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  0.5 point each) Directions: Choose the word or expression below each sentence shot best completes the statement, and mark the corresponding letter of your choice with a single bar across the square brackets on your Machine-scaring Answer Sheet,
  21. His trick convinced none but the most A. credulous B. plausible C. trustworthy D. feasible
  22. Many people proposed that a national committee be formed to discuss transit systems. A. substitutes B. measures C, duplicates D. alternatives to existing mass

  23. He is a hypocrite, a liar, a thief? , he is the greatest devil I ever know. A. as a consequence B. as a rule C, as a matter of fact D. as a matter of routine
  24. Since she was alone, she opened the door A. warily B. consciously C. audaciously leaving the chain lock fastened. D. recklessly as if the discussion

  25. In the last few minutes the conversation has become seemingly were of some minor domestic matter and not survival itself, A. crucial B. central C. casual D. causal

  26. I didn't listen to Mom and 1 was not surprised at the look of on her face. A. indifference B. compliment C, negligence D. reproach
  27. The victims of drunken driving in America over the past decade with three killed every hour of every day on average. A. Sake up B. add up to C, count for D. turn out to an incredible 250,000,

  28. He is believed to have been shot by a rival gang in for the shootings last week. A. revenge B, reserve C. reverse D. remedial
  29. These pollutants can be A. contained B. conveyed hundreds and even thousands of kilometers by large air masses. C. contaminated D. conserved it's very enjoyable.

  30. There are a few small things that I don't like about my job, but
内部资料,仅供学习参考 2003 年份 1
睿普教育 专注考博英语 A. all at once B. once and for all
www.reapedu.com C. so much as D. by and large

  31. In a divorce, the mother usually is granted of her children. A. support B. retention C. perseverance D. custody
  32. What he had in mind to nothing less than a total reversal of the traditional role of the executive. A. contributed B. dedicated C. amounted D. added
  33. Some Heads of Government now fear that negotiations will before a settlement is reached. A. wear out B. come along C. break off D. end up
  34. A of soap and two brightly colored towels were left beside the bath, then the women smiled politely at Nicole and withdrew carefully from the room. A. loaf B, bar C. stick D, block
  35. Of the 1200 million people who call themselves Chinese, is referred to as standard Chinese. A. none but B. but for C. all but D. but then a very small number speak what

  36. recent brain and behavioral research. Dr. Goleman wrote a fascinating book entitled "Emotional Intelligence." A. Drawing up B. Drawing on C. Putting up D. Putting on
  37. Many people think of deserts as have adapted to life there, A. remote B. irgin C. alien regions, but numerous species of plants and animals D. barren

  38. Attempts to persuade her stay after she felt insulted were __, A, of no avail B. out of focus C. at a loss D, in no way
  39. Scientists are certain that there is a cancer-inhibiting agent in the blood of the shark. A. dubiously B. virtually C. queerly D. randomly
  40. The integration of staff for training has led to a good exchange of ideas, greater enthusiasm, and higher staff . , A. moral B, mortal C. morale D. mores PART III CLOZE TEST (IS minutes, 15 points) Directions: There are 15 questions in this part of the test. Read the passage through-Then, go back and choose one suitable word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D for each blank in the passage. Mark the corresponding tetter of the word or phrase you have chosen with a single bar across she square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet.
内部资料,仅供学习参考 2003 年份 2
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It is appropriate on an anniversary of the founding of a university to remind ourselves of its purposes. It is equally appropriate at such time for students to 41 why they have been chosen to attend and to consider how they can best 42 the privilege of attending. At the least you as students can hope to become 43 in subject matter which may be useful to you in later life. There is, 44 , much more to be gained. It is now that you must learn to exercise your mind sufficiently 45 _ learning becomes a joy and you thereby become a student for life. 46 this may require an effort of will and a period of self-discipline. Certainly it is not 47 without hard work. Teachers can guide and encourage you, but learning is not done passively. To learn is your 48 . There is 49 the trained mind satisfaction to be derived from exploring the ideas of others, mastering them and evaluating them. But there is 50 level of inquiry which I hope that some of you will choose. If your study takes you to the 51 of understanding of a subject and, you have reached so far, you find that you can penetrate to 52 no one has been before, you experience an exhilaration which can't be denied and which commits you to a life of research. Commit mem to a life of scholarship or research is 53 many other laudable goals. It is edifying, and it is a source of inner satisfaction even 54 other facets of life prove disappointing. I strongly 55 it,
  41. A. count B. reflect C. depend D. comment
  42. A, benefit from B. take over C. apply for D. go through
  43. A. efficient B. excellent C. professional D. proficient
  44. A. however B. therefore C. indeed D. after all
  45. A. if B. because C. so that D. before
  46. A. Of late B. Consequently C. Afterwards D. At first
  47. A. acquired B. accomplished C. approached D. assured
  48. A. ambition B. conscience C. responsibility D. challenge
  49. A. to B. on C. in D. by
  50. A. any B. one C. another D. no
  51. A. ends B. limits C. borders D. edges
  52. A. elsewhere B. what C. whichever D. where
  53.A. compatible with B. responsible for C. followed by D. relevant to
  54. A. shall B. will C. would D. should
  55. A. declare B. recommend C. advise D. contend PART IV READING COMPREHENSION (60 minutes, 30 points) Directions: Be low each of the following passages you will find some questions or incomplete statements. Each question or statement is followed by four choices market! A, B, C. end D. Read each passage carefully, and then select (he choice that bear answers the question or completes (he statement Mark (fie teller of your choice with a single bar across (he square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet. Passage I Small, pink and very ugly. Hardly the qualities of a star, but they describe the deformed mouse that was the media darling at a recent science exhibition in Beijing. With a complex tissue
内部资料,仅供学习参考 2003 年份 3
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structure in the shape of a human ear grafted on to its back, the rosy rodent was a stunning symbol of the serious strides China is making in the field of biotechnology. China is fast applying the latest life-science techniques learned from the West to aggressively pursue genome research. It's establishing its own centers of technical excellence to build a scientific base to compete directly with the United States and Europe. With a plentiful supply of smart young scientists at home and lots of interest abroad biotechnology is on the brick of a boom in China. And in the view of foreign scientists, Beijing is playing a clever hand, maximizing the opportunities open to them. For the moment, the cooperation exists mostly with Europe and the U.S. But Asia's other biotech leaders, Japan, Singapore and Korea, also are recognizing China's potential as an attractive low-cost base to conduct research. These partnerships?and China's advancement in the field of biotechnology?could help benefit the rest of Asia: China's rapid progress in improving crop yields will address food-security concerns in the region, In addition, China is more likely to focus on developing cheap technology that its predominantly poor population?and those of other Asian countries?can afford. There remain, however, serious barriers to the development qf a strong biotech industry. Among them are a poor domestic legal framework, weak enforcement of intellectual-property rights and loose adherence to international standards, China is a signatory of the International Bio Safety Protocol, which should mean adherence to global standards governing the conduct of field trials. But some observers are skeptical. 'The regulations look good, but I haven't met one scientist who believes they are being fully adhered to," says a European science analyst. If shortcuts are taken, then some of the recent scientific achievements trumpeted in the official press may never make it to market. But no matter how strict lab tests are. other problems lie in wail. For example, there is a number of tasks it would take years :o fulfill in the patents office, says one lawyer, leaving innovators with little protection if they take a product to market in China. 56, The mouse on display is most significant in that _ A. it has an ear in the shape of a human ear B. it is unusually small and ugly as a star C. it is the focus of the media at the exhibition D. it indicates China's progress in biotechnology _.

