partI Writing (30 minute) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Directions:For this part ,you are allowed 30minute to write a short essay on the topic of students selecting their fectures.You should write at least 120 words following the outline when bellow:
  3.学生自选任课教师的益处和可能产生的问题 On Students Selecting Lecturers 范文: On Students Choosing Lecturers Nowadays, some universities give students the right to choose who teaches some of their classes. This has led to some debate over whether students should be given this much power. There are several factors that students consider when choosing a lecturer, including the teaching style of the lecturer, the lecturer's academic background, and the lecturer's reputation among students. The ideal lecturer is one who has an interesting teaching style, a diverse academic background, and a good reputation among students. There are both positive and negative aspects to allowing students to choose their lecturers. Giving students the choice encourages them to take ownership for their classes, and also puts pressure on teachers to improve their teaching quality. However, the factors that students consider might not be the ones that lead to the highest quality of education. Schools might end up with lecturers who teach interesting classes without much content. Part II Reading comprehension (skimming and scanning ) (15 minute) Directions: In this part,you will have 15 minute to go over the passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer sheet1 For questions 1-7,mark Y(for YES) if the statement agrees with the information given in the passage; N(for NO) if statement cintradicts the information given in the passage; NG(for NOT CIVEN) if the information is not given in the passage.
for question 8-10 ,complete the sentenced with the information given in the passage. Highway A goverment study recommended a national highway systerm of33,920 miles,and congress passed the Federcal-Aid Highway Act of 1944,which called for strict,centrakky controlled desert criterra. The interstate highway system was finally launched in 1956 and has been hailed as one of the greatest public works projects of the century .To bulid its 44,000-mile web of highways,bridge.and tunnels hundreds of unique engineering designs and solutions had to be worked out.Consider the many geographic ,features of the country:mountains,steep grades,wetlands,rivers,desorts and plains.Variables included the slope of the land,the ability of the pavement to support the load.Innovative, designs of roadways,tunnels,bridges,overpasses,and interchanges that could run through or bypass urban areas soon began to weave their way across the country ,forever altering the face of American . Long-span,segmented-concrete,cable-stayed bridges such as Hale Boggs in Louisiana and the Sunshine Skyway in Florida,and remarkable tunnels like Fort Mchenry in Maryland and Mr.bakerin Washington developed under the nation's physical challenges,Traffic control systems and methods of construction developed uder the interstate program soon influenced highway construction around the world,ang were invaluable in improving the condition of urban streets and traffic patterns. Today .the interstate system links every major city in the U.S,and the U.S with Canada and Mexico,Built with safety in mind the highways have wide lanes and shoulders,dividing medians,or barriers,long entry and exit lanes,ourves engineered for safe turns,and limited access,The death rate on highways is half that of all other U.S roads (
  0.86 deaths per 100 million passenger miles compared to
  1.99 deaths per 100 million on all other roads) By opening the North American continent,highways have enabled consumer goods and services to reach people in remote and rural areas of jobs,access to the growth options in terms of jobs access to cutural progreams health care ,and other benefits.Above all,the interstate system provides individuals with what they enerish most:personal freedom of mobility. The interstate system has been an essential element of the nation's economic growth in terms of shipping and job creation:more than 75 percent of the nation's freight deliveries arrive by truck.and most products that arrive by rail or air use interstates for the last leg of the journey by vehiole. Not only has the highway system affected the American economy by providing shipping routes,it has led to the growth of spin-off industries like service stations ,motels,restaurants,and shopping centres.It has allower the rwlocation of manufacturing plants and other industries from urban areas to rural.
By the end of the century there was an immense network of paved roads ,residential streets,expressways,and freeways built to support millions of vehicles,The high way system was officially renamed for Eisenhower to honor his vison and leadership.The year construction began he said:"Together,the united forces of our communication and transportation systems are dynamic elements in the very name we bear -United States.Without them ,we would be a mere alliance of many sepaeate parts." 参考答案:
  1.Y N NG
  2. Y N NG
  3.Y NO NG
  5. Y N NG
  6.Y N NG
  7.Y N NG
  8.The greatest benefit brought about by the interstate system was
  9.Trucks using the interstate highways deliver more than
  10.The interterstate systerm was renamed afterEisenhower in recognition 参考答案:
  08. personal freedom of mobility 参考答案:
  09. 75 percent 参考答案:
  10. his vision and leadership Part Ⅲ Listening Comprehension section A Directions: In this section,you will hear 8short conversationa and 2 long sentance.At the end of each conversations,one ore more qusetions will be asked about what was both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once,After each question there will be a must read the four choices with A) B) C)and D).and decide which is the best answer ,then letter on Answer sheet 2 with a single line though the centre. 注意:此部分答题在答题卡 2 上作答。
  11. A)The girls got on well with each other. B)It's understandable that girls don't get along. C)She was angry eith the other young stars. D)The girls lacked the courage to fight.
  12. A)The woman does her own housework. B)The woman needs a housekeeper. C)The woman's house is in a mess. D)The woman works as a housekeeper.
A)The Edwards are quite well-off. B)The Edwards should cut down on their living expenses. C)It'll be unwise for the Edwards to buy another house. D)It's too expensive for the Edwards to live in their present house.
