20) 听力部分(
一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词或词组的标号。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A.last B.past C.fast )
  2.A.autumn B.water C.what )
  3.A.town B.down C.found )
  4.A.but B.nut C.hot )
  5.A.could B.cool C.cold )
  6.A.skate B.skirt C.start )
  7.A.warmer B.farmer C.winter )
  8.A.be free B.be easy C.be busy )
  9.A.all white B.all right C.all light )
  10.A.really B.ready C.reading
二、听录音,选出你所听到的句子的标号 听录音, ( )
  1.A.This is Mary speaking. B.Who are you speaking to ? C.This is Mary. ( )
  2.A.I feel very bad. B.It’s very kind of you. C.Sorry,I’m late ( )
  3.A.Oh,no,not at all. B.Thanks a lot. C.No,I’m afraid not. ( )
  4. A.He went to meet the man. B.He took the man to the garden. C.Who do you want to meet?
( )
  5. A.It gets much cooler in autumn. B.It often rains in spring. C.She felt not happy yesterday. ( )
  6. A.Could I have a look at your book? B.Could you give me your book? C.Could I borrow your book,please? 三、听录音,根据你所听到的内容选择正确的答语。 听录音,根据你所听到的内容选择正确的答语。 ( )
  1. A.It’s very cold. B.It’s very hot . C.It’s cool. ( )
  2. A.That’s right. B.Can you guess? C.Yes,it is . ( )
  3. A.Summer is the warmest season. B.The coldest season of the year is winter. C.I think I like spring best. ( )
  4. A.It’s from about November to January. B.It lasts from May to July . C.It lasts from February to April. ( )
  5. A.Yes,it is . You need to wear warmer clothes. B.Yes,it is . Why don’t you take off your sweater? C.Yes,it is .Put away your sweater. 笔试部分: (
  80) 笔试部分: ) ( 单选( ) 一、 单选(
  1、 The twinsnot at school yesterday. A is B.was C.are D.were
  2. He is very sorrythat. A.hear B.to hear C.hears D.hearing
  3.He always keep. A.busy B.health C.do that D.to do that

  4.Where were you morning? A.yesterday B.today C.last D before
  5. I was in Beijing No. 2 Middle School twenty years A.before B.ago C.far D.long
  6.I have some problems this new car. A.for B.of C.with D.at
  7.Lucy was born July 7,19
  8.Jimhis homework because he was ill. A.didn’t B.didn’t do C.didn’t did D.wasn’t do
  9.Are you enjoying in our city? A.stay B.to stay C.stays D.staying
  10.How many pencils did you the day before yesterday? A.buy B.bought C.buyed D.buying
  11.There’s going to English evening tomorrow. A.be an B.be a C.have a D.has an
  12. did you travel to Egypt(埃及)? We went there because we like Pyramid(金字塔)。 A.What B.When C.Where D.why
  13.There wasn’t a world football match any . A.many B.much C.more D.most
  14.What is the date today? It’s. A.Monday B.cloudy C.June 10th D.11,May
  15.Today is Sunday,October. A.five B.the five C.fiveth D.the fifth
  16.What day was it yesterday? A.It’s Friday B.It was Friday C.It’s May 1st D.It was May 2nd
  17.We went to Shanghaia bad time of year A.in B.to C.at D.for

