2002 年研究生入学考试英语作文例文及个别偏难单词翻译 As is shown in the picture, a young American girl is wearing traditional Chinese dress and ornaments(饰) and is smiling sweetly. It may be an ordinary picture, but it conveys (传达)deep and profound(深奥的) meaning: national culture is also international( 国际的) culture. Ever since we opened our door to the world, we have attracted and influenced by things from other cultures, such as jeans(牛仔 裤), country music and fast food. We have shown such interest in them that some people, especially the younger generation, become crazy about them. The more exotic(异国的) they are, the more fashionable they seem to be. Now, begun to show its charm(吸引 力) and gain popularity all over the world. Our national costume (服装), just as shown in the picture, Beijing Opera, Cross Talk(相 声), for example, have won favor ( 好意,喜爱)with a lot of foreigners. As national culture becomes international culture, people in the world better understand each other. We are all villagers(乡下人) in this global village(地球村). Mutual(共同的,相互的) respect and understanding make this world a better place to live in. 2003 年研究生入学考试英语作文例文及个别偏难单词翻译 As is shown in the two pictures, the same flower has different fate(命运)when put in different situations(状况;情境;局面). When there is protection, the flower blooms beautifully. However, when exposed(暴露)directly to rain and storm, the flower quickly withers(枯萎). We can safely come to the conclusion (结论;结 局;推论)that greenhouse flowers cannot withstand rain and storm. The same is true with our children. As the one-child policy(独 生子女政策 ) is adopted in China, more and more parents overprotect their children. With everything done for them and every need satisfied by their parents or grandparents, these only children seem to be healthy, happy and high-spirited. But when they leave home, they become disappointed and frustrated(失败的,
Facing harsh(粗糙的,刺耳的,严厉的) things they have never experienced before, such as competition(比赛,竞争) from peers (平辈), criticism(批评,评论)from supervisors(监察人), pressure for deadlines( 截止日期)and restriction {n,限制,约束 vi 结果,(作为结 果)发生}for discipline(训练,纪律,惩罚), they will be at a loss, miserable(悲惨的,痛苦的) or even desperate(不顾一切的,绝望的). In fact, the more protection they get from their parents, the less ability they acquire(获得,取得,学到). Parents’ love for their children turns out to be a disaster(灾难). Children, like flowers, should be treated with care, but reasonable and sensible( 明理的,明智的) ways of doing things will help to bring about more fruitful(多产的,富有成效的) results, if we not only love our children but also teach them how to love, our love will be passed down from generation to generation; if we not only solve problems for our children but also encourage (鼓励,激励,支 持)them to solve problems, our diligence (勤奋)and ingenuity (智巧,创 造力,精巧的设计)will make our life more meaningful(意义深长的) and worthwhile. 2004 年研究生入学考试英语作文例文及个别偏难单词翻译 Look at this picture. A man is running toward the end of a race (种族,赛跑), sweating all over. Perhaps there is nothing special about the man and the race, yet the end line leaves a deep impression on us for it is both “finish line” and “starting line” if we look at it from a different angle(角度). The picture tells us a lot about life. An ordinary runner may think that his achievement(成就,成绩,完成,达到)calls for celebration (典礼,宗教仪式,庆祝会) for he has reached his goal. But an ambitious(热望的,有雄心的,有抱负的) runner will well realize that his success is the starting point for a new race. Obviously, the way we look at things determines how far we will go. If we feel satisfied with the ability to read and write, perhaps we will not strive(努力)to get a college education. Again, if we think a Bachelor(学士) degree is quite enough, we will not take pains to pass the examination for postgraduate. Life is just like an endless
race. If we don’t prepare for new races, we are either disqualified (不合格的) from the race or surpassed(超过)by others. That’s why the finish line is also a starting live. I like this picture. I may have been running this endless race, but I have been pushed forward by my parents or people around me. From now on, I will become more active and take the initiative (创始的,初步的), for the picture has really enlightened(被启发的) me.
05 年第一篇
A Letter, to Quit Jun 22, 2005 Dear Mr. Wang, First of all, please allow me to express my deep sorry to you for my resignation(辞职). I do know that this will bring about much trouble to you so that I write to you for my explanation. I decided to quit for some reasons as follows. To begin with, the job as an editor for the magazine Designs & Fashions is not suitable to me. What’s more, I am preparing for another degree and I prefer to further my study. Again, I apologize for my resignation to you! I am looking forward to your early reply. Sincerely(真诚地) yours, Li Ming
05 年第二篇 年第二篇
A Helpless Father The picture ironically(讽刺地)shows that a pitiable (可怜的)old man in rags(抹布)is being helplessly kicked(踢)off by his three sons and a daughter, who all wear decent(得体的)clothes. The father’s negligent (疏 忽的)children are all guarding(监护的)their home gates lest their old father “roll into”(滚进)their households. In other words, they four ignore (不顾)their moral(有道德的,寓意) sense of assuming(傲慢的,推论) the responsibility(责任)for their old father even though they may be all living a satisfying life. That is a painful scene we often encounter (遭遇) in our daily life. Sad to say, the moral decline(n,跌落,衰微 v,降低,婉谢)of the younger generations may be a rather explosive {爆炸(性)的}situation in our modern society. People definitely(确切地)have their living conditions improved by
wider and wider margins(边际), as evidenced by the four children’s decent dressing, but their moral sense still remains sadly unchanged or in some cases becomes dramatically (显著)downgrading(下降). Most people might have become too much self-centered, and even worse, they discard (丢弃)the tradition of giving respect to the elderly. They no longer care for their elders, let alone their neighbors or the disadvantaged(处于不利地位 的); instead they try every means to avoid responsibility(责任)for other citizens. When one cares for others, one might even appear stupid or may even be distrusted. Therefore, we have to take some useful measures to avoid the scene that is mentioned (提及的)above. We must launch a variety of campaigns (活 动)about the return to the good tradition of giving help and love the elderly. Moreover, we must appeal to our government to establish(建立)some relevant(相关的)laws to punish those who avoid their duties. The last but not the least, our respect for age is an indication( 象征)of the progress of human society, as imperatives( 祈使句)of traditions require. We sincerely wish that the old man could be welcome to any of the four households, elegantly(优致地)dressed, and a smile on the face.
