1990 年全国硕士研究生考试英语试卷
I . In each question, decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Put your choice in the ANSWER SHEET, ( 15 points) EXAMPLE: I was caught_the rain yesterday. A. in B. by C.with D. at ANSWER: (A) l . Those two families have been quarrelling __ each other for many years. A. to B. between C. against D. with
  2. There are many things whose misuse is dangerous, bur it is hard to think of anything that can be compared A. in B. with C. among D. by
  3. "How often have you seen cases like this?" one surgeon asked another. "Oh ,__ times, I guess, " was the reply. A. hundred of B . hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred
  4. Give me your telephone number __ I need your help. A. whether B.unless C. so that D. in case
  5. You sang well last night. We hope you'll sing __. A. more better B. still better C. nicely D. best
  6. Those people __a general understanding of the present situation. A. lack of B. are lacking of C. lack D. are in lack
  7. Alone in a desert house ,he was so busy with his research work that he felt __lonely. A. nothing but B. anything but C. all but D. everything but
  8. Grace __tears when she heard the sad news. A. broke in B.broke into C. broke off D.broke through
  9. She refused to __the car keys to her husband until he had promised to wear his safety belt . A. hand in B. hand out C.hand down D. down
  10. Michael found it difficult to get his British jokes __to American audiences. A. around B. over C.across D. down

  11. The book contained a large__ of information. A. deal B. amount C. number D. sum 12 . Nowadays advertising costs are no longer in reasonable_ to the total cost of the product . A. proportion B. correlation C. connection D. correspondence
  13. When she saw the clouds she went back to the house to _ her umbrella. A. carry B. fetch C. bring D. reach
  14. We must _ that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible. A. assure . B. secure C. ensure D. issue
  15. He was knocked down by a car and badly _ A. injured B. damaged C. harmed D. ruined
Ⅱ. Each of the three passages below is followed by some questions.For each question there are four answer. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions. Put your choice in the ANSWER SHEET. (20 points) 1 In May l989 , space shuttle "Atlantis" released in outer space the space probe "Megallan" , which is now on her 15-month and one-billion-kilometer flight to Venus. A new phase in space exploration has begun . The planet Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth; it is the only other object in the solar system, in fact, that even comes close to earth' s size. Venus has a similar density, so it is probably made of approximately the sanle stuff, and it has an atmosphere, complete with clouds. It is also the closest planet to earth, and thus the most similar in distance from the sun. In short, Venus seems to justify its long-held nickname of "earth' s twin. " The surface temperature of Venus reaches some 900F. Added to that is an atmospheric pressure about 90 times Earth' s: High overhead in the carbon dioxide that passes for air is a layer of clouds, perhaps IO to 20 miles thick, whose little drops consist mostly of sulfuric acid (H2SO
  4) . Water is all but nonexistent. Born with so many fundamental similarities to earth, how did Venus get to be so radically different : It is not just an academic matter. For all its extremes, Venus is a valuable laboratory for researchers studying the weather and climate of earth. It has no earth' s oceans, so the heat transport and other mechanisms are greatly simplified. In addition, the planet Venus takes 243 earthdays to turn once on its axis, so incoming heat from the sun is added and distributed at a more
leisurely , observable pace.

  16. Venus is similar to Earth in __ A. size and density B. distance from the sun C. having atmosphere D. all of the above
  17. The greatest value in studying Venus should be to__ A. allow us to visit there B. understand Earth better C. find a new source of energy D. promote a new space program
  18. The main idea of this passage is about _ A. problems of space travel B. scientific methods in space exploration C. the importance of Venus to Earth D. conditions on Venus
2 Tourists were surprised to see a woman driving a huge orange tractor down one of Rome' s main avenues. Italy' s political leaders and some of its male union chiefs are said to have been even more puzzled to see that the tractor was followed by about 200,OOO women in a parading procession that took more than three hours to snake through central Rome. Shouting slogans, waving flags and dancing to drumbeats, the women had come to the capital from all over Italy to demonstrate for "a job for each of us, a different type of job, and a society without violence" . So far, action to improve women' s opportunities in employment has been the province of collective industrtal bargaining. "But there is a growing awareness that this is not enough, " says a researcher on female labor at the govemment-funded Institute for the Development of Professional Training for Workers. Women, who constitute 52 per cent of Italy' s population, today represent only 35 per cent of Italy' s total workforce and 33 per cent of the total number of Italians with jobs. However, their presence in the workplace is growing. The employment of women is expanding considerably in services, next to the public administration and commerce as their principal workplace. Official statistics also show that women have also made significant strides in self-employment. More and more women are going into business for themselves. Many young women are turning to business because of the growing overall in employment. It is also a fact that today many prejudices have disappeared , so that banks and other financial institutes make judgements on purely business considerations without caring if it is a man or a woman. Such changes are occurring in the professions too. The number of women doctors, dentists , lawyers , engineers and university professors increased two to three fold. Some of the changes are
immediately visible. For example, women have appeared on the scene for the first time as state police , railway workers and street cleaner. However , the present situation is far from satisfactoty though some progress has been made. A breakthrough in equal opportunities for women is now demanded.
19 . The expression "snake through central Rome" probably means "to move_ A. quietly through central Rome" B. violently through central Rome" C. in a long winding line through central Rome" D. at a leisurely pace through central Rome" 20 . Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. There are more women than men in Italy. B. In Italy, women are chiefly employed in services. C. In Italy, women are still at a disadvantage in employment. D. In Italy, about two-thirds of the jobs are held by men.
  21.About 200 ,OOO women in Rome demonstrated for_ A. more job opportunities B. a greater variety of jobs C. "equal job, equal pay" D. both A and B
  22.The best title for this passage would be_ A. The Role of Women is Society B. Women Demonstrate for Equality in Employment C. Women as Self-enlployed Professionals D. Women and the Jobs Market 3 "The old idea that talanted children "burn themselves out" in the early years, and, therefore, are subjected to failure and at worst, mental illness if unfounded. As a matter of fact, the outstanding thing that happens to bright kids is that they are very likely to grow into bright adults. To find this out, l,500 gifted persons were followed up to their thirty-fifth year with these results : . On adult intelligence tests, they scored as high as they had as children. They were, as a group, in good health, physically and mentally. 84 per cent of their group were married and seemed content with their lives. About 70 per cent had graduated from college , though only 30 per cent had graduated with
honors. A few had even dropped out, but nearly half of these had returned to graduate. Of the men, 80 per cent were in one of the professions or in business management or semiprofessional jobs. The women who had remained single had office , business , or professional occupations . The group had published 90 books and 1, 500 articles in scientific, scholarly, and literary magazines and had collected more than 100 patents. In a material way they did not do badly either. Average income was considerably higher among the gifted people, especially the men, than for the country as a whole, despite their comparative youth . In fact , far from being strange , most of the gifted were turning their early promise into practical reality.

