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20minutes Part Listening Comprehension (20minutes PartⅠ 20minutes) Section A Directions: omitted Directions:(omitted omitted)
  1. A)The man could come some time later. B)The size the man wants will arrive soon. C)The size of the skirt is all right for the man. D)The man could buy a shirt of a different color.
  2. A)The woman is filming the lake. B)The woman is running toward the lake. C)The woman can't take a photo of the man. D)The woman is watching an exciting film with the man.
  3. A)It's quiet in the restaurant. B)The restaurant is too far from their school. C)The price is high in the restaurant. D)The restaurant serves good food.
  4. A)On a busy street. B)In a Hong Kong hotel. C)At an airport. D)At a booking office.
  5. A)The woman should confirm her appointment with the doctor. B)The woman should have seen the doctor earlier. C)The woman's headache will go away by itself. D)The woman has been complaining too much.
  6. A)Put off his appointment with Mr.Johnson. B)Help move things to Mr.Johnson's office. C)Help the woman move the items. D)Hurry to Mr.Johnson's office.
  7. A)The man didn't practice hard enough. B)The man should find a new partner. C)The man should not give up. D)The man should not dream of being a superstar.
  8. A)It doesn't appeal to her. B)It's incredibly delicious.
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C)She has already tasted it. D)There is no more left.
  9. A)The man is a diligent student. B)The man has bad study habits. C)The man has made a mess of his midterm exam. D)The man is usually the last to hand in his test paper.
  10. A)The man has finished his assignment. B)The man is willing to help the woman. C)The man will drive the woman to school. D)The man is losing patience with the woman. Section B Directions: omitted Directions:(omitted omitted) Passage One Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11. A)The importance of good manners. B)The art of saying “thank you”. C)The secret of staying pretty. D)The difference between elegance and good manners.
  12. A)They were willing to spend more money on clothes. B)They paid more attention to their appearance. C)They were more aware of changes in fashion. D)They were nicer and gentler.
  13. A) By putting on a little make-up. B) By decorating our homes. C) By being kind and generous. D) By wearing fashionable clothes. Passage Two Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14. A)Children don't get enough education in safety. B)The playgrounds are in poor condition. C)The playgrounds are overcrowded. D)Children are keen on dangerous games.
  15. A)They should help maintain the equipment. B)They should teach their children how to use the equipment. C)They should stop their children from climbing ladders. D)They should keep a watchful eye on their children.
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A)They can be creative when they feel secure. B)They may panic in front of high playground equipment. C)They should be aware of the potential risks in the playground. D ) They tend to stay within shouting or running distance of their parents. Passage Three Questions17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17. A)It's admired worldwide. B)It takes skill. C)It pays well. D)It's a full-time job.
  18. A)An old lady carrying a handbag on the left. B)A mother with a baby in her arms. C)A woman whose bag is hanging in front. D)A lone female with a handbag at her right side.
  19. A)A side pocket of his jacket. B)The top pocket of his jacket. C)A side pocket of his trousers. D)The back pocket of his tight trousers.
  20. A)Clothing stores where people are relaxed and off guard. B)Hotels and restaurants in southeast London. C)Airports where people carry a lot of luggage. D)Theater lobbies with uniformed security guards. 35minutes Part Reading Comprehension (35minutes PartⅡ 35minutes) Directions: omitted Directions:(omitted omitted) Passage One Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage. I'm usually fairly skeptical about any research that concludes that people are either happier or unhappier or more or less certain of themselves than they were 50 years ago. While any of these statements might be true , they are practically impossible to prove scientifically. Still, was struck by a report which concluded that I today's children are significantly more anxious than children in the 1950s.In fact, the analysis showed normal children ages 9 to 17 exhibit a higher level of anxiety today than children who were treated for mental illness 50 years ago. Why are America's kids so stressed? The report cites two main causes: increasing physical isolation?brought on by high divorce rates and less involvement in community and other things?and a growing perception that the world is a more dangerous place. Given that we can't turn the clock back, adults can still do plenty to help the next generation cope.
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At the top of the list is nurturing(培育)a better appreciation of the limits of individualism. No child is an island. Strengthening social ties helps build communities and protect individuals against stress. To help kids build stronger connections with others, you can pull the plug on TVs and computers. Your family will thank you later. They will have more time for face-to-face relationships,and they will get more sleep. Limit the amount of virtual(虚拟的)violence your children are exposed to. It's not just video games and movies; children see a lot of murder and crime on the local news. Keep your expectations for your children reasonable. Many highly successful people never attended Harvard or Yale. Make exercise part of your daily routine. It will help you cope with your own anxieties and provide a good model for your kids. Sometimes anxiety is unavoidable. But it doesn't have to ruin your life.
  21.The author thinks that the conclusions of any research about people's state of mind are . A)surprising B)confusing C)illogical D)questionable
