Ⅰ.Vocabulary (30 minutes, 30 points)
  1) Directions: There are fifteen incomplete sentences with one word or two words missing in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence。
  1. People should not take good constitution for granted, for human genetic code is the development of 。
  A. liable to... anomalies
  B. predestined for... discomfort
  C. predisposed to... disease
  D. indicative of... wholesomeness
  2. Nobody came to see me while I was out, ?
  A. did they B. didn’t they C. did she D. did me
  3. Aged just four, Josephine Hawkins is already at ease with her computer and the Internet, clicking her mouse on Disney sites to download images of her favorite characters。
  A. confidentially B. confidently C. appreciatively D. conscientiously
  4. He never hesitates to make criticisms are considered helpful to others。
  A. so …that B. so …as C. such… that D. such…as
  5. The policy made, the next problem was how to carry it out。
  A. having been B. being C. had been D. was
  6. Susan is a devoted daughter, always very to the needs of her old parents。
  A. attentive B. observant C. recurrent D. earnest
  7. Overall, it is going to become much easier for people to communicate the Net。
  A. by B. in C. over D. onto
  8. The hidden room is only through a secret back entrance。
  A. obtainable B. achievable C. attainable D. accessible
  9.He was so by his work that he did not notice that other employees had already left。
  A. prevailed B. predominated C. prescribed D. preoccupied
  10. Please yourself from smoking and spitting in public places, since the law forbids them。
  A. restrain B. hinder C. restrict D. prohibit
  11. When the crowd saw the prize-fighter stretched out on the canvas, shouts and cheers from it。
  A. broke up B. broke forth C. broke through D. broke upon
  12. When a friend hurts you, your instinct is to protect yourself but that makes it harder to up problems。
  A. tackle B. patch C. handle D. dispose
  13. It is bad manners to other people behind their backs。
  A. do up B. do by C. do away with D. do down
  14. That the case, we have to make some changes in our plan。
  A. is B. was C. being D. has been
  15.Einstein, who worked out his theory of relativity, lived to a old age。
  A. ripe B. mature C. perfect D. mellow
  16. Jean Wanger’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it in a religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference。
  A. is to be analyzed B. has been analyzed
  C. be analyzed D. should have been analyzed

  17. Looking back at all had happened, he couldn’t help crying。
  A. which B. that C. what D. this
  18.The clerk in the patent office said to his boss:“Look,I am not drunk. I’m as as a judge。”
  A. sober B. somber C. steady D. clear