  23. The old idea that talented children "bum themselves out" in the early years is_ A. true in all senses B. refuted by the author C. medically proven D. a belief of the author
  24. The survey of bright children was made to A. find out what had happened to talented children when they became adults B. prove that talented children "burn themselves out" in the early years C. discover the percentage of those mentaUy ill among the gifted D. prove that talented children never bum themselves out 25 . Intelligence tests showed that_ A. bright children were unlikely to be mentally healthy B. between childhood and adulthood there was a considerable loss of intelligence C. talented children were most likeLy to become gifted adults D. when talented children grew into adults, they made low scores
Ⅲ. For each numbered blank in the following passage there are four choices labelled A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and put your choice in the ANSWER SrmET. Read the whole passage before making your choice. ( 1O point)
No one knows for sure what the world would be like in the year 2001 . Many books have been written _26__the future. But the 19th-century French novelist Jules Veme may be called a futurologist in the fullest _27__ of the word. In his fantastic novels "A Trip to the Moon" and
"80 Days Around the World" , he described' with detail the aeroplane and even the helicopter. These novels still have a great attraction _28__ young readers of today because of their bold imagination and scientific accuracy . Below is a description of what our life will be in the year 2001 as predicted by a _29 writer . In 2001 , in the home, cookers will be set so that you can cook a complete meal at the touch of a switch. Television will provide information on prices at the _30__ shops as well as news and entertainment. Videophones will bring pictures as well as _31 to telephone conversations. Machines will control temperature, lighting, entertainment, security alarms, laundry and gardening . Lighting will provide decoration as well as wallpaper. At work, robots will take _32 most jobs in the manufacturing industries. Working hours will fall to under 30 hours a week. Holidays will get longer; six weeks will be the normal annual holiday. Men and women will retire at the sarlle age. Our leisure will be different too. The home will become the center of entertainment through television and electronic games. More people will eat out in restaurants _33_ they do today; also they will have a much wider variety of food available. There will be a change of taste towards a more savoury-flavored menu. New synthetic foods will form a _34 part of people' s diets. Foreign travel will _35__;winter holidays will become more popular than summer ones. Also non-stop flights from Britain to Australia and New Zealand will be easily available and much cheaper. Education will become increasingly more important than ever before.

  26. A. in B. of C. about D. for
  27. A. sense B. meaning C. detail D. implication
  28. A. for B. of C. on D. towards
  29. A. today B. nowadays C. present-day D. present
  30. A. near B. nearby C. nearly D. nearer
  31. A. noise B. sound C. tone D. tune
  32. A. to B. away C. off D. over
  33. A. than B. as C. when D. while
  34. A. usual B. popular C. daily D. regular
  35. A. add B. increase C. raise D. arise
IV . Each of the follnwing sentence has four underlined parts. These parts are labelled A, B, C and D. Identify the part of sentence that is incomect and put your choice in the ANSWER SHEET. Then , without altering the meaning of the sentence , wite down your correction nn the line in the ANSWER SHEET. (IO points) ' EXAMPLE : You have to hurry up if you want to buy something because the_re's hardly something Jeft. A BCD ANSWER : ( C)anything

  36. Alice was having trouble to control the children because there were so many of them. ABCD
  37. We were very much surprised that the village was such long way from the road. ABCD
  38. John's chance of being elected chairman of the committee is far greater than Dick. ABCD
  39. "We have won a great victory on our enemy, " the captain said. ABCD
  40. There are many valuable services which the public are willing to pay for, but which AB does not bring a return in money to the community. CD 41 . The law I am .referring require that everyone who owns a car have accident insurance. ABCD
  42. "I considered it a honor to be invited to address the meeting of world-famous scientists, " ABCD said Professor Leacock .
  43. He was seeing somebody creeping into the house through the open window last night . ABCD
  44. The reason for all the changes being made has not explained to us yet. ABCD 45 . Even though the children pret



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