2006 年机械工程师《机械专业英语》考试样题 年机械工程师《机械专业英语》
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Professional English: June 2005 PART I Translation (70’) Section A (40’) following Direction: Please translate the following English into Chinese.
  1. The lathe hand may feed the cutter by hand or may make it be fed automatically by means of special gears. In turning different materials and works of different diameter, lathes must be run at different speeds.

  2. An abstract must contain key words about what is essential in an article, paper, or report so that someone else can retrieve information from it.

  3. “Mechatronics” (机电一体化)is a term coined by the Japanese to describe the integration of mechanical and electronic engineering. The concept may seem to be anything but new, since we can all look around us and see a myriad of products that utilize both mechanical and electronic disciplines.

  4.Five-axis CNC machine centers have become quite common today. The number of axies of a machine tool normally refers to the number of degrees of freedom or the number of independent controllable motions on the machine slides.
Section B (30’) Section English. Direction: Please translate the following sentences into English 1 另一种说法是:中国的劳动力非常便宜,所以这些高效自动化的装备没有太大的实际意 义。
PART II Reading comprehension (16’) Direction: Please read the following and complete A and B In 1971, CIRP completed and published a Delphi-type technological forecast of the future of production engineering. The development of this forecast was participated in by CIRP members from all parts of the world. The effort resulted in 94 forecast events on which good consensus was obtained. From the 94 specific forecast events a consensus scenario of the evolving technological future of manufacturing was developed. This describes the expected steady technological progress from 1975 to the year 2010, and reveals many things of interest about that future. However, taken as a whole, one overall trend stands out above all others as the major expected technological development in manufacturing between now and the year 20
  10. This is the expectation that what may be called the "computer-integrated automatic factory" will be a full-blown reality before the end of this century. Of the 94 forecast events, 24 or over one-forth, strongly forecast such a trend. Three of those 24 forecast events nicely summarize the nature and timing of that major development, namely:
  1. By 1980 (median date), a computer software system for full automation and optimization of all steps in the manufacturing of a part will be developed and in wide use.
  2. By 1995 (median date), full on-line automation and optimization of complete manufacturing plants, controlled by a central computer, will be a reality.
  3. By 2000 (median date), more than 50% of the machine tools produced will not have a "stand-alone" use, but will be part of a versatile manufacturing system, and being controlled from a central process computer. One may well ask what forces and incentives are at work in the world today that provide motive power for such a major change in manufacturing between now and the year 20
  10. One is, of course, the fact that the technology needed for that change now seems feasible because of the rapid growth of the capabilities of the digital computer. However, equally important are the economic and social forces incentives which are emerging in today's world. Both of these latter factors are contributing
strongly to the prospects for early realization of the computer-integrated automatic factory. Direction A. Answer the following questions.
  1. What’s the possible title of this paper?

  2. How many events nicely forecast the trend of the major development? what are they?
Part III Write a short paragraph to introduce yourself (no more than 100 words) (15’



   2006 年机械工程师《机械专业英语》考试样题 年机械工程师《机械专业英语》 栏目名称:资格认证 发布时间:2006-3-17 No. Name No. Professional English: June 2005 PART I Translation (70’) Section A (40’) following Direction: Please translate the following English into Chinese. 1. The lathe hand may fe ...


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