Note: This English Examination Paper includes six items. Please write all your swers on the separate Answer Sheet.
I. Choose the correct answer and write it on the Answer Sheet by blackening the corresponding letter Only one answer is correct. (20 points)
l. Susan and I often __, but we're good friends.
A. discuss B. disagree
C. dislike D. dismiss

  2. He is happy with the price and __ to pay.
A. will B. willing
C. unwilling D. willingly

  3. Scientists know that the combination of extreme heat and pressure changes carbon __diamonds
A. for B. as
C.into D. from

  4. As __ as we don't lose heart, we'll find a way to overcome the difficulty.
A. Long B. far
C. soon D. much

5 . We expressed the hope__ they would come and visit China again.
A. which B. in which
C. that D. in that

  6. A good song lends comfort to people they feel less lonely.
A. when B. unless
C. in that D. so that

  7. Our government always attention to the well-being of the people.
A.plays B. passes
C. pays D. places

  8. The day will come we will be from air pollution.
A. when B. what
C. why D. where

  9. So fast light travel that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed.
A.as B. that
C. does D. what

  10. It is because he was ill he didn' t go to school.
A. so B. that
C. why D. which

ll. if we the l0 o' clock train, we might get there by lunchtime.
A. catch B. caught
C. take D. watched

  2. I going to the cinema to watching TV at home.
A. pick B. choose
C. select D.prefer

  3. one of the two dictionaries is , the other is my colleague' s.
A. my B. myself
C. mine D. mine's

  14. Practice is the to any skill.
A. key B. tip
C. end D. aim

  5. It to me that l had already bought her a gift.
A. switched B. reminded
C. returned D. occurred

l6 listening to what the teacher says in class less work later.
A. mean B. means
C. meant D. meaning

  7. Exercise, fresh air, and sleep are to our health.
A. enough B- efficient
C. essential D. external
  8. My papers seem to be everywhere where they ought to be.
A. except B. besides
C. beside D. in addition to

  19. If you want to save money, you should no buy the watch.
A. necessary B. expensive
C. convenient D. impossible

2O. Good reading habits are no only an important study skill for the student, an
important life
skill for anyone .
A. as well as B. and also
C. rather than D. but also

Ⅱ. For each blank in the following passage, choose one from the four choices
given that is
mot suitable and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer sheet. (l0
learning goes on by adding new facts or skills to 1 the learner has. Each new fact or skill is easier to add than any that was learned before it. Thus the mere one knows about a subject the easier 2 to learn new things about it.Although memory is important, study is not a 3 of memory only. Arithmetic problems for instance, are mainly practice in using numbers in ways already 4
Reading, spelling, and writing are skill subjects 5 and require. They are also tool subjects 6 which the learner can increase his knowledge. The sciences, language arts, and social studies are skill subjects only 7 . they the give the learner practice in understanding relationships 8 ideas and events, or cause and effect.Some facts and skids are learned by 9 activities. Some are learned by watching what others do or by reading about what happened. 10 every case one learns faster if he has a background of information from experience or study .
(l) A. that B. which C. those D. these
  2) A. there is B. he has C. that is D.it is
  3) A. matter B. work C. lot D role
  4) A. learned B. being learned C. to be learned D. to have learned
  5) A. yet B. too C. eiti1er D. however
  6) A. as a result of B. by means of' C. in regard to D. in addition to
  7) A. in turn B. in case C. in part D. in place
  8) A. in B. out of C. for D. between
  9) A. taking part in B. taking advantage of
C. keeping up with D. giving rise to
  0)A. For B. On C. In D. At

III. Red the following passage and choose the correct answer to each question by
blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer sheet. (20 points)
Hobbies -- Using Leisure for Pleasure
In all history, when men have had free time they have turned to a hobby for pleasure. The cavemen were our first known creative hobbyists. In the free time
they had after the hunting and fighting that were necessary to keep them alive, some turned to drawing. They drew and scratched on the walls of their caves crude pictures of the animals they knew and the battles they had fought.From the dawn of history to the pmt day men have left records of the fun they have had "riding a hobby" .Gorge Washington was one of the first busy hobbyists in American history. As a youngster he was interested in mathematics, This interest led to his early years as a surveyor. His early agricultural experiments added to his success as a farmer. He found time to design furniture that added beauty to his home at Mount Vernon. His study of evening skies with a primitive telescope increased his knowledge of his own world. He also made a collection of varieties of tea. All these interests added to his enjoyment of living.
Today hobbies are more important than ever. We have more leisure than we have ever had in the Past. The shorter workweek and the fact that we will live longer than our parents and grandparents give us this new leisure. Throughout our lives each of
us will have thousands of be house after studying and working. Interesting hobbies can be the best answer to the question of how to use these home. The early choice of hath indoor and outdoor hobbies can make the difference between wasting a big Part of our lives and enjoying full, creative lives.The hobby you choose be one that will keep you interested all your life. On the other hand it may be one that you win outgrow all it mp be necessary to choose another. for hobbies lead directly to jobs, others just to continuous Pleasure.Hobby activity is possible in almost every field. There are creative-art hobbies, science hobbies and nature hobbies that attract many people. Collecting, photography, and sports are also very popular hobbies. Some other people may find their pleasure in cooking, gardening, raising pets, or model building- Whatever the bobby -- it is good if it keeps you busy and happy.
l . A hobby is in one's free time.
A. an interesting occupation B. a regular business
C. a Part-time job D. a harmful activity

