101 句李阳疯狂英语口语
  1.Saying is easy.Doing is difficult. 说起来容易,做起来难。
  2.Seeing is believing. 眼见为实。
  3.Teaching is learning. 教学相长。
  4.driving is exciting. 开车真是刺激。
  5.Lying is a bad habit. 说谎是一个坏习惯。
  6.Getting daily exercise is important. 每天锻炼很重要。
  7.Listening to his speech is boring. 听他的演讲很无聊。
  8.Parking is prohibited here. 此地禁止停车。
  9.Raising children is a big responsibility. 养育孩子是一项重大责任。
  10.Walking is the rain is romantic. 雨中漫步很浪漫。
  11.Climbing the mountain in winter is dangerous. 冬季登这座山很危险。
  12.Driving to Shenzhen will take us 2 hours. 冬季开车去深圳要 2 小时。
  13.Asking a woman's age is impolite in my country. 在我们国家,问女士的年龄是不礼貌的。
  14.Riding with a drunken driver is a risk. 乘坐一个喝醉酒的司机的车是一种冒险。
  15.Speaking in public is a challenge to a lot of people. 对许多人来说,公众演讲是一大挑战。
  16.Finding your office isn't easy. 你们办公室真是难找。
  17.Hearing the other side of the story would be interesting. 听听这个故事的另一面可能会很有意思。
  18.Reading newspapers in the morning has become a routine for me. 早晨读报已经成为我每天必做的一件事。
  19.Owning a car is becoming more and more common in China.
  20.Losing someone you love is a painful experience. 失去你深爱的人是非常痛苦的遭遇。
  21.Meeting new people makes me nervous. 与陌生人见面使我很紧张。
  22.Working hard will produce good results. 努力工作将产生好结果。
  23.Making money is everybody's dream. 赚钱是每个人的梦想。
  24.Complaining doesn't solve problems. 抱怨解决不了问题。
  25.Falling in love is easy.Staying in love is hard. 一见钟情很容易,长相厮守很难。
  26.Eating to live is more meaningful than living to eat. 为了活而吃比为了吃而活更有意义。
  27.Shouting English is very helpful conquering your shyness. 大喊英语对克服你的羞怯心理很有帮助。
  28.Arguing with you all the time makes me tired. 老是跟你争吵使我厌烦。
  29.Eating too much can make you fat. 吃得过多会使你发胖。
  30.Smoking causes a lot of health problems. 吸烟会导致多种健康问题。
  31.Having a cold isn't much fun. 患感冒可不是什么好玩的。
  32.Getting married costs a lot.Getting divorced costs much more. 结婚很贵,离婚更贵。
  33.Understanding each other is essential for a good relationship. 相互理解是维持良好关系的关键所在。
  34.Spending money is easier than making money. 花钱比赚钱容易。
  35.Learning English needs persistence. 学英语要持之以恒。
  36.You are great! 你真棒!
  37.You are crazy.
  38.You are hopeless! 你没救了!
  39.You are out of your mind! 你脑子有病!
  40.You are too much! 你太过分了!
  41.You're impossible! 你没救了。
  42.You are disgusting. 你真恶心!
  43.You are such a nuisance. 你真讨厌!
  44.You are the worst. 你是最差劲的。
  45.You are abnormal. 你变态!
  46.You are so frustrating. 你真让我感到泄气。
  47.You are so foolish. 你太傻了。
  48.You are beyond hope. 你没希望了。
  49.You are nothing/nobody. 你狗屁都不是!
  50.You are useless/worthless. 你真没用。
  51.You are good for nothing. 你真没用!/你真是饭筒!
  52.You are such a jerk. 你这个混蛋!
  53.You are daydreaming. 你做白日梦!
  54.You are a pain in the ass. 你是个讨厌鬼!
  55.Hey!You are a big help. 嘿!你阵是帮了个大忙。 [千万注意,这 是反语!]
  56.You are a loser! 你输定了!
  57.You are the stupidest guy I have ever met! 你是我见过的最愚蠢的家伙!

  58.You are too careless! 你太不小心了!
  59.You are getting on my nerves! 你真让我烦!
  60.You are so selfish. 你真自私。
  61.You are so annoying. 你真烦人。
  62.You are to blame. 都是你的错。
  63.You are going to make it. 你准行!
  64.You are going to win. 你会赢的!
  65.You are my only hope. 你是我的希望。
  66.You are almost there.Keep trying.stick to it. 你马上就要成功了,坚持,坚持下去!
  67.You are the best. 你真是顶呱呱![这是母亲对儿子、女孩 对男友常说的话。]
  68.You are fantastic. 你太棒了!
  69.You are special. 你真特别![其实,一个 SPECIAL 就是最 高的赞赏。]
  70.You are amazing. 你真了不起!
  71.You are incredible.=You are so great. 你真难以置信。
  72.You are one in a million. 你是万中挑一。
  73.You are so clever. 你真聪明!
  74.You are perfect! 你太好了!
  75.You are a genius. 你真是个天才!
  76.You are a nice guy. 你是个不错的小伙子。
  77.You are really something. 你真了不起!
  78.You are a lucky dog! 你真幸运!
  79.You are everything to me.
  80.You are so sweet. 你可爱!
  81.You are my angel. 你是我的小天使!
  82.You are so kind. 你真好!
  83.You are so considerate! 你真体贴!
  84.You are the one for me. 你是我的梦中情人。
  85.You are the prettiest girl in the world 你是世界上最漂亮的姑娘。
  86.You are mind.I'm yours. 你属于我,我属于你。
  87.You are breaking my heart. 你让我心碎。
  88.You are sexy. 你真性感!
  89.You are so hot. 你真撩人!
  90.You are turning me on. 你真让我动心!
  91.You are kidding. 你开玩笑!
  92.You are making fun of me. 你在开我玩笑!
  93.You're a liar. 你骗人!
  94.You are a snake. 你真阴险!
  95.You are unbelievable.=You are a good kisser or lover. 你真令人难以置信。
  96.You are always wrong. 你总是犯错误。
  97.You are always in trouble. 你总是惹麻烦。
  98.You are a mess. 你搞得一团糟。
  99.You are shame to our family. 你是我家的耻辱。 1
  00.You are an embarrassment.=Your behavior is unacceptable.
你真丢脸。 1
  01.You are a disgrace. 你真是可耻。



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