Unit 5 Can you come to my party?
一. 单词与词汇. A. 根据句子内容完成已给了首字母的单词.
  1. Tom asked me what that day was and I told him it was M
  2. Mary i .
Tim to her birthday party but Tim couldn't, because he had lots of
homework to do.
  3. When I phoned Xiao Ming , he was playing s
  4. We will go to the movie with our parents on W . . .I have got a

  5. Thank you for your invitation to visit, but I have to go to the d toothache.
  6. You should write everything you have to do next week on the c
  7. This Sunday I will have a p .
lesson. I'll learn some new music. test.

  8. Mary can't go on a trip. She has to study for a g B. 翻译下列短语及句子.
  1. I'd love to
  2. Can you come to my party?
  3. go to the doctor
  4. have a piano lesson
  5. What's the date today? 二. 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中选出正确答案.
  1."Can you help me A. with; with pleasure C. with; a pleasure my English? " B. for; with pleasure D. for; a pleasure "
  6. 后天

  7. 校队
  8. 过来
  9. 谢谢你的邀请
  10. 帮他姐姐看孩子

  2." I'm sorry I have broken your cup ." " A. You are welcome C. Not at all B. It's all right D. It is no matter

  3. "Would you like to join us in basketball?" " science test." A.I wouldn't B. I'd love to
but I'm afraid I have to study for my
C. I'd
D.I don't like it

  4. Both of his parents died of illness so he A. must B. should
support his family at the age of 14 C. could D. had to

  5. May 12th is Xiao Ming's birthday. He A. asks
  6. Thanks A. to B. invites
us to his birthday party. C. makes D. tells
your help, and now I have made great progress in my English. B. with C. for D. by is it?""5:00 in the

  7."Can you go to the movie with us on Sunday?""Of course. afternoon." A. Where B. What time C. How soon a cold morning. C. on the Party. C. instead of
D. When

  8. The poor lady had to go out for food A. in B. at
D. during

  9. The big star on our national flag A. stands up
  10. B. stands for is made in Guangzhou. A. All kinds of bicycle C. All kinds of bicycles
  11. "Have you got A. the
  12. Mrs. Liu teaches A. me; his
  13. Our school is only A. five- minute
D. mean
B. This kind of bicycles D. Bicycle of this kind e-mail address?""Oh, yes. Mine is wjb80@ yahoo. com."
B. an
C. a English. We like
D. / class very much. D. us; her
B. me; her
C. us; his walk from here.
B. five minute's C. five minutes D. five minutes one? D. others me?

  14. I don't like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me A. other
  15. B. the other C. another
me carefully, boys and girls. Can you A. Listen to; hear from C. Hear; hear B. Hear; listen to D. Listen to; hear
三. 从方框中选出恰当的句子完成下面对话.
A. I like blue. B. Oh! It's great .How much does it cost? C. I'd like a sweater for my son. D. Size"L".
A: What can I do for you? B: 1 A: What size do you want? B: 2 A: What color do you like? B: 3 A: Which would you prefer, the woolen ones or the cotton ones? B: 4 A: What about this one? B: 5 A: Fifty-five Yuan. B: 6 四. 完形填空. Christmas was coming. A lot of 2 some 4 5 : 3 1 were going to town. They hoped to
some vegetables, fruit and meat in the market. And then they were going to buy for their families. A bus came. They tried to
. Robert, a strong young man, rushed in first. He occupied(占)two one for his girl friend Mable and the other for himself. 6 the bus. He saw a lot of people 8 his eyes.
The bus started. Robert had a look 7
there. There were some old men among them. He hurried to 9
Mable found it and thought he felt " 10
and asked, "What's wrong with you, dear?"
,"answered the kind-hearted (好心肠) young man. "I can't bear (忍心) to see
the poor old men!"
  1. A. workers
  2. A. lend
  3. A. books B. soldiers B. sell B. pens C. farmers C. borrow C. newspapers D. drivers D. show D. presents

  4. A. get on
  5. A. tables
  6. A. after
  7. A. standing
  8. A. touch
  9. A. terrible
B. get off B. seats B. for B. sitting B. look over B. sad
C. life C. boxes C. up C. lying C. open C. happy C. Nothing
D. sit down D. steps D. around D. sleeping D. close D. dangerous D. Everything

