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第 1 题(2007 年普通高等学校夏季招生考试英语(天津卷))B Charles Blackman : Alice in Wonderland An Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Australia 10 June 12 August 2007 Venue(地点) The Ian Potter Center Admission Free entry Charles Blackman is famous for his beautiful painting of dreams. In 1956 , he heard for the first time Lewis Carroll's extraordinary tale of Alice in Wonderland ?the story of a Victorian girl who falls down a rabbit hole. meets a lot of funny characters and experience all kinds of things . At that time . Blackman's wife was suffering form progressive blindness. The story of Alice moving through the strange situations. often disheartened by various events , was similar to his wife's experiences. It also reflector so much of his own life. All this contributed to the completion of the Alice in Wonderland paintings. Illustrator Workshop Go straight to the experts for an introductory course in book illustration. The course includes an introduction to the process of illustration and its techniques, workshop exercise and group projects. Date Sunday 17 June &Sunday 5Aug. 10am?1pm Venue Gas Works Arts Park Wonderful World Celebrate the exhibition and Children's Book Week with special activities just for the day. including a special visit from Alice and the White Rabbit Date Sunday 24 June , 11am?4pm Venue Exhibition Space . Level 3 Topsy- Turvy Visit the exhibition or discover wonderful curiosities in artworks in the NGV Collection and make a magic world in a box. Alice and the White Rabbit will be with you. Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland will be screened. Dates Sunday 8, 15, 22, 29 July , and Tuesday 24-Friday 27 July , 12noon?3pm Venue Theatre, NGV Australia Drawing Workshop Distortions of scale ( 比例失真) can make artworks strange but interesting . Find out how Charles Blackman distorted scale in his paintings to create a curious world . then experiment with scale in your own drawings. More information upon booking. Date Friday 27 July, 10:30am-3pm Venue Foryer , Level 3
  40. Charles Blackman's paintings come from A. his admiration for Lewis Carrioll B. his dream of becoming a famous artist C. his wish to express his own feelings D. his eagerness to cure his wife's illness
  41. Which two activities can you participate in on the same day? A . Illustrator Workshop and Wonderful World B. Illustrator Workshop and Drawing Workshop. C. Wonderful World and Topsy ?Turvy. D. Topsy-Turvy and Drawing Workshop.
  42. To understand the Alice in Wonderland paintings, you should go to 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚.www.ks5u.com 1
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A Exhibition Space . Level 3 B Gas Works Arts Park C Theatre , NGV Australia D Foyer, Level 3
  43. Activities concerning children's books are to be held A on June 24, 2007 B on July15, 2007 C on July 24, 2007 D on August 5, 2007 答案
  40. C 解析:这是一道推理题.根据第一段"The story of Alice ...,was similar to his wife's experience. It also reflected so much of his own life. All this contributed to the completion of the Alice in Wonderland paintings."可以推断出作者认为 Alice 的遭遇和他妻子的经历相似,(这个 小说)也很大程度反映了作者的生活,所以作者画了这些画.所以画画的目的是表达作者的感 受.
