摸底:Unit 8

  41. For many patients, institutional care is the most and beneficial form of care.
A) pertinent
B) appropriate
C) acute
D) persistent

  42. Among all the changes resulting from the entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important.
A) massive
B) quantitative
C) surplus
D) formidable
注:massive 大量的

  43. Mr. Smith became very when it was suggested that he had made a mistake.
A) ingenious
B) empirical
C) objective
D) indignant
注:indignant 愤怒的

  44. Rumours are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ones.
A) turbulent
B) tragic
C) vulnerable
D) suspicious

  45. The cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientists and philosophers alike.
A) incompatible
B) exceeding
C) instantaneous
D) eternal
注:eternal 永恒的,永远的(六级最爱)

  46. She remains confident and untroubled by our present problems.
A) indefinitely
B) infinitely
C) optimistically
D) seemingly
注:infinitely 非常地,无限地,极大地

  47. Fiber-optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations .
A) simultaneously
B) spontaneously
C) homogeneously
D) contemporarily

  48. The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the .
A) vain
B) vicinity
C) court
D) jail
注:vicinity 附近,邻近

  49. Whether you live to eat or eat to live, food is a major in every family's budget.
A) nutrition
B) expenditure
C) routine
D) provision
  1. expenditure 花费

  2. budget 预算(六级最爱)

  50. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.
A) configuration
B) constitution
C) condemnation
D) contamination

  51. There is much I enjoy about the changing seasons, but my favorite time is the from fall to winter.
A) transmission
B) transformation
C) transition
D) transfer
  1. transmission 广播电视节目的传送;疾病的传播;文化的传递

  2. transformation 变革

  3. transition 季节的过度,时间的更替,社会制度的转型

  4. transfer 转学,调任工作

  52. I think we need to see an investment before we make an expensive mistake.
A) guide
B) entrepreneur
C) consultant
D) assessor
注:consultant 顾问

  53. The on this apartment expires in a year's time.
A) treaty
B) lease
C) engagement
D) subsidy
注:lease 租约

  54. The elderly Russians find it hard to live on their state .
A) pensions
B) earnings
C) salaries
D) donations
注:pensions 养老金

  55. There is supposed to be a safety which makes it impossible for trains to collide.
A) appliance
B) accessory
C) machine
D) mechanism

  56. After four years in the same job his enthusiasm finally .
A) deteriorated
B) dispersed
C) dissipated
D) drained
  1. drain (强调结果)耗尽

  2. disperse (强调过程)

  3. dissipate (强调过程)

  57. No one can function properly if they are of adequate sleep.
A) deprived
B) ripped
C) stripped
D) contrived
注:deprive of 剥夺(六级最爱)

  58. For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly by a dictator.
A) depressed
B) immersed
C) oppressed
D) cursed
  1. oppress 压制

  2. curse 诅咒

  59. Ever since the rise of industrialism, education has been towards producing workers.
A) harnessed
B) hatched
C) motivated
D) geared
注:gear 调整以适应

  60. The prospect of increased prices has already worries.
A) provoked
B) irritated
C) inspired
D) hoisted
注:provoke 引起,引发

  61. The suspect that he had not been in the neighbourhood at the time of the crime.
A) advocated
B) alleged
C) addressed
D) announced

  62. Although the colonists to some extent with the native Americans , the Indians' influence on American culture and language was not extensive.
A) migrated
B) matched
C) mingled
D) melted
注:mingle 混合(六级最爱)

  63. E-mail is a convenient, highly democratic informal medium for conveying messages that well to human needs.
A) adheres
B) reflects
C) conforms
D) satisfies
注:conform to 表符合

  64. The wings of the bird still after it had been shot down.
A) slapped
B) scratched
C) flapped
D) fluctuated
  1. flap 拍动

  2. slap 掴耳光

  3. scratch 用爪子抓、刮、挠;scratch your head 思考;scowl 皱眉头

  4. fluctuate 波动

  65. The disagreement over trade restrictions could seriously relations between the two countries.
A) tumble
B) jeopardize
C) manipulate
D) intimidate
注:jeopardize 危险

  66. When you put up wallpaper, should you the edges or put them next to each other?
A) coincide
B) extend
C) overlap
D) collide 碰撞 运动撞运动
  1. overlap 重叠

  2. coincide 一致;coincident 一致的

  3. frugal 节俭的

  4. collide 运动物体撞运动物体,撞击

  67. Under the present system, state enterprises must all profits to the government.
A) turn down
B) turn up
C) turn out
D) turn in
注:turn in 上交

  68. Oil companies in the U.S. are already beginning to feel the pressure. Refinery workers and petroleum-equipment-manufacturing employees are being .
A) laid out
B) laid off
C) laid down
D) laid aside
  1. lay off 裁员

  2. lay out 布置

  3. lay down 制定政策;放下,放弃

  4. lay aside 放到一边,搁置;积蓄

  69. We'll you for any damage done to your house while we are in it.
A) compensate
B) remedy
C) supplement
D) retrieve
注:compensate 补偿,弥补(六级最爱)

  70. She cut her hair short and tried to herself as a man.
A) decorate
B) disguise
C) fabricate
D) fake
注:disguise 伪装
disgusting 令人恶心的

