1998 年英语专业四级考试真题 PART Ⅳ CLOZE [15 MIN] The way that people spend their money, and the objects on which they spend it, are the last areas where free choice and individuality can be expressed. The choice reflects personal taste, the way people see themselves and the fantasies they (
  26) about their lives, the restrictions on money available (
  27) them, the presence of others in the family with a (
  28) on that money, and the influence of current convention, (
  29) , surroundings and locality. Shopping is an important human activity. Yet shoppers are (
  30) with a confusing situation and a(n) (
  31) changing one. The confusion arises from the claims (
  32) adverting, from inadequate information about new products, new materials, new places to shop--a confusion enhanced by rising prices and a (n) ( 33 ) choice of goods than ever before. The search (
  34) the right purchase is based on ignorance of (
  35) own needs and ignorance of the product's (
  36) for those needs. When choosing any particular item, there are several lines of communication which might provide some guidance. (
  37) none of these is entirely satisfactory. For example, you can ask a shop assistant initially. (
  38) you find one, she may quite (
  39) not know the answers. She may be a schoolgirl with a Saturday job, or a housewife (
  40) part-time.
  26. [A] imagine
  27. [A] to
  28. [A] right
  29. [A] growth
  30. [A] dealt
  31. [A] suddenly
  32. [A] made by
  33. [A] ampler
  34. [A] from
  35. [A] their
  36. [A] fitness
  37. [A] And
  38. [A] Even ff
  39. [A] generally
  40. [A] studying PART Ⅴ [B] possess [B] for [B] demand [B] upbringing [B] faced [B] instantly [B] seen in [B] larger [B] into [B] one's [B] use [B] Still [B] Although [B] authentically [B] practicing [C] have [C] with [C] request [C] cultivation [C] coped [C] rapidly [C] hinted at [C] broader [C] for [C] his [C] value [C] Yet [C] Because [C] innocently [C] working [15 MIN] [D]own [D] of [D] claim [D] expansion [D] greeted [D] readily [D] set in [D] wider [D] with [D] her [D] worth [D] Even [D] While [D] genuinely [D] shopping

  41. John is __ hardworking than his sister, but he failed in the exam. [A] no less [B] no more [C] not less
[D] no so

  42. She remembered sever, d occasions in the past __ she had experienced a similar feeling. [A] while [B] before [C] that [D] when
  43. ff your car __ any attention during the first12 months, take it to an authorized dealer.
[A] shall need
[B] should need
[C] would need
[D] will need

  44. The indoor swimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxurious than__ [A] is necessary [B] being necessary [C] to be necessary [D] it is necessary
  45. __, he can now only watch it on TV at home. [A] Obtaining not a ticket for the match [C] Not having obtained a ticket for the match
[B] Not obtaining a ticket for the match [D ] Not obtained a ticket for the match

  46. The children prefer camping in the mountains __ an indoor activity. [A] to [B] than [C] for
[D] with

  47. Language belongs to each member of the society, to the cleaner__ to the professor. [A] as far as [B] the same as [C] as much as [D] as long as
  48. __ he needed money for a new car, he decided not to borrow it from the bank. [A] Much as [B] Much though [C] As much [D] Though much
  49. The Clarks haven't decided yet which hotel [A] to stay [B] is to stay
[C] to stay at
[D] is for staying

  50. His strong sense of humor was __ make everyone in the room burst out laughing. [A] so as to [B] such as to [C] so that [D] such that
  51. __ enough time and money, the researcher would have been able to discover more in this field. [A] Giving [B] To give [C] Given [D] Being given
  52. You __ Mark anything. It was none of his business. [A] needn’t have told [B] needn't tell [C] mustn't have told
  53. The membership card entitled him [A] on [B] in
[D] mustn't tell
certain privileges in the dub. [C] at [D] to

  54. Obviously, the Chairman's remarks at the conference were __ and not planned. [A] substantial [B] spontaneous [C] simultaneous [D] synthetic
  55. For the success of the project, the company should __ the most of the opportunities at hand. [A] obtain [B] grasp [C] catch [D] make
  56. Failure to follow the club rules __ him from the volleyball team. [A] disfavored [B] dispelled [C] disqualified
[D] dismissed

  57. The discovery of new oil-fields in various parts of the country filled the government with __ hope. [A] eternal [B] infinite [C] ceaseless [D] everlasting

  58. At first the company refused to purchase the equipment, but __ this decision was revised. [A] subsequently [B] successively [C] predominantly [D] preliminarily
  59. The local police are authorized to __ anyone's movements as they think fit. [A] pause [B] halt [C] repel [D] keep
  60. Have you ever received __ of what has happened to her? [A] the word [B] words [C] word
  61. Twelve is to three [A] what four is to one. [B] as
[D] the words
[C] that
[D] like

  62. Things went well for her during her early life but in her middle age her __ seemed to change. [A] affair [B] luck [C] event [D] chance
  63. Although I spoke to her about the matter several times, she took little __ of what I said. [A] remark [B] warning [C] notice [D] attention
  64. The scheme was __ when it was discovered it would be very costly. [A] resigned [B] surrendered [C] released
  65. Yesterday my aunt bought some new __ for her flat at the seaside. [A] furniture [B] furnitures [C] possession [D] possessions
[D] abandoned



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