March into Nashville
  A little later tonight, the Grammy Awards will be presented. And one of the nominees in country is a band that calls itself Bering Strait, whose sound is as pure and clean as the smell of fresh cut
  1)bluegrass. It’s their first big break after five years of knocking on doors in
  2)Nashville. Bering Strait named after the
  3)waterway that divides Russia from America, but Bering Strait, the band does the opposite. It connects them.
  4)straightforward style is the stuff of country music legend. But make way
  5)Hank Williams and Patsy Cline make room for Natasha, Sergei, Sasha, Alexander, Ilya and Lydia.
  The sound may be down home American, but Bering Strait is pure Russian. Natasha Borzilova is the lead singer. It’s been her steady job since childhood. Ilya Toshinsky is the band’s founding member. He’s been dreaming of making it big in American country since he was
  15. The parents all wanted the same things for their kids: good education, rewarding careers and
  6)rigorous classical music education. For Bering Strait, that discipline did not lead to bronze, it led to bluegrass.
  And in 1998, they came here to the Jerusalem of country music, to Nashville, Tennessee where vast fortunes are made singing of heartbreak and loss.
  For half a century dreamers, coal-miners’ daughters have joined the pilgrims on the
  7)trek, but none of them have traveled quite the geographic and cultural distance as these kids.
  Once in Nashville, they thought they struck gold. They got a record deal and it fell through, then another, their timing couldn’t have been worse. Musical
  8)boomtown Nashville went into the biggest slump in its history and the child stars from Russia became just one more group without a
  9)gig. In five years, four labels picked up the band but collapsed before they could put out a record.
  Today a musician, tomorrow unemployed. A parental remark as old as time, but so far they’re still working. One reason is raw talent. But like most country bands their biggest kick is playing for that
  10)Grand Ole Opry audience. It’s yet another irony of the band’s story that when they do play live the
  11)showstopper is not country in western; it’s country in eastern -- an old Russian folk song called “Porushka” set to a bluegrass beat.
  Talent and perseverance seem to be paying off-in January
  12)the Grammy nomination, the release of their first CD and “Bering Strait” the documentary and an invitation to New York and a date at
  13)B.B. King’s Club in Times Square. For any band to make it this far is an achievement; for the six kids from Obninsk, win or lose at tonight’s Grammies, they have already hit the
  1) bluegrass n. 早熟禾;蓝草音乐(一种复调乡土音乐,用未经扩音的弦乐器演奏)
  2) Nashville n. 纳什维尔(美国田纳西州首府)
  3) waterway n. 水路,排水沟
  4) straightforward a. 简单的,易懂的
  5) Hank Williams and Patsy Cline: 汉克?威廉姆斯,1923年出生于美国亚拉巴马州,他为乡村音乐的发展和流传做出了巨大的贡献。佩茜?克莱恩,1932年出生于美国弗吉尼亚州,著名乡村音乐艺术家,被誉为二十世纪五、六十年代的流行歌后
  6) rigorous a. 严格的
  7) trek n. 艰苦跋涉
  8) boomtown n. (美)新兴城市
  9) gig n. (美俚)活儿
  10) Grand Ole Opry: 乡村老大剧院,在田纳西州的纳什维尔市,为乡村音乐的圣地
  11) showstopper n. 因为特别精彩而被掌声打断的表演
  12) 这里指“白令海峡”获第45届格莱美“最佳乡村乐演奏”( Best Country Instrumental Performance )提名
  13) B.B.King是二十世纪后半叶吉他领域里的权威人物,是这个时代布鲁斯音乐的领导者之一。
  14) jackpot n. (桥牌)累积赌注,累积奖金
  We're Still Here
  (Bradley is awaken by the alarm early in the morning.)
  Bradley: Ahh not now, not now man. Ahhh. What a dream! Wait till you hear about this one, bro. Just me, on a desert island with Jennifer Lopez. Just a fridge full of chocolate
  1)mousse. Humm... or was it coconut? Ahh I can’t remember. Anyway I was just about to taste it. Then the alarm clock had to spoil it. But anyways, what a dream! Eh bro? Paul?
  (Bradley opens his eyes and realizes that Paul has left Spain yesterday. Later he comes to the dinning hall.)
  Maria: Right up.
  Jon: That is fantastic, you make a great Spanish
  2)omelet Maria.
  Maria: Be surprised...
  3)Yummy, Paul, pass us the err...(realizing Paul is not here) his flight will be about to land right now.
  Bradley: I wonder what the flight was like.
  Jon: Guys, come on, it was Paul’s decision to leave and he seemed happy enough, so we should just move on.
  Bradley: It seems really weird without him.
  Rachel: Yeah, well he did leave yesterday. It’s going to take some getting use to.
  Tina: But we’ll be fine.
  Jon: Fine.
  Hannah: Will we?
  Maria: Hannah, why aren’t you eating? Is there something wrong with the food?
  Tina: No, it’s not the food, Maria, it’s Paul. He’s gone.
  Jon: And you know, we just miss him a bit. Some of us really miss him.
  (They meet their manager Simon later.)
  Simon: And now, tomorrow we have a press conference to officially announce Paul’s departure. And to emphasize the fact that the band will continue. Now the question is, under what name?
  Jon: What do you mean?
  Simon: Well err... it probably hasn’t escaped your notice but you’re called S-Club 7, and now there are only six of you, which gives us two choices, either we can ask Ricky Martin to join the band or we can rename you.
  Hannah: Ricky will never replace Paul.
  Rachel: Oh...Hang on a minute, don’t be too hasty about this.
  Simon: The Ricky thing was a joke.
  Hannah: Thanks.
  Bradley: How about “Bradley and the others”?
  Jo: Don’t push me, Brad.
  Simon: OK, OK, I after
  4)consulting with the record company, we’ve come up with two options for this: S-Club or S-Club
  Jon: S-Club 6, now that’s got a ring to it.
  Jo: Ooohh...
  Hannah: No Jon, that’ll just keep us reminded of Paul.
  Tina: How?
  Hannah: Well because when we say we are called S-Club 6, people will go “Well, didn’t you used to be called S-Club 7”?
  Tina: Humm...
  Hannah: And then we’ll have to say, yeah, because Paul’s left.
  Tina: OK, so we call it S-Club then.
  Bradley: Sounds a bit weird.
  Jo: No, I actually quite like it.
  Rachel: Yeah, I think it’s cool.
  Hannah: No, it completely changes the whole name of the band.
  Jon: That’s because we are a completely different band, Hanna, we’re S-Club now.
  Hannah: True, humm... but it’s not that good.
  Jon: Well no were one down, but you know we can’t be S-Club 7 anymore.
  (The team member begins to quarrel.)
  Simon: What do you usually do when you have a big decision to make?
  Hannah: Well we...
  Bradley: We call Paul...
  Rachel: And then Paul sums up the good points and the bad points and then we have a vote.
  Simon: That’s great. It’s just that you know Paul were here, you wouldn’t have to rename the band, now would we? Hey how about this, I got a... I got a... How about something
  5)wacky? You know like, err... Like “The Flying
  All: Oh... come on...
  Rachel: You are joking...
  Tina: This place is coming together as a band.
  Jo: You’re startin’..
  Jon: I’m not starting.
  Jo: I’m givin’ it no mouth. Why don’t we just go with S Club, S Club’s fine.
  Bradley: I think that we should just umm...
  Simon: What?
  Bradley: I think that we should just
  7)sleep on it.
  Rachel: Good one, Brad!
  Jon: Very helpful.



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