KII 单项填空(共30小题,计分15%)

  11. His camera is more expensive than .
A. hersB. herC. itD. its

  12. your coat at once.We must hurry.
A. WearB. WearingC. Put on D. Putting on

  13. Does John know any other foreign language French?
A. exceptB. butC. besidesD. beside

  14. We must get up early tomorrow, we'll miss the first bus to the Great Wall.
A. soB. orC. butD. however

  15. If my lawyer here last Saturday,he me from going.
A. had been;would have prevented
B. had been;would prevent
C. were;would prevent
D. were;would have prevented

  16. Do you know the boy under the big tree?
A. layB. lainC. layingD. lying

  17. I ten minutes to decide whether I should reject the offer.
A. gaveB. was givenC. was givingD. had given

  18. It is well known that Thomas Edison the electric lamp.
A. inventedB. discoveredC. foundD. developed

  19. This year they have produced grain they did last year.
A. as less;asB. as few;as
C. less;thanD. fewer;than

  20. Go on the other exercise after you have finished this one.
A. to doB. doing
C. withD. to be doing

  21. I didn't hear the phone.I asleep.
A. must beB. must have been
C. should beD. should have been

  22. Cheap coal a lot of smoke.
A. gives upB. givse inC. gives awayD.gives off

  23. My brother while he his bicycle and hurt himself.
A. fell;was ridingB. fell;were riding
C. had fallen;rodeD. had fallen;was riding

  24. Not until the early years of the 19th century what heat is.
A. man did knowB. man knew
C. didn't man knowD. did man know

  25. These photographs will show you .
A. what does our village look like
B. what our village looks like
C. how does our village look like
D. how our village looks like

  26. -What do you think of the book?
-Oh,excellent.It's worth a second time.
A. to readB. to be readC. readingD. being read

  27. Not only I but also Jane and Mary tired of having one examination after another.
A. is B. areC. amD. be

  28. Tom was disappointed that most of the guests when he at the party.
A. left;had arrivedB. left;arrived
C. had left;had arrivedD. had left;arrived

  29. Is necessary to complete the design before National Day?
A. thisB. thatC. itD. he

  30. I'd been expecting letters the whole morning,but there weren't for me.
A. some;anyB. many;a fewC. some; oneD. a few;none

  31. --Good morning.Can I help you?
--I'd like to have this package ,madam.
A. be weighedB. to be weighed
C. to weighD. weighed

  32. Alice is fond of playing piano while Henry is intersted in listening to music.
A. (不填);theB. (不填);(不填)
C. the;(不填)D. the;the

  33. There was a terrible noise the sudden burst of light.
A. followedB. following
C. to be followedD. being followed

  34. She pretended me when I passed by.
A. not to seeB. not seeing
C. to not seeD. having not seen

  35. Father will not us to use his recorder.
A. haveB. letC. agreeD. allow

  36. All is needed is a supply of oil.
A. the thingB. thatC. whatD. which

  37. They friends since they met in Shanghai.
A. have madeB. have become
C. have beenD. have turned

  38. The sports meet will be till next week because of the bad weather.
A. put offB. put awayC. put upD. put down

  39. The story sounds .
A. to be trueB. as true
C. being trueD. true

  40. I hurried I wouldn't be late for class.
A. sinceB. so thatC. as ifD. unless

  11. A
  12. C
  13. C
  14. B
  15. A

  16. D
  17. B
  18. A
  19. C
  20. A

  21. B
  22. D
  23. A
  24. D
  25. B

  26. C
  27. B
  28. D
  29. C
  30. A

  31. D
  32. C
  33. B
  34. A
  35. D

  36. B
  37. C
  38. A
  39. D
  40. B

  11.Kate and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of .

  12.It's a fine day. Let's go fishing, ?
A.won't weB.will we
C.don't weD.shall we

  13.Can you make sure the gold ring?
A.where Alice had putB.where had Alice put
C.where Alice has putD.where has Alice put

  14.-Can I help you?
-Well, I'm afraid the box is heavy for you, but thank you all the same.

  15. the day went on, the weather got worse.

  16.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she .
A.will arriveB.arrives
C.is going to arriveD.is arriving

  17.If we had followed his plan, we could have done the job better with money and people.
A.less; lessB.fewer; fewer
C.less; fewerD.fewer; less

  18.Beyond stars, the astronaut saw nothing but space.

  19.Not until I began to work how much time I had wasted.
A.didn't I realizeB.did I realize
C.I didn't realizeD.I realized

  20.A library with five thousand books to the nation as a gift.
A.is offeredB.has offered
C.are offeredD.have offered

  21.I don't think possible to master a foreign language without much memory work.

  22.Last summer I took a course on .
A.how to make dressesB.how dresses be made
C.how to be made dressesD.how dresses to be made

  23.When I was at college I three foreign languages, but I all except a few words of each.
A.spoke; had forgottenB.spoke; have forgotten
C.had spoken; had forgottenD.had spoken; have forgotten

  24.He paid the boy $ 10 for washing ten windows ,most of hadn't been cleaned for at least a year.

  25.He you more help, even though he was very busy.
A.might have givenB.might give
C.may have givenD.may give

  26.The horrible noise from the man's room simply me mad.

  27.Tom kept quiet about the accident lose his job.
A.so not as toB.so as not to
C.so as to notD.not so as to

  28.Most of the artists to the party were from South Africa.
A.invitedB.to invite
C.being invitedD.had been invited

  29.-Do you mind my taking this seat?
- .
A.Yes, sit down pleaseB.No, of course not
C.Yes, take it pleaseD.No, you can't take it

  30.His father died and him a lot of money.