06 年第一篇
Dear Sir or Madam, As a college student who is studying and living in a good environment, I wish to contribute to Project Hope (希望工程)by offering financial(财政 的)assistance(援助)to a child in a remote(偏僻的)area. Having conceived(构思)such a plan for a long time, I write this letter to request your help to recommend(推荐)a proper candidate(候选人). I wonder if it is convenient(方便的)for you if three things concerning (关于)the child are taken into consideration(考虑,体贴). First, the child should come from Gansu Province, for I intend to help a child from my hometown. Second, it will be better if the child is a primary(初期的)school student. I hope I will help him/her from the very beginning. In addition, he/she must be willing to return to his hometown to help built it after graduation from university. My plan will be carried out as follows. On one hand, I will remit (汇 出)at least 2,000 Yuan in cash every year until he/she finishes his/her education before entering college. On the other hand, I decide to teach the child math and English in person during my summer vacation, which will surely be more beneficial(有益的)to the child.
Your prompt (及时)help would be highly appreciated(感激). And I am looking forward to your reply very soon. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
06 年第二篇
How ironic(讽刺的)the two pictures are in describing one of the most widespread social phenomena(现象) concerning idol(偶像)adoration (崇拜)! In the first picture, a young man writes the name of Beckham on his face. In the second picture, another young man spends 300 Yuan in dealing with his hair to make himself look like Beckham. The meaning conveyed in the two pictures reveals(揭示) that in current(现在的) China some young people are losing themselves. I am greatly shocked by the enthusiasm(热情)for this British football superstar shown by these two young men. Frankly speaking, things of this kind really happen among us. Some people, especially college students, do nothing but concentrate(专心)on imitating (模仿)superstars. This does great harm to their study and growth. If we can’t stop the worsening(变坏)of this tendency(趋势), our own culture will be damaged, and we ourselves will be the ultimate(最终)victims(受害者). From my point of view, a lot of measures should be taken to save our losing culture and re-find ourselves. In fact, some measures have already been taken. In my university, campaigns(活动)have been launched to educate people to pay more attention to our traditional culture and read more books instead of focusing(专注)on our appearances(外表). As a result, we have witnessed some improvements but still there is a long way to go.
07 年第一篇
January 20th, 2007 Dear Sir or Madam, I’m a student in the university and a loyal(忠诚的) reader of t his library(图书馆). I’m writing to tell some of my ideas, which I h ope to be helpful for you.
I notice that many magazines in our library are out of date. It would be beneficial to us students if they could be updated in time. And I suggest introducing some new journals(学报) so as to bring new fresh air to the library. Furthermore, since we have a huge number of books, it is not easy to find the right one easily. However, if we can introduce some new searching means, such as implementing (实现) new information management system that would be useful. Thank you for taking time reading this letter and I’m looking for ward to seeing some new changes soon. Sincerely Yours, Li Ming
07 年第二篇
As can be seen from the cartoon(卡通), different ideas may co me from the same thing. In the picture, while trying to catch the u pcoming(即将来临) soccer(英式足球), the goal-keeper(守门员) sa ys to himself why it is so big. And, the striker(前锋) simply thinks in a different way, that is why it is so small?! What makes such a big contrary(相反) on the same tourname nt(比赛) at the same moment? It is no doubt that they are facing the very same goal and experiencing the very same moment. How ever, the subjective(主观) views result in different impression on t he same object(对象). Many of us may still remember the story of a pony(小马) crossing the river, which we learned from the textb ook in primary school. The squirrel(松鼠) tells him, the river is de ep; and the cow(牛) tells him, the river is not deep at all. Howev
er, in the end, he tells himself a third answer. Therefore, it is not e xaggerating(夸大) to say that most of us are looking into the worl d with personal ideas. Subjective(主观) mental status(状态) may result in a really big difference in personal views, just like the goalkeeper and the striker in the drawing. A possible solution might be to face any situation as objectively as possible. If we realize this in an objective way, it would be goo d for us to deal with what we encounter in life, especially when we are in setbacks(挫折) or facing difficulties(困难).
08 年第一篇
Dear Bob, I am writing to express my apology to you. Several days ago, I borrowed your music CD when I lived in yo ur house. Unfortunately, after I came back from Canada, I found it in my luggage(皮箱). I was in such a hurry that I forgot to return it to you. I will send it to you by post or express as



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