  41. D 解析:这是一道细节判断题.根据对于 Topsy-Turvy 和 Drawing Workshop 的介绍,这两个 活动都在 27 July 开放,具体时间在 12 noon-3 pm 有重叠,所以可以在同一天参加.
  42. D 解析:这是一道推断题.根据对于 Drawing Workshop 的介绍,"Find out how Charles Blackman distorted scale in his paintings to create a curious world."可以推断出这个展览是对于 Charles Blackman 绘画技巧的一个展示,所以想要理解作者这幅画,应该去参观这个展览,地点 在 Foyer,Level
  43. A 解析:这是一道推断题.根据对于 Wonderful world 的描述,"Celebrate the exhibition and Children's Book Week with special just for the day." 可知这个展览是关于儿童书籍的展览,时 间是 24 June,20
  07. 第 2 题(2007 年普通高等学校夏季招生考试英语(浙江卷))C Below is a web page from Google. Olympic?Modern Olympic Games The complete results archive of summer and winter Olympic games, with winners lists, statistics, national anthems and flags of all countries since 18
  96. www. olympic. it/english/home-16kEnvironment Beijing steel plants to run at the lowest level of cost during 2008 Olympics [2007-03-11] Beijing able to treat 90 pct of waste water [2007-02-05] Air quality in Beijing has improved over the past six years [2007-02-01]Green Olympics dream coming true … en. Beijing20
  80.shtml-52kBeijing announces planned route of Olympic torch relay Beijing announced the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay route and set off the Olympic Games torch on Thursday. … Green Olympics is one of the three concepts of the Beijing Games, … english.china.com/zh_cn/news/sports/11059227/140696
  63.html-26kEnvironmental Symbol of Beijing Olympics ?'Green Olympics' Environmental Symbol of Beijing Olympics ?'Green Olympics', officially announced on Saturday, 24 September 20
  05. The symbol, created using a calligraphic art form, is composed of human and tree-like shapes, … my.opera.com/green_head/blog/show.dml/92155-18kGreen Olympics Forum In Beijing 2004 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚.www.ks5u.com 2
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On behalf of BOCOG, Wang Wei, executive vice president of BOCOG, gave a presentation about Green Olympics, introduced the environment protection work of BMG and BOCOG, and answered several questions such as protection of cultural relics … en.beijing20
  84.shtml-36kOlympic Games Quizzes and Olympic Games Trivia Who was the founder of the Modern Olympics? In which cities were the modern Olympic Games due to be held/ scheduled during the 'war years', i.e., 1916, 1940, and 1944? … In which three years of the Modern Olympic Games were … More questions … www.funtrivia.com/quizzes/sports/ olympic_games.html-12kOFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT … aimed at young researchers engaged in scholarly research on the Olympic Movement, its history and values, and the impact of the …[ Full story] SPORT ACCORD[2005-01-23]… www.olympic.org/Ancient Olympic Heritage and Modern Olympic Games in Athens 2004 As put forward in the various official texts, the Olympic symbols of ancient Olympia, the Olympic flame and the Marathon race are bridges between the ancient and the modern Olympic Games, … www.c20
  48. When was the environmental symbol of Beijing Olympics made public? A. On January 23, 20
  05. B. On September 24, 20
  05. C. On February 5, 20
  07. D. On March 11, 20
  49. Which of the following websites is designed for young researchers interested in the Olympics? A. Environment B. Green Olympics Forum In Beijing 2004 C. Olympic Games Quizzes and Olympic Games Trivia D. OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT
  50. Which website provides a complete list of the winners in the Olympic Games? A. Olympic?Modern Olympic Games B. Green Olympics Forum In Beijing 2004 C. Environmental Symbol of Beijing Olympics ?'Green Olympics' D. Ancient Olympic Heritage and Modern Olympic Games in Athens 2004
  51. What do we learn from the above web page? A. Beijing has made efforts to improve its air quality. B. The Olympic torch relay route has not been planned. C. The Olympic flags will be on display in Athens. D. A quiz on the Olympics will be held in Beijing. 答案
  48. B 解析:这是一道细节题.根据短文中的"Environmental Symbol of Beijing Olympics ?'Green Olympics',officially announced on Saturday,24 September 20
  05."可判断出北京奥林匹克运动会 的绿色奥运标志是在 2005 年 9 月 24 日发布的.
  49. D 解析:这是一道细节题.根据短文中的"...aimed at young researchers engaged in scholarly research on the Olympic Movement,its history and values,and the impact of the..."可判断出 OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT 网站是为对奥运会感兴趣的年轻研究者设计 的. 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚.www.ks5u.com 3
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  50.A 解析:这是一道细节题.由"The completer results archive of summer and winter Olympic games,with winners lists,statistics,national anthems and flags of all countries since 1896"可判断 出 Olympic?Modern Olympic Games 提供奥林匹克运动会获奖者名单.
