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  17(A 卷) 一阅读理解 Passage 1 Scientists find that hard-working people live longer than average men and w omen. Career women are healthier than housewives. Evidence shows that the joble ss are in poorer health than jobholders. An investigation shows that whenever t he unemployment. Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy away from loneliness. Researches show that people feel unhappy, worried and lonely when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are busy. (
  79)Many high achievers who love their careers feel that they are happiest when they ar e working hard. Work serves as a bridge between man and reality. By work people come into with each other. By collective activity they find friendship and war mth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work means the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and makes him ill. Besides, work gives one a sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Word makes one feel his value and status in society. When a writer finishes his writing or a doctor successfully operates on a patient or a teacher sees his s tudents grow, they are happy beyond words. (
  80)From the above we can come to the conclusion that the more you work the happier and healthier you will be. Let us work hard and study and live a happy and healthy life.

  1. The underlined word “average” in Paragraph I means . C A. healthy B. lazy C. ordinary D. poor
  2. The reason why housewives are not as healthy as career women is that . C A. housewives are poorer than career women B. housewives have more children than career women housewives have less chance to communicate with others C. D. housewives eat less food than career women
  3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to Paragraph 2? D A. Busy people have nothing to do at home. B. High achievers don’t care about their families. C. There is no friendship and warmth at home. D. A satisfying job helps to keep one healthy.
  4. We can infer from the passage that those who do not work . A A. are likely to live a shorter life B. will lose everything at home C. can live as long as those who work D. have more time to make new friends

  5. The best title for this passage may be . B A. People Should Find a Job B. Working Hard Is Good for Health C. People Should Make More Friends by Work D. The Loss of Word Means the Loss of Everything Passage 2 A study of art history might be a good way to learn more about a culture t han is possible to learn in general history classes. Most typical history cours es concentrate on politics, economics and war. But art history focuses on much more than this because art reflects not only the political values of a people, but also religious beliefs, emotions and psychology. In addition, information a bout the daily activities of our ancestors can be provided by art. (
  78) In shor t, art expresses the essential qualities of a time and a place, and a study of it clearly offers us a deeper understanding than can be found in most history b ooks. In history books, objective information about the political life of a coun try is presented; that is, facts about politics are given, but opinions are not expressed. Art, on the other hand, is subjective(主观的): it reflects emotions and opinions. The great Spanish painter Francisco Goya was perhaps the first t ruly “political” artist. In his well-known painting The Third of May, 1808, h e criticized the Spanish government for its abuse (滥用) of power over people. In the same way, art can reflect a culture’s religious beliefs. For hundre ds of years in Europe, religious art had been almost the only type of art that existed. Churches and other religious buildings were filled with paintings that described people and stories from the Bible. Although most people couldn’t re ad, they could still understand the Bible stories in the pictures on church wal ls. By contrast, one of the main characteristics of art in the Middle East was (and still is) its absence of human and animal images. This reflects the Islami c belief that statues (雕像) are not holy.
  6. More can be learned about a culture from a study of art history than ge neral history because . C A. art history shows us nothing but the political values B. general history only focuses on politics 洞察力) C. art history gives us an insight (洞察力) into the essential qualities o f a time and a place D. general history concerns only religious beliefs, emotions and psycholog y
  7. Art is subjective in that . A A. a personal and emotional view of history is presented through it B. it only reflects people’s anger or sadness about social problems C. it can easily arouse people’s anger about their government D. artists were or are religious, who reflect only the religious aspect of the society