  2. One of the hobbies we knew the cavemen had was .
A. hunting B. fighting
C. drawing D. riding

  3. "the dawn Of history" in Paragraph I refers to .
A. the time to history began
B- an unknown period of time in man's history
C. the time before man has a written history
D. the time after man has written down his history

  4. Which of he following is not mentioned in Paragraph 2 as George Washington's hobby?
A. Doing agricultural experiments B. Designing furniture
C. Watching evening skies D. Collecting postage stamps
5 .George Washington's early interest in helped him know his own world better -
A. mathematics B. farming
C. astronomy D. tea collection

  6. George Washington had his early hobbies because .
A. he wanted to work as a surveyor
B. he thought he may later become a farmer
C. he enjoyed those activities in his life
D. he had nothing else to do in his free time

  7. According to the Passage, the major reason for hobbies to play an important role today is that
A. we have to work harder in the modem world
B. we have more free time than ever before
C. we are more interested in the world around us
D. we have a wider mp of interest in our life
8, Which of the following statements is true according to the Passage?
A. Primitive people have left no records of their hobbies.
B.You don' t hay to choose a hobby since that makes no difference.
C. When you have chose a hobby, you will never change your interest
D. Some hobbies may waste a great deal of our time

  9. A good hobby must be one that
A. will keep you interested all your life
B. leads directly to jobs
C. keeps you busy and happy
D.requires little money and much effort

  10. Which of the following belongs to creative-art hobbies?
A. Cooking B. Playing cards
C. Collecting ancient coins D. Painting

IV. fill in the blanks with the given verbs in their proper forms Write your answers on the Answer Sheet . (l0 points)
l. We will go to the Great Wall if it (be) fine tomorrow-

  2. In 1995, a strong earthquake (take) place in Japan.

  3. By the end of last year they (heat) 26,000patients.

  4. The People's Republic of China (found) in l9

  5. (design) by a pop of experts, the bridge was quite a success.

  6. I happened (meet) him in the street yesterday.

  7. He enjoyed (take) the children out for long walks.

  8. Do you know the man (stand) at the entrance?

  9. If I (not see) it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.

  10. No decision (make) so far.
V. Translate the following sentences into English. Write them on the Answer Sheet. (20points)





VI- Translate the five sentences underlined in the following Passage into Chinese. Write them on the Answer Sheet. (20points)
0ne reason so many of us are disappointed and worried today is that we are using our heads toomuch and our hands too little. (l )Nature provides us with hands and when a man lets them grow useless and clumsy(笨拙),he is trying to oppose nature.
The trouble with that man, with millions of men and women like him, is that he is trying to live with only his brain functioning.Three years ago a lawyer I know began to feel that he was going stale .He knew something was missing in his life, but he didn' t know what. On impulse (冲动) one day he decided to make a small table for his living room. (2 )Newer before had he made anything with his hands ,but he ordered lumber(木料)and tools, He worked till midnight the first night.
"A curious thing happened to me, lf he told me. (
  3)”As that table, clumsy though it was, began to take shape under my hands ,I was actually creating something.”That lawyer has now rigged up (装配) a carpenter's shop in his basement and Puts
in five orsit hours a week down there.
(4 )”When I’m working in my shop,” he told me the other day, “I lose all thoughts of worry and responsibility ,and my mind clears up link the air after a storm."That feeling isn' t silly at all. Psychologically, it's absolutely sound. Every
creator feels the identical sense of self-expression and satisfaction in his work, whether it is a kitchen chair or a
Gothic cathedral' (5 )The importance lies in what you put into your work yourself ? not what the world thinks of the result.




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