PartⅠ Listening Comprehension(15minutes 15%)(共15题 略)

Part II Reading Comprehension:

Directions: There are some reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and write down the corresponding letter in the Answer Sheet.

I hear many parents complaining that their teenage children are rebelling, I wish it were so. At your age you ought to be growing away from your parents. You should be learning to stand on your own two feet.

But take a good look at the present rebellion. It seems that teenagers are all taking the same way of showing that they disagree with their parents.(
  86)Instead of striking out boldly on their own, most of them are clutching at(attempting to seize) one anothers hands for reassurance.
They claim they want to dress as they please. But they all wear the same clothes. They set off in new directions in music. But somehow they all end up crowded round listening to the same record. Their reason for thinking or acting in thusandsuch a way is that the crowd is doing it. They have come out of their cocoon(蚕茧) into a larger cocoon.
It has become harder and harder for a teenager to stand up against the popularity wave and to go his or her own way. Industry firmly carved out a teenage market. These days every teenager can learn from the advertisements what a teenager should have and be. And many of todays parents have come to award high marks for the popularity of their children. All this adds up to a great barrier for the teenager who wants to find his or her own path.
But the barrier is worth climbing over. The path is worth following. You may want to listen to classical music instead of going to a party. You may want to collect rocks when everyone else is collecting records. You may have some thoughts that you don care to share at once with your classmates. Well, go to it. Find yourself. Be yourself. Popularity will comewith the people who respect you for who you are. Thats the only kind of popularity that really counts.

  16. The authors purpose writing this passage is to tell .
A) readers how to be popular in with around
B) teenagers how to learn to decide things for themselves
C) parents how to control and guide their children
D) people how to understand and respect each other

  17. According to the author, many teenagers think they are brave enough to act on their own, but, in fact, most of them .
A) have much difficulty understanding each other
B) lack confidence
C) dare not cope with problems singlehanded
D) are very much afraid of getting lost

  18. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
A) There is no popularity that really counts.
B) What many parents are doing is in fact hindering their children from finding their own paths.
C) It is not necessarily bad for a teenager to disagree with his or her classmates.
D) Most teenagers claim that they want to do what they like to, but they are actually doing the same.

  19. The author thinks of advertisements as .
A) convincing B) influential C) instructive D) authoritative

  20. During the teenage years, one should learn to .
A) differ from others in as many ways as possible
B) get into the right season and become popular
C) find ones real self
D) rebel against parents and the popularity waves

The greatest recent changes have been in the lives of women. During the twentieth century there was an unusual shortening of the time of a woman’s life spent in caring for children. A woman marrying at the end of the 19th century would probably have been in her middle twenties, and would be likely to have seven or eight children, of whom four or five lived till they were five years old. By the time the youngest was fifteen, the mother would have been in her early fifties and would expect to live a further twenty years, during which custom, chance and health made it unusual for her to get paid work. Today women marry younger and have fewer children. Usually a woman’s youngest child will be fifteen when she is fortyfive and is likely to take paid work until retirement at sixty. Even while she has the care of children ,her work is lightened by household appliances(家用电器)and convenience foods.

  87)This important change in women’s way of life has only recently begun to have its full effect on women’s economic position. Even a few years ago most girls left school at the first opportunity and most of them took a fulltime job. However, when they married, they usually left work at once and never returned to it. Today the schoolleaving age is sixteen, many girls stay at school after that age, and though women tend to marry younger ,more married women stay at work at least until shortly before their first child is born. Many more after wads, return to full or parttime work. Such changes have led to a new relationship in marriage, with both husband and wife accepting a greater share of the duties and satisfaction of family life, and with both husband and wife sharing more equally in providing the money and running the home, according to the abilities and interest of each of them.

  21.According to the passage, it is now quite usual for women to .

A. stay at home after leaving school B. marry men younger than themselves

C. start working again later in life D. marry while still at school

  22.We are told that in an average family about 19

A. many children died before they were five

B. the youngest child would be fifteen

C. seven of eight children lived to be more than five

D. four or five children died when they were five

  23. Many girls, the passage says, are now likely to .

A. marry so that they can get a job

B. leave school as soon as they can

C. give up their jobs for good after they are married

D. continue working until they are going to have a baby

  24.One reason why the women of today takes a job is that she .

A. is younger when her children are old enough to look after themselves

B. does not like children herself

C. need not worry about food for her children

D. can retire from family responsibilities

  25. Nowadays, a husband tends to .

A. play a greater part in looking after the children

B. help his wife by doing most of the housework

C. feel dissatisfied with role in the family

D. take a parttime jib so that he can help in the home

He slept for a good six hours, and the sun was high when he awoke . As he sat up and yawned a pair of strong hands seized his shoulders, and in a moment his wrists were tied tightly together behind his back . He turned and stared into Bronco’s hairy face. “What’s this?” he said . The old man tested the knots before answering. “Orders , Black Peter’s changed his mind . Until we can check on you . ”

Martin swore loudly , then asked if he could talk to Black Peter . Branko shook his head . “He’s busy.” Martin was seized by despair. Now all his plans might fall unless he could gain the confidence of Black Peter .