  57. The phrase "on the brink of a boom" (in boldface in Paragraph
  2) in the context means . A. having an edge in competition B. in great demand C. on the way to success D. preparing for challenge
  58. In the field of biotechnology China is thought to . A. have been making an utmost effort learning from the West B. have become a country among the advanced C. have been able to rival the United Sates and Europe
内部资料,仅供学习参考 2003 年份 4
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D. have launched a biotechnological revolution
  59. Japan, Singapore, and Korea will also be interested in cooperating with China in biotechnology because . A. it has made extraordinary contributions to the world B. it has large supplies of talents and advanced research centers C. its research focuses on the benefits of all Asian countries D. its cooperation with the US and Europe proves profitable
  60. Science analysts are worried that China, in the course of biotech development, A. might refuse to join efforts to adhere to global standards B. may put too much emphasis on developing cheap technology C. cannot afford to fulfill years of tasks in assessing patents D. may not seriously follow the International Bio Safety Protocol
  61. As implied in the context, the shortcuts that might be taken include . A. publicizing recent achievements in the official press B. the protection of innovators with their products C. the violation of intellectual-property rights D. making lab tests as strict as possible Passage 2 The sizzling streams of sunlight were just beautifully glimmering down on the crisp green schoolyard. Such a wonderful day that was. Nothing could have ruined it. Little Jimmy, since it was such a wonderful day, decided to go to the corner store and buy himself a little treat. As Jimmy started walking over to the store, Clouds flocked over the dazzling sun and the sudden pitch dark meant no trouble, On the other side of the road were three white boys from Jimmy's same school. Upon recognizing Jimmy, the boys ran over the street to where he was. "Hey Negro, what's up?" one of the white boys said, "Did your mamma pack you enough to eat today? "another hooted. "Just leave me alone," Little Jimmy said. " Oh no, Jimmy's really getting pist off!?" the first boy retaliated. "Just shove off and let me be," Jimmy answered. It is like this everyday, everywhere, and every time, people suffer discrimination. All because they have differences amongst each other. Different beliefs, different cultures, different skin colors, all of these act like building blocks to help construct what we know as Racism. Racism has become one of the many burdens amongst multi-cultural worlds like Canada and the States. Racism is a part of each and every one of us. No doubt, we are all racist, but the term racism has been used too loosely. Racism has been mutated to such an extent that ii could be a reason for war, a symbol of terrorism, and even an excuse for neglecting. Is that all there is to it? No, actually it is just the beginning. Racism is just like warfare in which there is no shelter and nobody is neutral. Nobody is exempt from this demon. He has haunted us with a bitter curse. On one occasion I remember, nobody would play with me at school. 1 would walk around by myself and ask people
内部资料,仅供学习参考 2003 年份 5
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if we could play together. Everywhere that 1 went, like the process of induction, everyone would avoid me. Like two inducted poles with the some polarity, they would just shimmer off into the distance and continue to do whatever they're doing. Because of racial differences, they neglect me. People are afraid of the unknown, and it is this difference amongst people that spread rumors and distrust amongst people. Corrupting our thoughts and reasons, we get accustomed to thinki



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