  1. trivial 琐碎的,不重要的
tricycle 三轮车
triangle 三角形

  2. vigor 精力,活力

  3. naive 天真的

  4. quaint 古怪的;acquaint with 对什么熟悉

  5. Long time no see. 好久不见。

  6. I will shanghai you. 我要伤害欺骗你。

  7. ponderous 笨重的

  8. liberty 自由

  9. blush 脸红

  10. amorous 好色的,情爱的;amorous letter 情书
-clude = close v.
-clusive adj.
-clusion n.
include 包括 inclusive adj. inclusion n.
exclude 把……排除在外
conclude 得出结论
preclude 防止,杜绝

delicate 【林黛玉的N个特征】脆弱的,娇弱的;(颜色)淡淡的,(味道)淡淡的;细腻的皮肤;精致的;纤细的;精细的(尤指眼科手术)

shear 剪
sheer 完全的
complement 补充
compliment 赞扬
isolate 使孤立,使隔离

bewilder, confuse, puzzle 令人迷惑的,令人困惑的


  1. clash 撞击;冲突

  2. crash 坠毁

  3. smash 击碎,打碎

  4. ash 废墟

  5. abash 羞愧

  6. cash 现金
avarice 贪婪
gaze 凝视
gazelle 瞪羚
[Unit 1-41]
As a actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments.
A) flexible
B) versatile
C) sophisticated
D) productive
  1. versatile 多才多艺的
verse 诗歌
universe 宇宙
reverse 颠倒,反转
conversation 对话
controversy 相矛盾,有争论

  2. flexible 弹性的,灵活的
elastic 弹性的(指皮筋)
elegant 优雅的

  3. sophisticated 复杂的,老于世故的
naive 天真的
innocent 天真的,无辜的
freshman 大一,新生
sophomore 大二;moron 低能儿,白痴
junior 大三
senior 大四

  4. reproduce 复制,生殖
duplicate 复制
break off 断裂(部分从整体上拿下)
There are not many teachers who are strong of traditional methods in English teaching.
A) sponsors
B) contributors
C) advocates
D) performers
  1. advocate 支持者,拥护者

  2. sponsor 发起人,赞助商

  3. contributor 捐献者,贡献者
attribute 归因于
retribution 回报
distribute 分发 = give out

  4. performer 演员
form 形式
transform 改变
reform 改革
conform 符合(与need和standard搭配);遵守法律,法规conform to
adhere to 粘着;遵守
adage 名言,格言
comply with 遵守,符合
We managed to reach the top of the mountain, and half an hour later we began to .
A) ascend
B) descend
C) decline
D) plunge
  1. decline 抽象的数字的下降;婉言谢绝

  2. ascend (轻的,薄的物体的)上升;声音从远处传来;攀登

  3. descend 下来,下降;
descendant 后代
precusor 祖先

  4. plunge 跳进,投入
lung 肺
peep 偷窥
titan 巨人
plight 困境
pray 祈祷
an array of 大量
Competition, they believe, the national character rather than corrupt it.
A) enforces
B) confirms
C) intensifies
D) strengthens
  1. rather than 而不是,前后互为反义词

  2. corrupt 腐败;削弱
bankrupt 破产

  3. enforce 实施,执行

  4. confirm 确认

  5. intensify 加剧;intense 强烈的;intensive 集中的,强化的,仔细的,深入的

  6. strengthen 加强;strong 强壮的
The accident him of his sight and the use of his legs.
A) excluded
B) disabled
C) deprived
D) gripped
  1. deprive of 剥夺(六级最爱)

  2. exclude 排除
exclusive 排他的,独占的,专属的

  3. disable 使残疾

  4. grip 紧抓,紧握
gripping 扣人心弦的
loom 若隐若现
bloom 开花
blear 模糊
gloom 郁闷;阴沉,昏暗
morose 郁闷的
amble 散步 (nasty 肮脏的;stink 发出臭味)
gamble 赌博
litter 垃圾
glitter 闪光
roan 杂毛
groan 呻吟
rope 绳子
grope 摸索
On weekends my grandma usually a glass of wine.
A) subscribes to
B) engages in
C) hangs on
D) indulges in
  1. indulge in 纵情于,沉迷于;enjoy sth.喜欢
dull 枯燥的;郁闷的;钝的

  2. prescribe 开药方
describe 描述,描写
conscribe 征兵
circumscribe 限制
ascribe 归因于,归咎于 =attribute to
subscribe 订阅
名词形式均为 -scription

  3. engage in 忙于做某事;
engagement 约定
compact 紧凑的;简洁的
disperse v. 分散

  4. hangs on 紧抓,紧握
The people living in these apartments have free to that swimming pool.
A) access
B) excess
C) excursion
D) recreation
  1. have access to

  2. excursion 远征,探险
precursor 祖先

  3. access 接近
inaccessible 不可接近的,难以到达的
excess 过剩的,过度的
concess 妥协,让步
process 加工;前进
prodigy 奇迹
procession 队列

  4. recreation 娱乐
entertainment 娱乐
retain 保留
detain 拘留


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