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2006 年英语专业四级全真试题(没有听力部分) PART Ⅲ CLOZE There are many superstitions in Britain, but one of the most ( 31 ) held is that it is unlucky to walk under a ladder even if it means (
  32) the pavement into a busy street! (
  33) you must pass under a ladder you can (
  34) bad luck by crossing your fingers and (
  35) them crossed until you have seen a dog. (
  36) , you may lick your finger and (
  37) a cross on the toe of your shoe, and not look again at the shoe until the (
  38) has dried. Another common (
  39) is that it is unlucky to open an umbrella in the house-it will either bring (
  40) to the person who opened it or to the whole (
  41). Anyone opening an umbrella in fine weather is (
  42), as it inevitably brings rain! The number 13 is said to be unlucky for some, and when the 13th day of the month (
  43) on a Friday, anyone wishing to avoid a bad event had better stay (
  44). the worst misfortune that can happen to a person is caused by breaking a mirror, (
  45) it brings seven years of bad luck! The superstition is supposed to (
  46) in ancient times, when mirrors were considered to be tools of the gods. Black cats are generally considered lucky in Britain, even though they are (
  47) witchcraft.. it is (
  48) lucky if a black cat crosses your path-although in America the exact opposite belief prevails. Finally, a commonly held superstition is that of touching wood (
  49) luck. This measure is most often taken if you think you have said something that is tempting fate, such as “my car has never (
  50) , touch wood?”
  31. A broadly B widely C quickly D speedily
  32. A running from B jumping off C stepping off D keeping from
  33. A If B As C Though D Unless
  34. A erase B remove C avoid D ease
  35. A keep B keeping C kept D to keep
  36. A Consequently B However C Comparatively D Alternatively
  37. A make B print C perform D produce
  38. A label B symbol C mark D cut
  39. A argument B superstition C opinion D idea
  40. A loss B difficulty C tragedy D misfortune
  41. A house B household C home D circle
  42. A unwise B unintelligent C unpopular D unfortunate
  43. A falls B arrives C drops D happens
  44. A away B outdoors C indoors D far
  45. A when B as C if D though
  46. A have originated B be originating C be originated D originate
  47. A concerned about B related with C associated with D connected in
  48. A especially B specially C frequently D rarely
  49. A as B for C in D of
  50. A broken up B broken off C broken away D broken down PART Ⅳ GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY
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  51. __dull he may be, he is certainly a very successful top executive. A Although B whatever C As D However
  52. If only I __play the guitar as well as you! A would B could C should D might
  53. The party, __I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable. A by which B for which C to which D at which 54 It’s high time we __ cutting down the rainforests. A stopped B had to stop C shall stop D stop 55 The student said there were a few points in the essay he __ impossible to comprehend. A has found B was finding C had found D would find 56 Loudspeakers were fixed in the hall so that everyone__ an opportunity to hear the speech. A ought to have B must have C may have D should have 57 I am surprised__ this city is a dull place to live in. A that you should think B by what you are thinking C that you would think D with what you were thinking 58 Susan is very hardworking, but her pay is not__ for her work. A enough good B good enough C as good enough D good as enough 59 It is imperative that the government __ more investment into the shipbuilding industry. A attracts B shall attract C attract D has to 60 Land belongs to the city; there is __ thing as private ownership of land. A no such a B not such C not such a D no such 61 My daughter has walked eight miles today. We never guessed that she could walk__far. A / B such C that D as
  62 The statistics __ that living standards in the area have improved drastically in recent times. A proves B is proving C are proving D prove 63 There are only ten apples left in the baskets, __ the spoilt ones. A not counting B not to count C don’t count D having not counted 64 It was __ we had hoped A more a success than B a success more than C as much of a success as D a success as much as
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65 There used to be a petrol station near the park, __? A didn’t it B doesn’t there C usedn’t it? D didn’t there 66 It is an offence to show __ against people of different races. A distinction B difference C separation D discrimination 67 A great amount of work has gone into __ the Cathedral to its previous splendour. A refreshing B restoring C renovating D renewing 68 The thieves fled with the local police close on their __. A backs B necks C toes D heels 69 The economic recession has meant that job__ is a rare thing. A security B safety C protection D secureness 70 Many people nowadays save money to __ for their old age. A cater B supply C provide D equip 71 The tone of the article __ the writer’s mood at the time. A reproduced B reflected C imagined D imitated 72 This is not the right __ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen 73 The job of a student accommodation officer__ a great many visits to landladies. A concerns B offers C asks D involves 74 Our family doctor’s clinic __at the junction of two busy roads. A rests B stands C stays D seats 75 She was so fat that she could only just __ through the door. A assemble B appear C squeeze D gather 76 After the heavy rain, a builder was called to repair the roof, which was __. A leaking B trickling C prominent D noticeable 77 The reception was attended by __ members of the local community. A excellent B conspicuous C prominent D noticeable 78 Share prices on the Stock Exchange plunged sharply in the morning but __slightly in the afternoon. A regained B recovered C restored D revived 79 His brain has worked away on the idea of a universal cure. A rich B quick C productive D fertile