  51.A 解析:这是一道细节题.根据短文中的"Air quality in Beijing has improved over the past six years"可判断出通过这个网页我们可以了解到北京尽力改善北京的空气质量. 第 3 题(2007 年普通高等学校夏季招生考试英语(福建卷))D

  68.The best title of the 3nl advertisement would be A.Training at Home B.Learning at Home C.Recording Work D.Working at Home
  69.According to the information above, if your child has hearing problems, you can turn . A.At-Home Profession Corp. B.Globe Insurance Company C.Bradford Publications D.American Inventors Corp.
  70.From the advertisements above, we can learn that . A.Globe Insurance Company has a history of 51 years B.as a medical transcriptionist, you may earn $ 25,000 a month C.Bradford Publications offers a treatment to hearing impaired parents 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚.www.ks5u.com 4
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D.you can visit www. aic. com when you invent a new model of hearing aid 答案
  68. D 解析:这是一道主旨题.广告的标题需要吸引人,第三个广告是招募医学录音打字员, 这个职位吸引人的地方是可以在家里工作.干扰项是 A 项,文中也提到可以在家里接受培 训,但是培训的目的是为了工作,所以吸引人的是在家里工作而不是在家里培训.
  69. C 解析:这是一道推断题.根据第二个广告"Can you afford to raise your hearing impaired child without the insights this highly valued book has to offer?"所以这个广告主要针对家里有 听力障碍的儿童的父母,这样的父母应该联系 Bradford Publications.
  70. D 解析: 这是一道推断题. 根据第一个广告"We have been assisting inventors since 19
  75.Full range of patenting and marketing services."可以推断出如果发明了一个新的助听装置, 应该联 系一个广告的发布者 www.aic.com.. 第 4 题(2007 年普通高等学校夏季招生考试英语(湖南卷))B Welcome to my Message Board! Subject: Slimming down classics? Mr. Hands ome 20075-12 6: 34 AM Orion Books, which decides there is a market in creating cut-down classics (经典著作), is slimming down some novels by such great writers as L. Tolstoy, M. Mitchell and C. Bronte. Now, each of them has been whittled down to about 400 pages by cutting 30 to 40 pages per cent of original, with words, sentences, paragraphs and, in a few cases, chapters removed. The first six shortened editions, all priced at £
  6.99 and advertised as great reads "in half the time", will go on sale next month, with plans for 50 to 100 more to follow. The publishing house believes that modern readers will welcome the shorter versions. Well, I'm publisher of Orion Group. Thanks for your attention, Mr. Handsome. I must say, the idea developed from a game of "shame" in my office. Each of us was required to confess (承认) to the most embarrassing blanks in his or her reading. I admitted that I had never read Anna Karenina and tried but failed to get through Gone with the Wind several times. One of my colleagues acknowledged skipping (跳读) Jane Eyre. We realized that life is too short to read all the books you want to and we never were going to read these ones. As a leading publishing house, we are trying to make classics convenient for readers but it's not as if we're withdrawing the original versions. They are still there if you want to read them. I'm director of the online bookclub www.lovereading.co.uk Mr. Edwards, I think your shortened editions is a breath of fresh air. I'm guilty of never having read Anna Karenina, because it's just so long. I'd much rather read two 300-page books than one 600-page book. I am looking forward to more shortened classics! I'm from the London independent bookshop Corckatt & Powell. 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚.www.ks5u.com 5
Mr. Edwa rds 20075-12 9: 40 AM
Ms. Weir 20075-12 11:35 AM Mr.
高考资源网(www.ks5u.com) ,您身边的高考专家
Crock att 20075-12 4:38 PM
  60. According to the message board, Orion Books . A. opposes the reading of original classics B. is embarrassed for cutting down classics C. thinks cut-down classics have a bright future D. is cautions in its decision to cut down classics
  61. In Mr. Edwards' opinion, Orion Group is shortening classics to . A. make them easier to read B. meet a large demand in the market C. increase the sales of literary books D. compete with their original versions
  62. By describing the shortened classics as "a breath of fresh air", Ms. Weir . A. speaks highly of the cut-down classics B. shows her love for original classics C. feels guilty of not reading the classics D. disapprove of shortening the classics
  63. Mr. Cr



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