高二英语词汇练习 Unit11
  1.(记下)the words that you don’t understand.
  2.When you are making big decisions, it is important to get (支持)from you family.
  3.The well-known long (长征)rocket series was developed by the Chinese Space Agency.
  4.More and more college student choose to pursue a (硕士)degree after their graduation.
  5.To write a good composition, you need to state your opinion clearly and (支持)it with strong arguments.
  6.He worked so hard that he got full (分数)in biology.
  7.The soldiers (行军)through the streets to celebrate the end of the war.
  8.Chinese doctors are playing an important role in the (战斗)against AIDS.
  9.It is amazing that he (掌握)several languages at such a young age.
  10.Anyone over the age of sixteen was asked to help (战斗)the forest fires last summer.
  11.The big cellphone company has (获得)its goal of setting up ten production bases in China. (人类).

  12.The development of nuclear weapons is a big threat to
  13.It is (可能的) they will win the game.
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  14.Scientists often have to

(依靠) on government support in order to do research. (区)in China, has become a modern city. (学会)in the early 1980s marked the start of

  15.Shenzhen,Which is one of the earliest special economic

  16.The opening of Chen Chnxian’s private research and development Zhongguancuun as hi-tech center.
  17.Successful people learn to
(抓住) the opportunities that come along. (完美的)place for you.

  18.If you want to work in a big city and live y the seaside, Qingdao is the Unit12

  1.The boy was happy to see many colourful (气球)go up into the sky.
  2.Many old people have a strong (信念)in buddha.
  3.Mr Zhu made a (航行)around the world on very little money.
  4.When will humans put a stop to war and have (永久)peace.
  5.My father is a (屠夫).He sells meat.
  6.He is (聪明)as a scientist; but at home he is like a baby.
  7.The dog was the man’s only (同伴)in his old age.
  8.When walking along the beach, she saw a big fish washed up on the (海岸).
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  9.(植物学)is the science or study of plants.
  10.You should not look down on people who do physical __ In18
  98.an American writer wrote a science(
  13) (劳动). _(科幻)story. In the story, a huge ship(
  14) _ (开始) out on her first(
  15)_ __(信念)that it could not sink after hitting an iceberg, killing most of
(航海)across the Atlantic Ocean. Contrary to the(
  16) the2,500people(
  17) __(在船上).
Fourteen years latter,in1912,a real ship, the Titanic, which was also called the ship of Dream” or the Unsinkable Ship”,(
  18)_ “ “ out on its first (
__(航海).On its way to New York, it hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the sea three hours later. It had more __(在船上),of whom 1,513 did not(
  21)(逃亡)the cold ocean water and died. __(小说)meets reality, the disaster has become a(
than 2,200 passenger(
While the story of the Titanic has become an example of how(
  22) (永久的)pain in people’s hearts. Unit13

  1.Although most of us are just ordinary people, every one of us is (唯一).
  2.All metals become liquid at high temperatures, and turn (固体)again when cooling off.
  3.Do you think a full bottle of water will (漂浮)or sink.
  4.As the water supply is (减小),water prices are expected to keep increasing.
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  5.“Although purified water does no harm to our heath our body will (得益)more from mineral water,” experts say.
  6.It is wrong to doubt his honesty. I (信任)him.
  7.The water molecule is made up of two (氢)atoms and one (氧)atom.
  8.Water is a liquid at room temperature, but it turn into a(固体)when the temperature drops below 0Candintoa gas when heated above 100C. 9The soil can(吸收)water, so it helps to keep water from flowing away.
  10.Marine scientists study the(关系)between living creatures and their habitat in the ocean.
  11.Life in the oceans appears in different sizes,(变化)from the tiniest fish all way up to the biggest blue whales.
  12.Oil has a density lower than 1,000kg/m3,so it will(漂浮)on water. be made up of take advantage of all the way that is range from mix with break down contribute to add to benefit from

  1.Temperature here10° to 30° C C.

  2. You can her offer to drive you home.

  3. A volleyball team consists of Six players while a football team eleven players.
  4.He is a hero, so you will his good example.
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  5.The talks between those two big companies so the two managers had to look for another trade partner respectively.
  6. Uncle Smith followed him down the street.

  7.The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather the helplessness of the crew at sea.
  8.It’s now twenty minutes past four, , the doctor has gone for two hours.
  9.The powder is then water and other things, and made into different kinds of food.
  10.The chairman encouraged everyone to the discussion. Unit 14Unit 16 词汇练习 Unit14 1 (奴隶制)is the system by which some people are owned by others. 2 Fifty years ago, mixed-race marriages were(自由). 3 The police(拘捕)Rosa Parks, a black woman who refused to give her seat to a white man. 4 Civil rights fighters(要求)that African Americans be treated equally. 5 During the Second World War, there many organized(抵制)of Japanese goods all over China. 6 Blacks could only go to (隔离) schools and stay in (隔离) sections in shops or restaurants. King fought against the (隔离)of blacks and whites.
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7 Andy and Ben both study (政治)but they hold opposite (政治)views. 8 Believing that black people should be treated equally, people of different (种族)joined the movement against (种族)discrimination. 9 He is interested in and he wants to become a good. (法律) 10 Although we enjoy the(自由) of speech, it does not mean that we are(自由)to say whatever we want.
  11.Whoever gets the most (选票) wins the election. (抵制) of the bus company to support a black woman. __ (废除) slavery or not. (性别歧视)during job hunting. (可笑的).

