Unit 1 Art 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第 一 组 : predict, abstract, ridiculous, symbol, avenue, consequently, attempt, sculpture, value, religious 1 Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (相对论)was so that few people could understand it at that time. 2 White has always been a of purity in Western cultures. 3 We arrived at Shenzhen terribly late, and , we had to find a hotel for that night before going to see Mr. Wang the next day. 4 The Goddess of Liberty (自由女神) is a famous in America representing freedom. 5 Christianity is one of the most important in the west. 6 That oil painting is of great , and it is expected to go for at least $5,0
  00. 7 The thief to enter the house through the open window but he failed. 8 There is a five-star hotel on Fifth . 9 His explanation is so that no one accepted it. 10 The weathermen don’t always how the weather will be next day. 第二组: 第二组:controversial, contemporary, geometry, possession, scholar, convince, aggressive, permanent, exhibition, civilization 11 Before the war people all transferred their to safer places. 12 We had more than three discussions about the highly topic. 13 Sally is very and she has become such a successful business woman. 14 The environmental damage threatens the whole of . 15 Fortunately, the accident didn’t bring any damage. 16 What he said me that he was sincere. 17 The new will tour a dozen US cities next year. 18 I am no enough to know what that saying means. 19 I take an interest in fiction(小说) and drama.
20 Solid , which is not so easy to learn, is a branch of mathematics. 一、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):
focus on a great deal scores of in the flesh a bunch of take the
place of lead to break away from in the future feel like
1 It is said that the film Curse of the Golden Flower is really a blockbuster. I seeing it. 2 We Chinese teachers of English usually much grammar. 3 There is no telling what will happen . 4 I am feeling better today. I want to go back to work. 5 Hard work success. 6 She gave me roses on my birthday. 7 You should try to those bad habits. 8 I have been to Beijing times; but I have never been to Shanghai. 9 I imagine meeting the famous film star . 10 Computers typewriters in most offices. Unit 2 Poems 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组: 第一组 : transform, warmth, cottage, underline, poem, diamond, anger, aspect, appropriate, sparrow 1 Please explain the word in the sentence. 2 That thing would my life forever. 3 My necklace is made of . It is worth a lot of money. 4 I couldn’t find an word to express myself. 5 As a young boy I used to catch with a sieve (筛子) on snowy days. 6 I am happy to see that you can look at a problem from every . 7 My father tried not to show his . 8 This is an 18th century , which has a special style. 9 Li Bai, an ancient poet, wrote lots of famous Tang .
10 It was such a cold day that animals huddled(依偎) together for . 第二组 : branch, pattern, convey, salty, rhyme, tease, sorrow, recite, balloon, compass 11 The Bank of China has some overseas . 12 I can’t think of a for the word “flood”. 13 To my , he died in an unexpected accident. 14 Kids often like to play with , painted with different colors. 15 It was amazing that that boy could over 200 Chinese poems. 16 A is an instrument for finding direction, with a needle always pointing north. 17 Don’t be unhappy; I was only . 18 Please my greetings to your family. 19 Why is the dish so ? 20 Don’t follow the same but try to be creative. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):
take it easy run out (of) make up of translate …into be
delighted with day by day bow to sb. make sense
1 I think this poem is about things that don’t . 2 Just . You will be all right after taking those medicine. 3 He never the cruel enemies. 4 The cooking oil . Will you go to the corner store to get some? 5 My parents the progress I had made in maths. 6 The novel quite a few foreign languages last year. 7 His condition improved . 8 Great Britain four countries?Scotland, England, Wales and the Northern Ireland. Unit 3 A healthy life
一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组: basic, pregnant, comprehension, cigarette, alcohol, chemist, female, stress, 第一组: quit, perfect 1 contain a kind of nicotine, which gets people addicted. 2 On some buses there are special seats for those women. 3 Textile factories often employ more than males. 4 Practice makes is an English saying. 5 Peter this job for a better one. 6 I never drink except for some low-- beer. 7 Things can easily go wrong when people work under . 8 I will get some medicine at the . 9 My knowledge of French is pretty . 10 His behavior was completely beyond . 第二组: 第二组 : production, eventually, needle, ashamed, manage, adolescent, mental, illegal, automatic, judgement 11 You should be of yourself for telling such lies. 12 This book includes 20 stories of boys and girls. 13 We can draw money from teller machines (ATM) at any time instead of visiting a bank. 14 After six days of hard work the project was finished. 15 She showed a lack of when she gave Tom the job. 16 This hospital treats those patients with illness. 17 This new model mobile phone will be in by the end of the year. 18 It is to drive without a driver’s license. 19 Thanks all the same. I can by myself. 20 Never share your with anyone else when you inject drugs. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):
