wonderful they are smelling. A B C D
  49.Dear Helen, please forgive him for his rudeness, can you ? A B C D
  50.Did anyone inform you with the change of the schedule that
had been decided yesterday ? D

  51.Despite his old age, he is still very healthful and often works in the field. A B C D
  52.This equipment is based upon advanced techniques and it is A B C
highly reliable. D
  53.It is about time that we go to supper, for we still have a meeting to attend this evening.

  54.Every now and then he would come here paying a visit to his old aunt, A B C who lived all alone in a small house. D
  55.The passengers saw the thief stole on the bus, but they didn’t say anything. A B C D Part Ⅳ Cloze (10%) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage, and for each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D at the end of the passage. You should choose ONE answer that best fit into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. When I was 16 years old, I made my first visit to the United States it wasn’t the first time I had been __. Like most English children I learned French at school and I had often __ to France, I so I was used a foreign language to people who did not understand . But when I went to America I was really looking forward to a nice easy holiday without any problems. How wrong I was ! the misunderstanding began at the airport. I was looking for a telephone to give my American friend Danny a and tell her I had arrived. A friendly old man saw me lost and asked he could help me. “Yes,” I said, “I want to give my friend a ring.” “Well, that’s “ he exclaimed. “Are you getting? But aren’t you a bit ?” “Who is talking about marriage?” I replied. “I want to give a ring to tell he I’ve arrived. Can you tell me where there’s a phone box?” “Oh!” he said, “ There’s a phone downstairs.” When at last we meet up, Danny the misunderstandings to me. “ Don’t worry,” she said to me . “I had so many at first. There are lots of words words which the Americans differently in meaning from . You’ll soon get used to things they say. Most of the time British and American people understand each other!”
  56. A. out B. aboard C. away D. abroad
  57. A. gone B. been C. got D. come
  58. A. to speak B. for speaking C. to speaking D. to speaking of
  59. A. English B. French C. Russian D. Latin
  60. A. having B. buying C. giving D. receiving
  61. A. time B. human C. money D. language
  62. A. perfect B. popular C. public D. pleasant
  63. A. ring B. letter C. word D. message
  64. A. to look B. looking like C. looking D. feeling like
  65. A. that B. if C. where D. when
  66. A. well B. strange C. nice D. funny
  67. A. to marry B. marrying C. to be married D. married
  68. A. small B. smart C. little D. young
  69. A. very B. just C. so D. just now
  70. A. did B. could C. do D. can
  71. A. described B. explained C. talked D. expressed
  72. A. trouble B. difficulties C. fun D. things
  73. A. write B. speak C. use D. read
www.TopSage.com 大家网
  74. A. us British B. British us C. us Britain D. we British
  75. A. such B. these C. some D. all the
Part Ⅴ Translation (20%)
Section A
Directions: In this part, there are five sentences which you should translate into Chinese. These sentences are all taken from the 3 passages you have just read in the part of Reading Comprehension. You can refer back to the passages so as to identify their meanings in the context.
  76. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there’s a big difference between “being a writer” and writing.
  77. I would keep putting my dream to the test even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of fai8lure.
  78. In the modern technological world the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive.
  79. By the year 2050, experts believe that the problems to explore the food, minerals and energy resources of the sea will have been largely solved.
  80. There are slightly more smokers among women with higher family incomes and higher education than among the lower income and lower educational groups. Section B Directions: In this part, there are five sentences in Chinese. You should translate them into English. Be sure to write clearly.

