2006 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS) 决赛初一年级组试题参考答案
听力部分(共四大题,计 30 分) I. 听辨单词(Words) 1?5 BDCBA II. 句子理解(Sentences) 6?10 CBABA III. 对话理解(Dialogues) A) 11?15 BDACD B) 16?20 CABBC IV. 短文理解(Passages) A) 21?25 BDAAC B)
  26. birthday party
  27. September 2nd
  28. about 6:30 p.m.
  29. the City Park
  30. first eat and talk and then go to see a free film 笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分) I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure) A) 31?35 BABDA 36?40 CADBC 41?45 ACDBC B) 46?50 DABDC II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension) A) 51?55 BDACA B) 56?60 BCCBD C)
  61. the most
  62. seven
  63. March, April and May D)
  64. 女士们、先生们以及所有的孩子们,欢迎今晚来观看我们精彩的表演!
  65. Salvador the Amazing Monkey.
  66. Six. E)
  68. Newtown 有一条主街,街道上有商店。
  69. five
  70. Main Street III. 完形填空(Cloze) A)
  71. an
  72. films
  73. also
  74. like
  75. himself
  76. little
  77. sometimes
  78. makes
  79. with
  80. working B)
  81. lives
  82. is
  83. goes
  84. has
  85. like / love
  86. can
  87. playing
  88. riding
  89. like / love
  90. listen IV. 句式转换(Sentence pattern transformation) A)
  91. Whom; live
  92. don't think; any
  93. documentaries
  94. How much
  95. My parents; both B)
  96. has
  97. What / How about
  98. from; to
  99. writes; in 1
  00. learn; from V. 翻译(Translation) 1
  01. Please tell them not to skate on thin ice. 1
  02. Which club does Jim want to join, the English club or the music club? 1
  03. John wants to buy a pair of glasses for himself. / John wants to buy himself a pair of glasses. 1
  04. Our school is a little different from other schools. 1
  05. Look!The room with two big windows is the twins'. / Look!The twin's room is the one with two big windows. VI. 智力测试(IQ)
  06. Y. (Y is the 25th letter in the alphabet. The number for the letter in the top row added to the one in the central row gives the one in the bottom row.) 1
  12. (If TEA is worth 4, and TEAS is worth 8, S is worth
  4. Therefore, the addition of another S makes SEATS worth
  12.) 1
  36. 1
  09. Playing a joke on me (戏弄我). 1
  10. In Washington DC. VII. 写作(Writing) A) One possible version: Travel Agent: Can I help you? Liz: Yes, can you tell me something about Holly Cottage, please? Travel Agent: Well, it's the biggest and the best of all our holiday homes. It's a large house for up to eight people. Liz: Where is it? Travel Agent: It's three miles from the town centre. Liz: Is it near the sea? Travel Agent: Yes. Liz: How many rooms are there? Travel Agent: There are four bedrooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms. Liz: Thank you very much. B) One possible version: Dear Jenny, How's everything going? We are all worried about you because you think too much about singing stars. I think we can have our favourite singers, but we shouldn't spend too much time or money on them. There are many good things we can learn from them. For example, they work hard and always try their best to do things well. They never give up and have a fighting spirit as well. We are students, so our studies should come first. Don't you agree? Yours truly, Tim 一、 评分原则:
  1. 本题总分为: A) 10 分; B)15 分。按四个档次给分。
  2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡 量,确定或调整本档次,最后给分。
  3. A 部分作文词数少于 50 或多于 100 的, 从总分中减去2分; B 部分作文词数少于 60 的, 从总分中减去 2 分。
  4. 如书写较差,以至影响交流,将分数降低一个档次。 二、 各档次的给分范围和要求: 第四档(很好) :A) 9?10 分; B) 12?15 分 完全完成了试题规定的要求,覆盖所有内容要点,符合英语表达习惯,应用了较多的语 法结构和词汇,没有语法和词汇错误,具备较强的语言运用能力,完全达到了预期的写作目 的。 第三档(好) :A) 6?8 分; B) 9?11 分 完成了试题规定的要求, 应用的语法结构和词汇能满足题目的要求, 符合英语表达习惯, 基本没有语法和词汇错误,达到了预期的写作目的。 第二档(一般) :A) 4?5 分; B) 5?8 分
未恰当完成试题规定的要求, 漏掉内容要点, 未描述清楚主要内容, 写了一些无关内容, 有语法和词汇错误,影响了对写作内容的理解,信息未能清楚地传达给读者。 第一档(差) :A) 1?3 分; B) 1?4 分 未完成试题规定的要求,明显遗漏主要内容,写了一些无关内容,语法结构单调,词汇 有限,有较多语法和词汇错误,影响对写作内容的理解,信息未能传达给读者。 0分 未能传达给读者任何信息,没有内容或内容太少,无法评判,写的内容均与所要求内容 无关或所写内容无法看清。 2006 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)决赛初一年级组试题听力部分录音原文 Part I. Words Listen to the sentences. Then choose the word you hear in the sentence. Each sentence will be read only once.