  31.After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced tractors in 1988 as the year before.
A.as twice manyB.as many twice
C.twice as manyD.twice many as

  32.The police found that the house and a lot of things .
A.has broken into; has been stolen
B.had broken into; had been stolen
C.has been broken into; stolen
D.had been broken into; stolen

  33. more attention, the trees could have grown better.
A.GivenB.To give
C.GivingD.Having given

  34.-Excuse me, is this Mr Brown's office?
-I'm sorry, but Mr Brown works here. He left about three weeks ago.
A.not nowB.no more
C.not stillD.no longer

  35.The pianos in the other shop will be , but .
A.cheaper; not as betterB.more cheap; not as better
C.cheaper; not as goodD.more cheap; not as good

  36.-Come on in, Peter. I want to show you something.
-Oh, how nice of you!I you to bring me a gift.
A.never think; are goingB.never thought; were going
C.didn't think; were goingD.hadn't thought; were going

  37. this book and tell me what you think of it.
A.Look throughB.Look on
C.Look intoD.Look up

  38. of them knew about the plan because it was kept a secret.
C.No oneD.None

  39.She reached the top of the hill and stopped
on a big rock by the side of the path.
A.to have restedB.resting
C.to restD.rest

  40.Oh, John. you gave us!
A.How a pleasant surpriseB.How pleasant surprise
C.What a pleasant surpriseD.What pleasant surprise






1991 年 试 题(MET)
KⅡ. 单项填空(共30小题,计分15%)

  11. Will you me a favour, please?

  12. , I went to the railway station to see my friend off.
A.After eating quickly my dinner
B.After my quickly eating dinner
C.After eating my dinner quickly
D.After eating my quickly dinner

  13. I learned to a bicycle as a small boy.

  14. Does matter if he can't finish the job on time?

  15. A computer think for itself; it must be told what to do.
A.can'tB.couldn'tC.may notD.might not

  16. Don't smoke in the meeting-room, ?
A.do youB.will youC.can youD.could you

  17. -Have you moved into the new house?
-Not yet.The rooms .
A.are being paintedB.are painting
C.are paintedD.are being painting

  18. Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone in 18

  19. We each other the best of luck in the examination.

  20. ! There's a train coming.
A.Look outB.Look around
C.Look forwardD.Look on

  21. -Will somebody go and get Dr White?
-He's already been .
A.asked forB.sent for
C.called forD.looked for

  22. The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind his back.
A.being tiedB.having tied
C.to be tiedD.tied

  23. -We haven't heard from Jane for a long time.
-What do you suppose to her?
A.was happeningB.to happen
C.has happenedD.having happened

  24. She heard a terrible noise, brought her heart into her mouth.

  25. Mrs Smith warned her daugther after drinking.
A.never to driveB.to never drive
C.never drivingD.never drive

  26. -Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother?
-I don't know, .
A.nor don't I careB.nor do I care
C.I don't care neitherD.I don't care also

  27. -How did you find your visit to the museum?
-I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was than I expected.
A.far more interestingB.even much interesting
C.so more interestingD.a lot much interesting

  28. We couldn't eat in a restaurant because of us had
money on us.
A.all; noB.any; no
C.none; anyD.no one; any

  29. On Saturday afternoon, Mrs Green went to the market, some bananas and visited her cousin.
A.boughtB.buyingC.to buyD.buy

  30. These oranges taste .
A.goodB.wellC.to be goodD.to be well

  31. The students busily when Miss Brown went to get a book she in the office.
A.had written; leftB.were writing; has left
C.had written; had leftD.were writing; had left

  32. When and where to build the new factory yet.
A.is not decidedB.are not decided
C.has not decidedD.have not decided

  33. The secretary worked late into the night, a long speech for the president.
A.to prepareB.preparing
C.preparedD.was preparing

  34. I can hardly imagine Peter across the Atlantic Ocean in five days.
A.sailB.to sailC.sailingD.to have sailed

  35. -The light in the office is still on.
-Oh, I forgot .
A.turning it offB.turn it off
C.to turn it offD.having turned it off

  36. The hero of the story is an artist in his .

  37. No one can be sure in a million years.
A.what man will look likeB.what will man look like
C.man will look like whatD.what look will man like

  38. Without electricity human life quite different today.
A.isB.will be
C.would have beenD.would be

  39. John was made the truck for a week as a punishment.
A.to washB.washingC.washD.to be washing

  40. Although he is considered a great writer, .
A.his works are not widely read
B.but his works are not widely read
C.however his works are not widely read
D.still his works are not widely read

  11. C
  12. C
  13. B
  14. D
  15. A

  16. B
  17. A
  18. C
  19. D
  20. A

  21. B
  22. D
  23. C
  24. B
  25. A

  26. B
  27. A
  28. C
  29. A
  30. A

  31. D
  32. A
  33. B
  34. C
  35. C

  36. D
  37. A
  38. D
  39. A
  40. A
1992 年 试 题 (MET)
第一部分(K) 英语知识

  11. Little Jim should love to the theatre this evening.
A. to be takenB. to takeC. being takenD. taking

  12. -Could I borrow your dictionary?
-Yes, of course you .
A. mightB. willC. canD. should

  13. -Shall we go skating or stay at home?
-Which do yourself?
A. do you ratherB. would you rather
C. will you ratherD. should you rather

  14. -I usually go there by train.
-Why not by boat for a change?
A. to try goingB. trying to go
C. to try and goD. try going

  15. -Hello. May I



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