教学内容 教材分析 4 periods for textbook and 3 for exercise 教学目标
  1、知识目标:Traveling, Describing a journey
  2、能力目标: Write a journal
  3、德育情感目标: It is not easy to make a living 教学重点 The present progressive tense expressing futurity 教学难点 The present progressive tense expressing futurity 课型.warming-up 教学媒体 multi-media computer 教学方法:task-based approach Teaching procedures: Step
  1.leading in Brainstorming questions:
  1) With the development of society, we are changing our way of life. The National Day’s just passed, what have you been ding all the 7 days?
  2) I guess some of you must have gone to some place to travel .Yes , more and more people enjoy traveling nowadays.
  3) Do you like to explore some wild places ?
  4). where do you want to go ?
  2. Let me do a survey among you. Now you are going to an isolated island. There are 10 things for you to take. Make a list from the most important to the least . tell me the reasons.(they are on the power point. Step2Do the work in warming up Step3 choose a place in the box to do the pair work. When are you leaving ? How are you going? When are you arriving? Where are you staying ? How ling are you staying ? When are you coming back? Step
  4. Explain the grammar ( they are on the power point of unit 3 P
  1) Period 2 Reading Teaching procedures: Step
  1. Free talk about rivers. What will happen if there is no water? Where can you find water? Do you know the 4 rivers in the world? The Yangtze River The Nile The Amazon The Mississippi Step 2 Questions What other rivers do you know ?
What river do you want to travel to ? Why? What the use of rivers? How do people who live along a river use it? The world has many rivers, if u could travel down one of them, which one would you choose ? Why? Step
  3. Listening to the tape of the passage Step4 skimming Answer the following questions
  1)Who are Wang Kun and Wang wei?
  2)What are their dream?
  3)Who are Dao Wei and Yu hang?
  4)Where is the source of the Mekong?
  5)What can you see where you travel along the Mekong?
  6)Is it a difficult journey to cycle along the Mekong? Why? Step 5 scanning Fill in the blanks of the box. Step6 Who do you think was right about the trip? Why? Step 7 dealing with the language points
  1.the river
  3. take a trip
  4.graduate from
  5. It was…that
  7.insist on /insist that clause
  8. details
  9. determine
  10. altitude
  11. experience
  12. give in/give up/give out/give away
  13. keep on doing sth.
  14. enter Period 3 grammar and listening Step
  1. Imagine it is October 1st again, you have 7 days’ holidays. You are going to a place to travel . do the pair work. When are you leaving ? How are you going? When are you arriving? Where are you staying ? How ling are you staying ? When are you coming back? Step2 Grammar :The present progressive tense expressing futurity Step3 practice the exercise on textbook page
Step4 explain the exercise on the exercise book about the grammar. Period 4 Writing Step1 Reading the passage on page 24 Step2 answer the following questions: What is a travel journal? What is the difference between a diary and a travel journal? How to write a travel journal? Step3 homework Design a travel plan Suppose you are going to a place to travel . you want to go there with one or two partners. So you would design it as beautifully as you can. The following should be included : Place When How long Step 4 Feedback Through the learning of the text, students are more interested in traveling and how to plan for their travel.


高一英语同步辅导(Unit3 Travel Journal)

   高一同步辅导 强调句( ) 强调句(2) 强调句型基本结构 It is/was+被强调部分+that/who/whom+其他成分 原句: I met Li Ming at the railway station yesterday.昨天我在车站碰见了李明。 强调主语: 强调宾语: 强调地点状语: 强调时间状语: 【拓展延伸】注意: (1)对“?notuntil“这一结构进行强调时,一般使用”It is/was not untilthat“ 这一句型进行强调。如: I didn’t go ho ...

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   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! Teaching Plan for Unit 3 of NSEC Book1 Travel Journey The Third Period: grammar Teaching goals: To learn useful structures the Present Continuous Tense to express future actions. Important and dif ...

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   全国中小学“教学中的互联网搜索” 全国中小学“教学中的互联网搜索”优秀教学案例评选 教案设计 一、 教案背景 1,面向学生: □中学 □小学 2,学科:英语 2,课时:2 3,学生课前准备: 一、 预习 Introduction &Cultural corner 和 Reading & Vocabulary 两部分,了解其大意。 二、 学生预习该部分单词,读准读音并用字典查询其意思。 三、 学生提前用百度搜索引擎收索交通工具图片和澳大利亚风情介绍信息。 四, 学生用百度搜索引 ...

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   激发幼儿学习英语的兴趣 英语,作为一门国际语言,越来越受到重视.作为启蒙教育的奠基石,幼儿英语教育成为关 注的"热点".随着社会经济的发展,人们越来越注重双语教学教育的开发研究,幼儿园双 语教学已成为家长和孩子们的迫切需要. 然而,在当前幼儿英语教学中,由于认识和实践上的偏差,许多幼儿英语教学成人化 , 使幼儿过早丧失了对学英语的兴趣. 因此, 怎样提高幼儿学英语的兴趣呢?我园自开设英语 课以来,经过教师的不断探索和实践,摸索出了适合幼儿年龄特点的教学方法.并且注重培 养 ...


   1.Whatever the explanation, the idea of a work-life balance is a staple of European discourse, studied in think tanks, mulled over by policymakers. In the US, the term, when it’s used at all, is said with the sort of sneer reserved for those who eat ...


   本文由haojiegc贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 英语四级考试技巧 听力 一. 应试技巧 以 WHAT 为提问词引导的问句 1. 问”什么含义” What does the man imply? What does the woman’s answer suggest? What does the woman say about..(共出现 32 次) 2. 问”从对话中能获得什么信息或结论” What ...


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