1996 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语试题 Section I: Structure and Vocabulary Part A Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets. (5 points)
  1. Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often , or better than an actual performance. [A] as good as [B] as good [C] good [D] good as
  2. My pain apparent the moment I walked into the room, for the first man I met asked sympathetically: “Are you feeling all right?” [A] must be [B] had [C] must have been [D] had to be
  3. The senior librarian at the circulation desk promised to get the book for me she could remember who last borrowed it. [A] ever since [B] much as [C] even though [D] if only
  4. Observations were made the children at the beginning and at the end of pre-school and first grade. [A] towards [B] of [C] on [D] with

The article opens and closes with descriptions of two news reports, each one major point in contrast with the other. [A] makes [B] made [C] is to make [D] making

A safety analysis the target as a potential danger. Unfortunately, it was never done. [A] would identify [B] will identify [C] would have identified [D] will have identified

The number of registered participants in this year’s marathon was half . [A] of last year’s [B] those of last year’s [C] of those of last year [D] that of last year’s

For there successful communication, there must be attentiveness and involvement in the discussion itself by all present. [A] is [B] to be [C] will be [D] being

There was a very interesting remark in a book by an Englishman that I read recently what he thought was a reason for this American characteristic. [A] giving [B] gave [C] to give [D] given

  10. No one would have time to read or listen to an account of everything going on in the world. [A] it is
[B] as is [C] there is [D] what is Part B Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked [A], [B], [C], and [D]. Identify the part of the sentence that is incorrect and mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (5 points)
  11. I’d rather you would go [A] by train, because I can’t bear [B] the idea of your being [C] in an airplane in such [D] bad weather.
  12. It’s essential that people be [A] psychological [B] able to resist the impact brought about [C] by the transition form planned [D] economy to market economy.
  13. Some bosses dislike to allow [A] people to share [B] their responsibilities; they keep all [C] important matters tightly [D] in their own hands.
  14. Each cigarette which a person smokes does [A] some [B] harm, and eventually you [C] may get a serious disease from its [D] effect.
  15. On the whole [A], ambitious students are much likely [B] to succeed in their studies than are those [C] with [D] little ambition.
  16. Despite [A] much research, there are still certain elements in [B] the life cycle of the insect that is [C]not fully understood [D].
  17. In 1921 Einstein won the Nobel Prize, and was honored [A] in Germany until the rise [B] of Nazism then [C] he was driven from [D] Germany because he was a Jew.
  18. The data received [A] from the two spacecrafts [B] whirling around Mars indicate [C] that there is much evidence that huge thunderstorms are occurring [D] about the equator of the planet.
  19. Generally speaking, the bird flying across [A] our path is observed, and the one [B] staying on the tree near at hand [C] is passed by without any notice taking [D] of it.
  20. Mercury’s velocity is so much [A] greater than the Earth’s [B] that it completes
more than four revolutions around the Sun in the time that [C] takes the Earth to complete one [D]. Part C: Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (10 points)
  21. I was speaking to Ann on the phone when suddenly we were . [A] hung up [B] hung back [C] cut down [D] cut off
  22. She wondered if she could have the opportunity to spend here so that she could learn more about the city. [A] sometimes [B] some time [C] sometime [D] some times
  23. Ms. Green has been living in town for only one year, yet she seems to be with everyone who comes to the store. [A] accepted [B] admitted [C] admired [D] acquainted
  24. He does not as a teacher of English as his pronunciation is terrible. [A] equal [B] match [C] qualify [D] fit
  25. Dozens of scientific groups all over the world have been the goal of a practical and economic way to use sunlight to split water molecules. [A] pursuing
[B] chasing [C] reaching [D] winning
  26. The discussion was so prolonged and exhausting that the speakers stopped for refreshments. [A] at large [B] at intervals [C] at ease [D] at random
  27. When travelling, you are advised to take travellers’ checks, which provide a secure to carrying your money in cash. [A] substitute [B] selection [C] preference [D] alternative
  28. I never trusted him because I always thought of him as such a character. [A] gracious [B] suspicious [C] unique [D] particular
  29. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this produces artificial cold surrounding it. [A] absorption [B] transition [C] consumption [D] interaction
  30. I didn’t say anything like that at all. You are purposely my ideas to prove your point. [A] revising [B] contradicting [C] distorting [D] distracting