  22.What does the author mean when he says,“we can't turn the clock back” (Line
  3)? A)It's impossible to slow down the pace of change. B)The social reality children are facing cannot be changed. C)Lessons learned from the past should not be forgotten. D)It's impossible to forget the past.
  23.According to an analysis,compared with normal children today,children treated as mentally ill 50 years ago . A)were less isolated physically B)were probably less self-centered C)probably suffered less from anxiety D)were considered less individualistic
  24.The first and most important thing parents should do to help their children is . A)to provide them with a safer environment B)to lower their expectations for them C)to get them more involved socially D)to set a good model for them to follow
  25.What conclusion can be drawn from the passage? A)Anxiety,though unavoidable,can be coped with. B)Children's anxiety has been enormously exaggerated. C)Children's anxiety can be eliminated with more parental care. D)Anxiety,if properly controlled,may help children become mature.
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Passage Two Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage. It is easier to negotiate initial salary requirement because once you are inside, the organizational constraints( 约束) influence wage increases. One thing, however, is certain: your chances of getting the raise you feel you deserve are less if you don't at least ask for it. Men tend to ask for more,and they get more,and this holds true with other resources,not just pay increases. Consider Beth's story: I did not get what I wanted when I did not ask for it. We had cubicle(小隔间) offices and window offices. I sat in the cubicles with several male colleagues. One by one they were moved into window offices. While I remained in the cubicles,several males who were hired after me also went to offices. One in particular told me he was next in line for an office and that it had been part of his negotiations for the job. I guess they thought me content to stay in the cubicles since I did not voice my opinion either way. It would be nice if we all received automatic pay increases equal to our merit, but “nice” isn't a quality attributed to most organizations. If you feel you deserve a significant raise in pay,you'll probably have to ask for it. Performance is your best bargaining chip(筹码)when you are seeking a raise. You must be able to demonstrate that you deserve a raise. Timing is also a good bargaining chip. If you can give your boss some-thing he or she needs(a new client or a sizable contract,for example)just before merit pay decisions are being made, you are more likely to get the raise you want. Use information as a bargaining chip too. Find out what you are worth on the open market. What will someone else pay for your services? Go into the negotiations prepared to place your chips on the table at the appropriate time and prepared to use communication style to guide the direction of the interaction.
  26.According to the passage,before taking a job,a person should . A)demonstrate his capability B)give his boss a good impression C)ask for as much money as he can D)ask for the salary he hopes to get
  27.What can be inferred from Beth's story? A)Prejudice against women still exists in some organizations. B)If people want what they deserve,they have to ask for it. C)People should not be content with what they have got. D)People should be careful when negotiating for a job.
  28.We can learn from the passage that . A)unfairness exists in salary increases B)most people are overworked and underpaid C)one should avoid overstating one's performance D)most organizations give their staff automatic pay raises
  29.To get a pay raise,a person should . A)advertise himself on the job market
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B)persuade his boss to sign a long-term contract C)try to get inside information about the organization D)do something to impress his boss just before merit pay decisions
  30.To be successful in negotiations,one must . A)meet his boss at the appropriate time B)arrive at the negotiation table punctually C)be good at influencing the outcome of the interaction D)be familiar with what the boss likes and dislikes Passage Three Questions 31 to 35are based on the following passage. When families gather for Christmas dinner,some will stick to formal traditions dating back to Grandma's generation. Their tables will be set with the good dishes and silver,and the dress code will be Sunday best. But in many other homes,this china-and-silver elegance has given way to a stoneware(粗陶)-and-stain-less informality,with dresses assuming an equally casual-Friday look. For hosts and guests,the change means greater simplicity and comfort. For makers of fine china in Britain,it spells economic hard times. Last week Royal Doulton,the largest employer in Stoke-on-Trent,announced that it is eliminating1,000 jobs?one-fifth of its total workforce. That brings to more than 4,0
  00,the number of positions lost in18 months in the pottery(陶瓷)region. Wedgwood and other pottery factories made cuts earlier. Although a strong pound and weak markets in Asia play a role in the downsizing,the layoffs in Stoke have their roots in earthshaking social shifts. A spokesman for Royal Doulton admitted that the company “has been somewhat slow in catching up with the trend” toward casual dining. Families eat together less often, he explained,and more people eat alone,either because they are single or they eat in front of television. Even dinner parties,if they happen at all,have gone casual. In a time of long work hours and demanding family schedules,busy hosts insist,rightly,that it's better to share a takeout pizza on paper plates in the family room than to wait for the perfect moment or a “real” dinner party. Too often,the perfect moment never comes. Iron a fine-patterned tablecloth? Forget it. Polish the silver? Who has time? Yet the loss of formality has its downside. The fine points of etiquette(礼节)that children might once have learned



