江苏省前黄高级中学高一期末统考考前热身训练英语试卷 江苏省前黄高级中学高一期末统考考前热身训练英语试卷
一,单项选择: 单项选择:

  1. Our teacher is clever and hardworking, but not very good at his ideas to us. A. getting over B. getting across C. getting on D. getting into
  2. We often provide our children with toys, footballs or basketballs, that all children like these things. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought
  3. The most exciting thing for him was he finally found two tinned fruits in seemed to him to be a servant's room. A. that; that B. what; what C. what; that D. that; what
  4. ?Was the judge with the result? ?I don't think so. But perhaps no judge is easy . A. satisfying; satisfied B. satisfied; to satisfy C. satisfactory; to be satisfied D. satisfaction; satisfactory
  5. We were most impressed your efficiency. A. in B. on C. with D. upon
  6. Don't be discouraged. things as they are and you will enjoy every day of your life. A. Taking B. To take C. Take D. Taken
  7. The government is everyone to save water. A. appealing B. appealing for C. appealing of D. appealing to
  8. Was it the conference of APEC that made Shanghai the focus of the world then? A. holding B. hold C. held D. being held
  9. I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Allen to have my teeth . A. cleaned and checked B. to clean and check C. cleaned and check D. to clean and checked
  10. Please remain until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. to seat B. to be seated C. seating D. seated
  11. If Joe's wife won't go to the party, . A. he will either B. neither will he C. he neither will D. either he will
  12. The pressure of social support helps people fend off(避开)illness, and the of such support makes poor health more likely. A. absence B. absent C. appearance D. help
  13. One of the requirements for the fire is that the material to its burning
用心 爱心 专心
temperature. A. is heated B. will be heated C. would be heated D. be heated
  14.?I didn't go to work yesterday because my car broke down. ?You mine. I wasn't using it then. A. might borrow B. could have borrowed C. must have borrowed D. ought to borrow
  15. I feel it great honor to give a speech to you. A. invited B. to invite C. having invited D. to have been invited
二,完形填空: 完形填空:
A little boy invited his mother to attend his school's first teacher-parent parent meeting. To the little boy's 1 , she said she would go. This 2 be the first time that his classmates and teacher 3 his mother and he felt 4 of her appearance. Although she was a beautiful woman, there was a severe scar(疤 痕)that 5 nearly the entire right side of her face. The boy never wanted to 6 why or how she got the scar. by the kindness and natural beauty of his At the meeting, the people were 7 the scar, but the little boy was still embarrassed(尴尬)and 9 mother 8 himself from everyone. He did, however, get within 10 of a conversation between his mother and his teacher. The teacher asked 11 , "How did you get the scar on your face?" The mother replied, " 12 my son was a baby, he was in a room that caught fire. Everyone was 13 afraid to go in because the fire was 14 , I went in. so As I was running toward his bed, I saw a long piece of wood coming down and I placed myself over him trying to protect him. I was knocked 15 but fortunately, a fireman came in and saved both of us." She 16 the burned side of her face. "This scar will be 17 , but to this day, I have never 18 what I did." At this point, the little boy came out running toward his mother with tears in his eyes. He held her in his arms and felt a great 19 of the sacrifice(牺牲)that his mother had made for him. He held her hand 20 for the rest of the day.
