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2011 年春季期中考试六年级英语试题
浠水县英才学校2011 年春季期中考试六年级
英 语

命题人:李慧惠 时间:60 分钟 满分: 100 分
一.单项选择( 15 ) 单项选择 ( )
  1. How are you, Mike? You look so. It's raining outside. I can't play football. A. happy ( B. excited C. sad

  2.Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him. How tall is Ted? A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm

  3.What's the matter? My leg . A. hurts B. sore C. is hurts

  4.did you go on your holiday? Shanghai. A. What B. Where C. How

  5.Did you pictures yesterday? A. take B. took C. taking
  6. A pencil is
  15. A. cm B. m C. mm
  7. You are 35 A. g B. tons. C. kg
  8. You’re taller than . A. you B.I C. me
  9. How are your feet? I wear size
  19. A. big B. long C. heavy

  10.Mike often TV in the evening. A. watch B. watches C. watched
  11. What did you do yesterday?
2011 年春季期中考试六年级英语试题
I my room.. A. visited ( B. clean C. wash
  12. My pencil is 10cm. It’s 5 cm than yours. A. stronger B. longer C. long
  13. He is 12 years. A. tall B. old C. long
  14. Amy feels sick, she must take some. A. bread B. sports C. medicine
  15. Did you the full moon last night? A. see B. sees C. saw
二、英汉互译。(15 分) 英汉互译。 (
  1)have a headache (
  3)play football (
  5)funnier (
  7)牙疼 (
  9)更大的 (
  11)高兴的 (
  13)have the flu (
  15)go hiking 三、按括号内要求写出下列单词的适当形式。 (10 分) 按括号内要求写出下列单词的适当形式。 (
  1)watch(过去式) (
  4)swim(过去式) (
  7)thin(比较级) (
  2)go(过去式) (
  5)do(过去式) (
  3)see(过去式) (
  6)teach(第三人称单数形式) (
  2)laugh at (
  4)listen to music (
  6)感冒 (
  8)更强壮的 (
  10)喉咙疼 (
  12)打扫房间 (
  14)take some medicine
  10)do(第三人称单数形式) 四、用所给词的适当形式填空 (10 分)
  1.A sperm whale is than a killer whale.( long)
  2. The rabbit’s tail is than the monkey’s.( short)
  3. What you do last weekend ? (do)
  4. I to a park yesterday. (go)
  5. How big are your? (foot)
2011 年春季期中考试六年级英语试题
  10) 句子排序
  1. you go where did yesterday
  2. matter with you what’s the
  3. do you what weekend did last
  4. you am than I taller
  5. Amy how feel does
? 六.根据问句,选择正确的答句。(
  10) 根据问句,选择正确的答句。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. How are you feeing now? )
  2. What’s your new English teacher like? )
  3. Does your father go to work by bus every day? )
  4. What did you do last Sunday? )
  5. What’s your friend’s hobby? )
  6. Where does your sister work? )
  7. When are you going to the bookstore? )
  8. Is there a science museum near here? )
  9. How do people go to Beijing? )
  10. How tall is your brother? A. He is 130cm tall. B. She is young and strong. C. Very well. D. By plane. E. No, there isn’t. F. He likes collecting stamps. G. No, he doesn’t. H. I went swimming. I. She works in a bank. J. At three o’ clock on Saturday afternoon.
  20) 阅读理解 This is Billy and his sister’s bedroom.. It’s not very big. but it is very clean. There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between the beds. There are some books on the desk. Some are English books. Some are Chinese books. There is a phone on the desk, too. There are two chairs beside the desk. One is for Billy, and the other is for his sister. There is a map(地图) of America on the wall. There is a map of the world on the wall, too. Billy and his sister like their bedroom very much.
  1. 根据短文,判断句子正误,正确的 根据短文,判断句子正误 正确的 正确的"T",错误的 错误的”F”. 错误的 ( )
  1. The bedroom is big, and it’s clean.
2011 年春季期中考试六年级英语试题
( ( ( (
  2. There are two desks in the bedroom. )
  3. There are some Chinese books on the desk. )
  4. There are two maps on the wall. )
  5. The chairs are for Billy and his brother.

  2. 根据短文,回答问题 根据短文, ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Whose bedroom is it? )
  2. What’s on the desk? )
  3. Where are the chairs? A. Billy’s . A. Some apples. A. Beside the desk. A. One. B. Billy and his sister’s. B. Some books and a phone. B. Behind the desk. B. Two. B. No, they don’t.
  4. How many maps are there on the wall? )
  5. Do they like their bedroom?
A. Yes, they do.

  10) 八.读句子,从方框内找出正确的词或短语并将序号填写在横线上。 ) 读句子,从方框内找出正确的词或短语并将序号填写在横线上。 (
A. swimming F. policeman
B. football G. singer
C. hospital H. homework
D. grandparents I. piano
E. morning exercise J. hurt
John is student. His mother is a(歌手)and his father is a (警察). He loves his family very much . He often does(作业)at home and does (早操)in the morning. He likes(游泳)and playing(足球). but he(受伤) his leg and he went to(医院)to see the doctor. He wants to visit(外祖父母) and play the(钢琴)for them.



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