非谓语动词: 非谓语动词: (19
  21.?I must apologize for ahead of time. ?That's all right. A.letting you not know C.letting you know not B.not letting you know D.letting not you know
  22.Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; ride C.ride; to ride B.riding; ride D.to ride; riding
  25.The missing boys were last seen near the river. A.playing C.play B.to be playing D.to play
  32.The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, _ that he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added C.adding B.to add D.added
  34.The first textbooks for teaching English as a foreign languag e came out in the 16th century. A.having written C.being written B.to be written D.written
  11.Paul doesn't have to be made .He always works hard. A.learn B.to learn C.learned D.learning
  19.We agreed here but so far she hasn't turned up yet. A.having met B.meeting
C.to meet
D.to have met
  26.?You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. ?Well, now I regret that. A.to do C.to have done B.to be doing D.having done
  18. The patient was warned oily food after the operation. A. to eat not C. not to eat B. eating not D. not eating
  23.Cleaning women in big cities usually getby the hour. A.pay B.paying C.paid D.to pay
  25. When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door____ ____ _ "Sorry to miss you;will call later." ; A.read B.reads C. to read D. reading
  22.A cook will be immediately fired if he is found . en. A.smoke . B.smoking . C.to smoke .
in the kitch
D.smoked .
  28、 Sarah, hurry up. I'm afraid you can’t have time to before t 、 he party. A. get changed B. get change C. get changing D. get to change (2004 北京 春)
  32. He looked around and caught a man his hand int 北京/春 o the pocket of a passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting
(2004 江苏 江苏)
  25. The man insisted a taxi for me even though I told hi m I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding
(2004 辽宁 . 辽宁)
  30. by the beauty of nature , the girl from London decided t o spend another two days on the farm . A.Attracting B.Attracted C.To be attracted D.Having attracted . . . .
  34. (2005 北京春 s for advice. A. To face C. Faced
with a difficult situation, Arnold decided to ask his bos
B. Having faced D. Facing
(2005 北京 北京)
  28. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview. the an swers ready will be of great help. A. To have had C. Have B. Having had D. Having
(2005 北京 北京)
  30. When asked by the police, he said that he remembered _ at the party, but not . A. to arrive; leaving C. arriving; leaving B. to arrive; to leave D. arriving; to leave
(2005 北京)
  32. The prize of the game show is $30,000 and an all expenses 北京 vacation to China. A. paying C. to be paid B. paid D. being paid
(2005 北京 北京)
  34. I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise . A. going on C. went on B. goes on D. to go on
(2005 全国二 . 全国二)
  20. “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted, away. A.run B.running C.to run D.ran . . . . (2005 福建 .?Can the project be finished as planned? 福建)
  29. ?Sure, it completed in time, we’ll work two more hours a day.
A.having got B.to get C.getting D.get . . . . (2005 福建 . 福建)
  33. When ou.” help, one often says “Thank you.” or “It’s kind of y
A.offering B.to offer C.to be offered D.offered . . . . (2005 湖北 .The repairs cost a lot ,but it’s money well 湖北)
  21. A.to spend B.spent C.being spent D.spending . . . . (2005 湖北 . 湖北)
  26. from other continents for millions of years ,Australia ha s many plants and animals not found in any other country in the world. A. Being separated B . Having separated C . Having been separated . D.To be separated . (2005 湖南 湖南)
  22. ctor. A. Dressed in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a do .
B. To dress
C. Dressing
D. Having dressed
(2005 湖南 湖南)
  34. I send you 100 dollars today, the rest __ in a year. A. follows B. followed C. to follow D. being followed
(2005 江苏 江苏)
  27. in the mountains for a week, the two students were fi nally saved by the local police A. Having lost B. Lost C. Being lost D. Losing
(2005 全国一 .The storm left , 全国一)
a lot of damage to this area .
A.caused B.to have caused C.to cause D.having caused . . . . (2005 山东 山东)
  27. Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the yea r, a record US $
a barrel on April
  4. A. have reached B. reaching C. to reach D. to be reaching (2005 天津 天津)
  12. I don't want like I' m speaking ill of anybody, but th e manager' s plan is unfair. A. to sound B. to be sounded C. sounding D. to have sounded
(2005 浙江 The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hou 浙江)
  3. r without his notes. A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on
(2005 浙江 more about university courses, call (9
  20) 746-37
  89. 浙江)
  8. A. To find out B. Finding out C. Find out D. Having found out
(2005 重庆 重庆)
  26. Daddy didn’t mind what we were doing, as long as we were tog ether, fun. A. had B. have C. to have D. having
(2006 浙江 When different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differen 浙江)
  5. ces without noticing the many similarities. A. compared B. being compared C. comparing D. having compared (2006 浙江 浙江)
  18. It remains whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals. A. seen B. to be seen C. seeing D. to see (2006 全国一 全国一)
  32. A.Surprising B.Being surprised and happy, Tony stood up and accepled and prize. B.Surprised D.To be surprising
(2006 福建 福建)
  33.for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in lo w spirits. A.Blamin C.To blame B.Blamed D.To be blamed
(2006 湖北 湖北)
  33.AIDS is said at area over the past few years. A.that it is B.to be
the biggest heelth challenge to both men and women in th
C.that is has been
D.to have been
(2006 湖北 湖北)
  34.Don’t sit there A.do B.to do
nothing. Come and help me with this table. C.doing D.and doing
(2006 江苏 江苏)
  30. Whenever he was asked why he was late for class, he would answer carele ssly, always the same thing. A. saying B. said C. to say D. having said (2006 江苏 江苏)
