2007?2008 学年第一学期青云中学期中考试 ? 学年第一学期青云中学 青云中学期中考试 初三英语 初三英语
  7% ( )
  1.A She is not better than She was.B.She is very kind.C.she is ill. ( )
  2.A.Don’t thank me.B.It’s a pleasure. C.You are kind to say so. ( )
  3.A.Funny. B.Confident. C.Curious. ( )
  4.A.Red. B.Green. C.Yellow. ( )
  5.A.Yes.I do. B.About animals. C.Many kinds. ( )
  6.A.Yes.I agree. B.Why not. C.Really. ( )
  7.A.They don’t have enough time to play happily. B.They have to work hard to get full marks in exams. C.How to achieve a balance between homework and hobbies. 二.听对话.回答问题
  9% ( )
  1.What are they talking about ? A.The radio. B.The rain. C.The weather. ( )
  2.M1at time is it now? A.
  10. B.
  10. C.
  10. ( )
  3.Does Sandy know how to use the computer? A.Yes she does. B.No she doesn’t.C.Yes she is. ( )
  4.How did he get to the museum? A.By taxi. B.By underground. C.By bus. ( )
  5.What did the boy do With the money? A.He helped the old woman with it. B.He gave all ice cream to the woman. C.He bought an ice cream with it. ( )
  6.Why did Jack get up early this morning? A.Because he was ill this morning.B.Because he felt well this morning. C.Because he wanted to go on a holiday. ( )
  7.How old is Simon? A.
  17. B.
  16. C.1
  5. ( )
  8.Ⅵmere are they talking? A.In the open air.B.In a bookshop.C.On the way home. ( )
  9.Who worries about everything? A.Amy. B.Simon. C.Sandy. 三.听短文.回答问题.
( )
  1.What time did Steven leave home yesterday afternoon? A.
  30. B.
  20. C.
  20. ( )
  2.Who did he visit? A.His brother. B.His sister. C.His friend. ( )
  3.What didn’t they talk about there? A.The weather. B.Clothes. C.Teachers. ( )
  4.Why was he going to New York? A.To attend a meeting.B.To visit his old friends.C.On business. ( )
  5.What did me woman do before Steven left the hospital? A.Wrote a letter to Roger for Steven.B.Made a phone call to Roger. C.Said thanks to Steven
  14% experiment over there. ( )
  1.Where is Tom ?He A.is doing all B.has done an C.was doing the D.did an ( )
  2.It’s clever Peter to give up in the river. A.for swimming B.of swimming C.of to swim D.for to swim ( )
  3.Do you have any oranges in the box ?No is left. A.One B.None C.Something D.Nothing ( )
  4.I have two rooms to .But I can’t decide . A.1ire.which one B.1ive in,to choose which one C.1ive in,which one to choose D.1ive,which one to choose. ( )
  5.I hear the programme will be . A.covered alive B.covering lively C.covering live D.covered live ( )
  6.The elderly walking . A.Preferred to jog B.prefer , to jogging C.would rather ,than jog. D.would rather than jogging already. ( )
  7.When I went into the room,I found it A.is cleaned B.was cleaning C.to clean D.cleaned ( )
  8.Can you tell me who to help? A.talk to B.talk to for C.talk for D.talk with ( )
  9.The thief stole my purse I knew it. A.Before B.until C.while D.after ( )
  10.The girl student greets she meets in the school in the morning. A.Everybody B.somebody C.anybody D.nobody. ( )
  11.While I a novel,someone at the door. A.read,was knocking B.read,knocked C.was reading,knocked. D.was reading,was knocking
( )
  12.Our teacher are very strict us our study. A.with in B.to,in C.on at D.with on ( )
  13.Jim be at work.I know he has gone to England. A.mustn’t B.needn’t C.Can’t D.may not. ( )
  14.This kind of coat well.They are out. A.Sells sold B.is sold sold C.sells selling D.is sold selling 二.完型填空。
  10%. Balloons have been used 1 sport for over two hundred years.There are 2 kinds of sport balloons;gas and hot air。Hot air balloons are safer than gas balloons.which may 3 fire.Hot air balloons are preferred by most 4 in the United States because of their safety。They are also cheaper and easier to control than gas balloons.Althought it is easy to operate a balloon,pilots must 5 the weather carefully.Sport balloon fights are the 6 early in the morning or late in the evening 7 the wind is light.Over the years,balloons have tried 8 to cross the Atlantic Ocean.It 9 until 1 978 that three American balloonists succeeded.It took them six days to 10 their trip from their homes in the USE to Paris,France.Their trip captured(引起)…the imagination of the whole world. ( )
  1.A.at B.for C.with D.to ( )
  2.A.many B.few C.two D.a11 ( )
  3.A.catch B.set C.make D.bright ( )
  4.A.balloons B.sports C.balloonists D.gases ( )
  5.A。look B.see C.think D.watch ( )
  6.A.biggest B.most C.greatest D.best ( )
  7.A.where B.when C.which D.what ( )
  8.A.successful B.unsuccessfully C.unsuccessful D successfully ( )
  9.A.wasn’t B.was C.did D.hadn’t ( )
  10.A.find B.go C.make D.1ast 三.阅读理解
  20%. A Students often complain their teachers give them too much homework.Now ,two reports show that in American this is not true. The Brookings report shows that most students do 1ess than one hour of homework.The Rand report shows that only 1
