1997 年同等学历人员申请硕士学位英语水平全国统一考试真题及答案
Paper one 试卷一 (19
  97.6 Part I Listening Comprehension 略 Part II Vocabulary (10 minutes, 10 points) Section A Directions: In each item, choose one word that best keeps the meaning of the sentence if ii is substituted for the underlined word. Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center .
  16. The recent findings are also applicable to other areas of design engineering. A) practical comparable
  17.The century-old hostilities between the two tribes eventually terminated through the persistent efforts of the local government. A) diminished B) shrunk C) vanished D) worsened B) relevant C) convenient D) A 卷)

  18. The leaders of the two countries are planning their summit meeting with a pledge to maintain and develop good ties. A) strategy B) standpoint C) priority D) promise
  19. Computers will flourish because they enable us to accomplish tasks that could never before have been undertaken.
A) implement B) render C) assign D) complete
  20. Herman's success is due to his hard work and his ability to formulate plans which will get work done efficiently. A) fulfill B) approve C) conceive D) conduct
  21. The farm ministers scheduled an emergency meeting in Luxembourg in hopes of easing the worldwide "mad cow" panic. A) crisis B) alarm C) hazard D) peril
  22).The young man asked his parents not to worry because he was full of optimism about his career. A) confidence B) motivation C) imagination D) resolution
  23. One's awareness, both conscious and unconscious, of what happened in the past has a strong influence on one's behavior. A) storage B) impression C) memory D) perception
  24. On hearing of the case some time later, Conan Doyle was convinced that the man was not guilty, and immediately went to work to ascertain the truth. A) explore B) obtain
C) verify D) search
  25. Ail the staff members of the department made zealous efforts to clean up the hall for the Christmas party. A) enthusiastic B) concerted C) gigantic D) dedicated Section B Directions: Directions in each question, decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center .
  26. I a letter to an internet service that distributes journalists' questions to more than 750 institutions. A) assigned B) detached C) attached D) dispatched
  27. All experts agree that the most important consideration with diet drugs is carefully the risks and benefits. A) weighing B) valuing C) evaluating D) distinguishing 28 More international trend for business and pleasure brings greater to other societies. A) exchange B) exposure C) expansion D) contribution

  29. Shortage of land and funding are blamed for the city's green space. A) inefficient B) inaccurate C) inadequate D) indispensable 30 If English is not our first language you can often be puzzled by ways of expression that the native speaker of English does not even have to. A) think out B)think about C) think over D) think for
  31.Retail sales volume in local urban and rural areas rose 57,8 per cent and
  46.8 per cent, , over February 19
  95. A) individually B) accordingly C) correspondingly D)respectively
  32.This book is a of radio scripts, in which we seek to explain how the words and expressions become part of our language. A) collection B) publication C) volume D)stack
  33. A man's is best when he can forget himself and any reputation he may have required and can concentrate wholly on making the right decisions. A) anticipation B)acknowledgment C) expectation D)judgment