due to be addicted to be accustomed to decide on in spite of take
risks get into stand for remind …of reach for do damage to
1 The flight was delayed the foggy weather. 2 We finally the matter after careful discussion. 3 Many kids easily the bad habit of playing computer games all day. 4 Workers are still busy with their work hot weather. 5 The old photo me my college days. 6 I the English?Chinese dictionary on the bookshelf but it was too high. 7 Since entry into high school I getting up early. 8 Never try drugs, otherwise you will them. 9 What does “it” in the last sentence? 10 To tell you the truth, I don’t want to . 11 Smoking people’s health. Unit 4 Global warming 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组: 第一组:state, catastrophe, decrease, Fahrenheit, widespread, fuel, phenomenon, glance, consequence, climate 1 32 degrees is equal to 0 degrees Celsius(Centigrade). 2 Terrorism(恐怖主义) is a of the 20th century. 3 Oil, coal, natural gas, charcoal are all common . 4 The 1976 Tangshan earthquake was a to China. 5 I like the of Shenzhen. It has an average temperature of 20℃. 6 The of people cutting down lots of trees is that land is easy to wash away when it rains and more land will turn into desert. 7 It was that London would host the 30th Summer Olympics. 8 At first , the math problem seemed easy. 9 This reform has received support throughout the country. 10 The species of bird is in numbers every year.
第二组: 第二组:nuclear, steady, average, title, existence, pollution, graph, disagreement, microwave, electrical 11 China is developing fast, and it has had five years of economic growth. 12 Pakistan came into as an independent country after the war. 13 My brother worked as an engineer after graduating from college. 14 Noise will damage people’s hearing. 15 The soup is cold; please reheat it in the . 16 The White House is strongly against Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Iran developing weapons. 17 There is a among the archaeologists(考古学家) as to the age of the sculpture. 18 The official of this job is “ Administrative Assistant(行政助理).” 19 The shows how the house prices have risen since the 1980s. 20 Forty hours is a fairly working week for most people. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):
compare..to come about quantities of result in a range of keep on build up on the whole put up with so long as
1 trying. You’ll succeed in time. 2 I cannot imagine how you naughty children at all. 3 I think, , the article is well written except for a few unfit sentences. 4 How did the traffic accident ? 5 food were left on the table. 6 You can call me any time you are free. 7 Young kids are often the future of our motherland. 8 Sports and games can one’s character. 9 His laziness failure in maths exam again. 10 In that kindergarten there is activities for children.
选修六 Unit 1 一 第一组:1 abstract 2 symbol 3 consequently 4 sculpture 5 religions 6 value 7 attempted 8 Avenue 9 ridiculous 10 predict 第 二 组 : 11 possessions 12 controversial 13 aggressive 14 civilization 15
permanent 16 convinced 17 exhibition 18 scholar 19 contemporary 20 geometry 二 1 feel like 2 focus…on 3 in the future 4 a great deal 5 leads to 6 a bunch of 7 break away from 8 scores of 9 in the flesh 10 have taken the place of Unit 2 一 第一组:1 underlined 2 transform 3 diamond 4 appropriate 5 sparrows 6 aspect 7 anger 8 cottage 9 poems 10 warmth 第二组:11 branches 12 rhyme 13 sorrow 14 balloons 15 recite 16 compass 17 teasing 18 convey 19 salty 20 pattern 二 1 make sense 2 take it easy 3 bowed to 4 has run out 5 were delighted with 6 has been translated into 7 day by day 8 is made up of Unit 3 一 第一组:1 Cigarettes 2 pregnant 3 females 4 perfect 5 quit/quitted 6 alcohol 7 stress 8 chemist’s 9 basic 10 comprehension 第二组:11 ashamed 12 adolescent 13 automatic 14 eventually 15 judgement 16 mental 17 production 18 illegal 19 manage 20 needle 二 1 due to 2 decided on 3 get into 4 in spite of 5 reminds of 6 reached for 7 have been accustomed to 8 be addicted to 9 stand for 10 take risks 11 does damage to Unit 4 一 第一组:1 Fahrenheit 2 phenomenon 3 fuels 4 catastrophe 5 climate 6 consequence 7 stated 8 glance 9 widespread 10 decreasing 第 二 组 : 11 steady 12 existence 13 electrical 14 pollution 15 microwave 16 nuclear 17 disagreement 18 title 19 graph 20 average
二 1 Keep on 2 come up with 3 on the whole 4 come about 5 Quantities of 6 so long as 7 compared to 8 build up 9 resulted in 10 a range of Unit 5 一 第 一 组 ; 1 volcano 2 hurricane 3 adventures 4 excited 5 unfortunately 6 fountain 7 absolutely 8 fantastic 9 potential 10 precious 第 二 组 : 11 impressive 12 novelists 13 cancelled 14 tremble 15 anxieties 16 panic 17 courage 18 diverse 19 unique 20 guaranteed 二 1 glanced through 2 burned…to the ground 3 made my way 4 make an effort 5 Compared with 6 vary from..to