  0%of high school students spend more two hours a night on homework. The Brookings report also talks about a study from 19
  95.American students do almost the least homework among twenty countries.Students in France.and Italy and South Africa spend more than two hours on homework. The Rand report says there was only one time when homework greatly increased in America.During the early 1 960s,Americans were not happy when the Soviet Union(前苏
联)became the first country to reach space.People thought it was necessary to improve education. Parents want their children to have time for sports.music lessons and other things after schoo
  1.Some experts say schools need to give useful homework. ( )
  1.Students are not happy about . A.too.much homework. .B.going to schoo
  1.C.1ess homework.D.the job. on their homework than American ( )
  2.French students usually spend students. A.more time B.less time C.more daytime D.everything。 ( )3“ shows homework once greatly increased in America. A.The Brookings report. B.The Rand report. C.A university. D.All of above. to get to space. ( )
  4.The Soviet Union was the A.first. B.second. C.third. D.fourth. ( )
  5.Some experts think . A.students don't study hard enough. B.students should not do any homework C.homework is welcome if it is usuful.D.homework is bad for the students. B The earth is our home; must take Care of it. we This means keeping the land, and water air clean. Pollution is a dirty word.To pollute means to make things unfit(不合适的)or unclean to use.Pollution comes in many ways.We see it,smell it ,taste it and drink it.Pollution is beginning to threaten(威胁)our health ,or happiness and our life. Man. been polluting the earth from the time he first made fire, has washed his clothes in the river and threw his waste on the ground.When land was used up or water became dirty.men moved to another place.At first the problem was not so serious because there was plenty of clean air,land and water.There weren’t so many people then and their wants(需求)were fewer. the dirty things could be absorbed(吸收)by nature and soon. All covered over(恢复). But this is no longer true.The increase of population(人口增长)and the development of industry have changed that.Man is slowly polluting.his environment. Through the use of poison(农药),mall has polluted land !killing the animal.By putting dirty water and chemicals into rivers and lakes we have polluted our drinking water ,killing the fish. Our increasing population is part of the.problem.More people more waste. Where is this all to end ?Are we turning the world into a big rubbish dump,or is there any hope that we can get rid of(摆脱)the pollution ?Luckily,millions of people have been warned of the danger of pollution.Large numbers of people are now working hard to bring pollution under ( )
  6.Which sentence is WRONG? A.We live on the earth,so we should look after it.
B.To pollute means to make air ,water and land unfit for use. C.All the waste produced by modem industry can be absorbed. D.Man is now fighting against different kinds of pollution. ( )
  7.In this passage the word“chemicals”means . A.化学 B.化学物质 C.化学的 D.医学的 . ( )
  8.Through the uncontrolled use of poison mall has A.made the drinking water dirty B.polluted the land C.killed the animals and fish D.all of the above ( )
  9.From the sentences“More people more waste” ,we know that . A.because of the increase of population and the development of industry,more and more waste is produced B.we need more people,not more waste C.there isn’t any hope that we can get rid of the pollution D.more people have been warned of the danger of more waste. . ( )
  10.From the passage we can know that now man A.doesn’t know how to control pollution B.still doesn’t realize how serious pollution is C.is doing something to control pollution D.begins to understand the pollution 四,单词拼写.
  1.You are (随和)enough and never angry. (克隆)sheep?
  2.Have you ever seen the
  3.I think he will (回复)to my e-mail.
  4.This tall man is one of the greatest (导演)。 (处理)with the problem.
  5.We have difficulty
  6.If you take more exercise,you wilt be (健康). (成功)man.
  7.He is sure to become a
  8.We can’t change our moods (容易).
  9.Liu Tao is sometimes (欲睡)in class.
  10.They were (拒绝)to take part in the party. 五.中译英.
  1.Tom 工作那么长时间不休息真是精力充沛.





六.书面表达(共 l 题:满分 20 分) 目前,初三同学们的学习很忙,有些同学不得不放弃了很多自己喜爱的活动, 有的同学为此感到很苦恼。Simon 想向他的朋友 Joe 谈谈想法,请你替他写封 Email。
  4.希望朋友提出解决方案帮助自己。 注意:
  1.词数 80 词左右。
  2.短文需包括所有内容要点,不要逐词翻译,可适当发挥,使短文连贯、 通顺。 Dear Joe,
Best wishes Simon



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   1. I can't remember made the teacher give Mary the permission to leave the class earlier. A. that it was what C. what was it that B. what it was that D. that was it what 2. He let out an cry, "we've won!" A. excited B. exciting C. excite ...


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