  34.Does brain power as we get older? Scientists now have some surprising answers. A)decline B)descend C)deduce D)collapse
  35.The largest system serving e-mail messengers is the internet a of millions of computers linked worldwide. A)unity B)combination C)network D)connection Part III Reading Comprehension
(50 minutes, 30 points) Directions: There are 6 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D .you should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with single line through the center. Questions 36to 40 are based on the following passage. In the USA 85% of the population over the age of 21 approve of the death penalty, in the many states which can take up to 20 minutes to kill, while others use gas or lethal injection. The first of these was the case of Ruth Ellis who was hanged for shooting her lover in what was generally regarded as a crime of
passion. The second was hanged for murders which it was later proved, had been committed by someone else. The pro-hanging lobby (赞成极刑的活动集团) uses four main arguments to support its call for the reintroduction of capital punishment. First there is the deterrence theory, which argues that potential murderers would think twice before committing the act if they knew that they might die if they were caught. The armed bank robber might, likewise go back to being unarmed. The other two arguments are more suspect. The idea of retribution demands that criminals should get what they deserve: if a murderer intentionally. set out to commit a crime, he should accept the consequences. Retribution, which is just another word for revenge, is supported by the religious doctrine of an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth. The arguments against the death penalty are largely humanitarian (人道主义的) . But there are also statistical reasons for opposing it: the deterrence Figures do not add up. In Britain, 1903 was the record year for executions and yet in l904 the number of murders actually rose. There was a similar occurrence in 1946 and 19
  47. If the deterrence theory were correct, the rate should have fallen. The other reasons to oppose the death penalty are largely a matter of individual conscience and belief. One is that murder is murder
and that the state has no more right to take a life than the individual. The other is that Christianity advises forgiveness, not revenge.
  36. The passage is mainly about . A) the argument in favor of the death penalty B) the argument against the death penalty C) the argument about the reintroduction of the death penalty D) the argument about the abolition of the death penalty
  37. All of the following death penalty methods are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT. A) the electric chair B)the lethal injection C) the poisonous gas D)the shooting
  38. According to the first four paragraphs, which of the following statements if NOT correct? A) The death penalty may help the potential murderers to arouse moral awareness. b) Ruth Ellis was shot by his lover, which was regarded as a crime of passion. C) The intentional murderer should eat his own bitter fruit. D) According to the religious doctrine, punishment should be as severe as the injury suffered.
  39.In paragraph 3, "deterrence" means .
A) proclamation B) protest C) protection D) prevention
  40.We can learn from the last paragraph that . A) neither the state nor the individual has the right to take a life B) the state has the right to take a life but the individual does not C) the death penalty has noting to do with individual consequence and belief D) the deterrence figures have added up and the execution rate has fallen. Questions 41to 45 are based on the following passage. Do you forget to turn off the lights and heaters when you go out of a room? In 2040 it will not matter. They will turn themselves off and on again when you return. You will choose the temperatures for each room. The lighting and the humidity. A sensor will detect the presence of a human (and, with luck, ignore the dog!) and turn the systems on and when the humans leave it will turn them off again. The sensors will work through the central home computer. and they will do much more than just turn the fires and lights on and off for you . They will detect faulty electrical appliances, plugs or switches. isolate them so that they cannot harm anyone, and then warn you they need repair. They will detect fire and if you are out
of the house the computer will call the fire brigade. it will also call the police should the sensors detect an intruder This will not be too difficult because the locks on the outside doors will be electronic. You will open them using your personal card- the one you use for shopping-maybe using a number known only to you. Ii will be impossible to lose the key and. a housebreaker will have to tamper(拨弄) with the lock or with a window. It is not very difficult to make such tampering send a signal to the computer. The computer will be more than a fireman-policeman-servant. It will be an entertainer, and most of your entertainment will come right into your home. It does now, of course, but by 2040 "entertainment". will mean much more. For one thing, you will be able to take part actively rather than just watching. . .
  41. The author intends to tell us that . A) in 2040 we will live without the lights and heaters B) in 2040 we will use much more lights and heaters C) in 2040 there will be no switches of lights and heaters D) in 2040 lights and heaters will be on and off automatically
  42. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A) The sensor is multi-functional. B) Which of a computer, the sensor can not do much. C) The sensor will detect fire and make an emergency call.
D) You can be taken for an intruder it you tamper With the lock or with a window.
  43. According to the author, in 2040, new technology . A) will free us from the keys we use today B) will turn everything into sensors C) will make the locks out of date D) will eliminate all crimes
  44. Thanks to computers, in 2040 people . A) will have no entertainment outside B) will replace TV with computers C) will be controlled by computers D) will have more fun at home
  45. The best title for the passage might be . A) Sensors and Computers B) Life at Home in the Year 2040 C) The Development of Science and Technology D) Lights and Heaters in the Year 2040 Questions 46 to 50 are based on the following Passage. With the Switzerland-based Wrorl4 Wildlife Fund (WWF), China I Wildlife Fund (WWF), China is making a concerted and dedicated effort to save the end angered pandas. The results, officials here in Chengdu indicate, are mixed bur encouraging.
A clear disappointment is the failure to breed 1,andas in captivity, necessary if their decreasing numbers are to be replaced. Another failure has been the incapability to find a natural, readily available food to replace the arrow bamboo. Despite these failures, success has come on two fronts. One achievement has been the physical rescue effort. Some pandas have been kept alive by, salting( 空投 ) the mountains with ions of cooked meat, which pandas well eat as a substitute for bamboo, and by the planting of new bamboo in isolated areas. Animals in some Sichuan areas have been rescued by local peasants and by even emergency treatment by animal doctors. A second achievement is a massive fund-raising effort. Publicity about the panda's plight has resulted in a new $ 100000 emergency allocation by the WWF and independent fund drives both in China and abroad. In spite of this support, there have been conflicts in the panda relief program. One important problem is the difficulty Peking is having balancing the recommendations of environmentalists with China's ambitious goal of agricultural and industrial modernization . Wolong is but one example of this difficulty. This 494,000-aore preserve was declared a protected area in 19
  75. Yet
1800people ,mostly Tibetans, still live in the preserve, logging, trucks still roll down the narrow mountain roads , and blasting work still goes on at the site of a new 160000-kilowatt-hydroelectric plant Just six miles away. The means that the pandas' fight for survival will not be an easy one, with the concerted effort of man. For in the end, even if they can survive the dangers of the wild, they must still contend with man him self.
  46. Efforts to save the endangered pandas . A) have failed completely B) have proven highly successful C) have met with setbacks but brought hope D) have receive no response from the scientists
  47. Which of the following threatens the pandas' survival in the Wolong preserve? A) Local population . B) Economic development. C) Unfavorable environment. D)All of the above.
  48. All of the following help prevent the decline of the panda population EXCEPT . A) the reproduction of panda offspring during captivity B) the large-scale fund-raising drives C) the rescue of the injured and the sick
D) the cultivation of new bamboo forests
  49. If can be inferred from the passage that. A) Switzerland is the only country that contributes in the panda relief program B) the survival of pandas is an international concern C) it is too late to rescue the endangered pandas. D) the lovely pandas will soon die out
  50. The tone of the author's conclusion concerning pandas' survival is. A) worried B) optimistic C) angry D) impersonal Questions 51 to 55 are based on the following passage. Revenge is one of those things that everyone enjoys. People don't like to talk abou



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