2006 年小学生英语听力竞赛录音全文及参考答案
  1. primary
  2. cabbage
  3. flight
  4. plate
  5. magazine
  6. Hello, I’m Jack. I have a brother, his name is Tim. Tim is shorter than me, but he is stronger. We both like sports, look, we are playing tennis.
  7. Look at this bedroom. It’s tidy and clean. There is a big bed near the desk. Under the desk, there is a toy car. There is a bookshelf behind the door. There are lots of books on the shelf.
  8. Bob is going to Hai Nan for a holiday, he’s got a bag, a cap, a sweater, a pair of shoes and snickers. What’s missing? Oh, he needs a pair of sun grasses.
  9. It’s half past six, dinner is over. Father and mother are sitting in the sofa. Mother is watching TV, but father isn’t, what’s he doing? Oh, he is answering the phone. What about their son? Look, he is playing with his pet cat.
  10. Mr. Smith and his wife are working in a bank. On weekend, they usually go to a gym. Today is Sunday, Mr. Smith doesn’t go to the gym as usually, he has two much work to do. So, he goes to work, Ms Smith has to go to the gym alone.
  11. What would you like, Harny?
  12. How are you doing?
  13. How long will you stay here, sir?
  14. When does John watch cartoons?
  15. Why didn’t Saly finish her homework yesterday?
  16.17 A: Hurry up, Jane! Mum is waiting for us in front of the park. B: Yes, dad! Well, how do I look in this red dress? A: You look great in need. Hunny, but don’t you think, it’s a little big cold to wear a dress today? How about this white flower? B: But I prefer the dress in nether color at all. A: En, all right. Hunny, look, it’s a quarter to three now. We want to get to the park at three by bus. B: Let’s go by taxi, dad. We can get to the park in ten minutes. A: Good idea. Let’s go.
  18.19 A: Hello, Lily. How was your weekend? B: Great! Yesterday was my brother Bob’s birthday, we had a party at home, we sang and danced and we ate a lot of delicious food. A: Wonderful! B: How about you weekend, Dave? A: I had a good time, my parents were not busy last weekend and the weather was great, we made a kite and flew it. B: Sounds great!
  20.21 A: Look, is that your new classmate, Sam? B: Which one? The boy in yellow T-shirt? A: Yes. B: Oh, no, that’s not Tim, that’s his twin brother, Tony. A: How do you know? B: Of course I know. They are my neighbors. Tim and Tony look the same, but they have different hobbies. Tim is quiet, he likes drawing pictures and reading books. But Tony likes sports. You see, the boy in yellow T-shirt is playing basketball. He must be Tony. A: I see, look, is that boy in blue T-shirt Tim? He is drinking something under the tree. B: Bingo, let’s go and say hello.
  22.23 A: Lily, Mike. B: Yes? Dad. A: Would you please come here and do me a favor? B: I’m coming, dad. A: Lily, where’s Mike? Is he doing his homework now? B: Well, dad. Mike isn’t in at the moment. He went out with his friend just now. Can I help you? A: Yes, I’m cleaning the room here, would you please sweep the floor? Your mum will be back in a minute, We should be quick. B: No problem.
  24.25 A: Mum, where is my dictionary? B: Is it on the table near the arm-chair?
A: Oh, no. I can’t see it. B: Lucy used it yesterday, then she put it on the table. A: But it isn’t there now. B: Maybe she took it to her room. A: But I went to her room just now. I only saw her book on the desk. B: Well, did you check your room? Perhaps she returned it to your room. A: Here it is, and there are some chocolates on my desk, too.
  26. A: May I use your bike, Boby? B: Sorry, Tina. My bike broke down yesterday on my way home. A: Really? How did you come to school today? B: My uncle has a car, he gave me a lift today. A: Cool.
  27. A: Did you watch television last night, Bill? B: Yes, Lily. A: It was a good game, wasn’t it? B: Oh, I didn’t watch the football match, I wanted to do, but my mother preferred to see the old film. A: What a pity, it was quite exiting. Both teams played very well, what was the film like? B: Oh, it was an action film, it was quite exiting, too.
  28. A: Can you go to the bookstore with me today, Bob? B: Sorry, Amy, I can’t. I have to help my mother. We are going to move tomorrow. A: Where is your new house? Is it far from here? B: Yes, it’s very far from here, it’s near the post office. A: Really, my home is just next to the post office. B: Great, in that case, I’m not far from you. A: Yes, can I help you, Pike? B: Sure, thanks, Amy.
  29. A: Excuse me. B: Yes, what can I do for you? A: How can I get to the market square, please? B: From here, you can take the No.21 or the No.22 bus, they both go to the market square, but they’ve got different rules. The No.21 bus will take you longer time. A: I see, I’ll take which other one comes first, thanks a lot! B: You are welcome!
  30. A: What a mass! You should clean the living room, David. B: I’ll do it tomorrow, mum. A: Couldn’t you do it this afternoon? B: Come on, mum. Jone and I are going to buy some comic books this afternoon. A: Listen, Hony, what’s we got visiting this evening? B: Who cares? A: I do, Hony. Do you still wanted to borrow my ditched camera? Then clean the room today. B: It’s a idea.
  31. A: Let’s buy some fruit, honey. B: Great, look, those grapes look beautiful, mum. A: They sure, they are 3 pound five dollars a pound. B: It’s expensive. A: It sure is. Coming here, Huny. These apples are under a dollar 89 a pound. Let’s buy some. B: Oh, mum, they are cheaper, but they don’t look good. Shall we buy those grapes? A: Well. B: Oh, mum, please. Any way, grandpa is coming tonight, he likes grapes very much. A: You said. Let’s go.