  1. Lily loves teddy bears very much.
  2. Come to my bedroom and look at my new books.
  3. Some kites are in a big white box under the desk.
  4. Millie takes a bus to school every morning.
  5. The child sits in the back of the car behind the driver. Part II. Sentences Listen to the sentences. Then choose the sentence which has the same or similar meaning as the sentence you hear. Each sentence will be read only once.
  6. There aren't any cats in that tall tree.
  7. Peggy is in a new purple skirt today.
  8. The students have classes five days a week.
  9. I want to be the first one to come to the classroom.
  10. Mike's parents like Beijing Opera, too. Part III. Dialogues A) You will hear five dialogues and five questions. Choose the best answer to each question according to the dialogue. Each dialogue will be read twice.
  11. W: Is Ben's car green? M: I don't think so. He hates green. W: What colour is it then? M: I think it's white. Q: What colour doesn't Ben like?
  12. W: You're five today, Jack. Happy birthday to you! M: Thank you, Mum. W: Would you like to have a cake with five candles on it for your birthday party? M: I think I'd better have five cakes with one candle, Mum. Q: What does Jack want for his birthday party?
  13. M: Hello, Mrs Brown. Is Owen there? W: No, he's out on his bicycle at the moment. M: Oh, can he go swimming this evening? W: Sorry, Paul. He's got a football match this evening. Q: What is Owen going to do this evening?
  14. W: Excuse me. Is there a bus to London at five thirty? M: No, but there is one at a quarter to five, madam. W: Mm ... that's too early. When's the one after that?
M: Ten past six. W: Yes, I can take that one. Q: At what time will the woman take the bus?
  15. M: Can I help you? W: Yes, I'd like three kilos of apples, please. M: Do you want the ones at two yuan, four yuan or five yuan? W: The ones at four yuan, please. Q: How much will the woman pay for the apples? B) Listen to the dialogue, and then choose the best answer to each question according to the dialogue. The dialogue will be read twice. W: Tell me about your family, Peter. M: Well, you know Rita, my sister, is a writer, don't you? W: Yes, is she your only sister? M: She is. But I've got two brothers. David's older than me, and Bill's younger. W: How old is Bill? M: He's
  19. He's studying English in England at the moment. W: That sounds interesting. And David? What does he do? M: Oh, he is a teacher, the same as my mother. W: And what about your father? M: He's a doctor in a children's hospital. My mother says he works too hard. She wants him to stop. W: Oh, really? M: Yes, she wants to go and live on a farm in the country, near David. W: Um ... are you a doctor too? M: No, I'm not. I work in a post office ? the one in the High Street, between a bank and a restaurant. Part IV. Passages A) You will hear a passage. Choose the best answer to each question. The passage will be read twice. Andy is a student at an international school. At school, he likes playing games best. He plays them on Tuesdays and Fridays at two o'clock. He doesn't like Maths because the teacher gives them homework every day. He does his homework on the bus on the way to school. On Thursdays he's glad because school is over at three o'clock. There is no school on Saturdays, so in the afternoon he goes swimming with his friends. He likes the long school holidays in summer and holidays at Christmas. His birthday is on December 25th, so he gets a lot of presents at Christmas. B) Listen to the letter, and then complete the invitation card. The letter will be read twice. Dear May, How are you? Are you coming to my birthday party in September? My family, my friends and my classmates are all coming. The party is on Saturday, September 2nd at about 6:30 p.m. It's at Uncle Paolo's restaurant in the city. First, we will eat and talk from 6:30 to 7:
  45. After that we will go to see a film in the City Park in the centre of the city. Every Saturday night, there is a free film at 8:
  00. I hope you can come. Please write back soon. Yours sincerely, Emily



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