  14. A)The woman didn't except it to be so warm at noon. B)The woman is sensitive to weather changes. C)The weather forrcast was unreliable D)The weather turned cold all of a sudden.
  15. A)At a clinic. B)At a restaurant. C)In a supermarket. D)In an ice cream shop.
  16. A)The woman did not feel any danger growing up in the Bronx. B)The man thinks it was quite safe living in the Bronx district. C)The woman started working at an early age to support her family . D)The man doesn's think it safe to send an 8-year-old to buy things.
  17. A)The man has never seen the woman before. B)The two speakers work for the same company. C)The two speakers work in the same floor. D)The woman is interested in market research.
  18. A)The woman can't tolerate any noise. B)The man is looking foe an apartment. C)The man has missed his appointment. D)the woman is going to take a train trip. Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. A)To make a business report to the woman . B)To be interviewed for a job in the woman's company. C)To resign from his position in the woman's company. D)To exchange stock market infotmation with the woman.
A)He is head of a small teading company. B)He works in an international insurance company. C)He leads s team of brokers in a big company. D)He is a public relations officer in a small company.
  21. A)The woman thinks Mr.Saunders is asking for more than they can offer. B)Mr.Saunders will share one third of the woman's responsibilities. C)Mr.Saunders believes that he deserves more paid vacations. D)The woman seems to be satisfied with Mr.Saunders' past experience.
  22. A)She's worried about the seminar. B)The man keeps intertupting her. C)She finds it too hard. D)She lacks interest in it.
  23. A)The lecturers are boring. B)The course is poorly designed. C)She prefers Philosophy to English. D)She enjoys literature more.
  24. A)Karen's friend. B)Karen's parents. C)Karen's lecturers. D)Karen's herself.
  25. A)Changing her major. B)Spending less of her parents' money. C)Getting transferred to the Englidh Department. D)Leaving the university. Section B Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C) and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答.
Passage One Question 26 to 29 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  26. A)Rent a grave. B)Burn the body. C)Buty the dead near a church. D)buy a piece of land for a grave.
  27. A)To solve the problem of lacj of land. B)To see whether they have decayed. C)To follow the Greek religious practice. D)To move them to a multi-Storey
  28. A)They should be buried lying dowm . B)They should be buried standing up. C)They should be buried after being washed. D)They should be buried when partially decayed.
  29. A)Burning dead bodies to ashes. B)Storing dead bodies in a remote place. C)Placing dead bodies in a bone room. D)Digging up dead bodies after three years. Passage Two Question 30 to 32 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  30. A)Many foreign tourist visit the Unite States every year. B)Americans enjoy eating out with their friends. C)The United States is a country of immigrants. D)Americans prefer foreign foods to their own food.
  31. A)They can make friends with people from other countries. B)They can get to know people of other cultures and their lifestyles. C)They can practise speaking foreign languages there. D)They can meet with businessmen from all over the world.

  32. A)The couple cook the dishes and the children help them . B)The husband does the cooking and the wife serves as the address. C)The mother does the cooking while the famepand children withon the guests. D)A hired cook prepares the dishes and the farmily members serve the guests. Passage Three Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard .
  33. A)He took them to watch a basketball game. B)He trained them to play European football. C)He let them compete in getting balls out of a basket. D)He taught them to play an exciting new game.
  34. A)The players found the basket too high to teach. B)The players had trouble getting the ball out of the basket. C)The players had difficulty understanding the complex rules. D)The players soon found the game boring.
  35. A)By removing the bottom of the basket. B)By lowering the position of the basket. C)By simplifying the complex rules. D)By altering the size Of the basket. Sectin C Directions :In this section,you will hear a passage three times ,when the passage is read for the first time,you should listen carefully for its general idea.When the passage is read for the second time ,you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 36 to 43 with the exact words you have just heard.For blank numbered from 44 to 46 you are required to fill in the missing infornation,For these blanks ,you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words.Flinally,when the passage is read for the third time,you should check what you have written . 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 2 上;请在答题卡 2 上作答。
partIII Reading Comprehension
for American time is money. They say,"you only get so much time in this life; you'd better use it wisely." The (
  36)without be better than the past or present. As American are(
  37)to see things, unless people use their time for constructive activitica, Thus American(
  38)a "well-organized" preson is punctual and is(
  40)of other people's time. They do not(
  41)people's time with conversation or other activity that has no(
  42)beneficial outcome. The American attitude toward time is not(
  43)shared by thers, especially non-Europeans. They are more likely to regard time as(
  44). One of the more difficult things many studenta must adjust to in the states is the notion that time must be saved whenever possible and used wisely every day. In the contest(
  45).MeDonald's, KFC, and eating meals. As MeDonald's restaurants(
  46), bringing not just hamburgers but an emphasis on speed, efficiency, and shiny cieanliness.
Part IV reading comprehension(reading in depth) Section A Directions: you may not use any of the words in the bank more than true. Question 47 to 56 are based on the following passage. EI NIno is name given to the masterious and often unpredictable change in the climate of the world.This strange 47happens every five to eight years.It s



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