  32. A: Well, lunch is over, what shall we do now, rose? B: Let me see! It’s half past twelve. I…… A: Let’s go to play ping pong. B: Sorry, I can’t, Paw. I have to do my homework. A: Do you have any math work to do? B: Yes, it’s very difficult. A: It doesn’t matter. There’s no school tomorrow. I think I can help you with your math problem tomorrow. B: Oh, that’s great. Let’s go to playground. A: Yeah, let’s go!
  33. A: Excuse me, how much is that ice-creams cost? B: Six yuan. How many do you want? A: Two, please. B: Anything else, please? A: Oh, yes, how much is the hamburger? B: Ten yuan, please. A: I’d like three hamburgers, please. By the way, do you have any drinking here? B: Yes, we’ve got some coco, milk and juice.
A: Well, would you please give me three coco. B: Certainly, how about some juice? It’s healthy. A: No, thanks. My son doesn't like it at all. B: All right, things will be ready soon. Please wait for a moment. A: OK, thanks.
  34. A: Hello, Jenny. Nice to meet you here again. B: Nice to meet you, too. Andy. You come to surf again. A: Yes, it’s such great fun. B: Is it hard to learn surfing? A: No, if you have enough practice, you can learn it well. B: I want to learn it, but I not good at sports. A: Believe me, it very easy. I can help you. B: That’s great. A: I come here every afternoon. Would you like to come? B: Yes, except Friday afternoon. I have to go to piano class. A: I see. B: Tomorrow is Friday. Let’s meet here the day after tomorrow. A: All right.
  35. A: Hello, Henry. B: Hi, Nency. Have you seen Joy? A: Yes, why? B: I found her watch. A: Really? She looked it for everywhere, but just couldn’t find it. She said she lost at shop yesterday. B: Oh, she come to my home last night. When she left, I found her watch under the sofa. A: I see, I’m afraid you have to wait. She’s gone to the park with Jean just now. B: OK, then we can tell her where. 3638 A: Hello, No2 foreign language school. May I help you? B: Yes, may I speak to Mr. Gao? The headmaster, please. A: I’m sorry, Mr. Gao is in the meeting right now. Can I take a message? B: Yes, this is Jone Brown. I’d like to talk him about my son, Sandy. Would you please ask him to give me a call? A: Certainly. Mr. Brown, may I have you telephone number? B: Yes, it’s 86594
  52. A: 86594
  52. OK, I’ve got it. I’ve give him the message, Mr. Brown. He should be able to call you by after his meeting. You see, in about an hour. B: Thanks a lot. A: Don’t mention it. 3942 A: Hi, Lucy. B: Hi, Sam. I’m going to have a party next week. A: A party? What’s it for? B: It’s my birthday on Wednesday. I’m going to be
  15. A: Oh, you and my sister Alis are at the same age. B: Really, my birthday is in August, how about Alis? A: She is born in August, too. B: what a coincidence? Anyway, I’d like you come to my party. A: I’d love to, but you see, we have school on Wednesday. B: It doesn’t matter. My birthday is on Wednesday, but party is on Saturday. A: Oh, that’s great. What time we eat begin? B: At half past 3 in the afternoon. A: OK, I’ll go to your home on time. B: Oh, I nearly forget it, it going to be at the Hulton hotel. That on the up sight hotel. A: OK, I’ve got it. B: By the way, I’d like Alice to come with you, is it ok? A: Oh, thank you, but she has gone to my aunt’s home, she won’t be back until next month. B: What a pity! 4345 A: Tina, I haven’t to seen you for ages, where have you been during the summer holiday? B: I have been to China, Frank. A: China? I’ve never thought of going to China. B: Oh, that’s a great country. A: How is the trip? B: Wonderful! I went to with my grandfather. He knows a lot of about China. A: Someone told me, the China is a poor country, isn’t that true? B: No, not at all. Grate changes take place there. I’ve visiting many places and all very beautiful. A: Oh, are they? Any way, I think China is too far for us to. B: But it’s wasn’t. I even hope to go to study in China one day. 4650 It’s was Bob’s birthday, and he was 5 years old. He got quite a lot of birthday presents from his family. And one of them was a beautiful big drum. “Who gave him that thing?”, Bob’s father said when he saw it, “His grandmother did.”
Answered Bob’s mother. “Oh”, said his father. Of course, Bob liked his drum very much. He made a terrible noise with it, but his mother didn’t mind, his father was working during the day, and Bob was sleeping when he got home in the evening, so he did not hear the noise. But one of the neighbors didn’t like the noise at all. So one morning, a few days later, she took a sharp knife and went to Bob’s house while he was heating his drum. She said to him,”hello, Bob, do you know there is something very nice inside your drum, here is a knife, open the drum and let’s find it .” 2006 年江西省小学英语听力竞赛试题答案 来自:江西省电教馆 参考答案 Ⅰ、听辨单词
  5、B Ⅱ、句子理解
  11、 A
  12、 B
  14、 A
  15、B Ⅲ、对话理解
  45、A Ⅳ、短文理解
  46、Yes, he did. (He liked his drum very much.)
  47、He made a terrible noise with it.
  48、He was sleeping.
  49、Because she didn’t like the noise.
  50、No, I don't think so.



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