  1. A. enjoyment B. disappointment C. surprise D. excitement
  2. A. would B. could C. should D. must
  3. A. noticed B. greeted C. accepted D. met
  4. A. sick B. ashamed C. afraid D. tired
  5. A. included B. passed C. covered D. shaded
  6. A. talk about B. think about C. care about D. hear about
  7. A. impressed B. surprised C. excited D. comforted
  8. A. in sight of B. by means of C. by way of D. in spite of
  9. A. hid B. protected C. separated D. escaped
  10. A. understanding B. reminding C. hearing D. learning
  11. A. carefully B. seriously C. nervously D.
用心 爱心 专心
  12. A. As
  13. A. so
  14. A. out of control control
  15. A. helpless
  16. A. pointed
  17. A. ugly frightening
  18. A. forgot
  19. A. honor
  20. A. quietly
B. When B. much B. under control B. hopeless B. showed B. lasting B. recognized B. sense B. slightly
C. Since C. quite C. in control C. senseless C. wiped C. serious C. considered C. happiness C. tightly
D. While D. too D. over D. useless D. touched D. D. regretted D. pride D. suddenly
第三部分: 第三部分:阅读理解 (共 15 题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A
Below is a discussion on a website. http://www.TalkingPoints.com/ Stuck on a desert island? Started on 23rd April by Steve Post 1 Steve USA Posts 1 ? 7 of 42
Post 2 Tomas Germany Post 3 Paola Italy Post 4 Miko Japan Post 5 Roger UK
Hi, everyone. What would you miss most and least if you were stuck on a desert island? For me, it would be the changing seasons in New England. I guess this will sound stupid but I'd probably miss the rain, too. I wouldn't miss getting up at six every day to go to work, though! What about you? Good question. Steve, I think I'd miss different types of bread, and shopping at the supermarket. I'd miss the food most. What would I miss least? My mobile phoneI'd like to be completely quiet at least for a little while I would miss the company of people because I know I'd like to have someone to share experiences with. I'd go mad on my own. And I sure wouldn't miss junk mail(垃圾邮件) I hate coming home every evening and a pile of junk mail in my post box. Hi, I would miss Manga cartoon, the internet and Japanese food, like sushi. I'd also miss TV shows and shopping for clothes… In fact, I'd miss everything. I would miss my daily newspaper and listening to the news on TV and radio. I'd feel very cut off if I didn't know what was happening in the world. What I'd miss least would be traffic jams in the city, particularly my journey to work.
用心 爱心 专心
Past 6 Jayne
Post 7 Jaime Mexico
Why hasn't anyone mentioned their family? I'd be lost without my husband and two kids. They're the most important for me. And I can't get started in the morning without a cup of black coffee. I wouldn't miss doing the housework! It would have to be music. I couldn't live without my music. I wouldn't miss going to school at all or doing homework!

  1. Who would miss his or her family most? A. Jaime B. Jayne C. Miko D. Paola.
  2. Which of the following people would feel most uncomfortable without the news media? A. Steve. B. Jaime C. Roger. D. Tomas
  3. How many of them mentioned that they would miss food or drink? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
A Brown University sleep researcher has some advice for people who run high schools: Don't start classes so early in the morning. It may not be that the students who nod off at their desks are lazy. And it may not be that their parents have failed to enforce (确保) bedtime. Instead, it may be that biologically these sleepyhead students aren't used to the early hour. "Maybe these kids are being asked to rise at the wrong time for their bodies," says Mary Carskadon, a professor looking at problem of adolescent (青春期的) sleep at Brown's School of Medicine. Carskadon is trying to understand more about the effects of early school time in adolescents. And, at a more basic level. she and her team are trying to learn more about how the biological changes of adolescence affect sleep needs and patterns. Carskadon says her work suggests that adolescents may need more sleep than they did at childhood, no less, as commonly thought. Sleep patterns change during adolescence, as any parent of an adolescent can prove. Most adolescents prefer to stay up later at nigh and sleep later in the morning. But it's not just a matter of choice ?their bodies are going through a change of sleep patterns. All of this makes the transfer from middle school to high school?which may start one hour earlier in the morning all the more difficult , Carskadon says. With their increased need for sleep and their biological clocks set on the "sleep late, rise late" pattern, adolescent are up against difficulties when it comes to trying to be up by 5 or 6 a.m. for a 7:30 a.m. first bell. A short sleep on a desktop may be their body's way of saying. "I need a timeout."