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   大学生英语四级考试真题系列 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 2009年12月大学英语四级考试答案详解 2009年12月大学英语四级考试答案详解 Part Ⅰ Writing Creating a Green Campus Recently, with the idea of making and maintaining “a green earth” being the focus of the society, “green campus” ha ...


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   2008 年 12 月大学英语四级真题试题 本资料由 爱思英语(www.24en.com)收集整理,转载请注明出自 http://www.24en.com 爱思英语(原中国英语学习网)是国内最大的英语资讯、英语学习资源中心。免费提供英语 学习工具,交流英语学习方法,共享英语学习教材,为英语爱好者提供最新最全的英语资讯 与学习资料。 Part I Writing 作文题目: 作文题目:Limiting The Use of Disposable Plastic Bags 1. 一次性塑料袋曾被 ...


   2008 年 6 月大学英语四级听力原文 试题 答案 月大学英语四级听力原文+试题 答案+mp3 试题+答案 MP3 下载地址:http://club.topsage.com/thread-252742-1-1.html 下载地址: Section A: 11. Short Conversation: M: Today is a bad day for me. I fell off a step and twisted my ankle. W: Don't worry, usually an ...


   6月大学英语四级考试听力复习指导(5)_英语四级-英语六级-cet 爱词霸英语 汉语 手机版 软件版下载 | English 每日一句:I feel like celebrating tonight. 我今晚想庆祝一... 彩信订阅登录 | 注册词典 翻译 句库 情景会话 沙龙 学习资料 娱乐 金山词霸 免费英语 更多 英语测验 个人空间 免费工具 更多>>口语 双语新闻 CRI 四六级 考研英语 出国留学 雅思 大讲堂 英文歌曲 英文简历 英语笑话 资料下载 当前位置:主页 & ...


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   语音 模仿和纠正,掌握朗读技巧,掌握基本节奏感和语调感 语法 牢固掌握并能综合运用中学语法知识 词汇 掌握词汇 4500 个,词组 700 个,熟练运用(包括书面和口头) 其中 2000 个基本词汇 听力 听懂 VOA 慢速英文广播, 能听懂日常英语谈话和一般性题材的英 文讲座 口语 能和英语国家人事进行交谈,能就熟悉的话题用英语进行讨论, 或作简短发言,表达清楚,能救所听的材料进行复述 阅读 能读懂词汇量在 3000 左右的简易读物,能读懂国内英文报刊 写作 能就一般性的话题在 30 分钟 ...


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