  32. There is a story here in the paper about a 110-year-old man. My goodness! I can’t imagine that old. A. to be B. to have been C. being D. having been (2006 陕西 陕西)
  13.It is difficult to imagine histhe decision without any consideratio n. A.accept C.to accept B.accepting D.accepted
(2006 陕西 陕西)
  18. He hurried to the booking office onlythat all the tickets had bee n sold out. A.to tell C.telling B.to be told D.told
(2006 天津 A good story does not necessarily have to have a happy ending, but the rea 天津)
  7. der must not be left A. unsatisfied C. to be unsatisfying B. unsatisfying D. being unsatisfied
(2006 四川 四川)
  33. with so much trouble,we failed to complete the task on time. A. Faced B.Face C.Facing D.To face
(2006 安徽 .My cousin came to see me from the country, 安徽)
  21. h fruits. . A.brought . C.to bring . B.bringing . D.had brought .
me a full basket of fres
(2006 安徽 . 安徽)
  28. Tom sounds very much anage it. . A.interested . C.interestingly . B.interesting . D.interestedly .
in the job, but I’m not sure whether he can m
(2006 安徽 . Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was n 安徽)
  35. Mr. ot the one . A.blamed . B.blaming . C.to blame . D.to be blamed .
北京) (2007 北京)
  28.Excuse me sir,where is Room 301? Just a minute.I’ll have Bob you to your room. A.show B.shows C. to show D. showing
福建) (2007 福建)
  24.Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to have her writte n English in a short period. A.improved B.improving C.to improve D.improve 福建) (2007 福建)
  26.?Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. ?Sorry. With so much work my mind, I almost break down.
A.filled B.filling C.to fill D.being filled (2007 湖南)
  29. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not , and aske d myself what I was going to do. A. moved B moving C. to move D. being moved
(2007 湖南)
  34. “Things never come again!” I couldn’t help talking to mysel f. A. lost B. losing C. to lose D. have lost
江苏) (2007 江苏)
  28. Can I smoke here? Sorry. We don’t allow here. A. people smoking B. people smoke C. to smoke D. smoking 江苏) (2007 江苏)
  30. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make the m in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. to interest 江西) (2007 江西)
  24.When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there for a space f light. A.training B.being trained C.to have trained D.to be trained
  29. (2007 辽宁) The crowd cheered wildly as the sight of Liu Xiang. who was reported _ . the world record in the 110-metre hurdle race. A. breaking B. having broken C. to have broken D. to break 辽宁) (2007 辽宁)
  34. You can’t imagine what difficulty we had home in the snowstorm.
A. walked B. walk C. to walk D. walking 山东) . (2007 山东)
  26.Please remain until the plane has come to a complete stop. A.to seal B.to be seated . . C.seating D.seated . . 山东) . (2007 山东)
  33.The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the mos t recent at the end of last March. A.has been launched B.having been launched . . C.being launched D.to be launched . .
  15. (2007 陕西) that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than her.(B)
A.To have said B.Having said C.To say D.Saying (2007 四川)
  26.Peter received a letter just now his grandma would come to s 四川) . ee him soon.
A.said .
B.says .
C.saying D.to say . .
四川) (2007 四川)
  35. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless every day. A. watered B. watering B. water D. to water
天津) (2007 天津)
  6.The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance, in the natural light during the day. A.to let B.letting C.let D. having let
重庆) (2007 重庆)
  25.The children went home from the grammar school,their lessonsfo r the day. A.finishing B.finished C.had finished D.were finished Agreed!
全国一) (2007 全国一)
  25. The last one pays the meal. A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive D. arriving
全国一) (2007 全国一)
  29. I smell something in the kitchen. Can I call you back i n a minute? A. burning B. burnt C. being burnt D. to be burnt
全国二) (2007 全国二)
  12. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks could be heard o utside the classroom. A. opened and closed C.being opened and closed B. to be opened and closed D. to open and close
浙江) (2007 浙江)
  9. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle __. A. to be heard B. to have heard C. hearing D. being heard
浙江) (2007 浙江)
  20. by a greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more gre en houses. A. Driven B. Being driven C. To drive D. Having driven
  29. (2007 安徽) John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work , he g ladly accepted it. A. finished B. finishing C. having finished D. was finished
安徽) (2007 安徽)
  30. -- Robert is indeed a wise man. -- Oh, yes. How often I have regretted his advice! A." to take B. taking C. not to take D. not taking
北京) (2008 北京)
  24. that she was going off to sleep, I asked if she’d like that little do ll on her bed. A. Seeing C. See B. To see D. Seen
北京) (2008 北京)
  31. ?Did the book give the information you needed? ?Yes. But it, I had to read the entire book. A. to find B. find C. to finding D. finding 北京) (2008 北京)
  32. I feel greatly honored into their society. A. to welcome C. to be welcomed B. welcoming D. welcomed
北京) (2008 北京)
  35. It is worth considering what makes “convenience” foods so popular, an d better ones of your own. A. introduces C. introducing B. to introduce D. introduced
全国一) (2008 全国一)
  26. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good __ . A. to be breathed B. to breathe C. breathing D. being breathed (2008 天津 their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out loud shout 天津)
  4. s of victory. A. To throw B. Thrown C. Throwing D. Being thrown
重庆) (2008 重庆)
to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead
A. Fail B. Failed C. To fail D. Having failed
重庆) (2008 重庆)
  30. I can’t find my purse anywhere. You have lost it while shopping.
A. may B. can C. s



