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1992 年全国硕士学位研究生入学考试英语试题
Ⅰ. In each sentence, decide which of the four choicea given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Put your choices in the ANSWER SHEET. ( 15 points )
l . I will give this dictionary to _ wants to have it. A. whomever B. someone C. whoever C. anyone
  2. After having gone _ far, George did not want to turn back. A. enough B. much C. such D. that
  3. _ all our kindness to help her, Sarah refused to listen to us. A. At B. For C. In D. On
  4. Richard doesn' t think he could ever _ what is called "free-style" poetry. A. take on B. take over C. take to D. take after
  5. In the past men generally perfered that their wives _ in the home. A. worked B. would work C. work D. were working
  6. I don't want to lend any more money to him; he's already in debt _ me. A. to B. for C. of D. with
  7. The business of each day, _ selling goods or shipping them,went quite smoothly. A. it being B. be it C. was it D. it was
  8. Carey didn't go to the party last night because she _ the baby for her sister until 9:30 . A. must have looked after B would have to look after C. had to look after D. should have looked after
  9. _ , he does get initated with her sometimes. A. As he likes her much B. Much though he likes her C. Though much he like her D. Much as he likes her IO. Califomians and New Englanders speak the same language and _ by the same federal laws. A. stand B. conform C. abide D. sustain
Il . The vocabulary of any technical discussion may include words which are never used outside the subject or field _ . A. in view B. in question C. in case D. in effect 12 . The long-awaited Hubble Space Telescope,_ to orbit the Earth next March ,will
observe some of the oldest stars in the sky. A. subject B. owing C. available D. due
  13. _ of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and drifted to the South. A. To be free B. Freeing C. To free D. Freed
  14. The patient has been _ of the safety of the operation. A. assured B. guaranteed C. entrusted D. confirmed
  15. Will you _ this passage to see if there is any misprint? A. look up B. go over C. dwell on "D. work out
  16. The patients believe that the doctor knows exactly how to put them _. A. correct B. straight C. right D. well
  17. Although he thought he was helping us prepare the dinner, he was actuaily _ the way . A. in B. by C. off D. on
  18. If we believe something is good and true we should tn it. A. hold up B. keep on C. hold on D. keep up
  19. _, more than 200 houses and buildings are heated by solar energy, not to mention the big cities in the region. A. Alone in the small town B. In the small alone town C. In the alone small town D. In the small towll alone 20 . The bank is reported in the local newspaper in broad daylight yesterday. A. to be robbed B. robbed C. to have been robbed D. having been robbed 21 . The engineers are going through with their highway project , the expenses have risen . A. even though B. just because C. now that D. as though 22: Although we had told then not to keep us waiting, they made no _ to speed up deliveries . A. trial B. attempt C. action D. progress 23 . Water will continue to be _ it is today-next in importance to oxygen. A. how B. which C. as D. what
  24. Had Paul received six more votes in the last election, he _ our chairman now. A. must have been B. would have been C. were . D. would be
  25. Stressful environments lead to unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits, which _increase the risk of heart disease. A. in tum B. in retum C. by chance D. by tums
  26. The tourist is prevented from entering a country if he does not have passport. A. . an operative B. a valid C. an efficient D. an effective
  27. I like to go to the cinema when I am in the _ for it. A. motive B. mind C. mood D. notion

  28. The project requires more labor than A. has been put in B. have been put in C. being put in D. to be put in
  29. Circus tigers, although they have been tamed, can _ attack their trainer. A. unexpectedly B. deliberately C. reluctantly D. subsequently
  30. There seemed little hope that the explorer, _ in the tropical forest, would find his way through it. A. to be deserted B. having deserted C. to have been deserted D. having been deserted
Ⅱ. Each of the passags below is fnllowed by some questions. For each question four answers are given. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions. Put your choice in the ANSWER SIIEET. (30 points) 1 It is all very well to blame traffic jams, the mst of petrol and the quick pace of modem life, but manners on the roads are beaoming horrible. Everybody knows that the nicest men become monsters behind the wheel. It is aU vvy well, again, to have a tiger in the tank, but to have one in the driver's seat is arnother matter altogether. You might tolerate the odd road-hog, the rude and inconsiderate driver, but nowadays the well-mannered motorist is the exception to the rule. Perhaps the situation calls for a 'Be Kind to Other Drivers' campaign, otherwise it may get completely out of hand. Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense too. It takes the most cool-headed and good-tempered of drivers to resist the temptation to revenge when subjected to uncivilized behavior. On the other hand, a little politeness goes a long way towards relieving the tensions of motoring. A friendly nod or a wave of acknowledgement in response to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of goodwill and tolerance so necessary in modem tralfic conditions. But such acknowledgements of politeness are all too rare today. Many drivers nowadays don't even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it.
