2006 届高考英语专项训练??单项选择题 届高考英语专项训练?? ??单项选择题
  21. we get on well with a number of people, we are usually friends with only a few. A. When A. That; developing C. As; developed B. As C. While B. This; developed D. It; developing D. Since
  22. is predicted by experts, China will be a and powerful country in 30 years' time.

  23. You've agreed to go, so why aren't you getting ready yet? But I that you me to start right now. A. didn't realize; wanted C. haven't realized; want A. the moment
  25. Once lost, . A. it is said to get such a chance again C. to get such a chance will be difficult B. one can never get such a chance again D. such a chance will never come again B. one moment B. don't realize; want D. hadn't realized; wanted C. by the moment D. for the moment

  24. Although we hadn't met for twenty years I recognized him I saw him.

  26. I haven't heard from my sister since last month. Don't worry, Charlie. Letters from abroad be slow sometimes. A. need to on my life. A. that; which A. missing A. that A. hardly A. determined; to set C. determining; to set A. to be designed C. to design A. trained B. supplied B. when; which B. spending B. it B. almost C. when; that C. wasting C. which C. nearly B. being determined; set D. determined; set B. to be designing D. to have been designed C. prepared D. suggested D. which; that D. loving D. one D. scarcely
  28. You're your time trying to persuade my father to stop smoking; he'll never agree to do so.
  29. Mr. Zhu is a strict but good teacher, who always takes care of the students at school.
  30. The problem is not so easy as you think. It's far from being settled.
  31. She left him, never foot in that house again. B. can C. should D. ought to
  27. I shall never forget those days I lived in the country with the farmers, has a great effect

  32. The colorful uniforms of the bodyguards are believed in the t6th century.

  33. I knew there would be problems, but I wasn't for one like this.

  34. You couldn't have got in for nothing. So I did. Nobody tickets. A. was collecting A. to consider B. was selling B. considering C. had collected C. regarding D. had checked D. to regard
  35. He did poorly in the exams, how hard he had tried for them.

  21. --Kennedy Airport, please. I have to be there by
  7. -, but rll do my best. B. I can't promise C. All right D. I can't do that a new computer programme last month, but I don't know when B. to be designed D. to have been designing situation in which you felt angry, but put on B. the~ a C. al the D. the; the A. No problem
  22. Andrew is said he will finish it. A. to design C. to have designed
  23. Have you ever been in calm face instead? A. a; a
  24. --Take a look at that dress. It's beautiful. --Yes, it is. But look at the price. 900 yuan! --Oh my goodness! I A. haven't noticed A. nothing
  26. All of you A. are gathering it. That's too much. B. hadn't noticed B. no one B. will gather C. didn't notice C. none C. have gathered D. wasn't noticing that satisfied her. D. some D. gather

  25. The lady tried on all the dresses in the shop but found at the school gate! We'll soon start off.

  27. Seventy percent of the local citizens, A. who --Not so well. I A. could do --It's no A. matter
  30. A. As B. which
. is about 700 thousand people, are in favor C. that D. it
of the construction program of the government.
  28. --How did you do on the test? much better but I misread the directions for Part D. B. could have done C. must have done D. should do

  29. --Henry has been teaching English in Beijing University for many years. he can speak Chinese so well and idiomatically. B. doubt B. Since C. problem C. With D. wonder D. Because all his friends and money gone, he felt totally hopeless.