  18.Winter is season of the year. A.cold B.colder C.coldest D.the coldest
  19.Thank you your answers to my questions. A.to B.with C.for D.on
  20.Your sister did some washing this morning,? A.didn’t she B.wasn’t she C.did she D.was she 词型转换( 二、 词型转换(10 分)
  2、 My sister does her homework(quick) every day. Do you enjoy your travel in New York? Sure .It is an (interest) city.
  3.In Hong Kong, you can have(difference) kinds of food.
  4.Every morning ,our monitor gets to school (early) than all the other students.
  5.Linda ill yesterday. She better now .(be )
  6.Whereyou the day before yesterday? I at the office.(be )
  7.A:you away last week? B: No, I.(be ) 用介词填空(8
  11) 用介词填空
  8.My grandparents are going a trip. They are going to Holland to visit my uncle.
  9.Where is Ann? She’s ill home.
  10.Little Mike can’t find his football shoes.He asks his mother help.
  11.When did you movethat big city? 19
  12.Michael Jackson is one of the most famous (singer) in the world.
  13.Their basketball team is good. And ours is even(good)than
  14.How many (season) are there in China ?
  15.In spring ,the days get (long) and the weather gets (warm).
  16.(like )much of China and the USA,the weather in England never gets too hot or too cold.
  17.Do you watch TV the evening every day?
  18.My mother is very busyWednesdays.
  19.It’s very coldthis time of the yearJapan.
  20.They have five classes the morning and two the afternoon. 按要求转换句子(
  10) 三.按要求转换句子 按要求转换句子
  1、Lucy did her homework at home.(改否定句) 、 (改否定句) Lucy her homework at home.
  2、He found some meat in the fridge.(变一般疑问句 、 (变一般疑问句) he meat in the fridge?
  3、She stayed there for a week.(对划线部分提问) 、 (对划线部分提问) she there?
  4、There was some orange in the cup.(变一般疑问句) 、 (变一般疑问句) there orange in the cup?
  5. He is a good boy, ?(变成反意疑问句) (变成反意疑问句) 两栏搭配(
  10) 四.两栏搭配 两栏搭配
  1. ( )How many dogs are there in your home?
  2. ( )Was there a problem in the last TOEFL test in China?
)Which part of Beijing did the foreigners like best? )Why was her left leg broken? )Did your brother play for the National Volleyball Team? )How many people were there at the opening ceremony of 27th Olympic Games.
  7. ( )Were you in Tibet yesterday?
  8. ( )Where did the Band”911” give their first concert?
  9. ( )When did he start to learn Chinese?

( ( ( (
In America. More than a hundred thousand. Yes. He played there for 3 years. There were three last year. But now, there is only one . E. No. Everything was OK. F. The Forbidden City ,I think. G. They sang an old song together. H. Because she didn’t look after herself well in the basketball match. I. No. I went to Tibet last week. But I came back 3 days ago. J. In 1999 补全对话(
  10) 五.补全对话 补全对话 A: Excuse me .Could you tell me 1 is the way to Class 5,Grade
  2. B:Oh, I’m a student of Class
  5. Please follow(跟着)me .2 you new? A:Yes.This is my 3 day to this school. I don’t know the way very well. B:You are 4 Australia,aren’t you ?
A. B. C. D.
A:How did you guess ? B:The way you speak. By the way,is the weather in Australia the 5 or different? A:very different. It’s cold here in Beijing .But in Australia, it’s summer. It is the 6 season there. B:you came here 7 a bad time of a year. 8 is winter in your country? A: It lasts from May__9 July. B:I knew the weather was fine in Australia when I watched the 27th Olympic Games on TV. A:Yes,It was a great time.Oh,here we are. Class 5,Grade
  2.Thank you 10 your help. B:You’re welcome. We are classmates now . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 六、改错。 (
( )
  1、You’d better to read the questions carefully before you answer it . A Certainly. ( ( B C
( (
  2.Mr.Li is always very busy .He must look after himself and keep health. A B C D )
  3.Were he out last night ? A No. He was at home . B )
  4.Where are you the day before yesterday ? A B )
  5.Do you enjoy to teach in our school ? A B Yes ,we do . Very much. C D )
  6.How far did you live in Tokyo? A B
( ( ( (
I lived there for about five years. C D )
  7.Good luck of your trip! A B C )
  8.Did you travel to any other part of Guangxi Province? A B C )
  9.Which is the twelve month of the year? A B C )
  10.I think spring is the best season of all . A B C The weather get warmer and the days get longer. D 七.阅读理解(10 )
My name is Tom.I got up at 6:00,I went to school at 6:
  30.I didn’t have breakfast because I was in a hurry .I had four classes in the morning .In the afternoon,I had two classes.I went home at 4:00, I had a good time yesterday.
  1. ( )when did Tom get up? A. at six B.at 6:30
  2.( )When did Tom go to school ? A.at six B.at 6:30 ( )
  3.How many classes did you have yesterday? A. two B.four C.six ( )
  4.What time did Tom go home? A.at 4:00 B.At 5:00 ( )
  5.Did Tom have a good time yesterday? A.Yes ,he did B.No,he didn’t



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   ducat *n.过去曾在欧洲的许多国家通用的金币名 .. dry a.干(旱)的;干渴的;枯燥 vt.使干燥,晒干 .. drunk a.醉酒的;(喻)陶醉的 n.酗酒者,醉汉 .. drum n.鼓,鼓声;桶,筒 v.有节奏地敲击 .. drug v.掺麻醉药/毒药于(食物、饮料等);用药麻醉 .. drown v.淹死,(高声音)遮掩(低声音) .. drop v.投下,滴落;下降;降低 n.滴;下降;微量 .. driver n.司机;[机械]起子 .. drive v.驾驶;开动; ...


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