  12.In 1955, Martin Luther King, Jr led a

  13.The reason why the American Civil War broke out was whether to
  14.Some female graduates complained that they were facing
  15.July 4th is American __
(独立) Day.
  16.Many inventions start form ideas that seem (偏见)?

  17.Have you read the novel Pride and

  18.According to the Chinese Constitution ,citizens of the People’s Republic of Chinese enjoy the freedom of (宗教).
  19. I (投票)_for Qi Jiguang of the Ming Dynasty.

  20. It is said that he was (谋杀)by the Japanese who had been defeated by him.
  21. I feel angry about the (谋杀).
  22. My (投的票) goes to Lin Zexu of the Qing Dynasty.
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  23. The British created a constant (要求) for opium by making many Chinese people addicted to the drug. .
  24. Lin Zexu(下令) that all British opium that was seized be burnt at Humen.
  25. Tan Sitong is the one for whom I have most(尊敬).
  26. Having no fear to be(逮捕) or to die, he didn’t run away.
  27. Activists(要) that the police let him go.
  28.Five days after his(逮捕) ,the (
  29)(指令)was given to have him killed. put…in prison set an example in part join hands from them on regardless of at first sifht
Martin Luther King , Jr was an extraordinary man. He believed that (
  1) skin colour, blacks and whites should (
  2). He was the driving force in the push for racial equality during the 1950s and the 1960s .To many people, struggle meant violence .To him, this was only true (
  3).He showed that there are other ways of fighting, by non-violent peaceful means. In this, he (
  4).Dr King led a boycott of a bus company that had ordered a black woman off a bus because she refused to give up her seat to a white man.(
  5) many more peaceful demonstrations against racial discrimination. In his lifetime, Dr King was arrested and(
  6)several times, but neither prisons nor threats to his life could stop him. He called on all people with a sense of justice to be united in the peaceful struggle for justice and equality. He is especially remembered for leading the “March on Washington”in1963, ending with his famous speech “I Have a Dream”.
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Unit15 1 Do you know which big cities are at the same(纬度)as Rio de Janeiro? 2 There are many cafes, shops and restaurants on Copacabana’s main(径道). 3 The Olympic Games is a big sports event in which the world’s the world’s best athletes(积聚)to compete once every four years. 4 The film, in which Chinese actress Zhang Manyu appears in many different qipaos, is a (盛宴)for the eyes. 5 It is very relaxing to take a(游泳)in the pool in summer. 6 The two policemen were asked(浏览)the case of the two missing children. 7 It is cold here today. The weather (冷却)by the rain yesterday. 8 (疲惫)walking, he decided to take a rest under a tree. 9 “Don’t go down this cave. It will be impossible for us (保证)your safety,” an old man kindly reminded him. 10 (积聚)around the entrance of the cave, villagers nervously watched him go down and disappear in darkness. 11 The scientist still needed (分析)the data before drawing a conclusion. 12 (价格)as a valuable travel book, The Travel Notes of Xu Xiake has been much studied by people of later times. Sam, who was brought up in a mountainous village, is a sports lover. He remembers that every winter many skiers from different
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countries (
  13)(聚集) in his village. Seeing them racing(
  14)(速滑)_is one of his best childhood memories. get tired of then look into gym a feast for the eyes cool down every now and then .tire with every now and
take a dip
chat about
Now he runs a small company in a city.(
  15), he goes to one of the best (
  16)to take exercises. After work, he takes a rest. He often dreams of going back to his hometown, because he(
  17)the busy and noisy city life. One day when we were chatting, he suggested going to Kitzbuhel.
  18.The committee is the cause of the accident.
  20.She didn’t after the heated argument.
  22. Last night, we his traveling experiences.
  23. The beautiful natural scenery there was . U16
  1.There is a
  2.It is easier for a (普遍的) belief that it will one day be possible to create life under laboratory conditions. (身体) wound to heal than a (精神) one. (以前) classmates.
  19.I’m very running as fast as I can.
  21., James buys flowers for his mother

  3.Although he left school more than ten year ago , he still keeps in touch with his
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  4.Some people are
(贪心) for money and some for power. (主要,总) engineer.

  5.If you have any questions about this ship, go and ask Johnson, who is the
  6.Seeing his funny face , we couldn’t
  7.He (抵制) laughing.
(坚持) that we should not rest until we finished for work. (坚持) on walking . (抵抗) diseases. (后来).

  8.He offered to give me a ride , but I

  9.If a person gets AIDS, he or she will lose the power to

  10.He was diagnosed with cancer in May , and died a few months
insist on put out on sale in turn in vain deal with

  1.Doctors tried
in honor of
as a result
take chances
to save him, and he died just before dawn.

  2. There are a lot of people here who are afraid to and do new things.
  3. Stop bothering me and just me , will you?
  4. Jack and his friends playing their music late at night though it may disturb their neighbors.
  5. As many as 35,000 people died of the earthquake and the tidal waves.
  6. It took the firefighters 3 days to the forest fire there.
  7. I got my



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