ational work.

A. adopt B. adapt C. adept D. adequate

  37.A completely new situation will when the new examination system comes into existence.

A. arise B. rise C. raise D. arouse

  38.The farmers were more anxious for rain than the people in the city because their crops were .

A. at stake B. at hand C. at large D. at ease

  39. They are twins and look very .It is not easy to tell one from the other.

A. same B. alike C. like D. likely

  40. People living in that busy street complain of the traffic noises which

them at night.

A. annoy B. prevent C. disturb D. interfere

  41. We welcome rain , but a(n) large amount of rainfall will cause floods.

A. extensively B. extremely C. specially D. constantly

  42.In the region the dry season is long and severe , and the annual rainfall is only about 30 cm .

A. medium B. basic C. fundamental D. average

  43.In spite of the thunderstorm , the children slept all night .

A. noisily B. ignorantly C. naturally D. soundly

  44.We shall have an opportunity to exchange tomorrow.

A. voices B. views C. visions D. minds

  45.He had deceived a great many people but the young woman him at first sight .

A. saw into B. looked into C. saw through D. looked through

  46. Although they had a quarrel the other day , Peter and Jim are now on friendly terms .

A. as usual B. as soon C. as normal D. an well

doctor don’t go out very often as their work all their time.

A. takes away B. takes over C. takes in D. takes up

  48. Three hours passed , and we were still unable to John of his son’s guilt .

A. convince B. inform C. warn D. run out of

  49. Can you give me a light for my cigarette? I have my matches.

A. got out of B. run out of C. got away of D. got rid of

  50.The novel ended happily , and the young couple were married in the .

A. final B. closing C. end D. conclusion

  51.It is only by that you see me here . I ought to be in the office for the time being .

A. surprise B. incident C. mistakes D. accident

  52. When a fire at the National Exhibition in London , at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed.

A. broke off B. broke out C. broke down D. broke up

  53. The room was empty , but Tom still felt that was watching him in the dark corner.

A. anybody B. nobody C. somebody D. everybody

  54.Whenever she met with difficulties in her study , she would her brother.

A. owe to B. turn to C. see to D. take to

  55. I’m very busy. I can’t three days away from work.

A. spend B. stand C. offer D. afford

  56.Most animals have little connection with animals of

different kind unless they kill them for food .

A. the/ a B. 不填/a C. the/the D.不填/the

  57.The news of victory spreading far and wide.

A. are B. have been C. is D. were

  58. is too much for a little boy to carry.

A. A bike’s weight B. Bike’s weight

C. The weight of a bike D. The weight of bikes

  59. I’ve brought you flowers for your birthday.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

  60. do you think is the best pupil in Class One ?

A. What B. Whom C. Who D. Of whom

  61. London has a large population in the United Kingdom

A. than any city B. than other cities

C. than all the cities D. than all the other cities

  62. It is not the tools a scientist uses but now he uses them that him a scientist.

A. make B. makes C. made D. will make

  63. She was told the examination on Friday .

A. would be given B. will be given

C. to be given D. is given

  64. Mr. Li be in Beijing because I saw him in town a few minutes ago.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. isn’t able to

  65. The reason he was late for class was he missed the bus.

A. why B. what C. how D. that

Part IV Cloze.

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D under the passage. You should choose the one that best fits into the passage.

Public buses running on Beijing’s streets are more eyecatching compared with their former dull color. 66 , five or six years ago, when many other Chinese cities began to 67 their public buses with 68 advertisements, Beijing remained unmoved, allegedly 69 of consideration for maintaining the stately grace of the capital.

But Beijing’s ‘lofty posture’ did not 70 long under the pressure of the market economy. Since 1993, most public buses have been 71 with brightly colored ads, many featuring 72 images.

Public transportation companies were the first group 73 from the move. The No. 300 Bus alone has annually 74 4 million yuan of ad earnings to its company. At the same time, business people are happy to find a comparatively cheap, 75 widely influential, advertising medium.

Advertising on buses, a form quickly accepted by Beijing residents, adds a new 76 line to the city, instead of 77 the capital’s image.

The Chinese attitude towards advertisements has changed greatly. 78 from sight for a long period, commercial ads reappeared in 1979, but they were 79 .

Today, however, advertisements are 80 entering daily life. More and more urban residents are becoming accustomed to 81 shopping information in this way. 82 recent years, the Beijing TV Station 83 an advertising program, TV Market. The diverse, 84 forms and practical contents have enabled it to gain high ratings.

Advertising is no longer considered nonessential. It is now a major part of the tertiary sector, 85 special government attention.

  66. A. Therefore&nb,sp,; B., However C. So D. While

  67. A. decorate B. draw C. perform D. confirm

  68. A. bright B. gloomy C. colorful D. free

  69. A. because B. part C. regardless D. out

  70. A. last B. extend C. carry D. detach

  71. A. wrapped up B. made up C. taken up D. given up

  72. A. optimistic B. striking C. deluxe D. fake

  73. A. entertaining B. handicapping

C. benefiting D. judging

  74. A turned out B. turned in

C. turned back D. turned over

  75. A. yet B. so C. for D. or

  76. A. sight B. scene C. scenery D. scenic

  77. A. making B. damaging C. revealing D. disappearing

  78. A. Vanished B. Vanishing

C. To vanish D. Having vanished

  79. A. welcomed B. praised

C. considered D. coldshouldered

  80. A. decreasingly B. increasingly

C. mainly D. importantly

  81. A. acquire B. be acquired

C. acquiring D. being acquired

  82. A. In B. From C. On D. Around

  83. A. carried B. launched C. appeared D. freighted

  84. A. live B. alive C. lively D. alike

  85. A. receive B. receives C. received D. receiving

Paper Two

Part V Translation(15minutes 15%)

Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese

  86.Instead of striking out boldly on their own, most of them are clutching at(attempting to seize) one anothers hands for reassurance.

  87. This important change in women’s way of life has only recently begun to have its full effect on women’s economic position.

  88. Immediately opposite was another tunnel at the entrance of which stood two guards armed with guns . Behind them Martin made out the giant form of Black Peter .

  89. It is by history a profession that has provided rewards in addition to money the satisfaction of sharing knowledge, of influencing others, of guiding young people.

  90.As a result, many of the best students, who would have chosen teaching as their life career in the past, are going into other fields.

Part VI Writing

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 25 minutes to write a composition about “Adult Education” in three paragraphs. Your composition should cover the information provided and meet the requirements below. You are given the first sentence of each paragraph and are required to develop the idea in completing the paragraph.


  1. Interpret ‘Adult Education’ in the following table ;

  2. Predict the tendency of the adult education and give your reasons.

You should write this composition on the Answer Sheet

Adult Education

As is shown in the table, we can see clearly that more and more people are receiving adult education.


There are some major reasons for the increase.


In spite of what is mentioned above, there are some problems in adult education.

The keys and analysis in detail


Part II Reading Comprehension





16 在这篇短文里,作者想要告诉



答案:B 文章几处出现了“stand on your own two feet”, “to go his or her own way”, “to find his or her own path.”

  17. 作者看来,许多少年认为自己很勇敢,可以独立行动,而事实上,他们大多数人 。

A.相互理解有许多困难 B.太年轻做不到 C.不敢单个解决问题

D.非常害怕迷失自己 答案:C 见第一段最后一句。






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