After some thought he stood up and walked to the mouth of the tunnel. Branko followed. The grassy hollows were alive with men busy with their various duties . There must have been a stream somewhere nearby, for a long line of men were taking their horses to the water ; others were setting up tents and lighting fire .(
  88) Immediately opposite was another tunnel at the entrance of which stood two guards armed with guns . Behind them Martin made out the giant form of Black Peter . “There he is , ”he said . “I must talk to him.” Branko tried to stop him , but he pushed him aside , walked to the mouth of the tunnel and called out : “ Black Peter ! I must talk to you . ”

The leader of the White Eagles was seated on a wooden box , deep in conversation with two roughlooking men . “What is it ? ” he said . “ Why are you checking on me ? ”Martin replied . “ I need to be sure bout you , ” said Black Peter . “There’s too much to close .”He pointed into the tunnel , and Martin saw the wooden boxes that he guessed must contain the gold bars . “Is that the treasure?” he asked . Black Peter stood up, struggling between his desire for secrecy and an obvious pride in the success of his plans . “Yes,” he said at last.

  26. Martin’s night’s rest .

A. was disturbed B. lasted less then six hours

C. lasted more than six hours D. was suddenly cut short

  27. What happened as soon as Martin woke up?

A. Branko struck him. B. He was made a prisoner.

C. Branko checked that he was still tied up.

D. He was taken off to speak to Black Peter.

  28. The success of Martin’s plans now depended on his .

A. escaping from the tunnel B. finding the treasure

C. discovering who the leader of the White Eagles was

D. persuading Black Peter that he could be trusted

  29. When he got to the mouth of the tunnel , Martin saw men .

A. in fairly large numbers B. fetching water from the stream

C. packing up camp and getting ready to leave D. resting in small groups

  30. Black Peter finally admitted that the boxes contained gold because .

A. he was so satisfied with what he had done B. he had decided to trust Martin

C. he saw that he could no longer keep it a secret

D. he knew that Martin could not escape

At present, in many American cities especially, many teachers in the public schools say they are underpaid (少付工资的). They point to jobs such as secretary or truck driver, which often pay more to start than that of the teacher. In many other fields, such as law, medicine, computer science, a beginning worker may make more than a teacher who has taught for several year.

Teaching has never been a profession that attracted people interested in high salaries.(
  89) It is by history a profession that has provided rewards in addition to money the satisfaction of sharing knowledge, of influencing others, of guiding young people. But in the past several years, there are more difficulties in teaching, for many, than there are rewards.

Unruly (不守秩序的) students, especially in big cities, large classes and a lack of support from the public in terms of money and understanding have led many public school teachers to leave the profession.

  90)As a result, many of the best students, who would have chosen teaching as their life career in the past, are going into other fields.

Another reason for this change in teacher candidates (申请求职者) is the changing status of women in the United States. Until the late 1960s and 1970s, one of the most popular choices for women was teaching. But as other professions, such as law and medicine opened up to women, women stopped pouring into teacher training programs. Thus, a major pool of excellent candidates for the teaching profession dwindled (减少).

  31.Which of the following can give us a true picture of jobs in the United States?

A. People in most professions usually get the same pay at the beginning.

B.   A beginning worker in medicine earns less than one in any other field.

C. A beginning teacher earns as much as a truck driver who has worked for several years.

D. A teacher with several years’ teaching experience can’t make as much as a new lawyer.

  32.The writer points out the present situation of teaching, that is, .

A. teaching is a profession that can always attract best students to work in

B. teaching can provide rewards as well as high salaries

C. teachers work hard and make a small income compared to workers in many other jobs

D. teachers are no longer underpaid

  33.Many public school teachers turn to other professions because of .

A. the unruly students and large classes

B. the difficulties of teaching as well as a lack of money, support and understanding

C. the attracting power of other jobs

D. a lack of satisfaction of sharing knowledge and influencing others

  34.Which of the following is not a reason that influences women in their decision to become teachers?

A. he How much income the job can pay. B.Changing status of women.

C.Less housework for women to do. D.More professions opened up to women.

  35.The writer believes that change in teachers’ status in the United States .

A. is not great B. needs time

C. lacks support from the governmen D. influences people’s attitudes

PartIII Vocabulary and structure:

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

  36.As is wellknown , he is at organiz



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