1996年全国高校统一招生英语考试题(上海卷) [ 2007-1-26 ]


一、单词辨音 从A、B、C、D中找出其划线部分与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项。(本题共10分)

  1. hesitate
A. whisper B. museum C. insist D. loose

  2. holiday
A. obviously B. prove C. introduce D. government

  3. equip
A. satellite B. bench C. united D. being

  4. number
A. suppose B. music C. stupid D. discussion

  5. expect
A. pretty B. century C. parent D. movement

  6. spy
A. sorry B. apology C. plenty D. supply

  7. favour
A. father B. island C. celebrate D. surface

  8. lonely
A. control B. October C. position D. topic

  9. reason
A. chosen B. basin C. person D. recent

  10. Asia
A. carriage B. stadium C. official D. radium
二、词汇和语法知识多项选择 从下列各句的A、B、C、D四个选项中选择一个最佳答案。(本题共20分)

  11.Some people would rather ride bicycles as bicycle riding has of the trouble of
taking buses.
A. nothing B. none
C. some D. neither

  12.When he was there, he go to that coffee shop at the corner after work
every day.
A. would B. should
C. had better D. might

  13.?Oh, it's you! I you.
?I've just had my hair cut, and I'm wearing new glasses.
A. didn't recognize B. hadn't recognized
C. haven't recognized D. don't recognize

  14.While shopping, people sometimes can't help into buying something they
don't really need.
A. to persuade B. persuading
C. being persuaded D. be persuaded

  15.If you are about Australian cities, just read the book written by Dr
A. interested B. anxious
C. upset D. curious

  16.We are all going to the games. Why don't you come ?
A. up B. across
C. along D. to

  17.Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms
of .
A. energy B. source
C. power D. material

  18.They were surprised that a child should work out the problem they
themselves couldn't.
A. once B. then
C. while D. if

  19.When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person .
A. to send B. for sending it
C. to send it to D. for sending it to

  20.?The cars give off a great deal of waste gas in the streets.
?Yes. But I'm sure something will be done to air pollution.
A. reduce B. remove
C. collect D. warn

  21.Yesterday,Jane walked away from discussion.Otherwise she something she
would regret later.
A. had said B. said
C. might say D. might have said

  22.The thing that is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not.
A. matters B. cares
C. considers D. minds

  23.Sir, you be sitting in this waiting room. It is for women and children only.
A. oughtn't to B.can't
C.won't D.needn't

  24. the poem a second time, the meaning will become clearer to you.
A. our having read B. While reading
C. If reading D. When you read

  25.If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be asking, ?
A. didn't I B. did I
C. would I D. wouldn't I

  26. much advice I gave him, he did exactly what he wanted to do.
A. How B. Whatever
C. However D. No matter

  27.?I wonder if I could use your telephone.
? .
A. I wonder how B. I don't wonder
C. Sorry, it's out of order D. No wonder, here it is

  28.?Wasn't it Dr Wang who spoke to you just now?
? .
A. I didn't know he was B. Yes, it was
C. No, he wasn't D. Yes, he did

  29.?Which would you rather have, tea or coffee?
A. Sure, I would B. Yes, please
C. Yes, both D. Neither, thank you

  30.?Sorry, I couldn't come to the party. I was sick that day.
? .
A. I don't know that B. That's all right
C. yes, we'll have another party D. No, the party wasn't held
When one asks students the question "Who likes grammar?" perhaps few dare to raise their hands. In many 31 this is understandable in Britain. Yet, 32 , the study of grammar is one of the fastest growing areas of research in universities all over the world.
33 more so is the fact that many students who do not like grammar in school choose 34 as their subject of study in the university.
The rather strange state of affairs 35 an explanation. On the whole, students consider the study of grammar uninteresting, and grammar is 36 taught in most British middle schools. However, language, which would be impossible without grammar, is an important part of human society. 37 , it is the foundation(基础)on which our society builds itself. And it is our ability(能力)to use language that makes it possible for us to let 38 know our thoughts and aims, 39 , to communicate(交流思想、交际). A large part of our ability even to 40 depends on language.

