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09 年全国各地英语试题一模考试选编 单项选择 年全国各地英语试题一模考试选编?单项选择
一、 09 临沂市高三教学质量一模 (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模)
  21.If vou come second in the race,you’11 get??qualification to compete for the next round. A./:a B.the;a C.a;the D./;the
  22.一 Come to my home and enjoy the NBA basketball match? .Yao Ming is always my favorite star. A.I couldn’t agree more B.I’m afraid not C.It doesn't matter D.It’s a piece of cake
  23. MacDonald who had spent much of his time graduating from college back? packing round Europe,decided last year to settle down. A.when B.while C.since D.before
  24.The man moved forward and looked over the edge,shrinking his shoulders. A. accuratelv B.cautiously C.brilliantly D.disappointedly
  25.Barack Obama’s victory is a historic victory and that promised change and overcame centuries of prejudice。 A.0ne B.it C.the one D.that
  26. With no central government,the island was ruled by kings, a different region of the country. A.each controlling B.each controlled C.each to control D.each was controlling
  27.It was when searching for the lost book whose cover was missing a secret letter addressed to his mother. A.did he find B.until he found C.that he found D.had he found
  28.Martin Van Buren was the eighth President of the United States and the first native language was not English but Dutch. A.that B.whose C.Which D.where
  29.一 Mr.Wang,may I join the relay race? 一 No problem.I’11 you and Dan in the race. A.0rder B.adjust C.place D.enter
  30.The secret of her success may the fact that she knows when to study and when to play. A.result in B.1ie.in C.fill in D.take in
  31. Unfortunately, when I got to her flat, she , we had only time for a few words. SO A.just left B.had just left C.has just left D.was just leaving
  32.一 Believe it or not。last month in America I came across the girl whose photo was in the drift bottle I got three years ago! 一 Really? That’s the most surprising I’ve ever heard of! A.acquaintance B.coincidence C.viewpoint D.procedure
  33.He be lazy,but he can work very hard when he feels like it. A.may B.must C.should D.will 3
  4. the differences in colors, languages and races, share the charm and joy of we the Olympic Games,and together we seek for the ideal of Mankind for peace.
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A.Though B.Because of C.In spite of D.In addition to
  35. town was surrounded by the enemy, the people in town The but until help came a month later. A.took off B.gave in C.got up D.held out 【答案】
  21-25 DACBA 26-30ACBDB 31-35 DBACD (09 年福建省厦门市高三一模试题) 二、 ( 年福建省厦门市高三一模试题)
  21.一 Could I ask you a rather personal question,Sir? 一 Sure, . A.you could B.my pleasure C.good idea D.go ahead
  22.一 Hello!Golden Bay Resort.Can I help you? 一 Do you have a room for this weekend? A.available B.useful C.possible D.empty a great seccess.
  23.It’s obvious that the Beijing Olympic Games A.kept B.showed C proved D.remained
  24. is responsible for this accident will be punished. A.Who B.Whoever C.The one D.No matter who
  25.一 What do you think of the project put forward by the Blacks? ,it will be well worth putting into practice.I suppose. 一 Considering its real A.reward B.prize C.cost D.value
  26.We then moved to Parisin 20
  01, we lived for six years. A.when B.where C.that D.there
  27.By the end of last year,another new theme park completed in that area. A.was being B.would be C.has been D.had been
  28.why do we have to Joan’S selfish behaviour?She should learn to care for others. A.keep upwith B.catch up with C.put up with D.come up with
  29.You late for yesterday’S class meeting,as it was so important. A.couldn’t be B.shouldn’t be C.mustn’t have been D.oughtn’t to have been
  30.Joined by their Mends,Troy and Gabriella staged a musical heir experiences,hopes and fears about the future. Areflecting B.reflected C.being reflected D.having reflected
  31.一 When did you learn the news that Obama made a trip to Canada as President? 一 was on my return. A.That B.It C.There D.This
  32.-Why didn’t Tom give you one of his paintings? -I didn’t want one,but he would have given me one if I A.did B.would C.will D.had
  33.Kate on her now novel,which is supposed to come out next month. A.has been working B.had worked C.will be working D.was working
  34.一 Which of the three optional courses did you like best,Joe? 一 To tell you the truth,I didn’t like of them. A.either B.both C.any D.neither the very
  35.The new tax policy only affects people on yearly incomes over¥1
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rich. A.by the way B.as a result C.in other words D.as a maner of 【答案】21-25 DACBD 26-30 BDCDA 31-35 BDACC (09 年江苏省南通市高三一模试题) 三、 ( 年江苏省南通市高三一模试题)
  21. While income worry is rather common problem of the aged, loneliness is another problem that aged parents may face. A. a; 不填 B. the; 不填 C. a; the D. the; the
  22. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my program. me this evening is Dr. Gray. A. To join B. Join C. Joined D. Joining
  23. Overpopulation is a terrible threat to the human race. Yet it is probably a threat to the human race than environmental destruction. A. no more B. not more C. even more D. little more
  24.?Mrs. Smith, please teach me how to draw on the computer today. ?Oh, no. _. You have to get familiar with the keyboard first. A. It is never too old to learn B. Think twice before you do C. Learn to walk before you run D. One today is worth two tomorrows
  25. We should be able to do the job for you quickly, __ you give us all the necessary information. A. in case B. so long as C. if only D. as far as
  26. Vitamin D helps our bodies make a special chemical, and this special chemical, , affects our brains, making us feel happy. A. in turn B. in particular C. in advance D. in short
  27. The traditional approach with complex problems in our studies is to break them down into smaller, more easily managed problems. A. to deal B. having dealt C. to dealing D. being dealt
  28. I’m told that languagepractising.com is a free website learners can not just learn various languages but also chat online. A. where B. which C. that D. what
  29. Madonna a straight?A student, but it was dancing that she was really crazy about. A. must be B. could be C. must have been D. could have been
  30. Thanks to the application of new farming methods, output is now six times it was before 20
  00. A. that B. what C. which D. how
  31. Mr. White works with an import and export company, but he __ for this industrial fair, since he is on leave. A. has worked B. works C. has been working D. is working
  32. that the government can lead them out of the financial crisis, people are optimistic about the future of the country. A. Convincing B. Convinced C. To convince D. Having convinced
  33. He tried to deal with the ever-increasing burden of his work, but finally and had to take a complete rest. A. broke away B. broke up C. broke down D. broke out
  34.?Now more and more Chinese senior students are applying for admission to American universities through SAT.
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?. But taking an SAT may cost one more than 10,000 yuan. A. I hope so B. Not really C. That’s the case D. That sounds reasonable
  35. Profits in his company went up by 25% last year, and so far this year though the financial situation is bad. A. haven’t decreased B. didn’t decrease C. haven’t been decreased D. weren’t decreased 【答案】21?25 ADBCB 26?30 ACADB 31?35 DBCCA (09 年高考山东省滨州市高三一模试题) 四、 ( 年高考山东省滨州市高三一模试题)
  21.Obama has been elected first black president of the United States,and the intemational society expects to have new USA under his leadership. A.不填;the together. A.otherwise B.or C.and D.therefore
  23.一 What were you trying to prove to the police? ? I was last night. A.That B.When C.Where D.What C.stretch D.to stretch
  24.The manager finished the whole day's work and stood up, himself. A.stretching skills. A.give out B.take in C.show off D.carry on
  26.一 Why are you making so much noise? 一 I just can't help . A.so B.that C.this D.it C.responsibility D.burden
  27.We should look up to him as a shinning example of to duty. A.devotion B.privilege
  28.一 How long have you been in this office? 一 Just a few minutes.I here together with my cousin. A.have walked C.have been walking their future life. A.what B.that C.which D.where C.subjective D.what D.realistic
  30.Rome was not built in a day.You should set goals and work hard to achieve them. A.alternative A.where B.considerable Bwhen C.that
  31.Take an active part in the activities you enjoy you can make many friends.
  32.一 Amazing!You wear slippers at work! 一 Don't,you know it's a fashion? A.must B.should C.can D.may C.that;where D.where:which
  33.Could you tell me it was the accident occurred? A.where;that A.ones
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  22.Do come here tomorrow we,as planned,will envy the wonderful performance

