2003 年 6
Section A (1 point each)
Part I Listening Comprehension (25 minutes, 20 points ) A The man shouldn't care what Sandra said. C The man should talk openly with Sandra.
  2. A A boss and an employee. C A shop assistant and a customer B The man shouldn't listen to Sandra. D The man should get back home early.
B A lawyer and a client. D A bus driver and a passenger.

  3. A The woman helped to do part of the experiment. B The woman proposed some good ideas in the experiment. C The woman was grateful for the success of the experiment. D The woman recommended some useful books for the experiment.
  4. A It is very neat. B It is a mess C It is very pleasant. D It is a hell.
  5. A He got the camera at a very low price. C The camera is worth nothing.
  6. A Because it provides free service. C Because it has great variety of goods.
  7. A Because he is going to find a new job. C Because he is going to move to a new town.
  8. A Because he is very inspiring. C Because he made some great achievements.
  9. A He is very stern with his employees. C He is very satisfied with his employees. Section B (1 point each)
  10. A Because his mother wanted him to learn. C Because he heard a friend of his play it.
  11. A He joined the Army Orchestra. C He played more than 100 concerts a year.
  12. A Everyone needs music. C Children love music more than adults.
  13. A In developed countries. B Because he preferred the violin to the piano. D Because he thought the violin was for classical music. B He stopped playing the violin. D He played classical music for American soldiers. B People are born musical. D Music is the product of human civilization. C In European countries D In Asian countries. B They work as volunteers in developing countries. D They take care of their own grandchildren at home. B They don't want to work any longer. D No boss would like to hire older employees. B In developing countries B The camera is very expensive. D He does not like the camera. B Because it is the best store of its kind. D Because it has high quality goods there. B Because he has to work over time in the office. D Because his job is too demanding for him. B Because he is very brave. D Because he is a successful ruler. B He works very hard himself. D He makes excessive demands on his employees.

  14. A They teach and convey cultural values in schools. C They help take care of the AIDS patients.
  15. A They can no longer perform their jobs well. C They have to give up their jobs to youngsters. Section C (1 point each)

  16. Sam Maloof is the best-known of hand-made furniture.
  17. According to Sam Maloof, a successful chair or table contains something of
  18. Where are the 65 pieces of Mr. Maloof's furniture shown?
  19. What did People Magazine call Sam Maloof in 1968?
  20. How much does a piece of Maloof's furniture cost today? Part II. Vocabulary ( 10 minutes, 10 points) Section A (
  0.5 point each)
  21. The focus on profitability pushes the systems unreasonably large, rendering them more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. A declaring B verifying C making D indicating
  22. The
  8.5-ton Shenzhou III spaceship has been substantially improved in terms of the life-support systems.
A technologically B considerably A compose
C structurally D surpass D see to
D internally

  23. According to the American judicial system twelve people constitute a jury. B overthrow C dispose B cater to B humiliating
  24. With so many trivial matters to attend to, he can hardly get down to reading for the test. A participate in A astonishing A carried on C indulge in C noticeable
  25. The decently dressed son and the humble-looking father formed a striking contrast. D fleeting.
  26. Nowadays the prevention against SARS has assumed new significance and attracted much attention. B taken on C worked on B at the same time B active D embarked on C in a broad sense D as soon as possible.
  27. At the economic forum, each speech by a distinguished guest has to be translated simultaneously. A once in a while A specific=definite
  28. Studies of the role of positive thinking in our daily lives have yielded interesting results. C creative D confident. D competition D put up
  29. This training course is intended to improve the competence of English of the staff. A proficiency B grasp C efficiency A set apart Section B leave out C go about
  30. Students are supposed to set aside enough time for recreations and sports. B (
  0.5 point each) B in the eyes of B specification C in the face of D in the form of C introduction D superstition