  19. The motion picture is only a series of still photographs which are and viewed in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement and continuity。
  A. split B. spilt C. spun D. spliced
  20.There was a very interesting remark in a book by an Englishman that I read recently what he thought was a reason for this American characteristic。
  A. giving B. gave C to give D given
  21. As a politician, she has to have the of inspiring confidence in her listeners。
  A. fluke B. knack C. frenzy D. venison
  22. Vanity is his Achilles' 。
  A .heel B .ankle C. arm D. leg
  23. Bad office planning will both the employee and the employer and affect the performance of their duties。
  A. increase B. extend C augment D. stretch
  24. A tree squirrel characteristically has long, plume-like tail that helps slow whenever it falls from high places。
  A. it descends B. its descent C. to descend D. it is descending
  25. If you the bottle and cigarettes, you’ll be much healthier。
  A. take off B. keep off C. get off D. set off
  26. Peter was the football with him but he had forgotten。
  A. to have brought B. to bring C. to have been brought D. to be bringing
  27. Cynic believe that people who compliments do so in order to be praised twice。
  A. bask in B. give out C. gloat over D. shrug off
  28. The individual TV viewer invariably sense that he or she is an anonymous, statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience。
  A. everything except B. anything but C. no less than D. nothing more than
  29. when she started complaining。
  A. Not until he arrived B. No sooner had he arrived
  C. Hardly had he arrived D. Scarcely did he arrived
  30. Someone must have about among my papers, for my drawer is in a mess。
  A. rampaged B. rehearsed C. rummaged D. researched
  2) Directions: There are ten sentences in this part with one word or phrase underlined in each sentence. From the four choices given, choose one that best explains or defines the underlined part in each sentence。(10 points)
  1. The findings of the two archaeologists threw light on the burial customs of the ancient Egyptians。
  A. paid attention to B. gave faith to
  C. helped to make clear of D. gained insight into
  2. After realizing that their daughter was incurably ill, the Reynolds family changed their minds about euthanasia
  A. penalty B. capital sentence C. degradation D. mercy killing
  3. A judicious parent encourages his children to make their own decisions。
  A. judicial B. illustrious C. wise D. precarious
  4. John boasted that he could finish the job all by himself in no time。
  A. very rapidly B. in time C. on time D. at any moment
  5. Just as work and educational opportunities for women were limited in the 1800’s, their legal rights were also circumscribed。
  A. reserved B. preserved C. perverted D. restricted
  Ⅱ. Identify errors in the following sentences and correct them. (20 points)
  1) Mrs. Jackson saw the helicopter raise into the sky。
  2)Nobody besides little John thinks that a trip by bus is exciting。
  3)The Great Wall is the famous tourist site in world。
  4)A severe illness when she was just nineteen months old deprived the well-know writer Joseph Kate both her sight and her hearing。
  5)I regret having left my daughter at home; I should bring her with me。
  6) Football and baseball, which played in the United States today, are basically modifications of games that originated in England。
  7)Much though he needed money for a new car, he decided not to borrow it from the bank。
  8)David Singer, my friend’s father, while raised and educated in New York, lived and lectured in Africa most of his life。
  9) I forgot doing it。
  10) This is marvelous, isn’t it?
  Ⅲ. Cloze Test (20 points)
Fill in each bland with one suitable word from the four choices
  Digital photography is still new enough that most of us have yet to form an opinion about it, __1 develop a point of view. But this hasn't stopped many film and computer fans from agreeing__2 the early conventional wisdom about digital cameras-they're neat__3for your PC, but they're not suitable for everyday picture taking。
  The fans are wrong. More than anything else, digital cameras are radically__4__what photography means and what it can be. The venerable medium of photography __5 we know is beginning to seem out of _6__with the way we live. In our computer and camcorder_7,saving pictures as digital__8__ and watching them on TV is no less practical-and in many ways more__9__ than fumbling with rolls of film that must be sent off to be__
  Paper is also terribly_11__. Pictures that are incorrectly framed, 12 , or lighted are nonetheless committed to film and ultimately processed into prints。
  The digital medium changes the 13 . Still images that are 14 digitally can immediately be shown on a computer 15 , a TV screen, or a small liquid crystal display (LCD)built rights into the camera. And since the points of light that__16__an image are saved as a series of digital bits in electronic memory,_17 being permanently etched onto film, they can be erased, retouched, and transmitted_ 18 。
  What's it like to_19with one of these digital cameras? It's a little like a first date?exciting, confusing and fraught with_20 。
  1. A.rather than B. more than C. much less D. so as to
  2. A. on B with C.to D. by
  3. A. attachments B. auxiliaries C. attributes D. counterparts
  4. A. reexplaining B. rearranging C. reexposing D. redefining
  5. A. though B. if C. as D. unless
  6. A rate B. pace C. step D. speed
  7. A.environment B. civilization C. community D. culture

  8. A files B. documents C.programs D.softwarws
  9. A. appealing B. facilitating C.enlightening D. encouraging
  10. A converted B. developed C. exposed D. evolved
  11. A. unforgiving B. unperceiving
  C. unconsidering D. unsympathizing
  12. A. aimed B. targeted C. focused D. pointed
  13. A. regulations B. rules C. disciplines D. principles
  14. A gripped B. seized C. grasped D. captured
  15. A. demonstrator B. exhibitor C. monitor D. transmitter
  16. A. constitute B. illumine C. penetrate D. dissolve
  17. A. in case B. rather than C. as well as D. as though
  18. A. on digit B. on cable C. as well as D. as though
  19. A. fire B. maneuver C. operate D. shoot
  20. A. chances B. probabilities C. opportunities D. possibilities
  Ⅳ. Read the following four passages and answer the questions after each passage. (20%, 2 points for each question)
  Passage One
  Intelligence tests have been involved in the promotion of eugenics, the idea that you could control the human race by selective breeding. Francis Galtonone of the pioneers of intelligence tests-was also a founding member of the Eugenics Society in the UK. The belief that intelligence is biologically determined in the make-up of the brain, and therefore to some extent genetically determined, is widely accepted. But a number of researchers over the years have used this idea to advocate social change. Using intelligence as one of their factors, Hernstein and Murray’s controversial book, The Bell Curve(19
  94) argued that differences in IQ scored between racial groups reflect innate biological differences。
  The Bell Curve is a graph that plots the range of IQ scores of an average population. However, it can be interpreted in many ways, and when the intelligence of the whole human race is in question, the stakes are high. Critics argue that the way intelligence is measured contains a high level of random variation and therefore it’s impossible to generalize it all into one graph. However, belief in the Bell Curve and in the genetic, rather than social, basis for intelligence has unfortunately led to the propagation of many racist ideas. Evidence to suggest social factors are important in ‘ intelligence’ is strong. The US military tested recruits to assign rank and found that black applicants scored lower than whites. However, analysis of the recruits were found to be due to educational differences; black recruits scored very low until the 1950s, when an increase in score corresponded to improved ed



