. very less
  3. A subway is going to in the city. A. build B. be built C. be set up D. be put up
  4. On weekends, I would like to more casually. A. dress B. drink C. wear D. work
  5. ?Who broke the mirror on the wall? --. A. I broke it B. I did C. I have done it D. I was
  6. ?What will the weather be like tomorrow? --. A. It will be rainy B. It will be suny. C. It is raining D. It rains
  7. Some foreign friends hope to see what is in China. A. happening B. take plce C. experience D. going
  8. Every one of us got with the talk by Mr. Talker. A. bored, bored B. boring, bored C. bored, boring D. bored, bore
  9. ?Who is in your group? A. stronger B. taller C. the youngest D. the longest
  10. There are always some people nothing good for the environment. A. do B. doing C. did D. will do
  11. around the world costs a great deal of money and energy. A. Travel Bl. Travelling C. Being travel D. Traveled
  12. After the heavy rain, water level in the river kept with each passing minute. A. rising B. increasing C. raising D. lifting
  13. ?Shall we go on a journey to a farm? --, it is a pleasant thing to do. A. I have no idea. B. I don’t agree. C. Why not? D. Well done!
  14. All the tourists had a good time a real life local people enjoy. A. experience B. to experience C. experiencing D. experienced
  15. To my great surprise, Rose invited everyone in our company to the outing Dick who used to be an active participant.
A. except B. besides C. excluding D. except for
  16. Things will go wrong if you don’t my advice. A. follow B. listen to C. get D. pay attention to
  17. Tony thinks his choice to be a musician is than the one he made several weeks ago. A. a lot wiser B. very wiser C. more wiser D. more wise
  18. These items(货物、商品) are really cheap, I decide to take . A. them B. one C. that D. those
  19. To be broad-minded is one way to . A. health B. keep health C. stay healthy D. keep fitted
  20. The meeting room is too crowded . A. for 200 listeners to sit B. for 200 students to sit in C. to sit for 200 listeners D. to sit in for 200 students 二、完形填空(10 分) Joe Brown had a shop where he 21 meat. One day a woman
  22. into the shop at five to one. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she said. “I
  23. some more meat for my dinner tonight.” Joe had only one
  24. of meat in his shop. He took it
  25. the fridge and said, “This is $
  50.” “That piece is too
  26. ,” the woman said. “Haen’t you got anything bigger?” Joe
  27. into the room behind his shop, put the meat into the fridge, took it out again and closed the door
  28. a lot of noise. Then he brought th epiece of meat to the woman and said, “This piece of meat is bigger and
  29. expensive. It’s $
  75.” “Good,” the woman said with a smile. “Give me
  30. of them, please.”
  21. A. sell B. buy C. bought D. sold
  22. A. came B. stood C. entered D. put
  23. A. wanted B. need C. wants D. needs
  24. A. bowl B. part C. piee D. pound
  25. A. in B. out of C. into D. out
  26. A. big B. bigger C. small D. samller
  27. A. went B. goes C. go D. runs
  28. A. in B. of C. with D. by
  29. A. most B. much C. many D. more
  30. A. all B. every C.l botlh D. each 三、阅读理解(30 分) A An expensive car speeding down the main street of a city was soon
over-taken(追上) by a young motorcycle policeman. As he started to take out the ticket, the woman in the car said proudly, “Before you go any furhter, young man, I think you should know that the mayor(市长) of this city is a good friend of mine.” The officer did not say a word, but kept writing. “I am also a friend of Chief o fPolice Barners,” continued the woman, gettingt angrier each moment. Still he kept oon writing. “Young man,” she said, “ I know Judge Lawson and State Senator Patton.” Handing the ticekt to the woman, the officer asked pleasantly, “Tell me, do you kow Bill Bronson?” “No. Who is he?” she replied. “Well, this is the man you should have known,” he said, going back to his motorcycle. “I am Bill Bronson.”
  31. The policeman stopped the car because . A. it was an expensive car B. the woman was a prioud lady C. the woman was driving too fast D. the woman was going to attck him
  32. The woman was getting angrier each moment because . A. the policeman didn’t know her friends B. the policeman kept writing the ticket for her C. the policeman refused to accept her offer of money D. she didn’t know the policeman’s name
  33. The woman driving the expensive car . A. failed to stop the policeman writing the ticket b. warned the policeman not to move a step further C. was surtrised that the policeman did not know the mayor. D. told the policeman to stay where he was.
  34. The policeman was . A. an honest and fair guy B. a foolish and proud guy C. a silly and rude guy D. a kind-hearted guy
  35. The policeman . A. had no sense of humor(幽默) B. had a sense of humor C. had no sense of duty D. was playing a joke on the woman B Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge. If you remember the
following information, your life will be much safer. Always notice (注意) environment around you. You shouldn’t walk the alone outside. Make sure where the public phones are. If anything dangerous happens, you can find them easily. Your bag should be carried towards(朝着) the front of your body instead of putting it on your back. When a bus is full of people, it is easy enough for a thief to take away the things in the bag on your back. If you are followed by someone you don’t know, cross the street and go to the other side, let the person understand that you know he or she is after you. Next, don’t go home at once. Yu are safer in the street than you are alone in your home or in the lift. If you have ot take a bus to a place far away, try to get to the stop a few minutes earlier before the bus leaves. This stops some people from studying you. On the bus, don't sit alone. Sit behind the driver or with other people. Don’t sleep.
  36. Which of the following is NOT safe when you are out? A. Go home alone late at night. B. Make sure where the public phones are. C. Don’t get to the bus stop too early. D. Always notice the environment around you.