  25.The society today offers the young generation more chances to their talent and
B.had walked D.walked

  29.People tend to think that children's IQ is determines how well they are going to do in

  34.To some people life is enjoyable,while toit is suffeHng. B.others C.those D.another
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  35.一 I had a good holiday at my uncle's. 一! A.Oh.that's very nice of you C.Oh.I'm glad to hear that B.Congratulations D.It's a pleasure
【答案】21?25 CCCAC
  26~30 DADAD 31?35 ABABC (09 年高考北京市东城区高三一模试题) 五、 ( 年高考北京市东城区高三一模试题)
  21. It’s so nice to hear from her again, , we last met more than thirty years ago. A. what’s more B. that’s to say C. in other words D. believe it or not
  21. Music can be very enjoyable, but can be appreciated unless you like it. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything
  22. ?Tom, can you answer my question? -- Er, I’m very sorry, Miss Evens, I about something else. A. had thought B. was thinking C. will think D. have thought
  23. ?Jeff, you look so excited today. -- Sure I am, I a good job in a big company, you know. A. offered B. will offer C. have been offered D. was offered
  24. Students should able to think for themselves just obeying teachers. A. in case of B. besides C. except D. instead of
  25. ?I feel bored with nothing interesting to do. --You watch TV. There will be a very good Hollywood film on this evening. A. need B. could C. would D. shall
  26. My parents don’t care my pocket money goes, but one thing I for sure: the money spent must be worthwhile. A. why B. when C. where D. how
  27. My daughter in a restaurant for the summer, but she doesn’t like very much. A. worked B. is working C. was working D. works
  28. he or she is not kind; their physical beauty is only a mask that hides their ugly soul. A. Although B. Because C. If D. Since
  29. The group of the aged is close companions, and many of have known each other for decades. A. them B. that C. whom D. what
  30. The pop star walked out of the stage, her hands elegantly to her fans. A. waving B. was waving C. waved D. to wave
  31. I am very grateful to my high school teachers, without help I wouldn’t be so excellent. A. whom B. them C. which D. whose
  32. The citizens of Beijing are proud of they have done to make Beijing a beautiful city. A. that B. which C. what D. how
  33. Another primary school is reported for children in Wen Chuan now. A. to have been built B. to have built C. being built D. to be built
  34. With their son a foreign college now, the parents have some financial problems mow and the



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