   英语专业考研科目的一点经验 1.什么是英语专业考研? 英语专业考研和普通考研英语是截然不同的。 考研英语是针对那些报考非英语专业的考生所进行的英语水平测试, 是教育部统一出题, 主 要考查大学英语的基本知识,包括完型、阅读、新题型、翻译、写作等五部分,卷面分值为 100,与政治(分值为 100)和其他两门专业课(分值分别为 150 分)共同构成了研究生入学考试 的四大科目。 而英语专业考研是针对报考英语专业研究生的考生而进行的,考核科目为:政治、基础英语 (分值 150 分)、综合英语或专业 ...


   与其他不少考研热门专业一样, 英语专业研究生招生的研究方向设置非常细, 不同学校的方 向设置类别不一,名称也各异。 比如上海外国语大学英语语言文学专业下设有语言方向、文学方向、教学法方向、翻译 学方向、口译学方向、英语国家文化方向、跨文化交际方向7个方向。而同样是外语类专业 院校,北京外国语大学该专业设置的研究方向明显不同,广东外语外贸大学该专业设置的8 个研究方向更与前两所学校无一相同。 在这种情况下,不少备考英语专业的同学对“如何选择研究方向”这样的问题一头雾水, 也就不足为怪了。 就英 ...


   与其他不少考研热门专业一样,英语专业考研方向设置非常细,不同学校的方向设置 类别不一,名称也各异。 比如上海外国语大学英语语言文学专业下设有语言方向、文学方向、教学法方向、翻 译学方向、口译学方向、英语国家文化方向、跨文化交际方向 7 个方向。而同样是外语类专 业院校, 北京外国语大学该专业设置的研究方向明显不同, 广东外语外贸大学该专业设置的 8 个研究方向更与前两所学校无一相同。 在这种情况下,不少备考英语专业的同学对“如何选择研究方向”这样的问题一头雾水, 也就不足为怪了。所以,跨考网 ...


   英语专业有以下几个比较主要的大方向,其它一些小方向都是挂在这些大方向之下的。 1。英语语言学方向,主要是研究语言的结构、性质等,一般会细分为语义学、语用学、社会语言学等,分别具体是什么内容,这里无法细说 ,不妨到百度搜一下。这个方向比较适宜继续深造考博,因为这是英语专业的核心内容,学好它,考博时再想换专业就容易,也容易出成果。但是一开始会觉得难些,后来路子越走越顺的。 2。文学方向。包括你提到的文学与文学批评, 英国文学,美国文学细分。主要是作品分析,很需要文论知识,也就是要懂些哲学知识,一般 ...


   关于英语专业研究生的准备 昨天有个学弟问我关于考研的一些事, 考虑到可能还有很多其他英语专业的学弟和学妹们现 在正为这个事烦恼, 我就在这里笼而统之地说一下关于我们英语专业考研的事, 希望对大家 有所帮助. 1. 关于学校的选择 究竟考哪个学校?固然要考虑这个学校本身的实力,也要考虑自己的水平.不要凭空去感觉自 己适合哪一个学校.去做一些这些学校的真题.中国石化出版社出了一本<基础英语真题解析>, 里面有不少学校的试题,可以让你们试试深浅. 另一方面也要对各个学校的出题方向有所比 ...


   英语专业考研建议 英语专业考研建议 翻译研究、翻译学 开设学校:北京外国语大学、广东外语外贸大学、上海外国语大学等。 研究内容:主要研究中西翻译理论,翻译史,口、笔译技巧,对名家 名著的翻译作品进行赏析,并从中、外文化的不同角度进行对比研究。 该课程是英语语言学与文学专业硕士研究生的主干课程之一,由翻译 理论和实践两部分组成。翻译理论主要包括翻译过程中对原文旨意、 风格的分析与理解,翻译的功能,以语义翻译和交际翻译为主的各种 翻译方法,翻译与文化的关系,翻译的标准等。翻译理论课的教学目 的是 ...


