2007 学年第二学期广州市天河区 07-2-5 小学英语训练营听力材料 学年第二学期广州市天河区
P.8 Module 1 Listening Comprehension

  1. 按听到的内容选出相应图片,把大写字母编号写在括号内。 A. Linda practices the piano for half an hour every day. B. Ken’s mother cooks for her family in the evening. C. Ann brushes her teeth before she goes to bed. D. John goes to bed at ten o’clock every evening. E. Sandy cleans the floor every Monday. F. Bob plays football after school.
  2. 听句子,填上所缺的单词。 ( 1 ) She studies at Sunny School. ( 2 ) My brother has a pen friend in Beijing. ( 3 ) They e-mail to each other every night. ( 4 ) Uncle John teaches music in the high school. ( 5 ) Ben is worried about his dog. ( 6 ) You shouldn’t drink too much of coffee.
P.12 Module 2 Listening Comprehension
  7. 请把医生对下列病人相应的建议用大写字母写在括号内。 A. You have a toothache. You shouldn’t eat too many sweets. B. You have a headache. You should take plenty of rest. C. You have a pain on your leg. You shouldn’t run too fast next time. D. You have a cold. You should take the medicine on time. E. You feel cold. You should wear more clothes. F. You feel hot. You should drink more water.

  8. 听录音三次,填写对话所缺的单词。 Mother: Janet, Janet, it’s time to get up. Janet: Janet: Janet: Er… I feel tired. Can I go back to sleep? I think I really don’t want to. Sometimes I feel cold and sometimes I feel hot. Mother: You’d better get up and get dressed. Mother : What’s the matter? Mother : Oh, I think you have a cold. Let’s go to the doctors.
P.16 Module 3 Listening Comprehension
  12.听句子,判断所读内容是否与图意相符,如相符,在括号内写“T” ,否则写“F” 。
( 1 ) Ben’s clock is smaller than Tim’s clock. ( 2 ) The computer on the right is newer than the one on the left. ( 3 ) The frog can jump higher than the pig. ( 4 ) Train is faster than bike. ( 5 ) The boy on the left is stronger than the one on the right. ( 6 ) The building on the right is lower than the one on the left. ( 7 ) The coke is hotter than the tea. ( 8 ) The man is older than the lady.
  13.听读问句,找出相应的答句,把问句的大写字母编号写在答语前的括号内。 A. Where is Peter from? B. Is Yongxian’s new school newer than Ben’s? C. What time does your mother cook for your family? D. Are there any flowerbeds in your school? E. Does your English teacher go to work on foot?
P.20 Module 4 Listening Comprehension

  19.听读句子,选出句子所含的信息。 ( 1 ) Uncle John usually gets up at seven fifty every morning. ( 2 ) Grandma cooks for us every evening. ( 3 ) The Children’s Day is on the 1st of June. ( 4 ) My favourite subjects are English and Chinese. ( 5 ) We often have vegetables for lunch. ( 6 ) Elephant is the biggest animal on land. ( 7 ) Leopards run faster than deer. ( 8 ) Koalas are from Australia. ( 9 ) Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world. (
  10) Sharks swim faster than crocodiles.
P.24 Module 5 Listening Comprehension

  24. 根据听到的内容选出含有的信息。 ( 1 ) Uncle Ming is very kind. ( 2 ) I like hamburgers best. ( 3 ) I’m full now. I can’t run fast. ( 4 ) Judy’s parents prefer doing some reading at home. ( 5 ) My favourite fruits are peaches.
  25. 根据听到的内容把句子补充完整。 ( 1 ) I think peaches are the most delicious fruits. ( 2 ) Which food would you like best?
( 3 ) Where shell we have lunch? ( 4 ) Which do you prefer , hamburger or pizza? ( 5 ) I like sea food best. ( 6 ) What’s your favourite food? ( 7 ) Do you agree with me? ( 8 ) The deer and the giraffe are different?
P.28Module 6
Listening Comprehension

