87.The substance does not dissolve in water (不管是否加热)。
  88.Not only (他向我收费过高),but he didn’t do a good repair job either
  89. Your losses in trade this year are nothing (与我的相比)。
  90. On average, it is said, visitors spend only (一半的钱) in a day in Leeds as in London.
  91. By contrast, American mothers were more likely (把孩子的成功归因 于) natural talent. 2006 年 6 月 24 日英语四级翻译
  87. Having spent some time in the city, he had no trouble (找到去历史博物馆的路).
  88. (为了挣钱供我上学), mother often takes on more work than is good for her.
  89. The professor required that (我们交研究报告)。
  90. The more you explain, (我愈糊涂).
  91. Though a skilled worker, (他被公司解雇了) last week because of the economic crisis. 2006 年 12 月 23 日英语四级翻译
  87. Specialists in intercultural studies say that it is not easy to (适应不同文化中的生活).
  88. Since my childhood I have found that (没有什么比读书对我更有吸引力).
  89. The victim (本来会有机会活下来) if he had been taken to hospital in time.
  90. Some psychologists claim that people (出门在外时可能会感到孤独).
  91. The nation’s population continues to rise (以每年 1200 万人的速度). 2007 年 6 月 23 日英语四级翻译
  87. The finding of this study failed to (将人们的睡眠质量考虑在内).
  88. The prevent and treatment of AIDS is (我们可以合作的领 域).
  89. Because of the leg injury, the athlete (决定退出比赛).
  90. To make donations or for more information, please (按以下地址和我们 联系).
  91. Please come here at ten tomorrow morning (如果你方便的话). 2007 年 12 月 22 日英语四级翻译
  87. (多亏了一系列的新发明),doctors can treat this disease successfully.
  88. In my sixties, one change I notice is that .(我比以前更容易累了)
  89. I am going to pursue this course, . (无论我要作出什么样的牺牲)
  90. I would prefer shopping online to shopping in a department store because . (它更 加方便和省时)
  91. Many Americans live on credit, and their quality of life (是用他们能够借到多 少来衡量的),not how much they can earn.
2008 年 6 月 21 日英语四级翻译
  87. Our efforts will pay off if the results of the research . (能应用于新技术的开发)
  88. I can’t boot my computer now. something (一定出了毛病)with its operating system.
  89. Leaving one’s job, (无论是什么工作),is a difficult change, even for those who look forward to retiring.
  90. (与我成长的地方相比),this town is more prosperous and exciting.
  91. (直到他完成使命) did he realize that he was seriously ill. 2008 年 12 月 20 日英语四级翻译
  87. Medical researchers are painfully aware that there are many problems . (他们至今 还没有答案)
  88. (大多数父母所关心的) is providing the best education possible for their children.
  89. You’d better take a sweater with you . (以防天气变冷)
  90. Through the project, many people have received training and . (决定自己创业)
  91. The anti-virus agent was not known . (直到一名医生偶然发现了它) 2009 年 6 月 20 日英语四级翻译
  87. Soon after he transferred to the new school, Ali found that he had (很难跟上班里 的同学)in math and English.
  88. If she had returned an hour earlier, Mary . (就不会被大雨淋了)
  89. It is said that those who are stressed or working overtime are . (更有可能增加体 重)
  90. (很多人没有意识到的) is that Simon is a lover of sports, and football in particular.
  91. The study shows that the poor functioning of the human body is . (与缺乏锻炼密 切相关) 2009 年 12 月英语四级翻译
  87. You would not have failed if .(按照我的指令去做)
  88. Despite the hardship he encountered, Mark never . (放弃对知识的追求)
  89. Scientists agree that it will be a long time before . (我们找到治愈癌症的方法)
  90. Production has to be increased considerably to . (与消费者不断增长的需求保持 同步)
  91. The more exercise you take, . (你越不大可能感冒) 2010 年 6 月英语四级翻译题
  87、Because of noise outside,Nancy had greatdifficulty(集中注意力在实验上)
  88、The manager never laughed;neither(她也从来没有发过脾气)。
  89、We look forward to( 被邀请出席开幕式)。
  90、It is suggested that the air conditioner(要安装在窗户旁边)
  91、The 16 year old girl decided to travel abroadon her own despite(她父母的强烈反对)
参考答案: 大纲样题
  87. whether (it is) heated or not
  88. Not only did he charge me too much 或 Not only did he overcharge me
  89. compared with mine 或 in comparison with mine
  90. half as much(money)
  91. to attribute/ascribe their children’s success to
  87. finding the way to the history museum
  88. In order to support my university studies (或:to finance my education;to pay for my education/to pay my tuition fees)
  89. we(should) hand in our/the research report(s)
  90. the more confused I am
  91. he was fired by the company
  87. adapt oneself to life/living in different cultures
  88. nothing is more attractive to me than reading
  89. would have had a chance to survive 或 would have survived
  90. might feel lonely when they are far from home/ are not in their hometown/ traveling.
  91. at a speed/rate of 12 million per year 或 at an annual speed of 12 million
  87. take people’s sleep quality/quality of sleep into account/consideration
  88. a field in which we can work together / a field in which we can cooperate
  89. decided to quit the match
  90. contact us at the following address
  91. at your convenience/if it is convenient for you
  87. Thanks to/ because of a series of new inventions
  88. I have been more likely to get tired than before/ I get tired more easily than before
  89. no matter at what expense (cost)/ no matter what I have to sacrifice (pay)/ would have to sacrifice (pay)
  90. the former/ shopping online is more convenient and efficient (time-saving) (can save more time)
  91. is measured in terms of how much they can borrow
  87. can be applied to the development of the new technology.
  88. must be wrong
  89. whatever job it is/ no matter what job it is
  90. Compared with the place where I grew up
  91. Not until he had finished the mission
  87. to which they still have no answers today
  88. what most parents are concerned about
  89. in case of temperature drop

  90. decide to start their own business
  91. until a doctor found it by chance
  09.6 difficulty (in) keeping up with his classmates wouldn’t have been caught by the heavy rain more likely to put on weight what many people don't realize / what a host of folks don't realize closely linked to the lack of exercise / closely related to the lack of exercise
  87. if you had followed my instructions/orders
  88. abandoned the pursuit of knowledge
  89. find the cure for cancer
  90. keep pace with the constantly growing demands of consumers
  91. the less likely you are to catch a cold
  10.6 in focusing on the experiment had she lost her temper being invited to attend the opening ceremony (should) be installed by the window her parents’ strong objection



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