   非谓语动词: 非谓语动词: (1994)21.?I must apologize for ahead of time. ?That's all right. A.letting you not know C.letting you know not B.not letting you know D.letting not you know (1994)22.Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; r ...


   2010 年高考英语非谓语动词 精品教案 精品教案 规律方法 1.考查立意较低,主要考查的是非谓语的一些最基本的用法。但是,题目的设置注重了情 景化和结构复杂化,加大了考生对题干句的理解难度。 2.设问的角度呈现出多样化趋势,不仅仅是非谓语间的互相干扰。 命题趋势 w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 不容置疑,高考将继续加强对非谓语动词的考查,试题的特征将继续呈现出“情景化”和“设 问角度的多样化”的趋势,但试题的难度将会有所控制。 突破方法 1.非谓语动词的用法是一个系统性、综合性很强 ...


   2011年高考英语 2011年高考英语 非谓语动词 考点归纳 非谓语动词的 句法功能 名称 语 法 功 能 主语 宾语 宾补 表语 定语 状语 √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ 不定 √ 式 动名 √ 词 现在 分词 过去 分词 一、分词 现在分词与过去分词. 现在分词与过去分词. 充当成分: 充当成分: 定语,表语,宾补,状语. 定语,表语,宾补,状语. (一 ) 现在分词 1.作定语 1.作定语 (1) a walking man =a man who is ...


   2010 年高考英语非谓语动词 精品教案 精品教案 规律方法 1.考查立意较低,主要考查的是非谓语的一些最基本的用法。但是,题目的设置注重了情 景化和结构复杂化,加大了考生对题干句的理解难度。 2.设问的角度呈现出多样化趋势,不仅仅是非谓语间的互相干扰。 命题趋势 w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 不容置疑,高考将继续加强对非谓语动词的考查,试题的特征将继续呈现出“情景化”和“设 问角度的多样化”的趋势,但试题的难度将会有所控制。 突破方法 1.非谓语动词的用法是一个系统性、综合性很强 ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 非谓语动词 动词的非谓语形式有三种:不定式、动名词和分词。 一、不定式: 不定式: It is hard for me to do the work. 作主语 He wants to speak at the meeting. meeting.作宾语 I have a lot of work to do 作定语 do. He asked me to finish it in time 作宾 ...


