2003 年 1
Part I
  1. A The hero was out of his mind. B The hero was a thing, not a human being. C The hero overcame many difficulties. D The hero was really great.
  2. A Tome wants to travel by air. B Tom wants to become a pilot. C Tom is greatly interested in power. D Tom can seize a chance in time.
Listening Comprehension ( 25 minutes, 20 points)

  3. A The government should help those youngsters. B The government should take the place of those youngsters. C The government should encourage those youngsters. D The government should place restrictions on those youngsters.
  4. A Because they had the same interests. B Because they got along very well. C Because both of them were sociable. D Because both of them were humorous.
  5. A She likes riding horses. B She has been promoted once a year. C She won the second place in a contest. D She is very excited.
  6. A She doesn’t think the manager is at home. B She doesn’t know the manager’s home phone number. C She doesn’t think highly of the manager. D She doesn’t know the manager at all.
  7. A She is not satisfied with her life. B She isolate herself from the outside world. C She can find a peaceful life only in her dreams. D She can’t be at peace with others.
  8. A A boss and an employee
  9. A A conformist B A hotel manager and a customer C A fighter C A landlady and a tenant D A plumber and an apartment owner. B A renowned person D A problem person Section B ( 1 point each)
  10. A The materials used for building reservoirs. B The causes of water pollution. C The storage of drinking water. D The chemicals used to purify water.
  11. A Rock and soil B Concrete and bricks C Pine and redwood trees D Stones and steel rods
  12. A People in many parts of the world have to store rainwater for drinking. B The mixture of rock and soil can be used as the bottom of a water tank. C Chemicals can’t be used to keep the wooden tanks from being ruined. D Small water plants may help clean the storage water.
  13. A More than 1,700 B More than 1,600 C More than 700 D More than 600
  14. A When a heat wave lasts for several days. B When the total amount of heat in a day is very great.
C When the heat wave is strengthened by the sun. D When the night temperature in a heat wave does not drop much.
  15. A Stay at home and avoid going to work. B Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. C Wear light-colored and comfortable clothes. D Use air conditioners and other cooling devices. Section C (1 point each)
  20. Part II. Vocabulary (10 minutes, 10 points) Section A (
  0.5 pint each)
  21. The hypothesis that language determines thought, suggested by Sapir and Whorf, is well known to linguists. A synthesis B conviction B interval C fallacy D proposition C passage D eclipse D wandering D opposition
  22. Some comets reappear into sight after an elapse of as long as sixty years. A disappearance A dieting
  23. To stay in shape, many middle-aged women have taken to working out in their spare time. B overworking C exercising
  24. Mandela, former president of South Africa, has distinguished himself by fighting racial segregation. A separation A sentiment B discrimination C unification
  25. Victims of motion-sickness suffer from a sensation of cold when riding in a fine car. B feeling C sensitivity D emotion
  26. There are various hierarchies of structure inside a linguistic system. For example, sentences consist of phrases that can be segmented into individual words. A criteria A impose A ran into A looks after A unguided B organization B compose C levels D standards. D expose D passed by D looks like D unexpected.
  27. To maintain social order, the government has to inflict punishment on law-breakers. C dispose
  28. Seeing the darkening sky, she quickened her steps and made for the nearest subway station. B headed for C searched for B cares for B unrelieved C learns from C unexampled
  29. It stands to reason to say that a girl takes after her father while a son his mother.
  30. Computers are playing an unprecedented role in the development of modern technology. Section B (
  0.5 point each)
  31. Social relations are developed when people each other at work or in business. A fall back on A account for A prospect A influence A enforced B count on C interact with D cope with D allow for D suspect D implication
  32. Construction of tall buildings is forbidden around here to further expansion of the airport. B fall for C take for
  33. The ability to see things in requires profound knowledge and impartial judgment. B perspective C respect B complication B engaged
  34. Successful development of inexpensive drugs for AIDS has much for thousands of HIV patients. C specification D enabled
  35. Senior citizen, especially those above 70, are to some privileges in many countries. C entitled

  36. Project Hope has succeeded in preventing school pupils from in poverty-stricken areas. A leaving out A complicated A vision B dropping out B primitive C setting out D looking out
  37. Vocabulary treatment in this dictionary is clear and readable, sufficiently detailed and admirably C promising D current
  38. Thanks to statesmen of great , China is well on her way to becoming a world power. B sight C view D spectacle
  39. Good biographies can help the barriers of time so that what happened to Abraham Lincoln becomes “now” as long as you read about him. A break up B break out C break into D break down
  40. The importance of can never be neglected when it comes to fulfilling one’s military missions. A popularity B peculiarity C punctuality D potentiality Part III. Cloze Test (10 minutes, 10 points, 1 point each) The song of crickets ( sing and for what purpose? Interestingly, among the approximately 2,400 rubbing part of one forewing along cricket. But surely the male cricket does not sing simply to audience of this musician is a 46 mate, the male cricket, a skilled presence is not 49 48 47 45 his human listeners! No, indeed! The intended mate. The book Exploring the Secrets of Nature explains: “In his quest for a , sings three different songs: one to advertise his presence, another to 43 41 of crickets, only the males sing, or chirp. 42 doing so from their throats, male crickets make music with their wings. One expert explains that male crickets chirp by about 50 to 250 teeth on the opposite forewing. The frequency of the 44 per second. The vibrations fill the air with the distinctive song of the chirps depends on the number of teeth ) captures the attention of millions of people worldwide. How does this small creature
court and the other to threaten unwanted competitors.” Some crickets continue to sing to advertise their a female cricket shows interest. Hearing the song through the “ears” on her forelegs, the female 50 of the chirping, the male cricket ), the courtship song. This attracts the female to him, and the two D session D Rather than D a bunch of D stroke D amuse D critical D commander D conscious D source D in case C resource to carry on a long-distance courtship. As she approaches the
will begin to sing a continuous trill (颤 crickets mate.
  41. A series
  42. A As for
  44. A struck
  45. A abuse
  46. A special
  48. A as long as
  49. A content Part IV
  50. A presentation Passage One
  43. A a group of B species B Due to B strike B accuse B potential B because B a flock of C system C Based on C stroked C annoy C initial C until
C a row of