  30. 选择所听到的单词。 ( 1 ) It will be hot next Monday. ( 2 ) What’s the weather like in Shanghai next week? ( 3 ) Today is warmer than yesterday. ( 4 ) It’s a rainy day, take your raincoat, please. ( 5 ) Do you feel warm now? ( 6 ) On June 1st is the Children’s Day. ( 7 ) Dose Australia very hot in summer? ( 8 ) Is it cold and windy today? ( 9 ) Which month is the hottest in Wuhan? (
  10) Your raincoat is very beautiful.
  31. 听录音,填写句子所缺的单词。 (
  1)A: What’s the weather like today? B: It’s snowy. (
  2)A: Is today warmer than yesterday? B: No, it’s colder. (
  3)A: Let’s go sightseeing tomorrow. B: Yes, thanks. That’s a good idea. (
  4)There are twelve months in a year. (
  5)New Zealand is a beautiful city. (
  6)It never snow in Guangzhou.
趣味图片参考答案: piano, sweet, have a cold, pupil, blue whale, shark, eagle, sunny, cloudy, take exercises, go to school, see a doctor, swimming pool, library, deer, giraffe, pock, peach, restraint, rainy, snowy, ski, snowman
20072007 - 2 小 学 五 年 级 英 语 期 末 综 合 练 习 卷 听 力 材 料
一、听每组的三个句子三次,将句子的大写字母编号写在相应图下的编号。 第一组: A. The girl always has breakfast at 7 in the moring. B. A kangaroo is taller than a monkey. C. Janet runs faster than Xiaoling. D. Mrs Green is the shortest of the three. E. The man is playing the computer. F. The girl always practice the piano at half past seven in the evening. 第二组: A. The boy in the bed is ill. B. C. D. E. F. The doctor is giving the litter boy a check up. The man is seeing a doctor. It’s sunny and it’s very hot. It’s cold and it’s windy. It’s rainy day today.
二、听问句三次,选择适当的答语。 听问句三次,选择适当的答语。 当的答语
  13. Does he need to hand in his homework this morning, Miss White?
  14. What’s the matter, Ben?
  15. What’s the weather like there today?
  16. What’s the temperature?
  17. What season do you like best, Xiao ling?
  18. What language do you usually speak at home?
  19. Which food would you prefer?
  20. Could you help me? 听句子三次,填空。 三、 听句子三次,填空。
  21. I’m worried about Xiaoming’s study.

  22.A cheetah can run more than 95 kilometers
  23.I prefer pork and beef.
  24.A blue whale is bigger than a shark.
  25.We can e - mail each other.
  26.She has a bad cold and she has a fever
  27.You’d better eat plenty of __fruit.
  28.I practise the piano at 5:30 in the afternoon.
an hour.
, too.
听短对话三次,根据对话选择答案完成句子。 四. 听短对话三次,根据对话选择答案完成句子。
  29. A: What season does the man like best? B: I think it’s winter, because he likes skiing on the snow in winter.
  30. A: Do you study in a new school this term? B: Yes, I do. Our school is bigger and more beautiful than the old one. There are over one thousand and five hundred pupils in the new school.
  31. A: Wang ping. What food do you want to have, noodles or rice noodles? B: I don’t like noodles and I don’t like rice noodles, either. A: What about pasta? B: OK! I’d like pasta with tomato and beef. I like pasta best.
  32. A: What is the weather like in Guangzhou in spring? B: It’s quite cool, wet, cloudy and rainy. A: What about the weather in Britain in spring? B: It’s often warm.
  33. A: What’s wrong with you, Tom? B: I don’t feel good today. Sometimes I feel cold and sometimes I feel hot. A: You have a cold. Take this medicine three times a day. B: Thank you. Doctor.
  34. A: There is a crocodile Park in Panyu. Would you like to go there with us this weekend? B: OK! When are you going to start? A: At seven o’clock this Sunday morning. B: It’s great! Let’s meet at the gate of the park. See you then! A: See you!
  35. A: Are you the only child in your family, Pengpeng? B: No, I have a brother, his name is Yangyang. A: Is he older than you? B: Yes, he is two years older than me. 听短文三次。 判断下列句子内容与短文内容是否一致。 如一致, 在括号里写 T, 否则写 F。 五. 听短文三次。 判断下列句子内容与短文内容是否一致。 如一致, 。 Elephants are the biggest animals on land. There are about 20 elephants in a family mums,
aunts, sons, daughters and cousins. Elephants eat grass and plants. Because they are so big, elephants need a lot of food. An elephant can eat 200 kg of food a day. and Asia. Elephants live in Africa
African elephants are larger than Asian elephants, and they have bigger ears and they
are more dangerous.



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