  10. A. Something B. Anything
五,阅读下面文章,并根据文章内容从所给选项中选出正确答案. A Once there were three old men. They were rather forgetful. They always forgot what they were doing. One of them said, "I always wonder if I want to buy a coat or a pair of socks. The second old man said, "I often forget if I should put something in or take something out of the fridge as soon as I open its door." "I am even more forgetful than both of you." Said the last old man ,and he knocked at the table. Then he turned to the other two men and asked, "Who just knocked at the table?"
  1. The second old man said A. he forgot where he should go B. he forgot whether he wanted to put something in the fridge C. he forgot his key
  2. The first old man forgot A. what he wanted to buy B. where he wanted to go C. what he should bring
  3. The third old man said A. he was less forgetful than the others B. he was more forgetful C. he was remembering what he was doing
  4. Who is the most forgetful? A. The first old man B. The second old man C. The third old man . . .

  5. From the story we can know A. None of them are young B. None of them is forgetful C. The second old man is most forgetful B
When David was playing in front of a big house, a man arrived. The man asked David, "Are your parents at home? I have a letter for them." David answered, "Yes. My father is watching TV and my mother is taking care of my little sister." The man rang the doorbell but no one answered the door. "Are they sleeping?" the man said to himself. The man tried again, but still no one answered. Then the man turned around and said to David, "You bad boy. You lied (说谎) to me! Your parents aren't at home." "I never lie," said David. "This is not my house!"
判断下列句子是否符合短文内容.符合的写"T", 不符合的写"F".
  1. David was playing behind a big house.
  2. David's father was sleeping and his mother was watching TV.
  3. The man rang the doorbell but nobody opened the door for him.
  4. David lied to the man.
  5. David didn't live in that big house. 六. 根据短文内容填词,首字母已给出. On Thursday after moon, I tried to make some money with my voice. But I only k 1
two songs. I decided to start at the kind old lady's house. But she did not come to the door. I was a 2 she could not hear me ,so I tried to sing louder. She still did not come , the door
so I went to her neighbor's house. I was in the middle of my second song w 3 opened. "W 4 are you doing?" a lady asked me crossly.
"I'm singing". "Yes, but why are you singing?" "I need money." "Well, I'll g 5 you 10 pence to go away."
I went away. This time I sang at a house at the end of the street. A man c 6 door. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm trying to sing."
to the
"Young man," he said." Some people have good voices and some people have bad voices, and people w 7 bad voices ought not to sing."
"But I'm trying to earn some money," I told him. "Oh, I see .Well, I' ll 9 for me.." It was hard work but I am now 35 pence y 10
  1. k
  6. c 七,作文: 写封 e-mail 请你的好朋友 Lucy 来参加你的生日晚会, 注意告诉她晚会开始的时间 地点及乘车路线.
  2. a
  7. w
  8. j
  3. w
  9. l than I was yesterday.
  4. W
  5. g
  10. y give you a j 8 to do , if you want , you can sweep the l
UNIT5 一. 单词与词汇
A. Monday/ invited/ soccer/ Wednesday/ dentist ('s)/ calendar/ piano/geography/ B. 略 二. 单项选择 15 ABBDB 610 CBCBB 1115 BDDCD
三. CDAFBE 四.
  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C
  1. 到镇上出售农副产品的当然是农民.
  2. 农民到镇上自然是卖蔬菜等,联系下文也可确定.
  3. 上文有提示:圣诞节即将来临,因此他们想给家人买礼物.

  4. 人们急于去镇上就要千方百计上车.get off 的意思是"下车".
  5. Robert 先挤上车后肯定是占了两个座位.
  6. Robert 先上车并占了座位,很得意,便环视了整个车厢.
  7. 前文提到很多人要去镇上,车上挤满了人,有些人只好站着.
  8. 后文有暗示: Robert 最后一句话可以知道他是假装没有看见,因此闭上眼睛. 从
  9. 从 mable 后面的问话可以得知.terrible 在这里是"难受,不舒服"之意.
  10. Robert 本来什么事都没有,他自然要回答 Nothing. 五.阅读理解 A篇
B 篇
  1. F
  2. T
  3. T 六.阅读填词
  1. know
  6. came

  4. F
  5. T





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