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2005 年职称英语等级综合类(B 级)试题考试 试题、答案及题解
第 1 部分:词汇选项 (第
  1~15 题,每题 1 分,共 15 分) 下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语画有底横线,请从每个句子后面所 给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与画线部分意义最相近的词或短语。请将答案涂在答题卡相应的 位置上。 1 It is obvious that he will win the game. A likely B possible
C clear D probable 2 The earth moves around the sun. A before C after D B round
3 Did anyone call when l was out? A everyone C B nobody someone
D anybody 4 It took us a long time to mend the house. A build C design B destroy D repair
5 I don’t quite follow what she is saying. A observe C explain B understand D describe
6 We can no longer tolerate his actions. A put up with C take B accept D receive
7 Loud noises can be irritating. A hateful C stimulating 8 B painful D annoying
In the background was that eternal hum A long B never-ending
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 C boring D extensive
9 The Constitution’s vague nature has given it the flexibility to be adapted when circumstances change A imprecise C clear B D easy apparent
10Gambling is lawful in Nevada. A enjoyable B irresistible
C legal D profitable 11These are the motives for doing it A reasons B excuses
C answers D replies 12The river widens considerably as it begins to turn west A extends C 13 broadens D B stretches
Many economists have given in to the fatal lure of mathematics. A error B puzzle
C attraction D contradiction 14 With immense relief I stopped running. A no C B little enormous
scarce D
15 A great deal has been done to remedy the situation A maintain C preserve B improve
D protect (第 16?22 题,每题 1 分,共 7 分)
第 2 部分:阅读判断
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后列出了 7 个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断。 如果该句提供的是正确信息,请在答题卡上把 A 涂黑;如果该句提供的是错误信息,请在 答题卡上把 B 涂黑;如果该句的信息文章中没有提及,请在答题卡上把 C 涂黑。 They Say Ireland’s the Best Ireland is the best place in the world to live in for 20
  05.according to a life quality ranking that appeared in Britain’s Economist magazine last week. The ambitious attempt to compare happiness levels around the world is based on the principle that wealth is not the only measure of human satisfaction and well-being. The index of 111countries uses data on incomes,health,unemployment,climate,political stability,job security,gender equality as well as what the magazine calls“freedom,family and
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 community 1ife” Despite the bad weather, troubled health service, traffic congestion(拥挤), gender inequality and the high cost of living.Ireland scored an impressive
  8.33 Points out 0f
  10. That put it well ahead of second-place Switzerland.which managed
  07.Zimbabwe. troubled by political insecurity and hunger, is rated the gloomiest(最差的),picking up only
  3.89points. “Although rising incomes and increased individual choices are highly valued. ”the report said,"some of the factors associated with modernization such as the breakdown(崩溃)in traditional institutions and family values in part take away from a positive impact. ” “Ireland wins because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of the new with the preservation of certain warm elements of the old,such as stable family and community life” The magazine admitted measuring quality of life is not a straightforward thing to do, that and its findings would have their critics. No.2 on the 1ist is Switzerland.The other nations in the top 10 are Norway.Luxembourg. Sweden,Australia,Iceland,Italy,Denmark and Spain. The UK is positioned at No.29,a much lower position chiefly because of the social and family breakdown recorded in official statistics.The US,which has the second highest per capita GDP(人均国内生产总值)after Luxembourg,took the 13th place in the survey China was in the Lower half of the league at 60th 16 For
  2,005 years,Ireland has been the best place for humans to live in A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
17 Job security is the least important measure of life quality A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
18 Cost of living in Ireland is pretty high A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
19 Family life in Zimbabwe is not stable A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
20 Ireland is positioned at No 1 because it combines the most desirable elements of the new with some good elements of the old A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
2l To measure life quality is easy. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
22 The United States of America is among the top 10 countries.
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned (第 23~30 题,每题 1 分,共 8 分)
第 3 部分:概括大意与完成句子
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后有 2 项测试任务:(
  1)第 23~26 题要求从所给的 6 个选项 中为第 2?5 段每段选择 1 个正确的小标题;(
  2)第 27~30 题要求从所给的 6 个选项中选 择 4 个正确选项,分别完成每个句子。请将答案涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 Even Intelligent People Can Fail 1 The striking thing about the innovators who succeeded in making our modern world is how often they failed.Turn oil a light,take a photograph,watch TV,search the web,jet across the Pacific Ocean.talk on a cellphone(手机).The innovators who left us these things had to find the way to success through a maze(错综复杂)of wrong turns. 2 We have just celebrated the 125th anniversary of American innovator Thomas Edison’s success in heating n thin line to white, heat for 14 hours in his lab in New Jersey, hot US. did He that on October
  79.and followed up a month later by keeping a thread of common cardboard alight(点亮着的)in an airless space for 45 hours.Three years later he went on to light up half a square mile of downtown Manhattan,even though only one of the six power plants in his design worked when he turned it on,on September
  82. 3 “Many of 1ife’S failures”the supreme innovator said. “are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”Before that magical moment in October 18
  79. Edison had worked out no fewer than
  3. theories about electric light. in only two cases did 000 But his experiments work. 4 N0 one likes failure,but the smart innovators learn from it.Mark Gumz.the head of the
camera maker Olympus America Inc.attributes some of the company’S successes in technology to understanding failure.His popular phrase is: “You only fail when you quit” 5 0ver two centuries,the most common quality of the innovators has been persistence That is another way of saying they had the emotional ability to keep up what they were doing.Walt Disney,the founder of Disneyland,was so broke after a succession of financial failures that he was left shoeless in his office because he could not afford the US$
  1.50 to get his shoes from the repair shop.Pioneering Car maker Henry Ford failed with one company and was forced out of another before he developed the Model T Car. 6 Failure is harder to bear in today’s open,accelerated world.Hardly any innovation works the first time But an impatient society and the media want instant success When American music and movie master David Geffen had a difficult time,a critic said nastily that the only difference between Geffen Records (Geffen’s company)and the Titanic(the ship that went down) was that the Titanic had better music. Actually, wasn’ After four years of 10sses. it t. Geffen had
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 so many hits(成功的作品)he could afford a ship as big as the Titanic all to himself.