  31. A. reasons B. ways C. subjects D. ideas

  32. A. strangely B. suddenly C. completely D. excitingly

  33. A. Ever B. Even C. What's D. Indeed

  34. A. education B. grammar C. language D. anything

  35. A. makes B. asks C. needs D. suggests

  36. A. poorly B. carefully C. successfully D. attentively

  37. A. But B. In fact C. As a result D. On the other hand

  38. A. ourselves B. yourselves C. others D. other countries

  39. A. to the point B. to our joy C. in pulic D. in other words

  40. A. talk B. think C. review D. consider
Is the world really going mad? The other day I was sitting in a small restaurant 41 a quiet drink and a talk with a few friends, when it suddenly 42 me that almost everyone in the restaurant was smoking. It wasn't long 43 the whole room was filled with smoke. I asked with an apology for permission to open a window to stop myself 44 !
Nowadays air pollution is something that we hardly question any more. However, I still can't walk down the streets in any of the big cities without 45 that people are suffering from the air pollution. It is time for the government departments the world over to introduce emission(废气排出)controls on all cars and 46 the public transport system(公共交通体系)to encourage people to 47 their cars at home. A friend of mine takes flying lessons each morning and it really makes him 48 when he climbs above the smog layer(烟雾层)and looks down 49 it and thinks:"I'm breathing that!"This kind of 50 results from the bad management of resources. Waste things can, 51 should, be treated properly. Housebuilding, road construction and industrial development are all earth-moving(or earth-reducing)operations and can change the balances of 52 created over millions of years. I would like to 53 serious studies done on all these main works before they are built. Also, there should be 54 national parks set up to keep the most beautiful parts of our countries in their natural 55 .

  41. A. have B. had C. having D. have had

  42. A. seeed B. struck C. sank D. showed

  43. A. ago B. after C. before D. now

  44. A. standing B. sitting C. talking D. dying

  45. A. thinking B. persuading C. deciding D. learning

  46. A. increase B. reduce C. improve D. raise

  47. A. wash B. repair C. drive D. leave

  48. A. sick B. tired C. foolish D. excited

  49. A. on B. into C. from D. for

  50. A. discussion B. question C. pollution D. operation

  51. A. but B. yet C. still D. and

  52. A. life B. mind C. human beings D. plants

  53. A. see B. start C. enjoy D. pay

  54. A. few B. any C. more D. no

  55. A. situations B. states C. soils D. places
四、单句理解 从下列各题的A、B、C、D四句中选择一个与原句意思最接近的句子。(本题共20分)

  56. I had expected only Ann to come but her husband appeared too.
A. I had expected Ann to come but her husband came instead.
B. I was surprised to find that Ann's husband was there too.
C. As I had expected, Ann's husband came but not Ann herself.
D. Both Ann and her husband came, as I had expected.

  57. Bill would rather do anything than cook.
A. Bill likes cooking, but enjoys doing other things more.
B. Bill would like to do something else before cooking.
C. Bill enjoys doing everything, including cooking.
D. Of all things, Bill likes cooking the least.

  58. She taught the blind boy as if he were a seeing child.
A. She treated the boy as a child with normal eyesight.
B. She taught the boy whose eyesight would probably return to normal.
C. She felt that the boy's eyesight had returned to normal and he was looking
at her.
D. She taught the blind boy in the way she taught other blind children.

  59. No two birds practise quite the same kind of flight.
A. The way birds fly is more or less different from one another.
B. There are two birds which fly in a different way.
C. There is only a slight difference between the flights of two birds.
D. It is impossible to find the two birds which practise quite the same kind
of light.

  60. The dinner would have been perfect if it hadn't been for the fish.
A. Te dinner wasn't so successful without the fish.
B. The fish made the dinner less enjoyable.
C. The dinner was a complete failure because of the fish.
D. The dinner was perfect because the fish was especially good.

  61. It was a few days before Steve found time to call his mother up.
A. Steve was free to telephone his mother a few days ago.
B. Steve didn't want to telephone his mother for a few days.
C. Steve wasn't able to give his mother a phone call until now.
D. Steve did not have time to telephone his mother immediately.

  62. Of the hundreds of people sharing my interest, he's the first I've actually met.
A. There are hundreds of people having the same interest as I, but he is the
first such person I've met.
B. I've never met a person like him who is actually interested in the things
I do.
C. I've met hundreds of people who have the same interest as I, and he is one
of them.
D. Actually he is the only person I know who has the same interest as I.

  63. I don't think it a bad idea to deal with the two problems separately.
A. I insist on dealing with the problems one after the other.
B. It would be better if the two different problems could be dealt with.
C. I agree that the two problems should not be dealt with together.
D. I mean to deal with the two problems in a different way.

  64. Whether or not they agreed with his idea, all of them



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