   09?10 学年度高二英语选修 6 单元测试题 ? 学年度高二英语选修 Unit 1?Unit3 ? 小题; 一.完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 22.5 分) 完形填空( 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项 A、 ~ ( 、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 、 ) The other day, I happened to meet someo ...


   高二英语选修 6 第一学期期末考试 英语( 英语(选修 6)试题 第一部分: 共二节; 第一部分:英语知识运用 ( 共二节; 满分 40 分 ) 小题; 第一节 单项填空 ( 共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分 ) 1. It is so cold in the room. Would you mind me the door? A. close B. to close C. closing D. closed 2. I am still suffering from a f ...


   选修 6 Unit 1 现实主义的;逼真的; 现实的 abstract adj. 抽象的;深奥的 n. 摘要 sculpture n. 雕塑 △sculptor n. 雕刻家;雕塑家 gallery n. 美术陈列室;画廊 faith n. 信任;信心;信念 faithfully adv. 忠实地 △consequently adv. 所以;因而 aim n. 目标;目的 vi. & vt. 瞄准;(向某方向)努力 conventional adj. 常规的;传统的; 因循守旧的 t ...


   Unit 1 disability n. 伤残;无力;无能 disabled adj.伤残的 hearing n. 听力;听觉 eyesight n. 视力 △syndrome n. 综合病征;综合症状 △infantile paralysis 小儿麻痹 △Rosalyn n. 罗莎琳(女名) lap n. 跑道的一圈;重叠部分;(人坐着时)大腿的上方 ambition n. 雄心;野心 ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 dictation n. 口授;听写(的文字) △S ...


   高中英语选修 7 单词表 Unit 1 伤残;无力;无能 伤残的 听力;听觉 视力 △综合病征 大腿的上方 雄心;野心 有雄心的 口授;听写 吵闹的;嘈杂的 适合的;适宜的 项目;进入;入口 有益的;受益的 换句话说 笨拙的 △碰撞;撞击 外向的;外出的 使适应;改编 适合 长凳 切去;省略;停止 显微镜 上气不接下气 缺席;不在某处 同类的;同伴 使……不悦;惹恼 颇为生气的 △烦恼 总而言之 公司;坚定的 软件 闲坐着 和;也 鹦鹉 大容器;缸;大桶 陆龟;龟 在很多方面 心理(学) 精 ...