  31. Some of the old customs has continued politeness although they are no longer thought about now. A in the way of A identification
  32. One of the chief functions of slang words is to consolidate one's with a group.
  33. Given the other constitutional grounds elaborated by the justices, the association that schools should continue to test, if they so choose. A preserve B safeguards B maintains D conserves
  34. Finding out information about these universities has become amazingly easy for any one with the Internet A entrance B admission C access A mobility B morality C maturity A impulsive A resided B responsive B inhabited D involvement D mortality
  35. Lack of exercise as well as unhealthy dietary habits can increase the risk of
  36. On this bridge many suicide attempts are ; lives can be saved. C destructive D speculative D exhibited D on end D reservations. D biological
  37. Abraham Lincoln was born on a small farm where the forests were by wild animals. C segregated C on credit
  38. Some teenagers are so crazy about video games as to play them many hours, if possible. A on purpose A reserves A ecological B on hand .
  39. Authorities of wildlife have spent millions of dollars on the protection of nature B preservatives B psychological C conservatives C physiological
  40. The young lady is Mr. Smith's step-daughter, her parents having died in an accident. Part III. Cloze Test (10 minutes, 1 point each) No one knows for sure whether the type of tea (you drink) makes a difference in health, but experts say all kinds of teas probably have some health processed) can change antioxidant levels 41 44 . Each contains high levels of antioxidants ( 氧 color and taste. ) the leaves and create a stronger taste. 剂), 42 affect the process by which oxygen interacts with a substance to change its chemical 43 . But, the way (tea is
Green tea is made by picking the leaves and quickly heating them to stop oxidization. Green tea typically has a 45 , fresh taste. Black tea is processed to fully oxidize and ferment (发
Some experts suggest that this
some variation in health effects between black and green teas. The more 47 the youngest buds from the plants, which are still amount of caffeine. But even
rare white tea is considered the finest of teas because it
covered with whitish hairs when they're picked. White and green teas have 48 black tea contain only about half as much caffeine as coffee. Herbal teas are something Herbal teas can vary widely
  41. A advantages
  42. A where it
  43. A elements
  44. A as well as
  45. A faint
  46. A joins in
  47. A composes of
  48. A less
  49. A entirely
  50. A in case of Passage One B that B ingredients B as it is B mild B hands in B makes out B the least B inevitably B in proportion to 49 50
different. They are made from the leaves, flowers or roots of various plants. their health effects. C merits C which C fragment C as far as C tender C results in C makes up C more C enormously D profits D when it D composition D as it were D gentle D gives in D consists of D the most D irresistibly D in terms of
B benefits
C in exchange for
Part IV Reading Comprehension (45 minutes, 30 points, 1 pint each) Singletons, referring to those who live alone, are being comforted by well-meaning friends and family and told that not having a partner is not the end of the world. So, it would seem that they can say, yes, it is not. But no, in fact, it is the end. A gloomy study has just been released that says that the international trend towards living alone is putting an unprecedented strain on our ecosystem. For a number of reasons relationship breakdown, career choice, longer life spans, smaller families the number of individual households is growing. And this is putting intolerable pressure on natural resources, and accelerating the extinction of endangered plant and animal species. And there is worse news. Running a refrigerator, television, cooker, plumbing system just for selfish little you is a disastrous waste of resources on our over-populated planet. "The efficiency of resource consumption" is a lot higher in households of two people or more, simply because they share everything. Well imagine that . Just when you thought living alone was OK, you would find that all the time you were the enemy of mankind. Every time you put the kettle on the stove for a cup of coffee you were destroying Mother Earth. Indeed, it is not just your mother who is a bit worried by your continuing single status you are letting down the entire human race by not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. The trouble is that society has a group instinct and people panic and hit out when they see other people quietly rebelling and straying away from the "standard" of family and coupledom. The suggestion is that singledom should be at best a temporary state. Unless you are assimilated into a larger unit, you can never be fully functional. Try "communal living." There are all these illustrations of young attractive people having a "green time," laughingly bumping into each other. It looks like an episode of the TV series Friends. And the message is clear: Togetherness is good, solitude is bad, and being single on your own is not allowed.
  51. Well-meaning friends and family members often tell those who live alone that A they should end their singledom as soon as possible. C singledom is an acceptable life-style. passage? A Many people get divorced because of unhappy marriage. B Now people can afford to support a household individually. B they should live together with other singletons. D singledom can shorten one's life-span.

  52. Which of the following may NOT be the reason for the increasing number of households as mentioned in the
C Some people have to sacrifice family life for their careers. A harmful to people's life. C dangerous to plants and animals. A self-reliant A abnormal B self-conscious B diversified
D Many people live much longer than before.

  53. The author thinks living alone is disastrous mainly because singledom is B destructive to our ecosystem. D unworkable in our society C self-sufficient C unimaginable D self-centered D disgusting

  54. It is implied in the passage that singletons are usually
  55. When seeing others living alone, some people panic because they think singledom is
  56. The author suggests that singletons should A find boy friends or girl friends. C live together and share more with their friends. Passage Two In 1999 when MiShel and Carl Meissner decided to have children, they tackled the next big issue; Should they try to have a girl? It was no small matter. MiShel's brother had become blind from a hereditary condition in his early 20s, and the Meissners had learned that the condition is a disorder passed from mothers to sons. If they had a boy, he would have a 50 percent chance of having the condition. A girl would be unaffected. The British couple's inquiries about sex selection led them to Virginia, U.S., where a new sperm-separation technique, called MicroSort, was experimental at the time. When MiShel became pregnant she gave birth to a daughter. Now they will try to have a second daughter using the same technique. The techniques separates sperm into two groups those that carry the X-chromosome ( female baby and those that carry the Y-chromosome producing a male baby. The technology was developed in 1990s, but the opening of laboratory in January 2003 in California marked the company's first expansion. "We believe the number of people who want this technology is greater than those who have access to it." Said Keith L. Blauer, the company's clinical director. This is not only a seemingly effective way to select a child's gender. reasons. The clinic offers sex selection for two purposes: to help couples avoid passing on a sex-linked genetic disease and to allow those who already have a child to "balance" their family by having a baby of the opposite sex. Blaucer said the company has had an impressive success rate: 91 percent of the women who become pregnant after sorting for a girl are successful, while 76 percent who sort for a boy and get pregnant are successful. The technique separates sperm based on the fact that the X chromosome is larger than the Y chromosome. A machine is used to distinguished the size differences and sort the sperm accordingly.
  57. Why did MiShel and Carl decide not to have a boy? A Because they might give birth to a blind baby. B Because Carl might pass his family's disease to his son. C Because the boy might become blind when he grows up. D Because they wanted a daughter to balance their family.
  58. When MiShel gave birth to her first girl, the new sperm-separation technique A had already been well-developed. C was available to those who wanted it. B had not been declared successful. D had been widely accept



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