  82. 这个问题不像我们最初想象的那么复杂。
  83. 如果你那时没有及时离开,我无法想象会发生什么情况。
  84.他们发现在下午 6 点前不可能完成这项工作。
  85.由于我没有读过这本书,所以我无法对此作出评论。 答案及解析:
Reading Comprehension (30%) ( 中文大意:许多年青人对我说自己想成为一名作家。我通常会鼓励这类人,但是, 我也会向他们解释作家和写作之间的巨大差异。在大多数情况下,这些人梦想者财 富和名 望,根本不可能独自在打字机前苦思冥想。因此,我对他们说:"你想要写些什么,可并不 想成为一个写作者". 事实上,写作是一个要能忍受孤独,隔世离群且收入差的行业。对每位作家来说,想 要发大财的愿望几乎难以达到。当我离开工作了 20 年的美国海岸警 卫队,并成为一名自 由栏目撰写人时,我根本没有任何期待。我唯一拥有的就是一位朋友为我在纽约公寓大厦 租到的一个房间。房间里很冷,而且没有卧室,不过这 些都不成问题,我立即买了一台二 手手动打字机,感觉自己就好像是一名天才作家。
然而,一年以后,我依然没有放弃自己的理想,可是我却开始怀疑自己。我知道想要 以发稿来养活自己实在是一件很难的事,但是我渴望写作,因为这是 我梦寐多年的理想。 我不想成为那些毫无理想寄托的人……?那有什么关系?我将不断地验证我的理想,哪怕这 意味着我得过一种不安定的生活以及面临失败的恐 惧。这是希望的阴影之地,任何拥有该 理想的人都必须学会如何在其中生存下去。) ( 中文大意:人类是陆地动物,但是人与海洋的关系也很紧密。纵观历史,海洋为人 类提供所需。海洋为人类提供食物和交通便利,使人能够通过航海踏遍世界许多地方。如 今,专家们相信,将近三分之二的世界人口居住在八十公里的海岸线以内。 在当今科技世界中,海洋为人类的生存提供了许多的资源。陆地上的资源越来越少, 而海洋在未来人类的需求上依然可以提供大量资源。 海洋丰富的资源还未被人类充分利用。人类对海底石油和燃气的勘探已进行了将近三 十年,然而,大量有价值的矿物均还埋藏于海底。如铁,铜等等。 除了石油和燃气,海洋还可以提供新的能源资源。例如,海洋温和的气温可以被用作 汽船的蒸汽。海洋还可以为人类提供电力能源。 科技促进了人类对海洋勘探的深入化。很明显,科技对促进海洋资源利用的步伐将不 断地取得发展。专家们相信,到 2050 年,人类对海洋各种资源(食物,矿物质以及能源)的 勘探问题将在很大程度上得到解决。) ( 中文大意:如今,吸烟是一个很普遍的习惯。在美国,43%的男性和 31%的成年女性 习惯性吸烟。值得欣慰的是,数以万计的烟民已经戒掉了烟瘾。 男性吸烟群体普遍高于女性,男女性吸烟者的年龄主要集中在 24-44 岁之间。 收入,教育以及职业对吸烟者的吸烟习惯起着一定的作用,城里人吸烟比农村人多, 接受过良好教育且收入高的男性吸烟率要小于那些受教育程度低且收入少的男性。另一方 面,如果受过良好教育且收入又高的男士同样也吸烟的话,那么,他每天很可能得抽几包 烟。 对于女性而言,情况则有所不同。家庭富裕且受过高等教育的女性,其吸烟率要高于 低收入且受教育程度较低的女性群体。越是那些受过高等教育的女性吸烟越严重。 青少年吸烟的比例很少。吸烟只存在于少数经济条件优越,高教育家庭中的孩子和家 住农村的孩子当中。但是,如果父母双方或一方吸烟的话,孩子则很可能开始吸烟。) 1-5 ADBCC 6-10 DAABD 11-15 CDDBB Vocabulary and Structure (30%) 16-20 ADCCA 21-25 CBDAB 26-30 BBCCB
31-35 BCBBC 36-40 ACBCA 41-45 CBDCA Identification (10%) 46-50 CADDC 51-55 DCBCB
Cloze (10%)
56-60 DBCAA 61-65 DCABB 66-70 BDDBA 71-75 BBCAA
Translation (20%)
  76. 我总是鼓励这些人,但我也会说明,写作和当作家是有很大不同的。
  77. 我仍然会把希望寄托在这次考验上,尽管这意味着我要面对不确定的未来和失利 所带来的恐惧。
  78. 在当今科技时代,海洋为人类生存提供了很多资源。
  79. 到 2050 年,专家们相信从海洋中发掘食物,矿物和能量资源的问题将在很大的程 度上得到解决。
  80. 与低收入,文化程度不高的女性群体,受教育程度高和收入高的女性群体中抽烟 人数较多。
  81. In fact, the consequence of water pollution is far more than this.
  82. This issue is not as complicated as I imaged at first.
  83. If you hadn't left in time then, I couldn't image what would have happened.
  84. They found it impossible to finish the job before 6 pm.
  85. Since I haven't read the book, I couldn't comment on it.



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