  47. A companion
B communicator B controversial
C conductor C convenient
B representation
Reading Comprehension (45 minutes, 30 points, 1 point each)
About four years ago, Kerry Sturgill found himself at a career crossroads: Should she stay in an industry populated by extroverts ( majority? Career counselors had told her to get out of the highly extroverted public relations fields “so you can be happy and do what you are.” Among the less fast-paced areas they pointed to : art, scientific research, data analysis. Such a move is definitely the right road for many introverts struggling to fit into an extroverted workplace. So, just what is an introvert anyway? It’s someone who is energized by thought and reflection, while ) or jump ship to a more reflective play where introverts like her were in the
extroverts are energized by socializing. Introverts naturally need to think before they speak. Extroverts use the speaking process to figure out what it is they want to say. And, needless to say, there are pluses and minuses to both personality types. Still, in the modern world where as many as two-thirds of the population may be extroverted, those who are the opposite can be misunderstood. They can be seen as antisocial, secretive, even territorial, because they can sometimes try to protect their “space” and quiet. Workplaces can actually benefit from having both types, says Deborah Barrett, program director of the Rice University MBA communications program. An introvert herself, she says she has the best of both worldsworking in an environment of professors, who tend towards introversion, yet getting to teach, which calls on her more “out there” skills. Here’s her advice for those looking to follow the same path: Make good use of e-mail. If you don’t get to make a point at a loud meeting, send a follow-up e-mail sharing your thoughts. If you don’t have an office and are easily distracted by ongoing small talk, consider listening to music through headphones. But take care not to make your more sociable neighbors feel rejected. Sure, she says, if she had moved to a less stimulating environment, that might have “short-circuited a lot of my pain, but I also believe it would have short-circuited learning what’s made me a much more well-rounded person.” Her main lesson? “I don’t have to be an extrovert. I just have to play at being one for an hour.”
  51. According to the career counselors, A introverts should try to avoid working in a highly extroverted environment. B introverts should try to change themselves to fit into an extroverted working environment. C extroverts should work in less fast-paced areas such as art and scientific research. D introverts can be happier if they can find jobs in the field of public relations.
  52. Which of the following statements is true? A people with introverted personality have some disadvantages in finding jobs. B People with introverted personality have some advantages in working with others. C Both introverted and extroverted people have merits and demerits. D Most workplaces need more extroverted people than introverted ones.
  53. According to the author, introvert are sometimes misunderstood because they are A antisocial A reflection B reserved C aggressive B introversion C energizing D queer D socializing
  54. A Deborah Barrett believes that teaching is a practice of
  55. By “short-circuited a lot of my pain” (in the last paragraph), Deborah Barrette means “”. A ruined a lot of her happiness C relieved her of a heavy burden B saved her a lot of trouble. D added to her sufferings.

  56. We can learn from Deborah Barrett’s case that introverted people A should not share offices with extroverted ones. B are easily irritated by small talk C like to communicate with others via e-mails. D are reluctant to express their ideas in public Passage Two Last week 29 earnest American high school students were invited to an evening of receiving good words, small talk, warm toasts and fancy silverware. “Find out something about the person sitting next to you,” advised former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. “Eventually, you’ll discover they always have something interesting to say. And you should always use the proper silverware in the proper order.”
Albright was the guest of honor at the imitated Official Dinner, which was a lot like a real official dinner in Washington minus the soft money. The evening was sponsored by the St. Albans School of Public Services to introduce its first class to the fine art of social survival. More than 84 guests, including students, teachers, school donors and speakers, gathered to replicate the lifestyle of the rich and political. The idea was to teach the social graces that will help students survive any social situation. Anyway, the whole proper fork thing is overrated. Former White official C. Boyden Gray shared his top tips for surviving dinner parties: “ Drink as little as possible until you get to dinner.” “Don’t be the first person there or the last person to leave.” “Try to get more out of your dinner partners than they get out of you.” Every Official Dinner has a greater reason for being. State dinners, for example, are either an opportunity to reward emerging democracies or strengthen old friendships. The Official Dinner was intended to show the foreign countries. The program includes classes on the presidency, the courts, the media and international affairs. The students also debated public policy issues. “They’re still at it at 10 o’clock at night.” Said director Mary Waikart. “That’s good practice for Washington, isn’t it?” Since there was no band, Albright offered herself up as the nigh



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