   选修六 Unit 1 △realistic adj. 现实主义的;逼真的;现实的 abstract adj. 抽象的;深奥的 n. 摘要 sculpture n. 雕塑 △sculptor n. 雕刻家;雕塑家 gallery n. 美术陈列室;画廊 faith n. 信任;信心;信念 faithfully adv. 忠实地 △consequently adv. 所以;因而 aim n. 目标;目的 vi. & vt. 瞄准;(向某方向)努 目标; 瞄准;(向某方向) ;(向某方向 ...

高中英语(外研版)选修6 1-6单元检测题

   Module 1 第一部分:听力:配听力检测题(八) (共两节, 满分30分) ●第一节(共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分) 听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后, 你都有10秒钟的时间 来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 1. What does the man plan to do first? A. Have some food. B. Read ...

高中英语选修6 Module 6 单词考点详解

   Invade (vt.)入侵,侵略 Abandon (vt.) 放弃 Abandoned (adj.) 被抛弃的;废弃的;无约束的 Declare war on 向……宣战 Make a breakthrough 取得重大突破(进展) Survivor (n.) 幸存者 Last (vi.) 持续 用作不及物动词: Do you think this weather will last till the weekend? 你认为这样的天气能维持到周末吗? How long will our ...


   选修 6 Unit 1 1. realistic adj. 2. Abstract adj. n. 3. sculpture n. 4. △sculptor n. 5. gallery n. 6. faith n. 7. faithfully adv. 8. △consequently adv. 9. aim n. vi. & vt. 10. conventional adj. 11. typical adj. 12. evident adj. 13. △Giotto di Bond ...

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   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 第三单元 (1) sth with sb 与某人分享某物 He would share his last pound with me. 1 share (v) (2) sth between sb 共同承担… We share a small room between us. 我们俩合用一个房间. (3) share sth among sb 共享/均分… Please share the sweets among th ...



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   新版新视野大学英语读写教程第四册 unit1 答案 Unit 1 III. 1. idle 2. justify 3. discount 4. distinct 5. minute 6.accused 7. object 8. contaminate 9. sustain 10. worship IV. 1. accusing... of 2. end up 3. came upon 4. at her worst 5. pay for 6. run a risk of 7. partici ...


   如何突破封闭??英语口语 如何突破封闭??英语口语 ?? 此文献由:能飞英语(www.langfly.com)提供 能飞英语( 能飞英语 ) 有的同学会说: “这些我都懂,可是我的英语就是学不好,我也花了好多时间在英语上, 我的单词就是记不住,做题就是会错;学好英语要长时间的积累,我就剩下几个月就要考试 了,我准备放弃英语把时间放在其它科目的提高上来。 ”在我遇到的学生中的确存在报有这 种想法的学生,甚至学生家长也说: “我当年就是外语不好,这孩子像我。 ” 从一名英语教师的角度来讲,我不同 ...


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   张五常??我学英文的方法 十八年前我写了一篇题为《学英文的方法》的文章,被某英文老师见到 ,指我所言不依常规,不应捞过界,我不便发表。后来一些学子听到有 该文的存在,多次要求发表,但文稿失去了,没有再写。 今天国内的学子再三要求,我想,不要管英文老师吧。为免被骂,题目 加上一个「我」字。不是说无师自通,而是说我学英文的方法是自己发 明的。说是自己发明,其实因为是中国人而发明。文字上,中文与英文 是完全两回事。欧西的文字起于拉丁,是同宗,不能说是完全两回事。 因此,炎黄子孙学英文的方法应该与欧 ...