However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous. Typical examples are the driver who brakes violently to allow a car to emerge from a side street at solne hazard to following traffic, when a few seconds later the road would be clear anyway; or the man who waves a child across a zebra crossing into the path of oncoming vehicles that may be unable to stop in time. The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they care to. It always amazes me that the highways are not covered with the dead bodies of these grannies. A veteran driver, whose mallners are faultless, told me it would help if motorists leamt to filter correctly into traffic streams one at a time without causing the total blockages that give rise to bad temper. Unfortunately, modern motorists can' t even learn to drive, let alone master the subtler aspects of roadsmanship. Years ago the experts warned us that the car-owrner-ship explosion would demand a lot more give-and-take from all road users. It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart. 31 . According to this passage, troubles on the road are primarily caused by A. people' s attitude towards the road-hog B. the rhythm of modem life C. the behavior of the driver D. traffic conditions
  32. The sentence "You might tolerate the odd road-hog . . . the rule. " (Para. I ) implies that A. our society is unjust towards well-mannered motorists B. rude drivers can be met only occasionally C. the well-mannered motorist cannot tolerate the road-hog D. nowadays impolite drivers constitute the majority of motorists
  33. By "good sense" , the writer means A. the driver' s ability to understand and react reasonably B. the driver' s prompt response to difficult and severe conditions C. the driver' s tolerance of nlde or even savage behavior D. the driver' s acknowledgement of politeness and regulations
  34. Experts have long pointed out that in the faoe of car-owner-ship explosion, A. road users should make more sacrifice B. drlvers should be ready to yield to each other C. drivers should have more communication among themselves d. drivers will suffer great loss if they pay no respect to others
  35. In the writer's opinion,
A. strict traffic regulations are badly needed B. drivers should apply road politeness properly C. rude drivers should be punished D. drivers should avoid traffic jams 2 In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide acts rather like a one-way mirror--the glass in the roof of a greenhouse which allows the sun's rays to enter but prevents the heat from escaping. According to a weather expert' s prediction, the annosphere will be 3C warmer in the year 2050 than it is today, if man continues to burn fuels at the present tate. If this warming up took place, the ice caps in the poles would begin to melt, thus raising sea level several metres and severely flooding coastal cities. Also, the increase in atmospheric temperature would lead to great changes in the climate of the nonthern hemisphere, possibly resulting in an alteration of earth's chief food-growing zones. In the past, concern about a man-made warming of the earth has concentrated on the Arctic because the Antarctic is much colder and has a much thicker ice sheet. But the weather experts are now paying more attention to West Antarctic, which may be affected by only a few degress of warming, in other words, by a warming on the scale that will possibly take place in the next fifty years from the burning of fuels. Satellite pictures show that large areas of Antarctic ice are already dispappearing. The evidence available suggests that a warming has taken place. This fits the theory that carbon dioxide warms the earth. However, most of the fuel is burnt in the northern hemisphere, where temperatures seem to be falling. Scientists conclude , therefore, that up to now natural influences on the weather have exceeded those caused by man. The question is: Which natural cause has most effect on the weather? One possibility is the variable behavior of the sun. Astronomers at one research station have studied the hot spots and "cold" spots (that is, the relatively less hot spots) on the sun. As the
sun rotates, every
  27. 5 days, it presents hotter or "colder" faces to the earth, and different aspects to different parts of the earth. This seems to have a considerable effect on the distribution of the earth's atmospheric pressure, and consequently on wind circulation. The sun is also variable over a long term: its heat output goes up and down in cycles, the latest trend being downward. Scientists are now finding mutual relations between models of solar-weather interactions and the actual climate over many thousands of years, "including the last Ice Age. The problem is that the models are predicting that the world should be entering a new Ice Age and it is not. One way of solving this theoretical difficulty is to assume a delay of thousands of years while the solar effects overcome the inenia (惯性) of the earth's climate. If this is right, the warming effect of carbon dioxide might thus be serving as a useful counter-balance to the sun's diminishing heat .
  36. It can be concluded that a concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would A. prevent the sun's rays from leeching the earth's surface B. mean a warming up in the Arctic C. account for great changes in the climate in the noHhem hemisphere D. raise the temperature of the earth' s surface
  37. The article was written to explain A. the greenhouse effect B. the solar effects on the earth C. the models of solar-weather interactions D. the causes affecting weather
  38. Although the fuel consumption is greater in the northem hemisphere, temperatures there seem to be faILing. This is A. mainly because the levels of carbon dioxide are rising B. possibly because the ice caps in the poles are melting C. exclusively due to the effect of the inenia of the earth' s climate D. partly due to variations in the output of solar energy
  39. On the basis of their models, scientists are of the opinion that A. the climate of the world should be becoming cooler B. it will take thousands of years for the inertia of the earth's climate to take effect C. the man-made warming effect helps to increase the solar effects D. the new Ice Age will be delayed by the greenhouse effect
  40. If the assumption about the delay of a new Ice Age is correct,
A. the best way to overcome the cooling effect would be to bum more fuels B. ice would soon cover the northern hemisphere C. the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could warm up the earth even more quickly D. the greenhouse effect oould work to the advantage of the earth 3 Some people believe that intemational sport creates goodwill between the nations and that if countries play games together they will leam to live together. Others say that the opposite is true : that intemational contests encourage false national pride and lead to misunderstanding 8nd hatred. There is probably some truth in both arguments, but in recent years the Olympic games have done little to support the view that sports encourages intenational brotherhood. Not only, was there the tragic incident involving the murder of athletes, but the Games were also ruined by lesser incidents caused principally bv minor national contests. One country received its second-place medals with visible indignation after the horkey ( 曲棍球 ) final. There had been noisy scenes at the end of the hockey match, the losers objecting to the final decisions. They were convinced that one of their goals should no



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