with many red birds in it C. a music group D. going to give their last concert

  10. Mr Turner wants to have a nice Saturday. Which is not possible for him to do? A. Watching a ball game and having a picnic. B. Having a picnic and seeing a film. C. Going to a concert and watching a ball game. D. Seeing a film and going to a concert
(三)任务阅读(5 分) Father of New Rice Yuan Longping, the father Of hybrid rice (杂交水稻), won the World Food Prize (世界粮 食奖) on Monday. Yuan developed the world's first popular and widely known hybrid rice. Hybrid rice plants can make more rice than regular (普通的) ones. New Star of China There will be a new "star" in the sky soon. China plans to send a satellite (卫星) into space by December 20
  06. It will stay in space for one year. It will go around the moon and take pictures. It must be very expensive, right? That's for sure--
  1.4 billion (十亿) yuan. No More Mistakes Have you ever got angry at books that are full of mistakes? Don't worry, things will get better soon. Last week, China started checking (检查) textbooks, dictionaries and children's books all over the country. The government said the results of the check would come out at the end of June. World's Fastest Plane Have you ever thought of being able to fly around the world in a few hours? One day, maybe you can. Last Saturday, the American X-43A airplane made its first flight (飞行). It reached a speed of 8, 000 kilometers per hour. This makes it the fastest plane in the world.
X-43A is only three to four meters long, but it is very heavy: it weighs 1, 270 Name/Country Yuan Longping China China 114 Event 111 plans to send a satellite into space 113 made its first flight
根据上述四则新闻内容,完成表格。(注意:111-115 小题所填写的词数不限.) Time on Monday 112 last week 115
(四)根据短文内容在下面句子的每个空格中填上一个词,使其意思与原文相符。(5 分) Paul is staying at a Youth Hotel (青年公寓).Look at part of his letter first ,then find the information ,in the letter to complete the rules . . 1
  16. Always keep the rooms . …… The hotels are very nice . I enjoy meeting lots of young people here . There aren't too many rules . We make our beds in the moring and we keep the rooms clean. We are not allowed to keep food in the rooms and we mustn't smoke in them . And of course .we must be quiet after lights out at 22:
  45. We have some housework every day . I help to wash up after breakfast. We went to a dance last night and we were late back .The hotel closes at 10:
  30. The warden was very angry .
  17. You mustn't keep in the rooms . 1
  18. Don't in the rooms . 1
  19.Please keepafter lights out at 22:
  45. 1
  20. Don't forget to back before 10:
  30. Ⅵ、书面表达(满分 20 分) 要求: 根据所给的四幅图各写一句意思完整, 语法正确的话。 句子必须包括所给的提示词。
  21. homework ,carefully 1
  23. clean .last weekend
  22.watch .now 1
  24. like soccer (二)提示作文(12 分) 1
  25、学校的“English Center”是同学们练习英语的场所。这里的“Teenager Hotline”每 天都 能收到不少同学的咨询电话。作为一名热线志愿者,请你根据当时的记录,用英文 描述 Mary 或 Tom 遇到的问题,然后给他(她)提出建议。 Student:Mary Student:Tom Problem: I do badly in English .
Problem: There are so many rules in my family .
要求:内容充实,意思连贯,词数 80 左右,不包含已给出的句子。 I am a volunteer.I've got many calls from teenagers.
  1. I'd like to collect stamps because they are interesting.
  2.The pen you bought didn't work .
  3. Would you mind doing the dishes?
  4. I like cooking best .
  5. I've never been to a water world . Ⅱ、听句子,选择恰当的答语。
  6. Have you ever argue with your parents?
  7. Why don't you get her a CD?
  8. How long have you run ?
  9. She isn't a nurse ,is she ?
  10. Why do you want to improve your English? Ⅲ、听对话,选择正确的答案。
  11. A: You're a tall girl, Linda ?
B: Yes,but I used to be short . Q:What does Linda look like ? 12 . A. Is John an exchange student? B. Yes , he is .And he's very friendly. Q: What's John like?
  13. A:It's usually very hot here ,but now it's windy . B:In shanghai it's cloudy now . Q:How's the weather in shanghai ?
  14. A: Where did you go ,Tom ? B :I went to New York City . I didn't visit my uncle .
Q:Did Tom go to Central Park ?
  15. A:I love soap operas ,so does Yang Lin . B. I can't stand them . C. What does Yang Lin think of soap operas ? Ⅳ、听短文,选择正确的答案。 Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world today.But many years ago,each country had its own type of soccer game, with different rules. In 1863, a group of people met in England. They wanted to make changes. Theymade the same rules for all countries to follow. They even formed an international organization. Soccer teams from different countries could then play against each other.The idea worked. And those rules are still the same today.Now teams from all over the world compete in the World Cup every four years .It's the most important game for all soccer fans . Ⅴ、听短文,完成下面的表格。 We like animals and the animals are our good friends. We must protect them. Today we invite four students to intorduce their animal friends -- their pets. "I'm Peter. I have a pet. He is an English dog. I got it from a pet shop. His name is Ajax. He is my friend. We have been friends for 4 years. I often trained it to catch a ball. "My name is Alice. My favorit animal is a goldfish. I call my goldfish Goldie. G-O-L-D-I-E. I bought it from a pet shop. I have had it for 6 months. Goldie can't do anything, but she brings me much happy when I am alone." "My name is Jack. My pet is a beautiful parrot. I call him Pete. P-E-T-E. He is ten years old. Years ago I got it from a friend of mine. make laughing noises like a person. "I'm Helen. I have a pet. She is a lamb. Her name is Kitty. Three months ago I got it from He can not only say hello to the people but also
afarmer, I have been looking after her very well.And now kitty can come as soon as you call her name."
ⅠFBDAC ⅡCBABA ⅢABABB ⅣCCABA Ⅴ.dog pet ball Pete 10 friend months farmer Alice 笔试部分 Ⅰtaking tomatoes twelfth ,more heavily flew thousands of , are friendly , heard of , telling jokes , hang out ⅡCBCDC BBCAA ADAAC (二)CGAED Ⅲ(一)DAGBE Ⅳ(一) BDACB goldfish/fish
(三)look , matter . sorry Maybe /Perhaps , feeling , better , take , thanks times rest DABCD (二)the most important , good , eggs ,breakfast , themselves , children , ill ,health , habits , working . Ⅴ. (一) FFTFF (二)BAAAD BBBCC (三)won the World Food Prile by December 2006 started checking textbooks , dictionaries and children's books all over the country The American X-43 A airplane last Saturday (四).clean ,food ,smoke quiet , come Ⅵ、略



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