  37. You’d better put your bag __when there are too many people on a bus. A. on your back B. beside you C. in front of your body D. behind the driver
  38. When you are followed by someone on your way home, you should to make yourself safe. A. run home B. find a lift and go in C. turn back and walk towards him or her at once. D. cross the street and go to the other side
  39. When you take a bus alone, it’s safe for you . A. to sit behind the driver or with other people, and not to sleep B. to talk with the driver C. to call your friends D. to get off the bus at once
  40. What can you learn from the passage? A. How to notice the environment around you. B. How to be safe in your everyday life. C. How to cross the street.
D. how to use the public phones. C The Internet is a big place. Nobody has enough time to find everything oon the Internet. Yahoo gives us a lot of help. Two Stanford University(斯 坦福大学) students, Jerry Yang and David Filo, started it in 19
  94. They made a list of their favorite web pages. When their list got bigger, they made a database(数据库) to keep all the information. They let everyone use it for free. Soon, thousands of people were using it. Then they made a new kind of software(软件). It could store much information, and people can find information by using it. If you look for “animals”, it will give you a list of web pages(网页) with the word. Yahoo became a public company in 19
  96. As the company grew, Yang and Filo went on working hard. They put more uses in the software, such as shopping, free e-mails, etc. they started Yahoo in many different countries and in different languages. Yahoo is famous on the Internet. It really makes money unlike most other network companies.
  41. When Yang and Filo made the first Yahoo software, they . A. made people pay for using it B. were still university students C. knew it wasn’t useful D. were high school students
  42. After the company became bigger, Yang and Filo . A. became lazy B. worked less C. kept working hard D. stopped working
  43. According to the passage, we can’t by using the Yahoo software. A. shop B. look or information C. send and receive e-mails. D. bood tickets
  44. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Yahoo is always a big company. B. Yahoo is not a public company. C. Yahoo does not make people pay for their e-mails. D. Yahoo is losing money.
  45. What does the writer think of most other Internet companies? A. They don’t make much money. B. They are all famous. C. Tey are all just like Yahoo.
D. They are all in English. D Long ago there was a man named Smith. He made a living by making caps. One day he went to sell his caps. He went through a forest. There were many mondeys in it. It was very hot and the man wanted to hae a rest. He came up to a large tree, put his caps on the groound, took one of them and put it on his head. Then he lay dowwn and soon fell asleep. “Where are my caps!” Smith cried when he woke up. He looked up and saw many mondeys in the trees and each monkey had a cap on its head. “Give back my caps!” The man shouted at the monkeys. Blut the mondeys didn’t understadn him. They only laughed. The man got very angry, took off his own cap, threw it on the ground and cried, “If you want all my caps, you may take this one, too!” “And what do you think happened? The little animals did the same. Each monkey took off its cap and threw it on the ground. The man was very glad. He quickl collected all his caps and went on his way.l
  46. The cap-maker was so tired . A. to have a rest B. that he wanted to sell his caps in the forest. C. that he had to stop for a rest. D. that he wanted to return home
  47. He and lay down and fell asleep soon. A. put all his caps on his head B. put all his caps in his bag C. put all his caps in the tree D. put one of his caps on his head
  48. When the man woke up, he found . A. each monkey had a cap on its head B. some monkeys were stealing his caps C. the monkeys were laughing at him D. a monkey had stolen his cap and tried it on
  49. The man cried and told the monkeys . A. to return his caps B. not to get away with his caps C. to buy his caps D. not to laugh at him
  50. At last the monkeys threw the caps on te4h ground because . A. they took pity on him
B. the man had got angry C. they didn’t like the caps D. they liked to do the same as the man did. 四、短文填空(5 分) We all know the famous saying?“Time is m. But I think time is even morew important t money. Why? B when money is spent, we can get it back. However, when time is lost, it’ll never r. That is why we mustn’t waste time. It goes without saying that time is usually limited(有限的). Even a second is very i. We should make full use of our time to do s useful. But it is a pity that there are a l of people who don’t know the importance of time. They s their limited time smoking, drinking and playing cards. They don’t know that wasting time means wasting part of their own l. In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t leave today’s work for t. Remember:we have no time to lose. 五、阅读表达(10 分) As teenagers, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very big, such as winning the Nobel Prize(诺贝尔奖), or they can be very small. You may just want to become one of the top ten students in your class. Once you have a dream, what will you do? Will you try to make your dream come true? Follow your heart by Australian writer Andrew Mattews tells us that making our dreams come true is the biggest challenge in life. “You may think that you’re not very good at some school subjects, or that it is impossible for you to become a writer. These kinds of thoughts stop you from realizing(实现) your dream,” the book says. Don’t lose heart. Keep telling yourself what you want. Do this step by step and our dreams will come true faster because a big dream, if fact, is made up of many small dreams. You must also never give up your dream. There will be difficulties on the way to your dream, but the biggest difficulty comes from yourself. You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will lead to better exam results, while saving five yuan instead of buying a toy means you can buy a new book. As you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. This is good
because you have the chance to learn more skills(技能) and find new interest. (一) 根据短文内容,简要回答问题。
  1. According to the Australian writer Andrew Mattews, what is the biggest challenge(挑战) in life?
  2. When you get closer to your dream, why is it good? (二)将短文中划线的句子



   初三英语期末试卷分析 威海十五中 2005-1-26 试卷难度适中, 覆盖面广,特别重在基础知识的考查,学生有较大的发挥空 间。命题既立足于英语教学大纲,又着眼于新课程标准,突出了对学生综合语言 能力的考查。 一.命题的几个明显特点 1、适当放低难度。 因为这是全区三年级的期末考试,不能用太高的要求和难度套学生,命题要 以课本为主,注意适度扩展,要鼓励学生学好课本,不能把学生的信心考掉。虽 然说这次期末考试我校的平均成绩不甚理想,应该说难度是适中的。 2、鼓励学生积极进行语言积累。 为此,这 ...


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