  31. Language, culture, and personality may be considered of each other in thought, but they are inseparable in fact. [A] indistinctly [B] separately [C] irrelevantly [D] independently
  32. Watching me pulling the calf awkwardly to the barn, the Irish milkmaid fought hard to her laughter. [A] hold back [B] hold on [C] hold out [D] hold up
  33. The manager gave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for her attitude toward customers. [A] impartial [B] mild [C] hostile [D] opposing
  34. I with thanks the help of my colleagues in the preparation of this new column. [A] express [B] confess [C] verify [D] acknowledge
  35. It is strictly that access to confidential documents is denied to all but a few. [A] secured [B] forbidden [C] regulated [D] determined
  36. The pollution question as well as several other issues is going to be discussed when the Congress is in again next spring. [A] assembly [B] session
[C] conference [D] convention
  37. Christmas is a Christian holy day usually celebrated on December 25th the birth of Jesus Christ. [A] in accordance with [B] in terms of [C] in favor of [D] in honor of
  38. Since it is too late to change my mind now, I am to carrying out the plan. [A] obliged [B] committed [C] engaged [D] resolved
  39. It was a bold idea to build a power station in the deep valley, but it as well as we had hoped. [A] came off [B] went off [C] brought out [D] made out
  40. To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, we must the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand. [A] improve [B] enhanced [C] guarantee [D] gear Section II: Close Test Directions: For each numbered blank in following passage, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the best one and mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (10 points) Vitamins are organic compounds necessary in small amounts in the diet for the normal growth and maintenance of life of animals, including man.
They do not provide energy, __41__ do they construct or build any part of the body. They are needed for __42__ foods into energy and body maintenance. There are thirteen or more of them, and if __43__ is missing a deficiency disease becomes __44__. Vitamins are similar because they are made of the same elements -- usually carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and __45__ nitrogen. They are different __46__ their elements are arranged differently, and each vitamin __47__ one or more specific functions in the body. __48__ enough vitamins is essential to life, although the body has no nutritional use for __49__ vitamins. Many people, __50__, believe in being on the “safe side” and thus take extra vitamins. However, a well-balanced diet will usually meet all the body’s vitamin needs.
  41. [A] either [B] so [C] nor [D] never
  42. [A] shifting [B] transferring [C] altering [D] transforming
  43. [A] any [B] some [C] anything [D] something
  44. [A] serious [B] apparent [C] severe [D] fatal
  45. [A] mostly [B] partially [C] sometimes [D] rarely
  46. [A] in that [B] so that
[C] such that [D] except that
  47. [A] undertakes [B] holds [C] plays [D] performs
  48. [A] Supplying [B] Getting [C] Providing [D] Furnishing
  49. [A] exceptional [B] exceeding [C] excess [D] external
  50. [A] nevertheless [B] therefore [C] moreover [D] meanwhile Section III: Reading Comprehension Directions: Each of the passages below is followed by some questions. For each question there are four answers marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions. Then mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (40 points)
Text l
Tight-lipped elders used to say, “It’s not what you want in this world, but what you get.” Psychology teaches that you do get what you want if you know what you want and want the right things. You can make a mental blueprint of a desire as you would make a blueprint of a house, and each of us is continually making these blueprints in the general routine of everyday living. If we intend to have friends to dinner, we plan the menu, make a
shopping list, decide which food to cook first, and such planning is an essential for any type of meal to be served. Likewise, if you want to find a job, take a sheet of paper, and write a brief account of yourself. In making a blueprint for a job, begin with yourself, for when you know exactly what you have to offer, you can intelligently plan where to sell your services. This account of yourself is actually a sketch of your working life and should include education, experience and references. Such an account is valuable. It can be referred to in filling out standard application blanks and is extremely helpful in personal interviews. While talking to you, your could-be employer is deciding whether your “wares” and abilities must be displayed in an orderly and reasonably connected manner. When you have carefully prepared a blueprint of your abilities and desires, you have something tangible to sell. Then you are ready to hunt for a job. Get all the possible information about your could-be job. Make inquiries as to the details regarding the job and the firm. Keep your eyes and ears open, and use your own judgment. Spend a certain amount of time each day seeking the employment you wish for, and keep in mind: Securing a job is your job now.
  51. What do the elders mean when they say, “It’s not what you want in this world, but what you get.”? [A] You’ll certainly get what you want. [B] It’s no use dreaming. [C] You should be dissatisfied with what you have. [D] It’s essential to set a goal for yourself.
  52. Ablueprint made before inviting a friend to dinner is used in this passage as . [A] an illustration of how to write an application for a job [B] an indication of how to secure a good job [C] a guideline for job description [D] a principle for job evaluation
  53. According to the passage, one must write an account of himself before starting to find a job because . [A] that is the first step to please the employer [B] that is the requirement of the employer [C] it enables him to know when to sell his services [D] it forces him to become clearly aware of himself
  54. When you have carefully prepared a blueprint of your abilities and desires, you
have something . [A] definite to offer [B] imaginary to provide [C] practical to supply [D] desirable to present
Text 2
With the start of BBC World Service Television, millions of viewers in Asia and America can now watch the Corporation’s news coverage, as well as listen to it. And of course in Britain listeners and viewers can tune in to two BBC television channels, five BBC national radio services and dozens of local radio station. They are brought sport, comedy, drama, music, news and current affairs, education, religion, parliamentary coverage, children’s programmes and films for an annual license fee of 83 pounds per household. It is a remarkable record, stretching back over 70 years -- yet the BBC’s future is now in doubt. The Corporation will survive as a publicly-funded broadcasting organization, at least for the time being, but its role, its size and its programmes are now the subject of a nation-wide debate in Britain. The debate was launched by the Government, which invited anyone with an opinion of the BBC -- inc



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