The Speech by a World Bank Official at the 2002 Western China International Economy and Trade Fair
I am delighted to be here this morning to open the Western China International Economy and Trade Fair.
今天早晨我非常荣幸地为西部国际博览会开 幕致辞。
I would like to thank the People’s Government of Sichuan for inviting us to attend this important event where government leaders from Beijing and twelve other provinces meet to discuss strategies for developing China’s Western Region. 感谢四川省人民政府邀请我们参加这一盛会。在博览会 期间来自北京和其他十二个省的政府领导聚集一堂,共 同探讨开发中国西部地区的战略。 在这里来自北京和其他12个省的政府领导人将共同探讨 发展中国西部地区的策略。
This event reflects the strong commitment of the Government and the people of China to develop the Western Region.
这一盛会展示/显示了中国政府和人民开发 西部地区的强烈愿望/决心。
I am very impressed with the enthusiasm and determination demonstrated not only by the public sectors, but also by the private sectors in supporting the Western development goals set forth by the Government.
在支持政府提出 制订 的西部大开发目标时, 提出/ 提出 公共/国营部门和私营/民营部门所表现出的热 情和决心都给我留下了很深的印象。
The purpose of my current visit to China is to evaluate recent economic developments in China, and discuss with Chinese leaders the World Bank Group’s assistance strategy for China after its entry into the WTO.
我本次到中国来是来考察贵国最近的经济发展 状况,并与贵国的领导人一起商讨中国加入世 贸组织以后世界银行集团所能提供给中国的援 助战略。
我此行来华的目的是了解中国近年来经济的 发展状况, 发展状况,并与政府的高层领导探讨世界银 行集团对加入WTO后中国的援助战略。 WTO后中国的援助战略 行集团对加入WTO后中国的援助战略。
I started my visit two days ago in the western province Yunnan and have now come to Sichuan.
两天前在贵国的西部省份云南我开始了我的 调查,现在又来到了四川。 两天前我从中国的西部省份云南开始了中国 之行,现在来到了四川。 之行,现在来到了四川。
I have seen good examples of how the World Bank Group can offer assistance to the Government and the private sectors to develop China’s West.
我已经看到世界银行集团是如何协助中国政 府和私营部门来发展中国西部的。 我已经看到世界银行集团向政府和民营部门 提供援助开发西部的好的范例。 提供援助开发西部的好的范例。
There are 11 provinces, autonomous regions and one municipality in west China, with a total area of about
  6.8 million square kilometers and a population of 364 million.
中国西部包括11个省、自治区 和一个直辖 市,占地680万平方公里,拥有人口三亿六 千四百万。
The government’s desire to accelerate the development of the western provinces is vital to the success of achieving a sustained growth for China in the long run.
(中国政府)加速发展西部省份的愿望对于中 国最终成功实现可持续发展是至关重要的。 政府决心加快西部省份的开发对中国成功地 进行长期可持续性发展是至关重要的。 进行长期可持续性发展是至关重要的
There are also challenges, however, that should not be overlooked.
These include continued efforts to create and improve the business environment. But I am confident that these challenges will be met.
它们包括继续努力创造和改善商务环境.但 是我坚信中国能够成功地应对这些挑战。
In closing, I would like to thank the Government of Sichuan for its support to World Bank and IFC operations in Sichuan.
最后,我要感谢四川省人民政府对世界银行 和国际金融组织在四川工作的支持。 最后,感谢四川省政府对世界银行和国际金 最后, 融公司的支持。 融公司的支持。
We look forward to working with all of you to contribute to the development of China’s West and to improve people’s lives in this important part of the country.