第 4 部分:阅读理解(第
  31~45 题,每题 3 分,共 45 分) 下面有 3 篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 道题,每道题后面有 4 个选项。请根据文章的内容 从每题所给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个最佳答案,涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 第一篇 Two People,Two Paths You must be familiar with the situation: Dad’ driving, s Mum’ telling him where to go. s He’ s sure that they need to turn 1eft.But she says it’s not for another two blocks.Who has the better sense of direction?Men or women? They both do,a new study says.but in different ways. Men and women.Canadian researchers have found,have different methods of finding their way.Men look quickly at landmarks f 地标)and head off in what they think is the right direction Women.however.try to picture the whole route in detail and then f01low the path in their head, “Women tend to be more detailed. ”said Edward Cornell,who led the study。 “while men
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 tend to be a little bit faster and…a little bit more intuitive(直觉感知的)” In fact.said Cornell. “sense of direction”isn’t one skill but two. The first is the“survey method,.This is when you see an area from above,such as a printed ’ map You can see.for example,where the hospital is,where the church is and that the supermarket is on its right The second skill is the“route method”This is when you use a series of directions.Yon start from the hospital.then turn 1eft.turn right,go uphill?and then you see the supermarket. Men are more likely to use the survey method while women are more likely to use one route and follow directions Both work.and neither is better Some scientists insist that these different skills have a long history.They argue it is because of the difference in traditional roles. In ancient times.young men often went far away with the older men to fish or hunt The trip took hours or days and covered unfamiliar places.The only way to know where you were was to use the survey method to remember landmarks?the mountains.the 1akes and so on. The women,on the other hand,took young girls out to find fruits and plants.These activities were much closer to home but required learning well?used paths.So,women’s sense of space was based on learning certain routes 31 When finding his way Dad tends to rely on A his intuitive knowledge B his book knowledge. C Mum’s assistance. D the police’s assistance, 32 Women are more likely to use A 山 e survey method B the traditional method. C the route method D the right method. 33 Which works better.the route method or the survey method? A The survey method B 111e route method. C D 34 Either. Neither Which of the following is NOT a landmark?
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专业 ? 权威 ? 互动 ? 快乐 A Along river. B A high mountain. C A magnificent church
D A path in your head 35 Women developed a sense of space out of the need
A to go fishing. B to go hunting. C to learn well-used paths. D to go swimming. 第二篇 Dancing in the Streets If there is one thing certain to get Brazilians on their feet,it is the Rio Carnival(狂欢节). Held in Rio de Janeiro.the country’s biggest city.the carnival began on February 20 when the mayor gave key of the city to Rei Momo?the Lord of Misrule(无序之皇) On his orders,each year people turn the city into a paradise of dance and music.The following six days are so fun of parades,street dancing,fantastic clothes and partying(聚会)that many people forget about eating and sleeping “It was the passion of the carnival that attracted me to Brazil and made me settle down in Rio. ”said Bob Nadkarni.a British man who has lived in the city for several years For many Brazilians.the centrepiece of the carnival is samba(桑巴舞),a typical Brazilian dance.Every year,tens of thousands of visitors and locals show off their passion and energy iu the streets. following the beat(节拍)of the Latin music. The climax to this street party is the float(彩车)parade,in which floats decorated with tons of fresh flowers by various samba schools and local communities move through the city.On the top of each float stands the candidate for the Drum Queen,who is chosen at the end of the party. while most people are free to enjoy the celebrations。Rio’s police officers have to keep a clear head.Following the murder of three offlcers in a gunfight early last week,the Brazilian Government has tightened security in Rio.The street fighting,robbery and sex crimes that accompany the carnival are very difficult to police. Carnivals began in ancient Rome as a celebration at which people fed wild wolves, honour in of the city’ founder who was said to have been raised by a she?wolf. s Brazil gave new life to this tradition and so. despite the troubles. carnival will rema



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