  8. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? C A. In history books political views of people are entirely presented. B. Francisco Goya expressed his religious belief in his painting The Third of May, 1808 C. In the Middle East, you can hardly find animal or human figures on pala ces or other building. D. For centuries in Europe, painters had only painted on walls of churches or other religious buildings. 9 The passage mainly discusses . B A. the development of art history B. he difference between general history and art history history C. what we can learn from art D. the influence of artists on art history
  10. It can be concluded from the passage that . C A. Islamic artists only paint images of plants, flowers or objects in thei r paintings B. it is more difficult to study art history than general history C. a history teacher must be quite objective D. artists painted people or stories from the Bible to hide their politica l beliefs Passage 3 Blind people can “see” things by using other parts of their bodies. This fact may help us to understand our feelings about color. If blind people can se nse color differences, then perhaps we, too, are affected by color unconsciousl y(无意识地)。 (
  76)Manufacturers(生产商)have discovered by experience that sugar sells. Badly in green wrappings, that blue foods are considered unpleasant, and that c osmetics(化妆品) should never be packaged in brown. These discoveries have grow n into a branch of color psychology. Color psychology now finds application in everything from fashion to decor ation. Some of our preferences are clearly psychological. Dark blue is the colo r of the night sky and therefore associated with calm, while yellow is a day co lor with associations of energy and incentive(刺激). For a primitive man, activ ity during the day meant hunting and attacking, while he soon saw red as the co lor of blood and anger and the heat that came with effort. And green is associa ted with passive defense and self-protection. (
  77)Experiments have shown that colors, partly because of their psychologi cal associations, also have a direct psychological effect. People exposed to br ing red show an increase in breath, in heartbeat and in blood pressure; red is exciting. Similar exposure to pure blue has exactly the opposite effect; it is a calming color. Because of its exciting meaning, red is chosen as the signal f or danger, but closer analysis shows that a vivid yellow can produce a more bas
ic state of alarm. So fire engines and ambulances in some advanced communities are now rushing around in bright yellow colors that stop the traffic dead.
  11. Our preferences for certain colors are according to the passage. D A. associated with the time of the day B. dependent on our personalities C. are linked with our ancestors D. partly due to psychological factors
  12. If people are exposed to bright red, which of the following things does NOT happen? B A. They breathe faster. B. They feel satisfied. C. Their blood pressure rises. D. Their hearts beat faster.
  13. Which of the following statements if NOT true according to the passage? B A. Color probably has an effect on us which we are not conscious of. B. Yellow fire engines have caused many bad accidents in some advanced co mmunities. C. People exposed to pure blue start to breathe more slowly. D. The psychology of color is of some practical use.
  14. Which of the following statements if TRUE according to the passage? C A. Manufacturers often sell sugar in green wrapping. B. Dark blue bring people the feeling of being energetic. C. Primitive people associated heat and anger with red. D. Green and yellow are associated with calm and passive defense.
  15. Which of the following could be the most suitable title for the passage? D A. The Branch of Color Psychology B. Color and Its Meanings C. The Practical Use of Color Psychology D. Color and Feelings. 全文翻译 第一篇 科学家发现,努力工作的人要比普通人的寿命长。有工作的女人要比家庭主妇健康。有 证据表明无业者比有工作的人身体要差。一项调查显示,当失业率增加 1%的时候,死亡率 就会增加 2%。所有这些都说明一点,那就是工作有益健康。 为什么工作有益健康呢?是因为工作让人们变得繁忙,从而远离孤独。研究表明,当人 们无事可做的时候, 就会感到不快乐, 担忧和孤独。 相反地, 最快乐的人就是那些忙碌的人。 那些喜欢他们的工作并取得很高成就的人觉得他们努力工作的时候是最幸福的时候。 工作是 连接人类和现实的桥梁。人们通过工作与他人接触,通过集体活动找到友谊和温暖。这对健 康是有好处的。没有了工作就意味着没有了一切。失业影响人的精神状态,从而使人生病。
另外, 工作给人一种责任感和成就感。 工作使人感受到自己的价值以及在社会中的地位。 当一个作家完成了他的著作, 一个医生成功地对病人做了手术, 一个教师看到自己学生的成 长,他们的幸福无以言表。 通过上述情况,我们可以得出这样一个结论,那就是,你工作的越多,你就会越幸福, 越健康。 第二篇 艺术史的学习可能是学习文化的一个好的方法,因为他比在普通历史课堂上学的要多。 大多数典型的历史课程主要关注政治、经济和战争。但是艺术史关注的远比这个多,因为艺 术不仅反映一个人的政治价值,而且也反映出他的宗教信仰、情绪和心理。另外,艺术也能 够提供我们祖先日常行为的信息。简而言之,艺术传达了一个时代和一个地区的基本情况, 艺术研究提供给我们的理解要比大多数历史书提供给我们的理解要深刻的多。。 在历史书中,讲述了一个国家政治生活的客观信息;也就是说,只给出了政治事实,但 是并没有表达观点。另一方面,艺术是主观的:它反映了情绪和观点。伟大的西班牙画家弗 朗西斯科戈雅恐怕是第一个真正地政治艺术家。在他 1808 年著名的画作“The Third o f May”中,他批评西班牙政府对人们滥用武力。 同样,艺术也可以反映一个文化的宗教信仰。 在欧洲,几百年来,宗教艺术几乎是 唯一的艺术形式。 教堂和其他的宗教建筑内充满了描述圣经人物和圣经故事的画作。 尽管人 们不能读圣经,但是他们仍旧能够理解教堂墙壁上图画描述的圣经故事。于此相对照的是, 中东地区艺术的主要特征是人类和动物形象出现在艺术中。 这反映了伊斯兰信仰中雕像不是 神圣的。 第三篇 盲人可以用身体的其他部位来“看”东西。这种事实可以帮助我们理解我们关于颜色的 感觉。如果盲人能够感知颜色的不同,那么我们可能也无意识地受到了颜色的影响。 生产商通过经验发现,绿色包装的糖卖得不好,蓝色的食品被认为是令人不愉快的,化 妆品绝不应该用棕色来包装。这些发现已经成为颜色心理学的一个分支。 现在发现, 颜色心理学应用在从时尚到装饰的一切事物上。 我们的一些喜好很明显是心 理的。深蓝色是夜晚天空的颜色,因此和平静有关,而黄色是白天的颜色,与精力和刺激有 关。对一个原始人来说,白天的活动就是打猎和攻击,而他很快就看到了红色,这是努力相 伴而来的血液和愤怒以及热量的颜色。而绿色与被动防御以及自我保护相关联。 实验表明,颜色,因为他们与心理学关联,因此也有一个直接的心理效应。人表现出鲜 红的颜色,表明了呼吸、心跳记忆血压的增加;红色是兴奋的表现。纯蓝色的类似表现具有 完全相反的影响;它是使人平静的颜色。红色因为其有能使人兴奋的意义,因此被作为的危 险的记号,但是更细的分析表明,生动的黄色能产生更基本的警告的意义。因此,在一些先 进的社区,急急赶路的救火车和救护车用鲜艳的黄色阻止交通堵塞。 词汇与语法结构
  16. When I mention the problem, I’m not all of you. A. talking about C. listening to D. carrying out B. referring to B 考察动词短语的用法
  17. Your idea seems to be good but it isn’t . B. possible C. plentiful D. precious A. practi



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