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80 The couple has donated a not__ amount of money to the foundation. A inconsiderable B inconsiderate C inaccurate D incomparable 单选由 ivy851130 上传 PART Ⅴ READING COMPREHENSION 阅读 TEXT A In the case of mobile phones, change is everything. Recent research indicates that the mobile phone is changing not only our culture, but our very bodies as well. First. Let’s talk about culture. The difference between the mobile phone and its parent, the fixed-line phone, you get whoever answers it. This has several implications. The most common one, however, and perhaps the thing that has changed our culture forever, is the “meeting” influence. People no longer need to make firm plans about when and where to meet. Twenty years ago, a Friday night would need to be arranged in advance. You needed enough time to allow everyone to get from their place of work to the first meeting place. Now, however, a night out can be arranged on the run. It is no longer “see you there at 8”, but “text me around 8 and we’ll see where we all are”. Texting changes people as well. In their paper, “insights into the Social and Psychological Effects of SMS Text Messaging”, two British researchers distinguished between two types of mobile phone users: the “talkers” and the “texters”-those who prefer voice to text message and those who prefer text to voice. They found that the mobile phone’s individuality and privacy gave texters the ability to express a whole new outer personality. Texters were likely to report that their family would be surprised if they were to read their texts. This suggests that texting allowed texters to present a self-image that differed from the one familiar to those who knew them well. Another scientist wrote of the changes that mobiles have brought to body language. There are two kinds that people use while speaking on the phone. There is the “speakeasy”: the head is held high, in a self-confident way, chatting away. And there is the “spacemaker”: these people focus on themselves and keep out other people. Who can blame them? Phone meetings get cancelled or reformed and camera-phones intrude on people’s privacy. So, it is understandable if your mobile makes you nervous. But perhaps you needn’t worry so much. After all, it is good to talk. 81 when people plan to meet nowadays, they A: arrange the meeting place beforehand B. postpone fixing the place till last minute C: seldom care about when and where to meet D: still love to work out detailed meeting plans. 82 According to the two British researchers, the social and psychological effect are mostly likely to be seen on A: TALKERS B; the "speakeasy" c. the “spacemaker”
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D. texters 83 We can infer from the passage that the texts sent by texters are A: quite revealing B: well written c: unacceptable by others d; shocking to others 84 according to the passage ,who is afraid of being heard while talking on the mobile a: talkers b: the speakeasy c :the spacemaker d: texters 85 an appropriate title for the passage might be A: the SMS effect b: cultural implication of mobile use c: change in the use of the mobile d: body language and the mobile phone! TEXT B Over the last 25 years, British society has changed a great deal-or at least many parts of it have. In some ways, however, very little has changed, particularly where attitudes are concerned. Ideas about social class-whether a person is “working-class” or “middle-class” -are one area in which changes have been extremely slow. In the past, the working-class tended to be paid less than middle-class people, such as teachers and doctors. As a result of this and also of the fact that workers’ jobs were generally much less secure, distinct differences in life-styles and attitudes came into existence. The typical working man would collect his wages on Friday evening and then, it was widely believed, having given his wife her “housekeeping”, would go out and squander the rest on beer and betting. The stereotype of what a middle-class man did with his money was perhaps nearer the truth. He was-and still is ? inclined to take a longer-term view. Not only did he regard buying a house of these provided him and his family with security. Only in very few cases did workers have the opportunity (or the education and training) to make such long-term plans. Nowadays, a great deal has changed. In a large number of cases factory workers earn as much, if not more, than their middle-class supervisors. Social security and laws to improve century, have made it less necessary than before to worry about “tomorrow”. Working-class people seem slowly to be losing the feeling of inferiority they had in the past. In fact there has been a growing tendency in the past few years for the middle-classes to feel slightly ashamed of their position. The changes in both life-styles and attitudes are probably most easily seen amongst younger people. They generally tend to share very similar tastes in music and clothes, they spend their money in having a good time, and save for holidays or longer-term plans when necessary. There seems to be much less difference than in precious generations. Nevertheless, we still have a wide gap between the well-paid (whatever the type of job they may have) and the low-paid. As long as this gap exists, there will always be a possibility that new conflicts and jealousies will emerge, or rather that the old conflicts will re-appear, but between different groups. 86, which of the following is seen as the cause of class differences in the past? A: life style and occupation
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B: Attitude and income C: income and job security D: job security and hobbies 87 the writer seems to suggest that the description of is closer to truth? A: middle ?class ways of spending money B: working-class ways of spending the weekend C: working-class drinking habits D: middle-class attitudes 88 according to the passage, which of the following is not a typical feature of the middle -class? A: desiring for security B: Making long term plans C: having priorities in life D: saving money 89 working -class people's sense of security increased as a resulf of all the follwoing factor except? A:better social security B: more job opportunities C: higher living standard D: better legal protection.
  90. which of the following statement is incorrect? A:Changes are slowly taking place in all sectors of the British society. B:The gap between working -class and middle- class young people is narrowing C: different in income will remain but those in occupation will disappear D: middle-class people may sometimes feel inferior to working-class people! TEXT C For several days I saw little of Mr. Rochester. In the morning he seemed much occupied with business, and in the afternoon gentlemen from the neighourhood called and some times stayed to dine with him. When his foot was well enough, he rode out a great deal. During this time, all my knowledge of him was limited to occasional meetings about the house, when he would sometimes pass me coldly, and sometimes bow and smile. His changes of manner did not offend me, because I saw that I had nothing to do with the cause of them. One evening, several days later, I was invited to talk to Mr. Rochester after dinner. He was sitting in his armchair, and looked not quite so sev



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