我们希望与诸位共同努力,为发展中国西部 和改善居住在这一片重要土地上的人民的生 活做出贡献! Part II Interpreting from Chinese to English
阳光国际展览中心副总经理在关于举办2002年中 阳光 国(阳光)国际乐器展览新闻发布会上的讲话
副 总 经 理 --assistant/deputy general manager/managing director; vice president 中国国际展览中心 China International Exhibition Center Speech by/of the Deputy General Manager of Sunshine International Exhibition Center at/on the Press Conference on 2002 China International Musical Instruments Exhibition
公司名称往往是企业创始人确定的,翻译比较固定,可能是 汉语拼音,也可能是某个英语单词的会意翻译. 译商业类名称或品牌,香港翻译界有比较丰富的经验和成 功的例子,他们善于用谐音取义的译法来命名,如“可口 可乐(Coca-Cola)”。因此,若没有特别限定,“端点” 可按中文拼音翻译成“Duandian”,但也可选取寓意好谐音 接近的英语单词来对应“端点”,如: Chongqing Dawning Trading Co., Ltd.(Dawning为黎明、 曙光) Chongqing Dandy Trading Co., Ltd. (Dandy为挺棒的、一 流的) Chongqing Diploid Trading Co., Ltd. (Diploid为双倍的) Chongqing Trendy Trading Co., Ltd. (Trendy为新潮的、领 导潮流的) “Trendy”,一个“名列前茅”的商贸公司,与“端点”的 发音正好符合“谐音取义”的译法。
Distinguished guests and friends from the media
首先,请允许我代表阳光国际展览中心有限公司 向出席今天新闻发布会的各位来宾表示热烈的欢 迎和衷心的感谢。
First of all, permit me, on behalf of Sunshine International Exhibition Center Co. Ltd., to extend our warmest welcome and sincere gratitude to all the guests present at the news conference today. First, on behalf of Sunshine International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd, please allow me to express our warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all of you for your presence.
国际乐器业界的盛大聚会 MUSIC CHINA 中国 (阳光)国际乐器展览会将于2002年10月16日至19 日在阳光国际展览中心隆重开幕.
The grand get-together of international musical instruments ? MUSIC CHINA will be officially opened from 16-19 October 2002 at Yangguang International Exhibition Center. MUSIC CHINA International Musical Instruments Exhibition, a great occasion for the international industry circle of musical instruments, will be held from 16 ? 19 October 2005 at Sunshine China International Exhibition Centre.
我们举办这个展览会的目的是加强在这一领域的国际交流与合作,借鉴和学习 国外的先进技术和经验,为国内外广大生产厂家、经销商提供一个了解市场、 交流技术、展示产品、建立合作关系的窗口和桥梁,同时也为广大热爱音乐 的朋友们和乐器消费者们提供一个咨询、选购所需产品和服务的契机。
This exhibition aims to strengthen/enhance the international exchange and cooperation in musical field by learning the advanced technologies of foreign countries and drawing on their experiences, so that it could serve as a window and bridge for factories and dealers to get to know the market, exchange technologies, exhibit products and establish cooperation. It can also provide those music enthusiasts and consumers of musical instruments an opportunity to consult and shop for the products they need.
我们举办这个展览会的目的是加强在这一领域的国际交流与合作,借鉴和学 习国外的先进技术和经验,为国内外广大生产厂家、经销商提供一个了解市 场、交流技术、展示产品、建立合作关系的窗口和桥梁,同时也为广大热 爱音乐的朋友们和乐器消费者们提供一个咨询、选购所需产品和服务的契 机。
The purpose of this exhibition is to enhance the international exchange and cooperation in this field through introducing and studying the advanced technology and experience from abroad. Meanwhile it will serve as a window and bridge for the producers and dealers home and abroad to understand market, exchange technologies, display products and set up cooperative relationship. It will also provide a platform for music lovers and consumers of musical instruments to consult and buy the products and service programs they need.
截至目前,本届展览会已有270多家中外企业报名参展,展 出总面积15000 平方米,是目前国内乐器展览会中规模最 大的。 Up to now, there are already over 270 domestic and foreign enterprises that have signed up at this current exhibition. With a total exhibition area of 15,000
square meters, this exhibition is the largest among the musical instruments exhibitions within China. .
Up to now, more than 270 companies home and abroad have signed up at the exhibition with a total exhibition area of 15000 square meters. It is the largest in terms of the scale among the musical instruments exhibitions in China. So far, more than 270 enterprises home and abroad have enrolled in the exhibition. With a total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, it is China’s largest exhibition of that kind.


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