  4. Carskadon suggests that high schools should not start classes so early in the morning because . A. it is really tough for parents to enforce bedtime
用心 爱心 专心
B. it is biologically difficult for students to rise early C. students work so late at night that they can't get up early D. students are so lazy that they don't like to go to school early
  5. The underlined phrase "nod off" most probably means " ". A. turn around B. agree with others C. fall asleep D. refuse to work
  6. What might be a reason for the hard transfer middle school to high school? A. Adolescents depend more on their parents. B. Adolescents have to choose their sleep patterns. C. Adolescents sleep better than they did at childhood. D. Adolescents need more sleep than they used to.
  7. What is the test mainly about? A. Adolescent heath care. B. Problems in adolescent learning. C. Adolescent sleep difficulties. D. Changes in adolescent sleep needs and patterns.
A simple piece of clothesline hangs between some environmentally friendly Americans and their neighbors. On one side stand those who see clothes dryers(干衣机) as a waste of energy and a major polluter of the environment. As a result, they are turning to clotheslines as part of the "what-I ?can do environmentalism(环境保护主义)." On the other side are people who are against drying clothes outside, arguing that clotheslines are unpleasant to look at. They have persuaded Homeowners Associations (HOAs) access the U.S. to ban outdoor clotheslines, because clothesline drying also tends to lower home value in the neighborhood. This had led to a Right-to-Dry Movement that is calling for laws to be passed to protect people's right to use clotheslines. So far, only three states have laws to protect clothesline. Right-to-Dry supporters argue that there should be more. Matt Reck, 37, is the kind of eco-conscious(有生态意识的) person who feeds his trees with bathwater and reuses water drops from his air conditioners to water plants. His family also uses a clothesline. But on July 9, 2007, the HOA in Wake Forest, North Carolina, told him that a dissatisfied neighbor had telephoned them about him clothesline. The Recks paid no attention to the warning and still dried their clothes on a line in the yard. "Many people say they are environmentally friendly but they don't take matters in their own hands," says Reck. The local HOA has decided not to take any action, unless more neighbors come to them. North Carolina lawmakers are saying that banning clotheslines is not the right thing to do. But HOAs and housing businesses believe that clothesline drying reminds people of poor neighborhoods. They worry that if buyers think their future neighbors can't even afford dryers, housing prices will fall. Environmentalists say such worries are not necessary, and in view of global warming, that idea needs to change. As they say, "The clothesline is beautiful".
用心 爱心 专心
Hanging clothes outside should be encouraged. We all have to do at least something to slow down the process of global warming."
  8. One of the reasons why supporters of clothes dryers are trying to ban clothesline drying is that . A. clothes dryers are more efficient B. clothesline drying reduces home value C. clothes dryers are energy-saving D. clothesline drying is not allowed in most U.S. states
  9. Which of the following best describes Matt Reck? A. He is a kind-hearted man. B. He is an impolite man. C. He is and experienced gardener. D. He is a man of social responsibility.
  10. Who are in favor of clothesline drying? A. housing businesses. B. Environmentalists. C. Homeowners Associations. D. Reck's dissatisfied neighbors.
  11. What is mainly discussed in the text? A. Clothesline drying: a way to save energy and money. B. Clothesline drying: a lost art rediscovered. C. Opposite opinions on clothesline drying. D. Different varieties of clotheslines.
Gallery Policies for Visitors to National Gallery of Art, Washington For the safety of the artworks and Visitors must present all carried items for inspection upon entry. other visitors, nothing may be carried on a After inspection, all bags, visitor's back. Soft front baby carriers are backpacks, umbrellas, parcels, and allowed, but children may not be carried on other things as determined by shoulders or in a child carrier worn on the security officers must left at the back. Pushchairs are available free of checkrooms, free of charge, close to charge near each checkroom. Smoking is prohibited. Food and drink each entrance. All oversized bags, backpacks and luggage must be left are not permitted outside the food service at the checkrooms near the 4th



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