  31. --What do you think of Andrew?
--There are some things that are not easy to A. put aside
  32. A. While unhappy life. B. Before C. As B. put up with
, and his coldness is one. C. put down D. put off
Mr Morgan appears extremely cheerful in public, he is in fact leading a very D. Since

  33. It was in a mountain village, the professor said, two of his students were working as English teachers. A. where
  34. A. Being injured Germany. A. a third fewer than B. a third less than
  21. We will sign the contract with the dealer, guarantees of the products. A. as far as
  22. B. even if C. as long as D. unless _ .... in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded scholarship totaling 21,000 dollars. A. To be judged the best B. Having judged the best C. Judged the best D. Judging the best
  23. Excuse me, but I want to use your camera. You ..... have it if you don't take good care of it. A. shan't
  24. The task required _ A. who; is C. whomever; were there are big waterfalls. A. when
  26. B. so that C. where D. whether Let's stop here for a cup of coffee. Sounds great, but to tell the truth, I didn't bring any money. Thanks. Next time it's my mm. A. No problem. I did. B. That's OK. I'll bargain with them. B. might not did it C. needn't B. whom: was D. whoever: be D. shouldn't careful and brave enough. C. third fewer than D. third less than B. which B. Injured C. whose C. Having injured D. that D. To be injured in in the leg made it impossible for him to walk his way home.

  35. According to a new survey, unemployment was
  6.2%, half that in France,
he can promise to offer us the

  25. In order to make full use of the energy, many water power stations are built __
C. That's too bad. How about tea?
  27. They've A. provided
  28. B. supplied _
D. Well, let's have something else. C. shown __ it was tree. C. since early start tomorrow morning. C. /; the D. the; an of it earlier. C. have heard C. anything D. had heard D. nothing D. has been rescued D. put out . let me know. will you? from the sinking aircraft by a passing ship. in March next year. C. put on D. what fun having you. D. offered
us ~ 150,000 for the house. Shall we take it?
I told you that he would come to see you. --Actually I had little doubt A. whether B. that

  29. --Oh, must you? Stay a bit longer. It's been such Thanks anyway. I've got A. /; an A. hear A. something A. have rescued A. put off
  34. _ infinite peace. A. If walking C. Walk
  35. He B. a: an B. heard B. everything

  30. The news came as no surprise to me. for I
  31. If you need help, for example, money or
  32. The father, along with her two sons.
  33. The book on Chinese plays is expected to be B. put away
B. have been rescued C. has rescued
on a clear day, far from the city crowds, the mountains give him a sense of B. While walking D. When one is walking his father's place as president of the company at the age of
  25. And he to be more successful than his father. B. took: has turned out D. took: had turned out
A. had taken; turned out C. took; has been turned out

  21. What's French for " Chinese language"? A. /; a A. are working C. have worked A. to A. Apart from B. in B. Other than B. /; the C. the; a D. the; the B. were working D. had worked the bell to end class. D. at D. Besides C. for C. Except
  22. They outside just now and they must have got tired.

  23. The lecture is so dull that all the students are listening
  24. Jane, the bus was empty all the way.
  25. The Smiths trying best to help you.
A. is; his party to celebrate it. A. in that case C. in whose case queen. A. because
B. are; their
C. are; his
D. is; their

  26. These athletes from Jiangsu will probably win the gold medals, we will hold a B. in this case D. in which case she looks as happy as a D. as

  27. Susan must have passed the driving test this time .... B. since C. for

  28. The doctor the possibility that the man could live through the night though they would try their best to save him. A. gave out B. ruled out C. pointed out a way to solve the problem. B. concentrated to find D. to concentrate to find work no matter how 1 try. D. shan't D. that D. Assuming , C. doesn't C. them C. To assume D. found out
  29. What you should do now is A. concentrating on finding C. concentrate on finding
  30. The washing machine I bought only yesterday A. won't
  31. I heard A. her
  33. A. Assume B. didn't B. it B. Assumed
said that her parents had gone to the United States for holiday. that they do not approve of our plan, what should we do? when the results of the competition were announced by the teacher did the gift
who took first place feel relaxed. A. Merely A. is studying C. has studied --I'm sorry; A. you have me there C. I can't tell the secret Key: (
  4) DBCAB DCBCA BDBDA B. it makes no difference to me D. it's really hard to say B. Only C. Finally _. B. studied D. had studied D. Happily the problem.
  34. Bob knows nothing about it but he is talking as if he

  35. --Which of them took first place in the English competition last year?



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