   Introduction: 言之有物(自己加学术加娱乐要素) 突出个性 第一印象很重要:instead of, rather than, unlike… Reading:在一个房间阅读,在另一个房间问问题,考察短时记忆能力,加工数据能力,反应 能力。 conversation:针对专业知识和个人情况 变被动为主动 细分得分要素 如何准备:提早准备 个性定制 Retelling,visual translation, listening translation. Why university, ...


   应用文(包括信签、便签、备忘录等)写作是全国硕士研究生入学考试从 2005 年新增加的 考试形式, 旨在考察考生准确和恰当运用英语语言的能力, 符合中国英语语言教学的发展趋 势和时代要求。 根据考试大纲的要赤诚,考生的作文必须很好地完成试题规定的任务。包括所有的要点;使 用丰富的语法结构和词汇;语言自然流畅,语法错误较少;有效地采用了多种衔接的手法, 文字连贯,层次清晰;格式与语域恰当贴切。对目标读者完全产生预期的效果。 (指在书面 和口头表达中根据不同的交际对象,所采用的话语方式,即正式、 ...


   全新英语听力测试题 Unit 1 听力原文与参考答案 Section A 1. M: Here is a ten-dollar bill. Give me three tickets for tomorrow’s show. W: Sure. Here’s one dollar and three tickets. Q: How much does each ticket cost? (C) 2. M: Mary, you went over your minutes again! W: I ...


   商务英语专业试题库( 商务英语专业试题库(三) Part 1 Listening (25points) Section A Directions 1. A.In a butcher shop. B.In a department store. C.In a bakery. D.In a restaurant. 2. A.No taxi driver work when it rains. B.Taxi driver are on a strike. C.It is raining. D.Th ...



   句趣味英语 教会你什么是地道英文 50 句趣味英语成语教会你什么是地道英文 1. A cat may look at a king. 【字面意思】猫也可以看国王。 【解 释】无名小卒也可以评论大人物。人皆可以为尧舜。不要因为别人的资格不够老,或经验不如你多,就不让他发 表意见。 2. A penny saved is a penny earned. 【字面意思】节省一个便士就等于挣了一个便士。 【解 释】 钱是明智的做法。 省 省一分就是赚一分。 不要因为钱的数目不大就不把它当一回事, 瞧不 ...


   英语同义词大全 A complete collection of English synonyms 英语常用同义词辨析 A abandon, desert, forsake, leave, give up 这些动词或词组均含“抛弃、放弃”之意 abandon〓强调永远或完全放弃或抛弃人或事物等,这可能是被迫的,也可能是自愿的。 desert〓着重指违背法律责任和义务,或自己的信仰与誓言的行为,多含非难的意味。 forsake〓侧重断绝感情上的依恋,自愿抛弃所喜欢的人或物。也指抛弃信仰或改掉恶 ...


   大学英语( 大学英语(B)模拟试题答案与讲解 Test 1 第一部分:交际用语(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 1-5 BACBB 6-10 ADADB 1. 【答案】B。 【解析】 对 How are you…?的回答, 一般都用 I’m fine, thank you.而回答 How do you do…?一般用 How do you do…,这是第一次见面时的用法。 2. 【答案】A。 【解析】回答别人的致谢,英语常用 my pleasure 或 you are we ...


   九年级英语单词默写 Unit 1 抽认卡 词汇 出声地,大声地 发音 详细的,精确的 记忆,背诵 语法 不同的 使沮丧,使失望 令人沮丧的 快地 增加 激动的,兴奋的 根本不,全然不 结束,告终 发音 口语的,口头的 慢地,慢慢地 错误,过失 犯错,出错 逗号 挑战 解决,解答 以后,后来 认识到,了解到 重要,要紧,有关系 没关系 怕的,害怕的 害怕去做 嘲笑 完整的,完全的 句子 秘密 学习者 做笔记 学期 使…感动, 给…深刻印象 困难,苦恼,忧虑 快地,迅速地 (在词典或参考书中)查 ...


   第一册 一, Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西金. 4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得史密斯吗? 5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是./ 不,我不是. 6. How are you? 你好吗? 7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,谢谢, ...