2006 级大学英语二级期中测试试卷参考答案 A Part I Listening Comprehension Section A
  1、听力原文: W: Jim told me this kind of printer costs 300 dollars. M: It used to, but the price has gone up 50 dollars. Q: How much does the printer cost now? 参考答案:C
  2、听力原文: M: Two ten-cent stamps and four eight-cent stamps, please. W: Here you are. That will be fifty-two cents. Q: Where does this conversation most probably take place? 参考答案:D
  3、听力原文: W: So you're buying a car after all. M: Oh, well, my wife persuaded me to. Q: What do you learn from this conversation? 参考答案:B
  4、听力原文: W: How soon will my dress be made? M: I told you last Thursday it wouldn't be ready until this Friday. There are still two days to go. Q: What day is it today? 参考答案:C
  5、听力原文: M: Oh, I'm too sleepy to study. W: Well, Bob, if you hadn't watched that late movie last night, you wouldn't have been so sleepy. Q: What did Bob do last night? 参考答案:A
  6、听力原文: W: I think we should cancel our visiting program for the bad weather. M: I can't agree with you more. Q: What is the man's opinion? 参考答案:A
  7、听力原文: M: You needn't have come to the office this morning. You should stay in bed
for another couple of days. W: Without so much work piling up, I would have preferred a month off. Q: What can we learn from this conversation? 参考答案:B
  8、听力原文: M: I think Professor Mike is indeed a learned scholar. He has a profound understanding of the ancient Greek culture. W: You can say that again. Q: What does the woman think of Professor Mike? 参考答案:A
  9、听力原文: W: Excuse me, can you tell me if this bus goes to the airport? M: No, I'm afraid I can't. I just arrived yesterday. Q: Why can't the man give the woman direction? 参考答案:B
  10、听力原文: M: I'm so tired I think I'll go home now. W: I have to stay up until I finish the work. Q: What will the woman do? 参考答案:A Section B Questions 11 to 14 are based on the following passage: 听力原文:One day, Mr. Exact was standing at the door reciting a text word by word when a stranger came up to him and said, "Excuse me, but could you tell me where the department store is?" "Sure," answered Exact, "You must go across the bridge and then turn right. The bridge is only twenty meters long." The stranger thanked him and went on his way. He was still walking across the bridge when someone suddenly called out from behind him. "Look out!" The stranger turned around and found it was Mr. Exact. Breathing shallowly, Exact said, "I'm sorry that I gave you the wrong direction. I have come to tell you that the bridge is forty meters long, not twenty meters as I originally said. If you go twenty meters and then turn right, you will fall into the water as I did a couple of years ago when someone gave me the same directions."
  11. A
  12. C
  13. B
  14. D Questions 15 to 18 are based on the following passage:
听力原文:There were three professors at the railway station. They were deep in conversation. The train had just arrived, but they did not notice it. Then the guard shouted, "Take your seats, please!" The professors heard the guard and rushed for the train. Two of them got on the train before it moved. The third one was left behind. It was Professor Egghead. He looked sad. One of the professor's students was at the station. He tried to comfort the professor. "It wasn't bad, sir," said the student. "Two out of three caught the train. That's quite good, you know." "I know," the professor said, "But it was my train. My friends only came to say good-bye." 参考答案:
  15. A 参考答案:
  16. C
  17. B
  18. D Questions 19 to 22 are based on the following passage: 听力原文:In its vocabulary, English has two kinds of words. It has native English words and words that come from other languages. These foreign words are usually from French. Native English words are usually short, but words from French are often not. Good, bad, ugly, sad are native words; excellent, delicious, expensive and beautiful are from French. The words that tell about a family are native -- mother, father, son, sister and so on. The words that tell what people do are usually from French -- student, doctor, reporter and policeman. There are thousands of words from French in English, but there aren't a lot of native words. But we use more native words than French ones. That's because the words we use all the time to make sentences are native words, such as I, you, it, is, are, a, the, and, to, etc. 参考答案:
  19. B
  20. A 参考答案:
  21. A
  22. C
  23. Most young people in the UK make new friends at work. False
  24. Yahoo and Google are social networking sites. False
  25. MySpace attracts over 3 million visitors per year. False
  26. MySpace visitors are willing to exchange their personal information with like-minded people. True
  27. New bands put their music on the web for people to listen to. True
  28. Users of social networks usually pay for the service. False
  29. MySpace members discuss music and life when they talk to their friends online. True
  30. A great place to practice English is to get on social network sites. True BBC news Script
How do you meet new people, make new friends, or find out about the latest bands? Here in the UK young people have traditionally done their socialising in bars, pubs and clubs. However, there is a new generation growing up that finds it easier to manage their social lives on the net, using free websites like MySpace, Bebo or MSN Spaces. Welcome to the social networking website ? a place where you can present yourself to the digital community and meet other like-minded people. The most successful social networking website in the UK is MySpace.com. As of July 2006, MySpace is the world’s fourth most popular English-language website, attracting almost 3 million visitors per month. MySpace claims to have 95 million members with 500,000 new members joining the community each week. So how has it become so successful? Perhaps its secret is in its simplicity. Each new member can build their own page simply ? uploading photos, videos and MP3 files. Then they describe themselves, listing their likes, dislikes, favourite bands, relationship status, etc. It’s an easy way to hook up with people who share your interests. Briana Dougherty, a 25-year-old MySpace devotee, told us, “It’s a casual way to stay in contact without appearing weird.” It seems that many people do not feel comfortable giving out their phone number or personal e-mail address to new acquaintances but are perfectly happy to trade MySpace profiles. While socialising is the key to MySpace’s success, love of music is at the heart of the community. Indeed, most aspiring musicians in the UK upload their songs to the site, and with good reason: unsigned artists, Arctic Monkeys and Lilly Allen created such a buzz on the site that they were offered recording contracts and scored number one hits. Here at Learning English we feel that social network sites could be a great place to practice your English. Why not give it a try? You can tell us about your experience by filling in the new comments form at the top of the screen. Part II Reading Comprehension 31-
  35. C C A A A 36-
  40. B C B C B 41-
  45. D A C C A Part III Vocabulary
  1. distract
  2. consists
  6. exhausted.
  7. succeed

  3. exceptional
  8. justify

  4. overall
  9. promotion

  5. were involved
  10. access

  11. reserved
  12. acknowledged
  13. embraced
  14. liable
  15. confront
  16. rained down
  17. out of line
  18. came over
  19. in charge of
  20. measure up to
  21. to the contrary
  22. polished off
  23. know better than
  24. making up for
  25. so much so that
  26. by all accounts
  27. on the run
  28. came aboard
  29. is…relevant to
  30. get away with Part IV Translation
  1. In my opinion, we should encourage young people to confront challenges and get actively involved in social activities.
  2. The U.N. Security Council consists of five permanent members, mainly in charge of solving serious conflicts between countries and keeping world peace.
  3. Contrary to the U.S. parents, the Chinese parents would sacrifice everything for the sake of their children.
  4. At any rate, you should not have kept them in suspense about your decision, which seriously distracted them from their work.
  5. Since he came aboard, the executive has blended in with all the staff.



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