   高三英语总复习语法系列训练 非谓语动词的用法区别 非谓语动词的用法区别 动词不定式与动名词 动词不定式与分词 动名词与现在分词 现在分词与过去分词 其它情况 一、动词不定式与动名词 从结构上看,两者不同之处有: 从结构上看,两者不同之处有:动名 词前可用介词, 词前可用介词,它还可以被名词所有格 或代词)修饰;不定式前通常不用介词, (或代词)修饰;不定式前通常不用介词, 更不能被名词所有格(或代词)修饰。 更不能被名词所有格(或代词)修饰。 在实际应用中,有下列各点值得注意: 在实际应用中 ...


   -高中英语语法强化训练(非谓语动词续) ( )1.European football is played in 80 countries ,it the most popular sport in the world A. ( making B, makes C. made D to make )2The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see the next year . A. carry out B. carryi ...


   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 非谓语动词专练 100 题 1. The great hall was crowded with many people, many children on their parents' laps. A. including; seated D. included; sitting 2. It's said that the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 will cover more events tha ...


   历年高考真题 非谓语 1.(2007 春季上海,33)All the staff in our company are considering to the city centre for the fashion show. A.to go A.Surprising things. A.thinking A.to argue were from Germany. A.study;of whom C.studying;of them A.gets B.got B.study;of them D ...


   高二语法非谓语动词解题技巧 课件 作宾语: 如下动词及短语只跟 doing 作宾语: enjoy, finish, suggest, avoid(避免), (避免) excuse, delay, imagine, keep, miss, consider, admit(承认), ),deny(否认), mind, permit, (承认), (否认) forbid, practise, risk(冒险), appreciate(感激), (冒险) (感激) be busy, be worth ...



   2010-2011 学年秋学期小学英语教学工作总结 2010学年秋学期小学英语教学工作总结 响水双语实验学校 胥红燕 本学期,我担任小学五年级( 本学期,我担任小学五年级(1)班和(4)班的英语教学工作。由于五年 班的英语教学工作。 级教学内容结构比较贴近生活 所以组织活动教学的机会较多, 结构比较贴近生活, 级教学内容结构比较贴近生活,所以组织活动教学的机会较多,这样很大一部 分学生也表现出对英语有较大的兴趣,学习积极, 分学生也表现出对英语有较大的兴趣,学习积极,对老师布置的各项任务都能 ...


   语文学刊 0外语教育教学                            2010 年第 6 期 从关键期假说看我国少儿英语教学 ○ 柴小莉 (兰州大学 外国语学院 ,甘肃   兰州  730000 ) 本文介绍了对关键期假说不同的观点及其研究 ,并结合笔者的教学经验和问卷调查指出 : 儿童 [摘   ]   要 英语教学中越早越好的观点并不科学 ,我们应该根据学习者在不同年龄段的不同学习特点制定不同的教学计划并 注重学习兴趣的培养 。 [关键词 ]   关键期 ;   少儿英语教学 ...


   高考英语代词在单项填空中的12 高考英语代词在单项填空中的 个考点 " " 考点1 考点 人称代词主格与宾格的用法 (1)人称代词的主格在句中作主语,宾格在 人称代词的主格在句中作主语, 人称代词的主格在句中作主语 句中作动词或介词的宾语。 句中作动词或介词的宾语。 真题再现】 【真题再现】(1)My grandma still treats me like a child. She can’t imagine grown up. (2006重庆 重庆) 重庆 A. my B. mine ...


   初中英语教师个人工作总结 初中英语教师个人工作总结 本学期我担任九年级 177 班及九(二)班的英语教学工作。由于刚刚刚接手这两个班,对新 的年级部、 新的教材、 新的学生知之甚少, 加上一年多未代课, 教学上遇到前所未有的挑战。 因此,本人虚心请教同行、潜心研究教法、在实践中摸索前进。经过一个学期的努力,学到 了很多教学经验,也取得了应有的成绩。以下是对本学期教学情况的简要总结。 一、培养英语学习兴趣 英语作为一门外语,对大多数学生而言,既生疏又困难。在这样一种大环境之下,要教好英 语,就 ...


   1. I see. 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 12. See you. 再见。 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见。 15. Why not? 好呀! ...